Another Winner!

Today Ron is – via Shame-of-Siemens (aka Siemens Stain) – excited about ‘primer fields’. If one believes the link that was provided, one might think that a David Lapoint of CERN has discovered  amazing new phenomena. In fact, Mr Lapoint is unknown at CERN (so why did he imply that he was in the link?) and appears to live in California: some commute! The device shown in the link also bears a close resemblance to Mr Lapoint’s perpetual-motion gadget (patent applied for) which is supposed to extract energy from magnets (yep, the usual story). But it is not only a perpetual motion machine! Lapoint claims that “these charged fields are also great for human, animal, life, etc. Within the 7700 sq.ft. building there is an amazing air quality”.   Note that Ron’s buddy, Searl (see Marquis Who’s Who), makes similar claims for his levitating perpetual-motion machine. But wait, there is even more: ” The spinning magnetic arrays also produce some very interesting benefits for straightening kinked fields within the human body, sore muscles, and other body tissues can be fixed in minutes at times, sometimes in seconds. Larger arrays will work for the whole body”. Jeez, how many more nutters is Ron going to admire in his capacity of ‘Civil List Scientist’? We shall refrain from making metaphorical comments about previous pensioners ‘spinning in their graves’: they would have long ago been torn apart by centrifugal (sic) forces.

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19 Responses to “Another Winner!”

  1. CrackpotwatchWatcher Says:

    Why’s the primer fields theory bullshit?

  2. Ron Denault Says:

    Never mind the crap about perpetual motion…
    You have to admit that some of the visual references are interesting to the point that they should be investigated . Just the idea of the field shape is certainly worth looking into.
    I am a huge fan of Tesla but even he came up with a few strange thoughts, yet we cannot dismiss his work out right seeing the abundance of results he produced.
    Mr. Lapointe may well be incorrect about some or even the majority of his claims but an open scientific mind should still consider what is plausible and investigate not simply dismiss out of hand. Science is not dogma and the discution should never be left up the the “officials” every idea should be looked into.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Take a look at “Observation of Dirac monopoles in a synthetic magnetic field” It is an article published January 2014 on It is an Weekly International Journal of science. The researchers in this article have discovered (with math) what Mr. La point was trying to show on his video. Its a great Read.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We see no connection between the two; apart from the fact that loonies are always trying to ‘help scientists out’ by hoping to find monopoles, grand unified theories or a solution to the supposed particle/field dichotomy. LaPoint has only one aim, and that is to push his crackpot patents (US8638186, WO2013106104, US2008246361).

      • Devin Hahn Says:

        You know the David claimed to be a plasma physicist, and not a back yard alternator tink-master. Regardless this is still interesting to think about. The one thing I refuse to believe is magic, The double slit experiment conclusion is not a conclusion at all. David suggested a pretty simple explanation.

        • crackpotwatch Says:

          We can find no trace of anyone, with his name, who has a scientific track record in plasma physics. And why do people seem to think that he works at CERN? He resides in California … and appears always to have done so.

  4. Daaammmnnn Says:

    Somebody is determined to dismiss Lapoint without any actual data to counter Lapoint’s claim. Now who’s the crackpot indeed?!!

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      You have got it back to front: if someone comes up with a crackpot notion, it is that person’s responsibility to provide the proof (and it had better be very convincing proof). Youtube vids and patent applications do not count as valid evidence in the scientific world. It is sad for you, and ultimately bad for society, if you cannot understand that.

      • Devin Hahn Says:

        Repeatable physical experiments not proof of concept?

        • crackpotwatch Says:

          What experiments? We can find no trace of any experiments; only a patent application and demonstrations. A demonstration is not an experiment; demonstrations merely illustrate a phenomenon whose existence is already unquestioned. Since his patent claims to produce energy from nowhere, to sanitise air and to unkink muscles, it would have to be a pretty good experiment if he hopes to impress scientists. And if such an experiment were properly written-up and published, any replication would have to be performed by real scientists; not by himself or other members of the lunatic fringe.

  5. Sean Says:

    Lapoint sounds like a doofus with some kooky leaps of conclusions, like I do every time I get stoned. But now and then when stoned I too have an occasional actual good idea and moment of clarity rather than fool myself into thinking it was.

    He not have any idea what to do with any of it, but youd have to be an angry antagonist to not at least appreciate the elegance of some of these field theories. Particularly ring formations, and supernovae.

    He obviously stil has no idea how or why such fields arise, but broken clocks and.all that.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Stare at any arc discharge for long enough, and one will start to see things; especially if magnets are in the vicinity. The vids have zero information content, and his patents are demented. It is an exaggeration to call it field theory.

  6. Hank Wilson Says:

    David Lapoint, he had already been paid off even before he launched his series parts 1 thru 3. David, he knew that there would not be parts 4-7 primer field out on the world wide public webb. Anyways, I got it all and nothing else need to be published or presented. Oh David, there was one little segment that you did not cover concerning the double slit uncertainty principle…I got it-dear Dr. Lapoint….no more interference from me…lol. They had to shut him down, because even the most ignorant can understand the foundamentals of the strong forces…lol, yup, we gotta now.

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