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September 19, 2018

The Beauty of Geometry

September 19, 2018

Good to hear from Steve Bannister, ”

Well, indeed. you do not have many friends … and fewer followers. 

“What is it that you do here?”

HM QEII (sarcastically) upon visiting the

London School of Economics just after the last crash


“and congratulations on his appointments as director of MIAGE and associate director of the economics evaluation unit in the University of Utah. ”

Do you mean THE director, or A director of MIAGE? Such ‘sleights-of-mouth’ are very much part of your stock in trade.

“Arthur Koestler was a novelist ”

More importantly, he was a journalist and therefore not to be trusted (although we hear that they are now placed slightly higher than catholic priests in that regard). He started off well, as a decided enemy of pseudoscientists, because his father had been cheated out of his life savings by a perpetual-motion fraudster. But then he realized that there is in fact more fame and money to be made out of lies and deception, hence his move into journalism and defending cranks and cranky ideas. 

“who wrote “Darkness at Noon” and used the novelist’s technique in “The Sleepwalkers”, written about Copernicus, Galileo, Brahe, Kepler and Newton. ”

Yes, he used the scabby tricks of fiction-writers and journalists to write a second-rate and second-hand account of science, writing ‘from the outside’ and inserting every half-truth that he could garner from other tertiary sources. His assessment of Euler is particularly dishonest. There is also a major error in one of Koestler’s diagrams, but you and the Dismal Scientist will not have spotted it … because you are not physicists (to be fair, no reviewer has noticed it either, probably because it is to be found in some textbooks). Darkness at Noon was probably the worst ‘science book’ to be foisted on the general public until Bryan Appleyard, a self-confessed journalist,  pulled the same trick in 1992 with his Understanding the Future. Koestler’s worst act was to murder his wife: he was a deeply unpleasant person and there is little doubt that he bullied his much younger wife into a supposed suicide pact. No, on second thoughts, his worst act was to endow a university with funds that were to be spent on investigating psychic phenomena. You are quite silent on such matters Ron, but it is usually part of the ‘crackpot package’: perpetual motion, antigravity, ‘alternative health’, Einstein a fraud, Shakespeare a fraud … and the paranormal. You tick all of the other boxes.

“This book was loaned to me by the poet, the late Ceinwen Procter, but was lost when her entire library was “thrown out” after she died. ”

You should have thrown it away immediately … and thus saved some time.

“This makes my stomach turn over, it illustrates the hegemony of mind rotting materialism, the exigency of the machine (R. S. Thomas, one of her favourite poets). I prefer the hegemony of civilization – Periclean Athens. Similarly the barbaric tories are throwing out books and closing libraries. The Greeks would have regarded them as the most ignorant of illiterate barbarians. The people that the Greeks called barbarians were in fact a lot more advanced than the average tory of our times. The Book of Kells shows a very advanced knowledge of geometry that owes nothing to any other culture. ”

How many books do you actually own, Ron? You mention only a handful. We draw upon thousands in our personal libraries.

“This is called the insular culture (Kenneth Clark “Civilization”, Episode One on youtube). ”

Oh yes, and that old TV show seems to be your only guide to culture. Personally, we reach for our Browning (that was quite a good bon mot, although some uncultured people did not get it – how ironic).

“The Pythagoras Theorem is still famous today, about two and a half thousand years after it was inferred. ”

Hardly ‘inferred’ Ron: it was not based upon experimental results (although we fully expect those overrated ‘Mythbusters’ to do that one day). Is famous even the right word? Is 2+2 = 4 ‘famous’? Pythagoras has thousands of proofs. Far thinner on the ground are proofs relating the sides when there is no right-angle or when the triangle is on a sphere.  

“I agree about the Pythagoras School. ”

You do realize we hope that Pythagoras was a crank about most things and that the ‘Pythagorean School’ is based largely upon his mystical beliefs, not on provable equations. Suits you Sir.

“Kepler is also Kerry Pendergast’s favourite astronomer and anyone can read “The Sleepwalkers” online. ”

Penderghastly was going to be Professor of Astronomy in your university, wasn’t he Ron? Would have been nice going for someone with a complete lack of relevant academic credentials.

“Koestler describes Kepler vividly, and the immense amount of work he put in to the inference of the elliptic orbit of Mars and the three Kepler laws. These were synthesized by Robert Hooke of Trinity College Oxford into the inverse square law. ”

Every real astronomer and physicist knows that the inverse square law was proposed long before Newton or Hooke came on the scene.

“My ancestral cousin, his friend John Aubrey in “Brief Lives” mentions that Hooke asked Newton to explain the elliptic orbit but that Newton, later second Lucasian Professor at Trinity College Cambridge, came up with the wrong answer, an inverse r law. ”

It is not wrong if a different choice of coordinates is used.

“Newton’s contribution was to to develop fluxions (differentiation and integration), again in terms of geometry. ”

That was not needed in order to explain orbits: pre-computer schoolchildren  had to use the same method.

“Mansel Davies my Ph. D. supervisor had a second edition of “Principia”. I read it a little in Latin and it was all developed in terms of geometry. Brahe and Kepler were Imperial Mathematici in Prague. “Ubi materia ibi geometria” – “Where there is matter there is geometry” is also described online. Pythagoras lived from 570 to 495 B. C. ”

Nice Googling.

“The Theorem can be extended to non Euclidean geometry and in many ways but no one has ever disproved the Pythagoras Theorem in two dimensions. ”

What a ridiculous statement! It does not have the same appearance in other geometries, and what form would such a disproof have? Perhaps you meant a ‘counterexample’. Oh, you forgot to mention that the ancient Greeks were not happy with the theorem … because their mathematical system could not handle a resultant paradox. Does not your genius friend Mr Mathis have something to say about that?

“Similarly the non Euclidean Cartan geometry is, in minimal notation, T = D^q; R = D^omega; D^T = R^q, the two structure equations and the Cartan Identity. The entire output of ECE and ECE2, seven hundred papers and books in English and classical Spanish, and about one hundred and twenty essays all translated into Castilian and all broadcast, rests on these three very simple equations. The Parthenon rests on the Acropolis and has done so for two an half thousand years. The new physics rests again on geometry.”

The least said about that mess, the better. 

“Dear Myron,

I am reading, I believe at your suggestion, The Sleepwalkers, and it seems Pythagoras should get at least an honorable mention in the geometry history. Koestler claims his movement was the beginning of science. In any case, beautifully written.

I will treasure the Kepler quote and use it.”

Poor misguided fool.



September 19, 2018

Comparison of Output of SJB Burnell and Myself

September 18, 2018

There are hundreds if not thousands of scientists more worthy of a Milner Prize than S. J. B. Burnell, ”

What a nasty depraved piece of back-biting by a scientific failure but CIVIL LIST SCIENTIST!

“the latest recipient, whose h index is only about 18, ”

Your pre-breakdown h-index was always artificially inflated by your shameless self-citation. Your post-breakdown h-index is down to unity, and even that seems to be based on a single dodgy-journal citation.

“only forty or fifty publications at most in a lifetime of 75 years. ”

It is all about quality, Ron, not quantity. Bacon-slicing pot-boiler curve-fitting papers are outweighed by new insightful observational data. As for citations, you provided most of yours yourself. And now you cannot get published anywhere; not even in the predatory crackpot journals. ‘Publishing’ on ones own website is not publishing … it is masturbatory fantasy. As we have pointed out before, you possess the mental attitude of a callow teenager; one who  wants the world to be (re-)configured in a manner which makes his own skill-set, such as it is, the most important thing. One sees this principle at work in fictions such as The Hunger Games (pleasing to the ‘jocks’) or in those many films where computer-game expertise was the sine qua non (pleasing to the ‘nerds’). Here is an amusing parody of that tendency:

So too do you want worldly success to be based solely on the gifts which you believe yourself to possess but, in fact, do not.   

“I had a look at these in Google Scholar, and they are not very interesting, most are hardly cited and I find nothing in the work that is worthy of a Breathrough Prize, which presumably means a recent breakthrough. The discovery of pulsars was made by Hewish et al. more than fifty years ago. So what’s new? ”

A breakthrough is a breakthrough is a breakthrough. Get over it ‘ECe-Boy’. (Oooh look, a touch of Gertrude Stein there: we must be Renaissance-people … just like Ron).

“There are no modern scientometrics on Bell’s work. ”

Perhaps she should set up a website and manipulate the feedback data, just as you do. Oh, hang on, she does not have to: every scientist already knows about her but nobody knows about you … and they would be appalled if they did.

“She herself credits the discovery of the binary pulsar to Hewish and others and herself. ”

That is how real scientists behave Ron. You wouldn’t understand.

“So the Milner Prize has been awarded for political reasons, putting it as politely as I can. ”

Are you not always boasting about how Tony Blair rubber-stamped your Civil List Pension? Was he not some sort of politician (cum war-criminal, according to others)? 

“For objective scientists this award is meaningless. My output of work is the highest in the world of chemistry and physics and its impact is measured accurately in many ways on ”

Your chemistry output was mundane. Your physics output is nonsense. The only indicator of success/acceptance is manufactured by yourself.

“Similarly the h index of Higgs is very low. ”

Again, meaningless back-biting. One correct idea outweighs any amount of nonsense.

“I have always found the Institute of Physics to be mindlessly dogmatic and intolerant of really new ideas. ”

Aaaw, did it spot that your gang-members were nominating each other for prizes? Do you think that it may have been tipped-off?

“In today’s world nothing stands between the author and his readership, certainly no form of artificial societal quota. ”

It is certainly a wonderful era for con-men; all of the previous checks and balances on quality can now be easily circumvented. 

“Sweeping reforms are needed of the way in which the Milner Prize is awarded, all aspects of a candidate’s work should be considered, and political considerations eliminated. ”

Here we see the callow teenager philosophy at work again. But we shall help you out by sending your views, expressed here, to the Milner-Prize Committee; that should put you in pole-position for the next one, doncha think?

“Otherwise we get what every Quaker should reject”

Are you a Quaker now? You were a Baptist just a few days ago.

“absolute power corrupting absolutely. ”

Was Lord Acton a Quaker? We thought that he was a catholic. Well, who cares, it is all ‘tricks with bones’ as one archbishop said.

“So in assessing candidates for any big prize, their work should be put before the assessors, but not their names or any form of identity, and all aspects of impact considered over as many years as possible. ”

Yes, go for it ECe-Boy!

“The work of non standard model scientists should be assessed objectively, ”

Is that you saying ‘crackpot’ as ‘politely as possible’?

“this work is often censored mindlessly by organizations such as the Institute of Physics. ”

Which did they slap down: nonsense papers or deceptive nominations? Both?

“So there is widespread scepticism and considerable anger at the bias involved in big prize procedure. At AIAS / UPITEC we have received a very large number of nominations. These are listed in my CV.”

Hissy-fits all round, you despicable clowns … and remove the self-nominations from your CV.

Ron’s Wet Dream

September 19, 2018

Stolen Postings Taken Down by Wordpress

September 18, 2018

WTF is wrong with you Ron? Every pathological liar knows that any lie has to include an element of verisimilitude. The above lie does not. Did you dream it all?

“Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) WordPress has taken down postings stolen from my blog by the hate site which I refer to as “Fruitcake” (American slang for “crackpot”) after being asked to do so by DMCA Ltd.,  reputable internet security specialists.”

Those are clearly lies. Do you really think that your ‘audience’, such as it is, is stupid enough to believe any of that? Perhaps you should confine your lying to matters of scientific success, LOL. We fear again for your sanity. The ECe Wikipedia site has suggested that you may be suffering from Diogenes Syndrome. Sure, he was a philosopher … but he is not one to be emulated in every aspect. We feel that a diagnosis of that condition requires personal investigation. So, Ron, if you see any strangers in the village who appear to be following you, don’t panic and brandish your stick; it will only be our representative, collecting olfactory evidence. 

“The Police Commissioner for South Wales knows the real name of Fruitcake. ”

Is that the same commissioner who had to return £20000 of fiddled expenses?

“I do not wish to give its real name because it might grossly upset innocent readers, especially children and young people. ”

Everything that we claim with regard to physics can be shown to be true. Everything that you claim can be shown to be false. It is the RSC which should be upset at what horrors its candidate for ‘high honour’ has wrought. On the other hand, one of its other candidates managed to get executed by firing-squad on Christmas Day so, in that context, you are exemplary. 

“Fruitcake has insulted, defamed and threatened members of my staff and members of my family for five or six years. ”

Oh, we thought that it was 18 years according to your previous posts. Well, any physicist will agree that those who support scams based upon perpetual-motion gadgets, who impede the scientific education of young people and who contribute to worsening of the already poor understanding of science among the general public should be defamed and insulted. If they do not like it, all that they have to do is to present a perpetual-motion machine that satisfies the National Physical Laboratory or the National Bureau of Standards. Until they can do that, they are just lying pseudoscientific scum and investment-fraudsters.  And what exactly have we threatened … apart from public exposure of a nasty little nest of crooks? 

“The real owners hide behind anonymity. ”

As we have pointed out before, although you are mentally and physically enfeebled, more successful cranks such as Searl are known to have some seriously deranged followers. ‘Minders’ are often on hand during his public talks, for example, and act like cult-members. 

“It has committed many offences under the Malicious Communications Act and other Acts. ”

Only in your worthless opinion.

“The owners of Fruitcake have committed about two thousand violations of copyright, perhaps many more.”

Each use is ‘fair use’. If you want to reduce the numbers, simply stop putting so much objectionable material on your blog. 

“This shows that the police both sides of the Atlantic should be given sweeping new powers to take down repulsive hate sites such Fruitcake. ”

What about sites which misinform the public over scientific matters, and support financial scams which are based upon pseudoscience?

“The theft of two thousand postings should be made a criminal offence and the police given sweeping investigative powers to find the true owners. ”

You do realize, don’t you Ron, that untruthfully accusing someone of theft is itself defamation. Do you really think that we do not consult lawyers?

“The identity of one member of Fruitcake is known, and those of another two suspected. They are local people. I have given these names to the Police Commissioner, Rt. Hon. Alun Michael, and will shortly give them to the F. B. I. My correspondence with Alun Michael is on the blog. We agree that internet crime should be treated in the same way as any other crime and Alun Michael has been active in cleaning up the internet. ”

Oh, so it was the one who had to repay fiddled expenses. 

“The U. S. Copyright Office in Washington has advised that I get in touch with the F. B. I. to ask them to start an investigation. The South Wales Police recently carried out a high level investigation of Fruitcake but in the opinion of the Head of Swansea C. I. D. there was not sufficient evidence for an arrest or arrests to be made. I disagree because the identity of one member of Fruitcake is known. There is plenty of evidence now, WordPress has agreed that there has been theft of two thousand postings, and that the theft was not fair use. So the owners of Fruitcake should be traced and arrested for multiple criminal offences under the Malicious Communications Act. Both the F. B. I. and South Wales Police, and Central Police Authority in London, could make a coordinated investigation. I will notify the Central Police Authority of this case.”

Hilarious in every respect. Why do you not publish all of this fevered correspondence? Or is it just a matter of your sending off ludicrous complaints and getting ‘do not call us, we shall call you’ automated replies?

“I have asked DMCA Ltd. to ensure that all the stolen postings are removed and Fruitcake terminated and prohibited from reposting their psychopathic hatred elsewhere. ”

Hang on: you started your hissy-fit by claiming that that had already been done, and now you are tacitly admitting that it was a lie.  Are you suffering from just short-term memory loss … or are you mentally ill? Please get tested again; we would not like to be seen to be picking on a basket-case.  

“By law (DMCA) repeat offenders must be terminated, the entire site taken down. Even a rich and powerful corporation such as WordPress cannot ignore the law with impunity. The fact that it has hosted such a vicious hate site for five or six years is already a major scandal.”

The only ‘major scandal’ at issue here is your being on the list of Civil List Scientists!

Myron Evans

(Dr. M. W. Evans, Uchelwr, Armiger or Squire (self-appointed), Civil List Pensioner (for now), D. Sc.(an attempt to get rid of you by making you tempting to others?), Ph. D. (implies obedience to strict rules of enquiry, which you now ignore), B. Sc. (Wales)(mere rote-learning)”



September 17, 2018

We have finally found a reference to ‘the work’ of AIAS which is not made by Ron or his gang-members; a reference made moreover by someone, with an impressive CV and past affiliations, in a book  from a reputable publisher:

But then the cracks begin to show: the author is a Tesla-worshiper, always a bad sign, and exhibits a distinct tendency towards electrical-engineer reasoning, another bad sign. He also claims, in many of his books, that he holds 3 patents … but we cannot find them (perhaps the government has suppressed them – the usual excuse). He also has, like that other nuclear engineer  ‘Dr’ Bearden, a liking for death-rays (directed energy weapons). It is always the same dilemma: does the citation of Ron’s works by someone like this elevate Ron … or does it make one suspect that the citer is not playing with a full deck and is desperately scratching around for evidence with which to support an untenable conclusion?

Ron Still Catching Up

September 17, 2018

The algebraic numbers

September 17, 2018

Many thanks to Kemal Rajpal, I think that we could produce an art gallery ourselves using various aspects of ECE theory. I have an instinct that the new orbits might well lead to such patterns. We have already generated some in x theory. These are mathematically interesting but in physics of course the theory must always be controlled by data. In mathematics any pattern would be full of interest.”

What are you going to discover next, Ron? Fire? The Wheel? Real physicists have always been aware of such patterns. Even Newton must have known that his method for locating roots could veer off in strange directions. Perhaps he was too unimaginative to follow them. Pity; he might have discovered chaos theory. Why is it that you always act like a layman in such matters? Littlewood, for example, knew about the Mandelbrot set long before Mandelbrot did. Unfortunately, there were no computers with which  to calculate it quickly in the 1940s and no screens on which to display it to the simpletons. Of course, without computers and the internet, you would be unable to keep up your pretence to academic success.

Definitive Proof of the Rejection of UFT88

September 15, 2018

UFT88 is:  ‘The Bianchi Identity of differential geometry’. According to Ron’s own data:


it is frequently looked-at/downloaded. According to Google Scholar,

it is cited in reputable journals by … absolutely nobody. This is clear proof that, even if many people look at it, nobody finds it useful … or even worth criticizing. This proof obviously extends to all of the other UFT papers as well.  What a useless sad-sack the ‘Civil List Scientist’ is!  




September 15, 2018

Time Dilation

September 15, 2018

I would say that time dilation (Fitzgerald, Lorentz and Heaviside, who predated Einstein by twelve years) has been measured very precisely. The formula is dt = gamma dtau, where tau is the time in the particle’s rest frame, the proper time, and t is the time in a frame moving at v with respect to the rest frame. This has just been derived in UFT414. Here gamma is the Lorentz factor gamma = (1 – (v / c) squared) power minus half. Time dilation has been measured experimentally many times in many different ways, with ever increasing precision. For example the lifetime (tau) of a muon in a frame in which it is at rest is 2.197 microseconds. The lifetime (t) of a muon produced by cosmic rays and travelling at 98% of the speed of light is five times longer because dtau = (1 – v squared / c squared) dt. Length contraction is more difficult to measure but it has been done many times, but not to the same accuracy as time dilation. The way in which the Lorentz transform comes out of general covariance is described by Carroll in his online lecture notes. The first three chapters are essential reading for anyone trying to understand ECE theory but the next chapters tend to be standard model. Carroll , in a communication to Prof. John B. Hart, accepted ECE theory as a “plausible theory” or similar. There are certainly conceptual problems with special relativity, and these were discussed at Vigier One in York University Toronto 1995, which I organized with Stanley Jeffers. I had just been booted out of UNCC for political incorrectness. Standard physics admin is not physics, it is human nature as usual, and the same as any totalitarianism. However time dilation is shown very clearly by the muon experiment. Ten years after being booted out of UNCC, the British Government righted the appalling injustice with a Civil List Pension. The great problem is that the general public never bothers to think for itself, it just follows the Pied Piper into the darkness of Bacon’s Cave. On the other hand geometry is rigorously objective, so ECE is the perfect theory.

414(3): Hamiltonian Method for The Fully Relativistic, Shrinking and Precessing Orbit
To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>, Horst Eckardt <mail>

Dear Professor Evans, Horst,

if Lorentz covariance comes from geometry, why lengths contractions and time dilations have never (NEVER!) been observed experimentally till today?

Shouldn’t be Nature our teacher after all?

In my opinion there must be something wrong, or a different meaning of Lorentz covariance.



Lorenzo Santini

Project Manager

Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant”

So Oily Lorenzo is stupid/loony even by the standards of AIAS! That comment is going straight to the European Atomic Energy Community! Still, Ron is so short of friends that that will probably not be a bar.

Our Trump-Style Civil-List Scientist

September 11, 2018

Scientist Robbed of Nobel in 1974 Finally Wins $3 Million Physics Prize — And Gives It Away

September 10, 2018″

What a generally thuggish display of mean-spirited lunacy! We hear that Trump’s economics guru has no qualifications in the subject, and was hired only on the basis of an outlandish book on the subject which he had written. Perhaps if Ron sends Trump a copy of one of his loony books, he might get hired as Chief Scientist. After all, he is already American.

“I looked up the conventional h index of Jocelyn Bell Burnell. It is very low so this Milner award is politics as usual. Fifty years after the discovery this seems to have been the result of wildly irrational political pressure based on crude historical distortion by the media. It is not based on any objective criterion. The original paper announcing the discovery of pulsars consisted of about five authors, Hewish et alii, and Bell herself did not want the Nobel Prize because Hewish was the supervisor and she was the Ph. D. student. She said that Ph. D. students should not be awarded Nobel Prizes. I do not agree with that at all, but this shows that she did not expect to win a Nobel Prize. The media built up the myth about her being cheated out of a Nobel Prize. In my opinion a Nobel Prize is vastly overblown in importance. ”

So why are you continually plotting to have your few friends nominate you for one?

“I remember the discovery of pulsars in the sixties when I was at Pontardawe Grammar School. The objective criteria of impact are hits, page views, distinct visits, visits, gigabytes downloaded and so on, combined with h and g indices and combined with total output of an author, combined with the quality of readership of the work,and above all, Baconian correctnessand the elimination of anthropomorphism. ”

How convenient it is that your criteria are the sort which can be manipulated. Don’t forget that, according to Scopus, your post-breakdown h-index is down to 1. Even your pre-breakdown work was rarely cited, except by yourself, and we really cannot fathom how it ever qualified you for a Civil List Pension. 

“In that case the AIAS / UPTEC group blows all opposition away so a Milner prize should be awarded to the AIAS / UPITEC group or if that is not allowed by petty rules, to individual members. ”

For services to perpetual-motion racketeering?

“In my time, the seventies, a Ph. D. student would not normally be allowed to publish on his or her own, but I was allowed to publish before I earned my Ph. D., being one of the best graduate students in chemistry in Britain. Even at that time my work was regarded as being worthy of an F. R. S. and Nobel Prize. If a Nobel Prize had been awarded I would have been more than happy to share it with my Ph. D. supervisor Mansel Davies and later with my group experimentalist Gareth Evans. We were all Baptists with a healthy scepticism of the Nobel Prize system, or any royalist system. ”

Says the person who never stops prattling about Nobel prizes … and has a coat-of-arms on his blog. But what else can one expect of the religious-minded? 

“MMD described the Nobel prize system as a club like any other and was a Nobel Prize advisor in chemistry, a friend of Linus Pauling. He remained a friend after Pauling was booted out of Stanford in a McCarthyist purge. ”

Scientists are all curate’s eggs, so to speak, so that was not an entirely bad purge. It is science which is pure; not individual scientists.

“Jocelyn Bell as born in Lurgan, Nothern Ireland and failed her eleven plus so went to a Quaker school in York. In my time women students had exactly the same opportunity as men, I was the top first, the second and third in line who graduated with a first class degree were women from the South Wales valleys who did not want to stay at the EDCL. During my Ph. D. I won three prestigious post doctoral fellowships in open competition: SRC; ICI European and an NRCC Fellowship to work with the Nobel Laureate Herzberg in Canada. I should have been appointed a research associate with tenure straight from Ph. D. but the EDCL system was terminally corrupt and the EDCL was later closed. I was forced to keep competing for prestigious Fellowships until I ran up a world record of them. I was not given tenure because I had exposed corruption at Swansea (Autobiograohy VolumeTwo) My autobiography shows that the system at EDCL and at Swansea was so corrupt and vindictive and petty minded that it would not recognize merit if it were stuffed up its nostrils, and no one would put right the corruption. I found that to be terminally disgusting – to refuse to recognize home grown talent in a young student, a sow eating her piglets. The disgust and contempt comes out very strongly in my poetry. I have a contempt for anything that corrupts the Baconian ideal with anthropomorphism, any individual, any group, any politician.

The only thing that we retain from your autobiography is that you always cast yourself as the innocent victim. Unfortunately, your behaviour and attitudes since then suggest quite strongly that you brought it all upon yourself.  We are intrigued by the ‘fire anecdote’; why did they suggest that you had started it? What ‘vibe’ emanating from you could have prompted that?

“I think that the AIAS / UPITEC group could be nominated for a Breakthrough Prize for many contributions making a profound impact on science, if the rules allow. If not, nominations could go in for members of the group, for Nobel prizes and Breakthrough Prizes. ”

Again with the Nobel prizes. It is a pity that NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Program has closed down, otherwise you might have got some attention there. After all, that project was so loony, that even the Dean Drive was mentioned! Sure, they ruled it out … but what competent scientists would consider it at all?

“In order for this to happen there must be assessors who really know the work. I was nominated by Royal Swedish Academician Bo Lehnert, perhaps others, for a physics prize, probably more than once, for the discovery of B(3) at Cornell in 1991. ”

Lehnert is a crank and B(3) was nonsense.

“A book by Lehnert and Roy appears in my “Contermporary Chemical Physics ” series. Jean Pierre Vigier recognized that B(3) means finite photon mass, thus overturning standard physics. Since then almost a thousand papers and books have sprung from that discovery of B(3), and the first successful unified field theory based in a rigorously objective way on Cartan geometry. Lehnert was attacked by a harasser called Bruhn, who posted a letter to Lehnert interfering in the Nobel Prize process. Bruhn made attempts to distort Cartan geometry, but failed. Cartan geometry has remained unchanged so Bruhn has been ignored. Distortions of Cartan geometry subsequently appeared in a commandered Wikipedia article. Bruhn was refuted many times and disappeared in 2008.”

We covered all of that days ago; are you stuck in a loop?

Various Forms of Guilt

September 9, 2018

Scientist Robbed of Nobel in 1974 Finally Wins $3 Million Physics Prize — And Gives It Away

September 9, 2018″

She lost out on the prize the first time around because she was a woman; not because she was a pseudoscientist. She was an alert astronomer, not a crank.

“I think that the AIAS / UPITEC group could be nominated for a Breakthrough Prize for many contributions making a profound impact on science, ”

We think that the whole bunch of you should be investigated for providing support for energy-related financial scams. 

“if the rules allow. If not, nominations could go in for members of the group, for Nobel prizes and Breakthrough Prizes. In order for this to happen there must be assessors who really know the work. ”

‘Really know the work’ in the sense of ‘similarly deluded’. But do you not realize what a ‘stake through the heart’ it is for a theory to be showcased in Nexus?

“I was nominated by Royal Swedish Academician Bo Lehnert, perhaps others, for a physics prize, probably more than once, for the discovery of B(3) at Cornell in 1991. ”

Lehnert, who can now get published only in crackpot journals such as Progress in Physics. Still, that is more than you can do; your theory can get published only in Nexus.

“A book by Lehnert and Roy appears in my “Contemporary Chemical Physics ” series. ”

But you also let ‘Dr’ Bearden write about his perpetual-motion device in the pages of a once-prestigious journal series of which you were editor. That kind of incriminates everyone concerned doesn’t it? You, sub-editors, the publisher and even other authors whose work appeared in the same issue because they did not immediately withdraw it in protest. There are many people, especially librarians, who must feel very guilty about having to leave your nonsense-work on their shelves. 

“Jean Pierre Vigier recognized that B(3) means finite photon mass, thus overturning standard physics. ”

But he was wrong. There is no detectable photon rest-mass and ‘standard physics’ reigns supreme, as always. Meanwhile, Vigier became a full-on crackpot; something which we generously attribute to dementia.  What’s your excuse?

“Since then almost a thousand papers and books have sprung from that discovery of B(3), and the first successful unified field theory based in a rigorously objective way on Cartan geometry. ”

All nonsense, and largely unpublished. Stop blaming Cartan for your mistakes. By the way, why have you never repudiated Michael ‘No Bubbles’ Jackson’s claim, on the ‘Rancid’ Rense radio show, that Cartan helped the Nazis to build their antigravity aircraft? Do you agree with him? We do not doubt in fact that they had circular prototypes with no visible engines. This is because we have a declassified WWII document  in our extensive library which reveals that Henri Coanda almost got executed for collaborating with the Nazis; frequently returning to France, from Germany, with a car full of expensive goodies. Modern ‘Coanda-craft’ also look like flying saucers. But the Coanda effect is just counter-intuitive airflow and not antigravity. Coanda, like Tesla, Edison and Laithwaite was just another ideas-thief and stole the concept from ‘two-slits’ Young.  

“Lehnert was attacked by a harasser called Bruhn, who posted a letter to Lehnert interfering in the Nobel Prize process. Bruhn made grossly unethical attempts to distort Cartan geometry, but failed. Cartan geometry has remained unchanged so Bruhn has been ignored. Distortions of Cartan geometry subsequently appeared in a commandered Wikipedia article, which also failed to change Cartan geometry. Bruhn was refuted many times and disappeared in 2008. UFT89 is a thorough refutation of all these attacks on Cartan geometry. ”

Bruhn pointed out your mistakes. Every mathematician in the world knows that you are a mathematical klutz, and ‘refutations’ which you alone provide do not qualify as refutations.

“So the system was desperate to stop me winning a Nobel Prize.”

Please post that letter again; we fear for your sanity. 

ECe’s True Level

September 7, 2018

It is clear that all of Ron’s data on the supposed popularity of ECe are meaningless, as they never translate into any real indicators such as independent journal citations, appreciative book reviews, etc. That is not to say that it is never seen in public. There is of course its current appearance in the despicable Nexus journal (one wonders how many people its health advice has killed … but, hey, that can be viewed as being ‘Darwinian evolution in action’):

Eckardt the loon

But, some time ago, Ron was crowing about its being presented at a conference in the USA. But what sort of people were listening? Here is one of the other lecturers taking a break:


Can you see what scientific books he is reading?  No? Here is a visual aid:


Even we cannot identify the blue book, but the yellow book is either ‘Occult Ether Physics’ by ‘Rho Sigma’ (Rolf Schaffranke) or the rip-off book (same title, same colour, same thickness, same typography) by William Lyne. These morons are Ron’s true peer-group; not Nobel laureates nor even previous Civil List scientists. How proud the Royal Society of Chemistry and the British Government must be!

Zero Independent Citations per Year

September 5, 2018

Three million Page Views a Year

September 5, 2018

At present our combined sites are recording about three million page views a year. This compares with a fruitcake site that shall be nameless of 365 page views a year, which is the minimum amount that can record. Anything less than would need an electron microscope. Statshow laconically mentions with a yawn that fruitcake does not appear to be very popular. ”

Statshow also claims that we have existed for 18 years, so how reliable a source is that? It also says that Upitec is not very popular, so why do you refer to data from ‘combined sites’ when one of them contributes nothing?  

“Fruitcake hates Cartan geometry and hates the march of ideas, but cannot do anything about it. ”

No, we hate pseudoscientists, who make it infinitely harder for young people to learn physics. In particular, we hate those who are given undeserved awards ‘on the back of’ the ignorance of science which already exists in society. 

“So we digest fruitcake, not worth yawning about. That great geometer, Prof. Sir Iawn Richard (Richard the Yawn), may be able to refute Cartan after a hundred years, but I think he will land up in the Seine like Clouseau and the inflatable Quasimodo disguise. The authors of fruitcake use Clouseau’s Swedish fisherman disguise, complete with inflatable parrot, trained to follow my blog to infinity, and easily recognizable. Hello Inspector Clouseau. It is rumoured that Sir Iawn the Right has floated out to sea in the dirty waters of the Seine. With scientists like this who needs Prof. Balls of Nice?”

You are about as good at humour as you are at physics.

But the point that readers should retain is that ALL of the proof of Ron’s supposed success originates from his own computer. A reputable source such as Scopus hardly mentions his ECe theory at all and, even then, reveals that only he and other cranks cite it. A less competent source such as Google Scholar sometimes shows lots of citations. The strange thing is that over 90% of them are due to Ron; someone who keeps insisting that citations do not matter. On top of that, all of his ‘books’ are savaged by critics. The Occam’s razor conclusion can be only that ‘Nexus-published Ron’ is a deluded individual who is still suffering from the after-effects of a mental breakdown. This might well elicit sympathy if he were not quite so conceited, arrogant and generally insufferable.      

The Milking-Stool of Fun

September 5, 2018

FOR POSTING IN THE BLUE BOX: Group or Team Nomination

September 5, 2018

The system is at last allowing nominations for research groups or teams, so this is the nomination for AIAS / UPITEC, the Institute making by far most impact in the world for a small group, for example page views per active author.”

We shall of course be returning to this tissue of lies later but, for the moment, one particular lie strikes us at first glance: Ron says that mathematics was his second tripos subject at Aberystwyth. Where to start? Well, Ron seems to think that the ‘3’ (tripos) applies to the number of subjects studied. It does not. It refers to the three-legged stool that candidates were said to have been forced to sit on during viva voce examinations at a famous university.  That is why the concept of Tripos pertains only to Cambridge University.  Always the same dilemma: is Ron incredibly ignorant of academic matters … or does he hope that everybody else is?



September 3, 2018

Comparison of ECE2 Shrinkage Equation with Experimental Data

September 3, 2018

The data for the shrinking of the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar is on wikipedia and so can be compared with the results from the new ECE2 shrinkage equation. A two variable least mean squares fit could be used to find the angular velocity and angular acceleration needed to describe the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar. Presumably there are many other binary pulsars now known to the astronomers, and many other S2 star type systems. ECE2 can explain essentially everything with a bit of thought, being the first successful unified field theory.”

Funny sort of ‘unified field theory’ it is which fails the correspondence principle. The latter says that a new non-classical  theory for extreme conditions (e.g. quantum, relativistic, …) has to be able to explain classical results when those extreme conditions are removed, as when v << c (although it is incorrect simply to set gamma equal to zero). Because ECe has been contrived so as to ‘answer’ a very limited question, it fails everywhere else. So, Ron, how do you calculate the Roche limit for any of your favourite stars? How about the Lagrange points of Earth? The Roche limit has never been mentioned in your blog. The Lagrange point has been mentioned 3 times; always by someone else, such as the Public Dick.

If this is Success, what does Failure Look Like?

September 2, 2018

“Principles of ECE” Intensely Read

September 2, 2018

This is a very successful book as can be seen from this morning’s report, and is available in two volumes hardback and softback. Many thanks to all concerned, in particular to Horst Eckart for many contributions, Alex Hill for translation, and other co authors. Everything about ECE is rigorously scientific and Baconian. It cannot be refuted theoretically without refuting Cartan geometry.”

According to Google Scholar (Scopus does not even cover nonsense), you are the only person who cites it:,5&cites=14460733101089093452&scipsc=

And, as for reviews,

So where is the evidence of success? Oh yes, you alone provide it. How very very  strange … and convenient

One even fears for the publisher, given Ron’s history. What happened to Cambridge International Science Publishing? Gone, and dodgy-looking before that:

and New Generation Publishing not looking too healthy:

NB For those unfamiliar with balance-sheets: accountants cannot handle the minus-sign, and so they put negative amounts in parentheses.

Craigcefnparc News #26

September 1, 2018
Ioan Richard writes:
I am not going to stoop so low as to respond to all of Evans’ bile and untruthful defamations. I will just give readers of Crackpotwatch two items to consider:-
(1) Evans latest lie said about me “On the one occasion that he stood for election to Parliament he came last, and faded into oblivion”
That is an utter lie, I have never stood for Parliament and never sought selection to stand for Parliament. I did stand for election to the “Welsh Assembly” in its first ever election as a one man campaign against Party Whips. This was before the Wales Assembly had any powers, when it was just a “talking shop”. As a one man campaign, on my own, I had enough votes to keep my deposit. I did not expect to do so well, it was just a simple campaign to highlight the issue of how Labour in Wales operate an old boys network via a whip system. I have however stood in many many Council Elections here for Community (Parish) and Borough (District) and City and County from 1976 to year 2017 – 41 years and won them all by having popular support for my integrity which Evans defames.
(2) In the Land Tribunal that he Evans LOST, whilst trying to take his neighbour’s property, the Judge – Justice Judge Michell wrote on page 15 paragraph 41 in the written Tribunal report :- “Evans showed himself to be an unreliable witness”. this report is publicly available on the internet. I could go on and on,
I still challenge Evans to join the Craigcefnparc FACEBOOK on the public internet to show the whole village what sort of person he really is. The Facebook Coordinator only lives four doors up the street from Evans’ cottage “University”.

September 1, 2018

UFT88 Read at Yamagata University Faculty of Engineering

September 1, 2018

Yamagata is ranked 1012 in the world by Webometrics and 801 – 1000 by Times, unranked by QS and Shanghai, It was founded in 1878 and has 9,073 students. UFT88 is the famous classic refutation of the Einsteinian general relativity by incorporating torsion in the 1902 second Bianchi identity, thus changing it completely. Therefore when the correct geometry is used the Einstein field equation collapses entirely. EGR has also been refuted experimentally by an order of magnitude in the S2 star system. The final form of UFT is UFT313, the JCE identity. So EGR has been refuted completely and replaced by ECE and ECE2.”


Who knows, perhaps someone there will become the first person ever to cite it. 

Mawr from Fantasy-Land

August 31, 2018

My Petitions for Three Welsh medium schools in Mawr Gaining Support

August 31, 2018

My two international petitions for three Welsh medium schools in Mawr are gaining support. ”

Any interest from Patagonia?

“This is intended to counter the disaster left by Ioan Richard, during whose tenure Mawr has been almost completely anglicised, a wasteland in which the Welsh language has been murdered. ”

We are still not quite sure: how many non Welsh-speakers did you personally introduce into the village? Was it 3 or 4?

“Richard is well known for using abusive language, for example against myself, but against many others throughout Wales. ”

And you are such a lovely person …

“On the one occasion that he stood for election to Parliament he came last, and faded into oblivion. ”

But not in your mind, eh?

“His Mawr Community Council was severely reprimanded twice by the Audit Office of the Welsh Assembly. This is utterly disgraceful and at that point I decided to have no further contact with him.”

What a loss.

“The Mawr Development Trust went bankrupt. ”

Crafty bit of sleight-of-mouth there: you refer to ‘his Mawr Community Council’ above, and then mention the bankruptcy of a different entity, clearly trying to subliminally link his name to the bankruptcy. He was not an officer of the Trust.

“Many people have complained bitterly about him to me as Armiger or Squire, including three councillors. ”

So you say.

“Armiger is the Latin for Squire.”

Not in  any dictionary that we can find!

“The Council was first reprimanded in 2011 and again in 2015. As a result there has been a complete collapse in confidence among the silent majority. ”

Oh, Ron, you and your silent majorities; you are a caution! Is it as big a majority as the one that supposedly believes in your worthless theory?

“It is felt that the Mawr Community Council should be wound up. Several of the people I have spoken to expressed relief that Richard finally resigned, resigned or retired makes no difference, he is finally gone. I have known some of these people all my life, all put in a bad word for Richard ”

And who can doubt the word of someone who lies so fluently about his scientific success?

“He has not commented on the fact that my car was subjected to severe criminal damage amounting to several hundred pounds, that I have been threatened with physical violence, and that the police made a house to house investigation. ”

Why, did you not recognize the assailant?

“He has not commented on the fact that I was sent a hate mail letter investigated by the Neath Hate Crime Unit. Any real County Councillor would have been seriously concerned.”

You expect too much. An ordinary villager should not receive a disproportionate share of attention.

“I mentioned this in a Lands Tribunal to the Tribunal Judge, who asked when this incident occurred. The Judge was clearly angry. Richard turned up at the Tribunal for some reason and as asked by my barrister what he had against me. Under oath, he denied having anything against me, but his various postings reek with egregious malice and began well before the Tribunal. ”

It is odd that you have that effect on so many people.

“A high level police investigation has been ordered by the Commissioner for South Wales into a hate blog to which Richard contributes. This hate blog contains many instances of gross insults, defamation, ethnic hate crime against the People of Wales, cyberbullying, threats, documented death threats, multiple theft of postings, and so on. Is this the way for a former Mayor of Swansea to behave? ”

Utter rubbish throughout. You really must get over the silly idea that you are a person of importance. You are a pseudoscientist and your theories are shunned by the world of science. Concocting ‘evidence’ of success every day is just plain undignified. Nexus is a pinnacle as far as you are concerned.

“For many years noone would have him as Mayor. Richard sometimes describes me childishly as “Moron”, as if we are still in the playground. ”

‘Carrot’ would be more subtle.

“Many of us find this this grossly offensive to Crown and Parliament, so does every decent person in Mawr. ”

Perhaps we should start a new poll on that topic … or perhaps someone could moot it in the village’s Facebook pages.

“Richard is grossly distortionist, and forgets all my work against wind turbines. ”

Such as claiming that a 16mph wind has the powering effect of only a 7mph wind if it requires a 9mph wind to start the turbine?

“He was ineffective and completely failed to stop them. ”

So did everybody else. What’s your point?

“In one strange posting he ranted about the Mawr Community Council being bedevilled by hecklers, allowed by the then Chair who seems to have been a friend of Evans (that’s me apparently) and it had become a shouting shop doing nothing. This made me fall off my chair in laughter. ”

It is faintly amusing that you could be imagined to be capable of organizing anything.

“The truth is that he resigned from the Community Council because there was such intense outrage at his plans for thirty houses which would have totally destroyed what is left of the Welsh language. ”

Only if there were an insufficient number of Welsh-speakers to occupy them.

“In the Lands Tribunal he bowed his head before the Judge. ”

Isn’t that part of court etiquette?

“My eight years of dangerous voluntary work in clearing bike vandals is not mentioned, and I never saw him in any position of danger out on Gelliwastad.”

And yet those dangerous vandals never attacked your car or threw bricks through your windows. Vandals just aren’t what they were.

“In fact most of Mawr never saw him at all. My work in getting cars off pavements is not mentioned. ”

Perhaps wiser heads can see that it would be counter-productive.

“So he had no credibility left as a Councillor and finally evaporated. At one point he started to communicate with us at AIAS / UPITEC via Stephen Crothers in Australia, with pseudonym “The Mole”. Another of his pseudonyms was “Y Dyn Gwyrdd”, “The Green Man”. That is a perfect rendering of envy and bile, van Gogh could not have done better. This is all rather odd, many people find him rather odd. ”

One does have to be rather odd to want to communicate with that antipodean nitwit, The Public Dick. 

“The Ombudsman agreed with me that his language is more than regrettable, ”

How amazing it is that you have not posted that statement on your blog.

“and after being criticised heavily, he finally retired. On another occasion he criticised a letter by Dr. Shah which stated that I am in perfect health, claiming that Shah’s accidental omission of a signature indicated a conspiracy with the Devil. I needed this letter for an Employment Tribunal case in which I was awarded considerable compensation.”

What sort of tribunal would accept such a generally shoddy document as evidence? Perhaps we should remind everyone of the details of your spat with Steriwave and Fucilla.


“Last year I was again found to be in perfect health by a PIP interviewer, and fortunately have always been in perfect health. ”

That is not true: you are like Le Chiffre in Casino Royale; you claim that your eyes bleed under stress.

“Ioan Richard did nothing for Mawr in forty years. My family has been here since Tudor times and built up this village to a high level of culture: the Jones, Hopkin, Havard and Newlands families. ”

And yet the village remains notable mainly for its crackpots and mass-murderer.

“I won my objection at the Land Tribunal by proving that Ellis Williams made a false statement of truth under oath. My case was an objection, not a land claim. The Tribunal found that the garage was built on an unadopted highway and as never gifted to my very good and life long friend Cen Williams. I found a 1917 map which showed that the land upon which it was built was part of the Newlands Estate, not any other Estate. This is just a short note to start to put the record straight. ”

Sounds like a decidedly pyrrhic victory … but we would still like to see the official account.

“There are so many distortions that they would waste my time as the world’s most prolific scientist. ”

Most prolific and unpublished?

“In the immortal words of Oscar Wilde, Richard is summed up as follows: “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about ” Long may the silence last.”

Was he still saying that after he was outed?

Problem of Authority

August 30, 2018

Laymen must get very confused, not having any personal knowledge or understanding of the subject at issue, as to who is in the right. They have good reason to be confused because, although the mathematics cannot lie, some of the other activities of the ‘actors’ drastically undermine their credibility. 

Note Concerning Bruhn to Prof. Bo Lehnert

August 30, 2018

I note that Bruhn sent you a letter in which he attempted to put forward the nonsensical notion that the ECE theory is not Lorentz covariant. He insultingly described my work as a “distortion”. On close scrutiny by able scholars, it was found that Bruhn deliberately misrepresented ECE theory with false mathematics. Bruhn’s output of work is miniscule and he suddenly disappeared in 2008 after a prolonged campaign of harassment, and abuse and insult of the British Head of State. ”

So here we have Ron, whose theory can manage to get published only in the loony-tune magazine, Nexus, contacting one of the people who conspired to get him his undeserved Civil List pension. Meanwhile Lehnert, who made have done valid work many years ago, is nowadays reduced to publishing papers in crackpot journals such as Progress in Physics, Journal of Modern Physics and Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications. The latter two journals are published by Scientific Research. This outfit pretends to be based in California, but it is actually a Chinese operation and is on Beall’s list of predatory publishers. 

“The ECE theory is Cartan geometry itself, which is generally covariant and therefore Lorentz covariant. Bruhn also attempted to claim that the B Cyclic Theorem is not Lorentz covariant,whereas the B Cyclic Theorem is the frame of reference itself (see UFT89). The frame of reference is automatically covariant. For example the Cartesian frame i x j = k et cyclicum transforms invariantly under the rotational Lorentz transform. Bruhn was thoroughly answered in UFT89 for example, and in many other ways, ”

Although UFT89 exists in 19 versions, it has never been cited by anybody! 

“and suddenly disappeared in 2008 after a campaign of harassment which destroyed van der Merwe’s journals in a completely unethical and some would say, illegal manner. ”

That’s what winners do Ron, they retire undefeated from the field. And every mathematician in the world knows who lost the argument: YOU

“Bruhn also harassed members of the Royal Swedish Academy such as yourself and also SciTopics of Elsevier, which tipped me for a Nobel Prize, thus strengthening your nominations. ”

Ron of course omits to mention the fact that he had a lawyer send a threatening letter to Bruhn.


The lawyer seems to have been the same one who was involved in the Ascension Securities scandal, which was a ‘boiler-room’ operation based upon a company which was supposedly going to make cars run on water. Everybody involved was effectively working for ‘Professor’ Fucilla and his Steriwave company. The complete SciTopics story can be found here

(read especially the Comments section). Elsevier started it with little thought and put it into the hands of someone who was completely out of his depth (just the sort of person who might think that Ron was of Nobel quality). Such was the anger over ECe being thought worthy of SciTopics that the latter was effectively shut down almost immediately thanks to Ron’s appearance in it.

“Your pioneering nominations are perfectly sound and ECE is now mainstream physics. ”

Blatant lie!

“any of its papers and books are by now influential classics. I do not think that a small group of harassing , semi legal, dogmatists should be allowed to influence the Royal Swedish Academy in an attempt to distort nominations and prevent a candidate from being awarded a Nobel Prize. Harassment is illegal in almost all laws.”

Ron, Ron, Ron: offering valid scientific and mathematical criticism of a theory is not harassment. What is harassment is having a lawyer send a threatening letter to a mathematician, and also trying to get him dismissed from his post.  

“Lakhtakia is suspected of ethnic hate crime, in that a series of abusive e mails mocking the People of Wales were received at my address. These were traced to within a few hundred metres of his workplace at Penn State. The Penn State administration opened an enquiry. ”

Only suspected by you. The administration took no action at all. A limey loony thousands of miles away – why would it?

“I found that ‘t Hooft did not have the technical ability to understand Cartan geometry. ”

Another great one-liner!

“The defence of ECE theory is wholly impregnable. It is Cartan geometry itself within a scalar that transforms the geometry into physics. ”

But it is mathematics Ron! You got it wrong, and any mathematician can prove that. 

“Wikipedia was commandered by people like Lakhtakia, who is also suspected of having impersonated ArXiv staff. I have expereience of Lakhtakia slamming down a telephone receiver in uncontrollable rage on more than one occasion when I tried to explain B(3) to him. ”

We suspect that that is a common reaction among non-cranks.

“I had helped him from Cornell in his early career. As Oscar Wilde wrote, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Helped, or misled?

So where is ‘authority’ an issue in all of this? Well, to be scrupulously fair, we have to point out that there were dodgy people on both sides. Their personal behaviour does not undermine the mathematics from the point of view of a mathematician, but a layman might feel that they are all mad. For example, Rodrigues has been a director of Steriwave. It is hard to imagine a normal physicist stomaching the activities of a company which thinks that it can run vehicles on water. Moreover, Rodrigues is currently an editor of the Journal of Physical Mathematics. Yes, physicists out there should read that again carefully. The intention is obviously that it should be mistaken for the highly reputable Journal of Mathematical Physics. The former is – you’ve guessed it – an imprint of the notorious Scientific Research outfit. The problem is that Rodrigues was also a co-author of some of the papers which pointed out Ron’s mistakes. Another co-author was ARK (Arkadiusz Jadczyk), a decidedly flaky mathematical physicist who is not at all fazed by the fact that his wife claims to be in intimate contact with psychic aliens called Cassiopaeans, and is into every sort of loony  activity that one can imagine, including perpetual motion. It all goes to show that one can trust science, a self-correcting gestalt, but one would be stupid to trust individual scientists.


R U on a %, RON?

August 28, 2018

More news from the wonderful Nexus article which nails ECe for ever as being a lunatic theory which cannot get published anywhere else. In the article, there is a pro-Ron quote from the book, The Ultimate Truth by Bruhl. It seems that Ron is the only person ever to cite that book. Which is strange. Given the ‘millions’ in the ECe ‘schools’, should not even a few other people have found that book worth quoting? 

False Idols

August 28, 2018

Legacy of Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking

August 28, 2018

These were the sixties wizz kids in physics and clashed immediately with Fred Hoyle in a supermassive inelastic collision. As a result Hoyle left Cambridge in a towering rage and moved to Cardiff. ”

Did he? Our information is that he rarely set foot there and merely collaborated at a distance with his lap-dog, Wickramasinghe. We are also told that there are lots of papers by Hoyle that are mouldering in a library store, and the library has not even bothered to index them. 

“Hoyle thought that Big Bang is complete nonsense”

Have you ever looked closely at the continuous creation (steady-state) theory, Ron? It led inexorably to the idea that atoms would have to keep popping into existence anywhere and everywhere.  That is: innumerable little bangs rather than one big one. Hoyle was a bit like Laithwaite in that the innocent think that each of them made just one faux pas when in fact they were both pseudoscientists from way back. Hoyle predicted global freezing, for a start. He then took up the medieval theory that influenza was controlled by the stars: the very name is short for “influence of the stars”. His thinking was very much affected by his past: he was a ‘poor boy who done good’, like you Ron. And like you, his social-climbing made him very sensitive to ‘the social order’. So, when there were two separate outbreaks of ‘flu in Cardiff, one in down-at-heel Ely and one centred on a fee-paying boarding-school in Llandaff, he could not stomach the thought that the schoolgirls of Llandaff might have fancied ‘a bit of of rough’ from Ely. Obviously, he claimed, there must have been two separate ‘flu-falls’ from outer space on the two locations. His hilarious book on the subject details how his proof involved mapping out the exact positions of the beds in the girls’ dormitory. Now that’s not creepy at all, is it? But his worst offence against science was his creationism. He used false mathematical arguments to ‘prove’ that life could not have originated on Earth. He also got together with other creationist scientists in Cardiff (their Society was based in nearby Penarth at the time) and published a paper which claimed that the fossil, Archaeopteryx, is a fake … conveniently omitting the fact that there are several in existence and they all have the same features. But please do keep using Laithwaite and Hoyle as paragons, Ron, it all goes to help making you look even worse. 

“, so did Einstein ”

Stop telling lies: Einstein died in 1955, while the first Penrose-Hawking paper appeared in 1968. If Einstein objected to anything, it was probably the Lemaitre theory.

“and so do all the members of the ECE School, hundreds of thousands of them, if not millions. ”

There is no ‘school’ and the only ‘millions’ involved are the ones who don’t know or don’t care about you and your theory. 

“Things are looking pretty dippy for the standard model now, it is facing a major challenge from ECE and ECE2 ”

… which is so ‘successful’ that it can get published only in Nexus,  squeezed between ads for loony alternative-health treatments.

“and is unable to reply rationally to that most rational of subjects, geometry. ECE is Cartan geometry combined with simple hypotheses to turn geometry into physics. ”

Yes, Ron, one has to be pretty stupid to screw up the geometry … but you managed.

“Peter Higgs’ boson and electroweak theory were shredded in UFT225 by Horst and myself, ”

Hums, “one man and his lap-dog went to mow …”

“and was shredded by the work of Vigier and myself on B(3) and boson mass a long time ago. ”

Vigier, who liked to go to the same loony conferences as Searl, Valone and LaViolette. By the way, Ron, did you spot the crazed letter from LaViolette in the same issue of Nexus? 

“ECE is a perfect theory, based on a perfect geometry, that of Elie Cartan and his colleagues. ”

Who must be spinning in their graves (and thus possibly levitating, according to Ron’s calculations). 

“The B(3) field has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize, ”

“Tales told by a madman”  … to another madman.

“and the dogmatists face the ghastly spectre of ECE being nominated too, or even worse, a Nobel Prize being awarded to B(3). ”

We already face the ghastly spectre of someone on the Civil List who is a complete crackpot … but that can be fixed. 

“That would eat into their funding and what is left of their credibility – next to nothing. Heisenberg indeterminacy is also looking seasick in the sea change. ”

Hmmm, alluding to something ‘rich and strange’ … perhaps you really are annoyed at a wealthy person getting a FRS without doing any science.

“Progress and enlightenment is always accompanied by fringe nutters and mediocrities suffering indigestion grade one, ”

Well, take some Rennies, Ron, and try to do better in the progress and enlightenment departments. 

“they are always afraid of coming out into the open because they would be up against Cartan’s rigorous and beautiful geometry. ”

Which you screw up.  You have downloaded a copy of Carroll’s book: read it … even past chapter 5.

“The Greeks thought, indeed, that geometry is perfect beauty, and so did Kepler. Ubi materia ibi geometria, where there is matter there is geometry. I tried many times to correspond with Hawking, but he never replied. ”

Of course not: he knew that, “Progress and enlightenment is always accompanied by fringe nutters and mediocrities”

“The Big Bang theory is refuted completely by ECE and in many other ways. In its time it was like the Beatles. ECE explains why Hawking radiation was never found, it cannot exist, neither can black holes. ”

Not even the black hole which your favorite star, S2, is orbiting?

“Of course I admired Hawking’s long fight against his terrible disability. I have corresponded with Penrose, who is more open to new ideas. ”

That is why he is on our list: his quantum theory of the brain can get published only in fringe journals.

“Penrose has never criticized ECE, which has also been accepted by Sean Carroll and Alwyn van der Merwe, two great physicists of the late twentieth century, ”

You say that Carroll’s book is wrong when it disagrees with you, and van der Merde ‘rubber-stamped’ your papers ‘explaining’ ‘Dr’ Bearden’s perpetual-motion machine. Why do you never mention that machine any more? Yeah, what great physicists.

“and by many very capable people like Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom who know the theory in all detail. ”

One is big in the Munich perpetual-motion inventors’ club, and the other writes LENR reports for a bunch of non-scientist retirees in Florida. Do they really need to memorize a nonsense theory for those roles?

“No one is going to listen to anonymous trolls with no technical ability at all. It is hardly possible to reject ECE without mangling the geometry. The Einstein theory has been shredded completely by the discovery of the S2 star system – shredded by data. So the entire twentieth century in general relativity has collapsed, to be replaced by the ECE phenomenon of millions of readers. I am not fixated by the overblown Nobel Prize, the Civil List Pension is in fact a higher honour, the second most exclusive club in Britain. However, ECE should be awarded a Nobel Prize because of its well proven, hyperbole defying, impact and because it has been tested against experimental data. So the fabric of establishment physics is under the microscope. Can it judge fairly, or is it a club so exclusive that it has no members left?”

Well, we cannot be bothered to tease out all of those lies. Some of us have real (publishable in reputable journals) work to do.

Not So Dusty!

August 28, 2018

Hansard Written Answer of 2013

August 28, 2018

This is online and explained that there were 53 Civil List Pensioners in 2013, and that it is a personal award given by the Queen as a token of her gratitude for services to the arts, literature and sciences. It is given on Prime Ministerial advice. It is sometimes accompanied by an O. M. or C. H. The Civil List Pension is much older than the O. M. or C. H. Roger Penrose is an O. M. and the late Stephen Hawking was a C. H. Paul Dirac was an O. M. The three national awards are the highest that can be bestowed in the sciences. They are senior to any academic honour such as an F. R. S. or a Nobel Prize. The membership of the Order of Merit is limited to twenty four and is given by the Sovereign without ministerial advice. The C. H. was meant to extend the O. M. Rayleigh, Kelvin, Rutherford, J. J. Thomson, W. H. Bragg, Eddington, J. H. Jeans, Sir Robert Robinson, Bertrand Russell, Cockroft, Hinshelwood, Dorothy Hodgkin, Blackett, Dirac, Todd, Medawar, Atiyah, Sanger, Perutz, Porter, Penrose, Klug, Berners-Lee and Rees were or are O. M. s. Higgs is currently a C. H.”

We are surprised, Ron, that you are not outraged that a mere vacuum-cleaner salesman (not even its inventor) has been made both OM and FRS (and has been involved in TV science programmes) without having written a single scientific paper. We wonder whether he is competing with you for a Nobel Prize. His chances of success are certainly much higher. 

Short Tissue of Lies

August 28, 2018


August 28, 2018

This is my short CV for future nominations, awards, funding applications and so on. Thanks in anticipation to the nominators and referees.”

You do realize don’t you that intelligent people check facts? AND you forgot to add the glorious Nexus reference. 

Bumper Bundle

August 27, 2018

We are still trying to get over the wonderful gift that Ron has dropped in our laps: that is, the figuratively suicidal step of publishing the ECe nonsense in Nexus magazine. As Ron says, that rag is read all over the world … and intelligent people all over the world know it for a hopeless drivel-fest aimed at the mentally challenged. Although we have filed it under Siemens Stain’s name, he has been careful to keep his name out of the article. But just look at who is mentioned: Ron, Sewage, the Dismal Scientist and Lehnert. We are sure that the RSC will be proud to see what its protegé is doing as Civil List Scientist, not to mention the employers of his supporters. We can just imagine the Dismal Scientist’s brighter students finding out what sort of ‘academics’ he is mixed up with and gleefully ribbing him about it. As we have always said, Ron, if people ever get to hear about ECe it will shrivel and die like a jellyfish left out in the sunlight.  

Progress? LOL

August 27, 2018

General Progress of ECE Theory

August 27, 2018

Today’s webalizer file records 3,325 items being read round the world from in August 2018 to date. ”

And what percentage of those ‘readings’ involve the forward-slash symbol, etc.?

Faked data

“The total number of Yahoo and Bing references in is 4,020. This number is roughly the total of items picked up by Yahoo and Bing from ”

Are you sure that they have always got the correct AIAS?…72388.76982.0.78894.;.0…1c.1.64.img..6.0.0….0.sH_qf9CJnjk

“All the UFT papers and books are in Google Scholar, both in English and Spanish. This is the way to measure the impact of scholarly work. ”

Where they are either not cited … or cited by you to the extent of 90%+ 

“Obviously, ECE is making a tremendous impact from and

Not obvious at all!

“This can be seen from the fact that the average academic turns out about 1.5 paper equivalents a year. This is miniscule compared with my output, co authors and translators always fully acknowledged for their work of key importance to the advancement of science. ”

But real academics have to run a gauntlet of checks on quality and accuracy.  Putting something on ones own website strains the definition of ‘publishing’ to its breaking-point.

“I am by far the most prolific physicist / chemist in history, having published continuously since 1973, and having researched continuously since 1971. ”

Chemistry pot-boilers and nonsense-physics.  Big deal!

“The fact that its impact is still increasing after fifteen years means that ECE is well accepted by the colleagues as a permanent and mature theory of natural philosophy. ”

There is no ‘impact’ and the ‘colleagues’ are – by definition – as loony as you.

“The theory has been read in essentially all the countries of the world. ”

So have our comments on its fatuity.

“This collegial acceptance of the theory is inevitable because it is Cartan geometry, which is taught in all good universities. The geometry is turned into physics simply by using a scalar proportionality, so the Cartan geometry itself is unchanged. The theory has been checked hundreds of times. ”

But your extensions to Cartan are incorrect, and ‘checking’ is meaningless when it is done by the same loonies who concocted the rubbish in the first place. 

“The resulting ECE and ECE2 theories are tested against experimental data, a process which goes on indefinitely as for any theory. ”

No, all that you do is to twist your loony theory in order to fit existing data. That is always easy: the problem then is that other bits do not fit. Where are tidal effects accounted for by your … ahem … ‘theory’? 

“Einstein’s work was never refereed, ”


“I have been refereed conventionally over a thousand times, ”

But not recently, eh? Not since you went mad.

“and I am continuously refereed by the colleagues in AIAS / UPITEC and by a readership that generates three million hits a year. ”

Oh, but you keep saying that such referencing is irrelevant. And it is a lie anyway: you account for the vast majority of citations of yourself and loony gang-members.

“Obviously ECE theory is found to be very interesting by any reasonable and competent scientist. ”

Still not obvious!

“Any criticism of ECE means criticism of Cartan geometry, and so there have not been any reasonable criticisms of ECE, because these criticisms would have to change Cartan geometry. ”

There have been plenty of criticisms from experts on Cartan theory. You simply refuse to admit that you are wrong.

“That is like changing the Pythagoras Theorem that has stood for two and a half thousand years. ”

And hardly a year passes, but that somebody finds a new proof of Pythagoras. You have yet to produce any proof at all.

“It is possible, of course, to develop Cartan geometry in pure mathematics, but this is not necessary by Ockham’s Razor – the simplest possible theory should be used. ”

It is: it is called Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity

“There have been rather unpleasant ad hominem attacks such as those on a fringe Wikipedia article, ”

You mean all of those 100% accurate comments in the Talk section?

“but these have been rejected by the professional colleagues, including those in the world’s top twenty universities. ”

Why don’t you name them? Oh, of course, they exist only in your fevered imagination.

“Wikipedia is in sharp decline, and is just a private company. It is rejected by many universities as a scholarly source. I have found that articles in Wikipedia are often riddled with errors. It pops up on the internet and is the first thing people see, so they use it uncritically without bothering to study source articles. ”

We do not like it either: mainly because it mentions loonies like you at all! But those who do check facts have crushingly annotated your claims in the Talk section of the ECe wiki article,%22_claims_no_one_ever_goes_there

“The ECE improves the Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) by correcting it for torsion. ”

As Einstein himself found, adding torsion ruins the fit to reality.

“The original EGR has been refuted on www.aias.usin nearly a hundred different ways, ”


“and the standard physicists accept the refutations because they have not been able to answer them in fifteen years. ”


“They have not been able to change Cartan geometry. ”

Irrelevant; the fault lies with you, not Cartan.

“The discovery of the S2 star and similar stars that orbit the centre of the Milky Way, our galaxy, means that EGR is finished completely, because in S2 it fails completely by an order of magnitude (ten times). ”

Meanwhile, in the real world, it is generally accepted that it is orbiting a black hole … which you say cannot exist, and real physicists regard the observed data as  being further confirmations of EGR. 

“As Albert Einstein wrote, it takes only one piece of data to refute his EGR theory, or similar wording. ”

When that happens, we shall yet you know. Meanwhile,  SFU.

“Einstein often published erroneous papers and always admitted his mistakes and corrected them. ”

Provide examples.

“So he was not the arrogant media god of today, an idol that masquerades for a scientist.

The world had to wait for you!

“ECE2 explains the S2 star system and the binary pulsars in a simple way. ”

Glorified curve-fitting.

“So the original testing of EGR in the solar system has turned out to be worthless,”


“because effects in the solar system are very small and the data are very difficult to reduce. ”

But the effects are also CUMULATIVE, you utter moron.

“When real scholarship is applied, it is found that there never has been precise agreement of EGR with data. ”


“There has been a lot of laundering and self delusion, this is embarrassingly obvious now”

Indeed there has … on your part!

“from the fact that EGR collapses into rubble in the S2 star system and other similar systems. ”

The system has been welcomed as being further proof of EGR. Are you deaf or daft?

“ECE2 has explained effects in the solar system and outside the solar system. So far, ECE2 has been able to describe any data. ”

That is the point of curve-fitting; true explanation of data requires a higher level of intelligence. 

“The use of torsion refutes all metrics of the obsolete EGR theory, including the black hole and big bang metrics and the Einstein Rosen bridge metric that is used to infer gravitational radiation from the Einstein field equation. That was always terminally dippy stuff, and when torsion is included, there is no longer gravitational radiation from the Einstein field equation. ”

Read about the true back-story of torsion here:


“As in the famous UFT88,”

This one?

“once torsion is included, EGR itself collapses into rubble. ”

Lie; read the above paper.

“These famous metric refutations are in UFT301 (“Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”, now a classic of modern physics). ”

Another lie; already covered here:

“ECE2 refutes, but also builds, I am not out to destroy but to rebuild. ”

You are just another anti-Einstein twat.  That is an essential qualification for any crackpot. 

“ECE2 has helped to catalyze great industrial progress, so we are on the edge of a revolution in energy production. ”

Kurata fraud? Rossi fraud? Ascension Securities fraud? No you’re not.

“This will save humankind from its own abject folly – its insane indulgence in war and crazed greed, its mindless destruction of language and culture, of wild life and entire ecosystems. Since we are all on the same tiny and exceedingly fragile planet, we must save humankind in order to save ourselves, to save what we can of language and culture.”

We are lucky that you are no good at politics!

How Crackpots Conspire

August 27, 2018

Nominations for Nobel Prizes

August 27, 2018

I was informed on 17th June 2009 by Richard Amoroso, Chair of various Vigier Conferences, that: “I have heard in direct conversation from someone on the Physics Nobel Prize Committee that Myron Evans should win a Nobel Prize for B(3) theory. I assume that this means that Myron Evans has been nominated for a Physics Nobel Prize more than once.” ”

Amoroso? You mean the acupuncturist nutter who describes himself as a, “theoretical physicist and gospel scientist working/publishing/lecturing in all fields of natural science, philosophy and theology especially pertaining to unsolved problems relevant to the imminent paradigm shift to the 3rd regime of reality (classical – quantum – unified field)”. The one who chairs conferences named for another nutter? Did he really ‘hear’ that … or was it perhaps a telepathic communication? After all, Amoroso is ‘in that business’. Well, who could possibly doubt what such a rational person says?

“In 1993 I was told by Mansel Davies that I should win a Nobel Prize for B(3). He was a chemistry Nobel Prize advisor and nominated Enrico Clementi, I. B. M. Fellow, for a Nobel Prize.”

We had not realized that Davies was also a pseudoscientist. Why do you insist on doing so much harm to respect for your own ethnic group?

“I have been informed many times by others that I should win a Nobel Prize in physics or chemistry. ”

We can almost believe that, given the sort of crank that you know.

“With the complete acceptance of B(3) and ECE among the avant garde of physics,”

We can believe that as well, given that avant garde physics is Ron’s code name for pseudoscience. 

“I assume that these nominations will continue if anyone is given a fair opportunity of nomination.”

There is apparently a filing-cabinet reserved for the thousands of nominations received for, and by, loonies.

“The person with whom Amoroso had a conversation was almost certainly Bo Lehnert, a member of the Royal Swedish Academy and able to nominate me himself as a Member of the Royal Swedish Academy. ”

Lehnert, who has had 13 articles published in the crackpot journal, Progress in Physics? He must be delighted that you got him mentioned in Nexus. Oh yes, everybody, here is the ‘scientific citation’ of which Ron is so proud:


Eckardt the loon

“Bo Lehnert was a referee for my Civil List Pension along with Alwyn van der Merwe and the late John B. Hart. ”

So, someone who has to publish his nonsense in loony journals, and someone who was sacked for letting others (especially you) publish nonsense in ‘his’ journal, conspired to get you an undeserved accolade. But don’t get your hopes up, just because that crackpot conspiracy worked. If only members of the RSC understood just a little physics.  

“With the sad death of Stephen Hawking in March 2018, the dogmatic grip on physics has loosened. For example the reason why gravitational or Hawking radiation was never observed from black holes is that neither Hawking radiation nor black holes can exist because they are based on incorrect geometry. ”

That is such a collection of other lies that we are half-expecting to learn that Hawking is still alive!

“They have been refuted by ECE and ECE2, the successor theories to EGR. This has been described recently in the international and avant garde “Nexus” magazine. ”

Everyone is invited to read the above issue, and come to their own conclusion as to whether this is something about which a Civil List scientist should be proud. 

Ron in Full Fantasy-Mode Again

August 27, 2018

The Three Most Exclusive Honours in Britain

August 27, 2018

These are membership of the Order of Merit (currently twenty four members), Companion of Honour (currently thirty nine members) and the Civil List Pensioners (currently about fifty five members) out of a population of 65.64 million. Sir Roger Penrose (aged 87) is a member of the Order of Merit. He is probably best known for the now obsolete Big Bang with the late Stephen Hawking, C. H. The latest C. H. is Sir Paul McCartney C. H., M. B. E. of the Beatles. The O. M. is the prerogative of the Monarch (the Head of State), the C.H. and Civil List Pension are awarded by the Sovereign on Ministerial advice, the Civil List Pension on Prime Ministerial advice and upon nomination by a Royal Society. ”

If those groups are so exclusive, how did a mere vacuum-cleaner salesman get into one of them?

“So any nominations by my colleagues and friends for State Honours should be for C. H.”

Do we scent another conspiracy in the air?

“There is nothing else that is commensurate with the Civil List Pension, ”

Well of course you prefer ‘the bird in the hand’, even as you are killing it with your poisonous contact.

“and I not think that anyone can nominate for O. M., although I may be wrong. ”

A conspiracy nipped in the bud?

“I would refuse a knighthood for the same reasons that Paul Dirac O. M. refused a knighthood:”

One of your best one-liners

“I am a U. S. citizen, egalitarianist and anti imperialist and do not like titles. ”

So why are you so obsessed with trying to acquire them? These voltes face in a single post are beginning to look like a mental health issue: is it bipolar affective disorder or schizophrenia? Why don’t you come home Yank? Is it the free NHS meds that are keeping you in Wales? 


What Ron Doesn’t Mention

August 26, 2018

Real science is a monolith: all real scientists are on the same page, apart from relatively minor quibbles. This is not true of the lunatic fringe, where every nutter has his own crackpot theory and refuses to acknowledge the other theories as being correct. On the other hand, they do not criticize each others’ theories because they know that applying proper scientific norms would cause all of their different nonsenses to collapse at once. Ron, for instance, claims that his loopy theory has replaced real physics … and ‘leading scholar’, the Public Dick, seems to be on his side. That is not true, of course. Like different fringe political parties attacking the major party which is in power, this does not mean that they like each other or are going to form a coalition any time soon. What Ron omits to mention (does he even know) is that PD is an electric-universe crank: he attacks black-hole mathematics not to make the world safe for Ron’s moronic theory but for the theory in the video below. And he is not the only one: Dunging-Davies, another Welsh loony and sometime AIAS member (now head of Telesio-Galilei, another ship of fools) is also an electric universe enthusiast.   

Ron the Quiminal Quack

August 25, 2018

Example of Distortionism

August 25, 2018

As early as 17/7/2012 a posting in this blog shows that the cancer cure to which I briefly alluded over twenty years ago has become a standard method in medicine.”

Ron is referring to this letter,

Alpha Foundation Institute for Advanced Study

Subject:  Recommendation for Prioré-Type Project

To:        Whom it may concern:

Date:     27th May, 2001

Dr. Myron W. Evans, Ph.D.
50 Rhyddwen Road

Craigcenfnparc (sic)

Swansea, SA6 5RA

Wales, UK

I can strongly recommend major funding for the project headed by Anthony Craddock.  I have read Col. Bearden’s* work on the Prioré effect, and it has appeared in eminent texts published by Wiley, World Scientific and others.  It has also appeared in a paper to Physica Scripta**.  Prioré’s work has been replicated and has been patented*, so the evidence for its validity is strong.  If successful the project by Craddock et alia will bring benefit to mankind on a large scale.  I strongly recommend funding.


Myron W. Evans


* Later ‘Dr’ Bearden thanks to a ‘degree mill’. Also obtained a granted patent on a perpetual-motion machine which was ‘explained’ by Ron and his gang.

** A co-author was Cyril Smith [not to be confused with the paedophile politician of the same name], a crank (‘alternative health’) professor employed by Salford University. Smith was apparently the boss of Dr Donnelly, the ‘skeptic’ who so weakly ‘confronted’ John Searl on TV. Hmm, makes one wonder doesn’t it?

*** One patent granted in Norway (never cited since); all other patent applications rejected.



It is a criminal offence in the UK to publicize or otherwise promote a cancer treatment (even a valid one) in any way if one is not an accepted expert in oncology.  It does not even matter whether the above recipient acted on the contents: the fact that Ron put the letter into the public domain alone makes him guilty of a crime.

“I was informed of this by Alex Hill, who states clearly that I have never been involved in any kind of cancer research. ”

We have never said that you were … but, as seen above, you – a non-expert – recommended that such research should be carried out. Is ‘Beans’ really claiming that the Prioré machine (aka The Bordeaux Box’) is now an accepted treatment? Is it being used at the same imaginary hospital that uses Rife microscopes, Lakhovsky coils and Hoxsey corrosive ointments? How can one doubt the word of someone who thinks that dams extract energy from gravity and who sells perpetual-motion machines out of a decrepit building?

“The distortionist methods used by criminal trolls are based on blowing up the truth, and replacing it by crude lying that is easily disproved. “Tell a lie often often enough and it becomes the truth”. So in this case the trolls try to give the impression that I have advocated a quack cancer cure. They have known since 17/7/2012 that this is untrue. ”

Perhaps you would care to explain what other possible interpretation can be put on the contents of the above letter. Perhaps we should set up  yet another poll, so that everybody can vote on the matter.

“People who have a perennial axe to grind then repeat the lie. ”

But if it is not a lie, then it is an essential  public service to unmask a pseudoscientist. Sadly, that would not be necessary if the general public knew more physics. 

“Another favourite lie is that I work with John Searle. ”

We have never said that you work with him: we say merely that he is your hero. One can understand why: he is far more successful than you and – leaving aside the fake ones – he achieved that with no qualifications at all. By the way, he now uses the name Searl; possibly in a vain attempt to deny his criminal past (desertion from the RAF, forgery of a drug prescription, electricity theft, criminal damage and [keeping our powder dry] other crimes/deceptions). He once had one of the richest people in the UK on his board of directors, as well as a few sinister people. That is why we whistle-blowers have to be careful: Ron is an insipid clown, but there are some dangerously deranged Searl enthusiasts out there.   

“I have never worked with John Searle although my work is intensely studied by his colleagues. I know of no proof of any kind against John Searle. ”

Oh, please do not do our work for us: it kills the fun. Can you not see that even being mentioned in the same breath as Searl shows you up for the absurd posturing crank that you are.  Don’t know of any proof? Ask him; he will cheerfully admit most of them! 

“It becomes pretty clear to everyone that loathsome axe grinders lie and distort continuously and whip up ethnic hatred. These have always been the methods of totalitarianism, they are the methods used by trolls and obscure, psychopathic non entities.”

Judging from our poll results, we are confident that our readers will know just who is playing games with the truth. Are you suggesting, by the way, that pseudoscientists should be considered to form an ethnic group? 

Ron’s Contempt for Truth

August 25, 2018

Einstein’s Contempt for Anonymous Peer Review

August 25, 2018

Only one of Einstein’s output of work was peer reviewed, and rejected by Physical Review (PR) in 1936. So Einstein never published there again with the exception of a short note replying to a criticism of his attempts at a unified field theory. The EPR paper for example was not peer reviewed. The rejected paper was with Rosen which eventually became the Einstein Rosen bridge metric (the wormhole). ”

And how would you know which papers were peer-reviewed/refereed? Oooh, did your loony friends tell you?

Einstein, A., A comment on a criticism of unified field theory,  (1953) Physical Review, 89 (1), p. 321.

Einstein, A., Rosen, N., Two-body problem in general relativity theory, (1936) Physical Review, 49 (5), pp. 404-405.

Einstein, A., Rosen, N., The particle problem in the general theory of relativity, (1935) Physical Review, 48 (1), pp. 73-77.

Einstein, A., Podolsky, B., Rosen, N., Can quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete? (1935) Physical Review, 47 (10), pp. 777-780.

Einstein, A., Tolman, R.C., Podolsky, B., Knowledge of past and future in quantum mechanics, (1931) Physical Review, 37 (6), pp. 780-781.

“This was shown to be completely wrong in CEFE (UFT301) along with all metrics of the Einstein field equation. ”

Only in your opinion, and your opinion is worthless.

“I have received no objections to CEFE in eight years. ”

Nor have you received any praise. Where would that come from anyway? UFT301 has been cited 244 times, but 240 of those citations were by you, one was by SS and the remainder were by independent people of uncertain pedigree.

“I have probably been peer reviewed conventionally over a thousand times, ”

You mean with regard to your unremarkable chemistry pot-boilers?

“and my irritation with the system led me to adopt the present, overwhelmingly successful, method of website publishing. ”

You mean that reputable journals would not publish your post-breakdown pseudoscience, and that you were reduced to posting it on your own website.

“Being the most prolific physicist in history, ”

Perhaps the most prolific pseudoscientist, nothing else.

“I know that the peer review system is a complete failure because it would have censored all my recent work irrationally and dogmatically. ”

That is what peer-review is for … to keep the loonies out. Not an irrational action at all.

“My recent work is being read literally millions of times in all the best places. That indicates a total rejection of the establishment of physics by the colleagues. ”

It would if it were true … but it is just another lie.

“I also reject the old citation system in favour of computerized measures of impact, for example “The Book of Scientometrics” volumes one and two (UFT307 and filtered statistics section of ”

Is that why you cited your own work only 240 times above? Would it have been even more times otherwise? 

“My entire output of work is being read continuously around the world all the time. ”

Only when you do the counting … how suspicious is that? Would somebody who was really that popular be so inordinately proud of ‘the work’ being mentioned in Nexus? 

“It has shredded the dogmatism of the old era and forged a new enlightenment. By “my work” full acknowledgment is of course always given to co authors and translators, whose contributions are vitally important. ”

Give the lap-dogs a bone.

“The rigorous Baconian method is always used, a theory is tested against experimental data. ”

Twisting a silly theory to fit existing data is the exact antithesis of Bacon.

“The theory has been checked for correctness in many ways, and it has always turned out to be rigorously correct. ”

Sure, a computer-algebra program which cannot detect nonsense and a lap-dog which does not want to detect nonsense. 

“Any attempt to criticise ECE by criticising Cartan geometry is bound to fail. ”

Nobody is criticizing Cartan. Stop hiding behind his name.

“Anonymity is a plague, it lets people behave badly, as we all know, trolls threaten the fabric of society. ”

Crackpots who push perpetual-motion and antigravity are known to be potentially dangerous: who would want to be shot for being the mere messenger? But if we spot any trolls we shall let you know! 

“When we developed the company net at IBM in the mid eighties, we thought that it would lead to the knowledge revolution. ”

Is that why IBM employed the perpetual-motion and antigravity crackpot, Harold Aspden,  as its ‘head of patents for Europe’? Did IBM really ‘fix the system’ so that he was given a sinecure at Southamption University?  Where, by the way, he endeavored to patent cold-fusion ahead of Fleischman. 

“This has occurred, through the world wide web, but human nature is always a two edged thing. ”

That is certainly true of the internet: it democratically lets every moron broadcast his nonsense views. The problem is that morons are always in the majority. That is why ‘direct’ democracy cannot be allowed. Look what happens when it is; ever heard of the Brexit referendum?

“I am never going to respond to an anonymous thug like a troll. ”

Because you know that you cannot fight the truth. But, hey, who else are you going to respond to … nobody else cares what you do. And what you do is to undermine the value and meaning of the Civil List Pension as far as science is concerned.

“I am never going to be influenced in any way by distortionism.”

We are sure that you are far beyond any appeal to rationality. But we are actually playing to the gallery, not talking to you.

Ron = Aristotle

August 25, 2018

Note on the Lagrangian Calculation by Horst

August 25, 2018

This is very interesting so I will translate the protocol into a new note for UFT413. The frame rotation produces all kinds of new phenomena even in the classical limit of ECE2 covariance. The ECE theory over fifteen years has been checked exhaustively and has produced an entirely new physics using the strictly Baconian method of comparison of theory with experimental data.”

Aristotle would take any observation, even nonsense-tales from travellers, and immediately ‘explain’ them by using the same fatuous ‘four elements’  theory. Bacon made the now-obvious suggestion that one should at least perform some physical test to check the claim. For instance, it was said by some that garlic would stop a lodestone from working. Aristotle would have immediately applied his theory; Bacon would have at least obtained those two items.

“The standard model is completely obsolete and the anthropomorphic distortions produced by dogma have been eliminated from science. This is exactly what Bacon set out to achieve, to eliminate infinite argument and to measure a theory against nature (i.e. experimental data).”

See the difference? Ron is effectively taking travellers’ tales (defined to be ‘a probable lie’ by the better dictionaries) and immediately applying his theory. Of course, one cannot really carry out experiments on stars, and astronomers do not lie. Nevertheless, the correct procedure would be to look at the data after formulating a theory on the basis of other data not relating to stars. All that Ron does is curve-fitting. That is all that he ever did as a chemist. That is why his theory cannot make predictions concerning related phenomena: he cannot explain tidal effects, and probably not even the slingshot effect.

“Naturally the dogmatists by definition merely adhere to dogma, and are not scientists at all. For example it is known by observation of the S2 star system that the Einstein field equation is erroneous by an order of magnitude, but the dogmatists still adhere dogmatically to the Einstein field equation and make sure that their journals continue to publish dogma.”

Do you mean the S2 which is generally thought to be orbiting a black hole [sic] and which astronomers use as a test-bed to confirm Einstein’s theories anew due to its huge orbital velocity?

“This irrationality is circumvented continuously by websites.”

Translation: like all of the other crackpots who cannot even get published by the predatory journals, you have to self-publish on your own website.


August 24, 2018

The Pure Baconian Science of ECE

August 24, 2018

Many thanks, these are elegant words by Gareth himself. There is a lot of anthropomorphism around that tries to force people into adopting received ideas which they don’t understand. ”

Sewage forgot to praise you over your theory’s appearance in Nexus. Will he be telling his friends and colleagues about it? If not, why not? We assumed that he was immune to shame or ridicule by now.

Grilling Bacon

August 24, 2018

The Pure Baconian Science of ECE

August 24, 2018

The development of ECE over fifteen years (2003 to present) is based directly on the philosophy of Francis Bacon, a theory of natural philosophy must be tested against experimental data, and not against another theory (such as the standard model). ”

But when do you ever do that? You simply twist your method to fit existing data, and are then amazed how well it fits. But even then it fits ‘only where it touches’, like a bad suit (why, for instance, does your theory have nothing to say about tidal effects?). When do you ever produce the new data or ‘critical’ experiment by which to decide which rival theory is correct? Almost by definition, a theoretician cannot be Baconian … because the essence of Bacon is experiment and you do not perform any.  

“The ECE theory is based directly on a well known geometry and transformed into physics using the simplest possible hypotheses. For example the Cartan tetrad becomes the generally covariant potential by multiplication of the tetrad by a scalar. The Cartan torsion becomes the field tensor by multiplication with the same scalar. ”

But mathematicians have been ‘queuing up’ to prove that your extensions to Cartan are incorrect.  

“This has been described by the mathematician Diego Rapaport, an expert on Cartan geometry, as a brilliantly economic hypothesis, as correct as the Pythagoras Theorem. ”

Have you seen his latest papers? Just a little bit flakeeeeeee!

“The ECE theory has been described by the theoretical physicist Sean Carroll as a plausible and correct theory in a communication to Professor John B. Hart. ”

But you claim that Carroll is wrong as soon as his book starts to disagree with your mathematics. And it disagrees because you are wrong , not because he is wrong.

“The tetrad postulate is used to produce all the wave equations of physics, again using the same scalar. There are four hundred and twelve source articles to date on ECE, all are variations on a theme of Cartan geometry and are in the UFT section of ”

And they are all ignored, even by the lunatic fringe.

“About three hundred have been translated into classical Spanish (Castillian) by Alex Hill, who was in the same school as Diego Rapaport in Argentina. ”

How many have been translated into Welsh? Are you not tacitly admitting thereby that Welsh is a dead language? They went to the same school? That explains a lot; was it perhaps a ‘special’ school? We are still curious to know what Hill-of-Beans does, apart from scamming. 

“Cartan geometry is the same now as in 2003, so the ECE theory is mathematically correct to the nth degree. ”

Well, no; ask that queue of mathematicians.

“It has been tested many times over in many ways. ”

But only by your gang; very un-Baconian!

“ECE is in fact the same Cartan geometry as used by Sean Carroll and everyone else. ”

Well, only up to the chapter where – you claim – Carroll starts to go wrong. 

“In the Baconian philosophy there is only one authority – nature. Therefore there is no anthropomorphic authority, or “establishment” or journal editor or referee, and above all, no dogmatism. As long as a theory is correct and is tested with data it does not matter how it is published. It can be written on a wall if you like, it has become the writing on the wall for the obsolete standard model of physics. ”

But it has to be tested with new data; not with the data upon which it was based. Moreover, there will always be competing theories and one chooses between them by finding a critical experiment which tests their handling of a given phenomenon. Just for the sake of argument, imagine that the phenomenon in question was tidal braking of a water-covered planet. Your theory would lose immediately because it has absolutely nothing to say about tidal effects. 

“Any objection to ECE on mathematical grounds must in logic be an objection to Cartan geometry. For that to be valid, one must go beyond Cartan geometry and its basic tenets: the Maurer Cartan structure relations; the tetrad postulate and the Cartan identity. So the entire output of ECE is based on only four, profoundly valid, tenets of geometry. Any piece of work that pretends to criticise ECE mathematically is bound to fail because it criticises these well known tenets of Cartan geometry in a deceptive or illogical way. ”

Mathematics cannot lie. As Bruhn has pointed out, even the numbers of components in some of your tensor ‘equations’ do not balance. Do you really think that you can take on the entire mathematical establishment and win? 

“It is very likely to be an ad hominem attack, and therefore not science at all. ”

Nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade; someone who has stepped way outside of scientific norms has no right to expect to be treated with respect.

“The rest of the methodology is testing against experimental data. To date, no data have been found that cannot be described by ECE. Readers are encouraged to apply ECE themselves to any relevant set of data, we are always here to help. ”

OK, here is a challenge: use ECe to calculate the current rate of recession of the Moon due to the braking effect of Earth’s oceans. 

“Bacon got into an awful lot of trouble for his philosophy, which rejected the Idols of the Cave (originally Plato’s Cave). He was a distant ancestral cousin of mine. ”

Does it never occur to you that, because of the way that bisexual reproduction works on a small island, just about everyone on it is a cousin to everyone else … but only desperate social-climbers go looking. Perhaps you imagine that ‘the nobility sticks to its own’. No, not with the way that the rich like to ‘put it about a bit’. Your own dubious ‘connection to the Welsh princes’ is due to little more than a dalliance with a bit of Welsh rough.   

“When someone gets into an awful lot of trouble, it is a sure sign that something interesting is going on. ”

Hitler in his bunker was probably thinking, “das ist interessant”.

“Rejecting idols is still a dangerous business, it generates all kinds of hysteria among people who don’t understand any mathematics or physics at all. ”

So imagine the hysteria among those who do understand those subjects and see a jumped-up little ignoramus claiming to have overthrown physics using a theory that can get published only in Nexus!

“The reason for that is that their comfortable world, derived from the TV, is shattered. In art for example, Rodin’s statue of Balzac caused a riot, Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps caused another riot, the post Impressionists like van Gogh and Gauguin were called “wild animals”, “les Fauves” and Dylan Thomas was definitely a waster. ”

In other words, when artwork looked like the object that it represented, there was no argument. But achieving such realism required great skill. Then the conmen moved in and claimed that their random blobs of paint captured some hidden aspect of the subject … and just had to be correctly interpreted. We see a direct parallel between classical art and science, and between avant garde art and pseudoscience (which Ron calls avant garde science): one reflects reality, and the other has to be constantly excused for not working properly ‘for identification purposes’. 

“So it goes on, human nature never changes. Over time, Rodin and the French Impressionists and Fauves are in the Louvres, and Stravinsky is a major composer, Dylan Thomas a major poet.”

Indeed it doesn’t. Did you hear the story about the guy who found some spectacles on an art-gallery floor and idly put them on an empty plinth? Within minutes, visitors were photographing them. Within hours, sizeable bids were being received. That is how human nature works: put anything in the right place and it will acquire a value. Once it acquires a value, everyone forgets its true worth. Didn’t your friend Oscar have something to say about that, Ron? When something becomes sufficiently valuable, only the rich can afford it and it then becomes part of ‘culture’.  Culture being the landscape over which the poor crawl in the hope of approaching the rich.  

“So ECE is not measured by any kind of “official” science, such a thing does not exist. It is measured by logic and comparison with experimental data, and that is all.”

Says Ron, the Eddie-the-Eagle of physics. 


August 24, 2018

We recently asked, “who is this?”

“…. and his name had become tarnished with infamy, he was stripped of his offices, banished from the court, heavily fined, and imprisoned; but then, discharged and his sentence commuted, his ruined fortunes were never repaired; and the record of his frauds, deceits, impostures, bribes, corruptions, and other malpractices, is one of the blackest pages in history. He passed the remainder of his days in the society of the few friends whom adversity had left him.”

But answer came there none. Why ’twas Ron’s hero, Francis Bacon. The problem is: Ron does as Bacon did, not as Bacon said to do.

Interesting historical note: there was once an American millionaire who was convinced that Bacon wrote Shakespeare’s plays. He spent so much effort on trying to find the supposed code hidden in those plays, that his house became the nucleus of America’s NSA. Even stranger, the same loony millionaire was trying to build an antigravity machine … supposedly invented by Bacon! The pseudoscientists, just like the poor, are ‘always with us’.

Ron Anticipating a Threesome?

August 24, 2018

Yes, Ron,

et in Arcadia ego

e’en at 6am BST


Photographs in the Havard Chapel by Stuart Davies

August 24, 2018

We also saw the Aubrey Chapel of Christ’s College Brecon and the main chapel, a very well preserved mediaeval building.

Meet Ron’s New Community

August 23, 2018
This is highly recommended reading
‘Professor’ M.Evans


But then take a shower!



















Pigeons in a Truck, Updated by Loony

August 23, 2018

We were surprised to learn recently that the closet*-crackpot, Laithwaite, had triggered a separate strand of loony antigravity ‘research’ with his dishonest spinning-top demonstrations. Step forward, Roger Shawyer, who has updated the old joke/puzzle about a sealed truck becoming lighter if it contains flying birds by replacing the birds’ downdraft with microwave photons. This replacement seems to have confused a large number of people who are dazzled by references to relativity and quantum mechanics. The result has been a glut of mathematical ‘proofs’ and ‘positive experimental results’ (hmm, just as was the case with cold-fusion/LENR). Of course, one of the mathematicians had a financial interest in the company and the experiments were performed by engineers. Physicists have totally ignored the Emdrive; just as they did the Podkletnov antigravity effect. The Emdrive is very popular in China; it is always good to learn that potential enemies are equally beset by incompetents. The whole dreary story is told here:

For some strange reason, Shawyer fails to mention that his main company has gone from being about £250,000 in profit (thanks largely to the physics-challenged UK government – which has also backed Searl’s brother and other perpetual-motion conmen) to being about £150,000 in debt. Another Shawyer company in the same ‘business’ recently narrowly avoided being struck-off by Companies House. A third, short-lived, company in the same business was set up by Shawyer’s co-director in the other 2 companies, but did not include Shawyer. What was going on there? This is all the sort of thing that should be covered by Nexus and Fortean Times. Oh, really, and Eureka? Ron has had little to say about the Emdrive. Will that change now? Or will he stick with the spinning-tops. We just bet that ECe can explain the Emdrive LOL. 

* ‘closet’ because ‘everybody’ thinks that he was a brilliant engineer who had just one strange ‘wobble’ in his career.  Closer observation reveals that he was dishonest and pseudoscientific from the very start; almost another Tesla (whom Laithwaite adored, of course). Behind the scenes, when not taking credit for inventions which were not his (he even recommended doing that, in a book), he backed every loony inventor and crackpot idea that he could find: over-unity electric motors, insect communication by radio, antigravity, numerology, etc. His general philosophy was always that amateurs were better than experts, and that engineers were better than physicists.


Ron’s Bullet-Riddled Feet

August 23, 2018

FOR POSTING: Notice of”Beyond Einstein” in “Nexus” pp. 55 – 50 (2018)

August 23, 2018

This is highly recommended reading. “Nexus” is published in twelve countries and holds copyright on the article, so it cannot be posted on this or any other blog or website. The issue costs very little and is well worth purchasing. It gives a very good summary of the main advances of ECE theory, and points out that there about two thousand articles on There are quotes by the staff of AIAS / UPITEC. “Nexus” is an avant garde magazine and goes well beyond standard physics.”

Please keep it up Ron: when you stick to your garbled mathematics it is very difficult to make the layman understand what a pseudoscientific twat you are, but any intelligent person who has seen Nexus in their local newsagent (because it is hard to find in major outlets), next to The National Inquirer, will know what a scurrilous collection of moronic nonsense it contains. Briefly, it is read by the sort of people who move their lips when they read and often wear – to the personal knowledge of some of us – motorcycle jackets bearing National Front insignia [eager to learn of the secret Nazi base in Antarctica]. As we said before, it makes Fortean Times look like a scientific journal. But you have certainly found your level: notorious crackpots have often been featured in Nexus. Most notably, your hero the deserter, forger, thief, vandal and investment-fraudster, John Searl. The article was remarkable for the number of lies told; not only about his flying-saucer flights from Mortimer (right next to a then top-secret nuclear-weapons assembly plant [overflying banned]) but also his personal circumstances. He claimed that he was moving from a council-house (i.e. rented) in Mortimer to his own house in London. In fact, he was moving in with a colored nurse … who soon dumped him, so he went to live in another council-house a short distance away. Another antigravity crackpot (living in Wales) has been featured in Nexus, but we do not want to give him the ‘oxygen of publicity’. He told one of us that BAe Systems had promised him a ‘vomit-comet’ so as to test his reactionless-propulsion machine (an eccentric rotor in a box) in free-fall. How we laughed … until we heard the same thing from BAe (Warton) and read it in a leading aerospace journal. It is easy to see how the layman can be confused: is he to believe that the laws of physics have been repealed … or is he to believe that BAe (and NASA, and Boeing and Lockheed and NATO [don’t ask]) employ physics-challenged idiots. It helps to recall of course that BAe once had to pour concrete into the Eurofighter prototype because they had screwed up getting the centre-of-gravity right (and NASA killed 7 people because it did not understand rubber).  We often wonder what happens when you go soooooooooooo far down-market, Ron. Will those colleagues of yours who claim to be academically qualified proclaim proudly that ECe has been featured in Nexus? Or are they too embarrassed at being mentioned in the same breath as ufologists, pyramidiots and faith-healers. We are tempted to (ugh) buy that copy of Nexus and post it to the CEO at Siemens AG (Munich). Probably a waste of postage: after all, CSICOP did not seem to care that one of its employees regularly wrote articles for Fortean Times. The same was true of several ‘Hands-On’ science centres, whose employees like to publish drivel in Fortean Times. We can certainly agree with Ron on one thing: “Nexus … goes well beyond standard physics”. It does … and falls off a cliff as far as real physicists are concerned.         

Squire Nutkins

August 22, 2018

Meaning of Armiger (Squire)

August 22, 2018

An Armiger is a person of distinction who has the right to heraldic achievement. In my case I was awarded arms in 2008 by the College of Arms, and the award was featured in the College of Arms Newsletter as being of exceptional merit. Its central element is the golden lion rampant of Deheubarth, so it is an ancient British coat of arms. It is accompanied by letters patent on vellum and by seals of the Heralds. The Armiger in mediaeval times was a squire or esquire or equiere in Norman French. ”

Of course, it depends upon which definition one chooses to use. A squire was originally just a lowly ‘gofer’ for a knight. A more modern definition is, “a man of high social standing who owns and lives on an estate in a rural area, especially the chief landowner in such an area”, but that obviously does not fit. As for armiger, it – by implication – means somebody who is not a complete loser or criminal but is stupid enough to give a few thousand pounds to the College of Arms.    

“Only grossly uneducated people who shall mercifully remain nameless and in hiding would think that a squire is someone who lives in a big house.”

You mean the sort of people who put that very definition into dictionaries? 

“I have no confidence in self seekers who are essentially unelected and pretend to govern, ”

We, and other scientifically educated persons, have no confidence in supposed ‘scientists’ who prattle about energy-from-spacetime and levitating spinning-tops and who think that Nexus is a scientific journal.  

“and I have duties of responsibility. I am not a politician and thanks to the gods for that. This is the Cambrian Norman system. In the much older system of ancient Britain I have the highest rank of Uchelwr or Nobleman by proven descent from Hywel Dda and Rhodri Mawr,and so have all my cousins.”

All of your cousins? Or only the social-climbers among them? There could be thousands of competing cousins around altogether! Pretty shoddy behavior anyway by someone who denies his own bloodline. Couldn’t find a famous Evans to be descended from? Like sewage seeping its way into cracked concrete you explored your own, and many other more respectable but distant neighboring family trees, jumping from crack to crack until you made the vague connection that you sought. That is not genealogy: that is deranged counted-stitch embroidery! Relax, you have no position, no responsibilities, no power, command no respect and you even bring into disrepute your scientific qualifications by espousing pseudoscience and backing scams.   


Ron Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

August 22, 2018

Ex Councillor Attacks the Welsh Language Paper “Llais”

August 22, 2018

Ex Councillor Ioan Richard, approximately 75, has attacked the Welsh language paper “Llais”, which kindly wrote an article about me and quoted my poetry, including an englyn. ”

The point being that a publicly-funded source should not blindly promote the activities of a crank who lies daily about his scientific importance

“This attack took place on a hate blog which displays ethnic hate crime against the People of Wales. ”

A publicly available poll says that it is not, and the rest is a figment of your distorted imagination.

“Richard has admitted to being part of this hate blog. ”

That is untrue; we merely afford a much-needed forum where those offended by a crackpot can reply. Did you even know that the village has a Facebook page? Why not argue the point out there and really gauge where public opinion lies. 

“So much for Ioan, what has he got to do with Wales? ”

Probably more than does someone who is equally proud of being American, and carefully avoids marrying anyone Welsh. Did you watch out for turbine-parts today? 

“Time to retire to his tory friends in Tunbridge Wells. ”

Time to go back to the US, or perhaps the former Soviet bloc? 

“His tenure as County Councillor was a disaster, Mawr was destroyed by extreme over development, the language destroyed, all the formerly Welsh speaking schools closed or threatened with closure, the infra structure grossly overloaded with cars and new houses, the landscape destroyed by turbines, and there are still no double yellow lines. Richard created essentially no new work in Mawr. Mawr Development Trust went bankrupt. Ioan Bach asks for facts, so I posted the severe criticism of him by the Wales Audit Office. ”

Yes, but those are your claims … and you are an inveterate liar. Why not open the matter for discussion on the village Facebook page and see where public opinion lies.

“He has recently become a professor of geometry along with his hate blog friends, reductio ad absurdum. ”

We posted a paper only today which puts your false beliefs with regard to torsion and curvature into stark relief. You say that, without one, the other disappears. That is a lie. Or, if not a lie, then simply proof of your mathematical incompetence.

“My family has been in Mawr since the early seventeenth century, and I represent the voice of the silent majority who deeply hate what has been done to Mawr. ”

Again, try addressing that silent majority on the Facebook page. You are very fond of ‘silent majorities’ aren’t you? Just like the silent majority that supposedly believes in ECe.

“Another fact is that he turned up at a Land Tribunal and was asked by my barrister what he had against me. He said under oath that he has nothing against me, but at the time of this Tribunal the hate blog existed. I testified under oath that a mixture of cement and glue had been thrown over my car, and he hung his head in silence before the Tribunal. ”

We are no legal experts, but some of that probably comes close to defamation. 

“The latter upheld my objection about the statements of truth given to the Tribunal, and found that the garage had been built on an unpaved and unadopted public highway. This proved that the statement of truth by Ellis Williams was false. ”

So who won?

“Does the ex councillor have anything to say about the property damage done to my car?”

Again, very close to defamation. Care to try for the hat-trick?

“I have given rigorous tensorial proofs of all aspects of Cartan geometry, notably the Cartan identity. Can Ioan and his friends on the hate blog disprove the Cartan Identity? If so they will be the first hate bloggers to win a Fields Medal.”

Nothing wrong with Cartan’s work. HE was a mathematician. It is your amateur misuse of it which is at issue. In particular, your claim that neglect of torsion automatically destroys EGR. As the paper which we posted today mentions, Einstein himself was only too happy to propose a theory of gravity which was – in effect – 100% torsional. How come you never mentioned that? Do you not know the literature well enough?


ECe Staff Sink to their Natural Level

August 22, 2018

Siemens Stain p.45

No further comment required. ECe finds the audience that it deserves.