Homework Required

February 16, 2019

The Essence of UFT431

February 16, 2019″

“The paper makes the point that low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) are due to the newly discovered attractive m force of ECE unified field theory … The paper shows that the masses of the elementary particles are described in terms of m (r). ”

All that you have to do now is to sift through decades of experimental research on nuclear reactions, and explain why this phenomenon never showed up. 

“Many patents have been taken out on LENR by Governments and corporations, so it is no longer controversial. ”

Not many patent applications. Even fewer granted patents. And they all protect a thermite-type reaction; not a nuclear one.

“Pons and Fleischmann were on the right track, and the State of Iowa should reopen a LENR Institute in the University of Utah.”

The university should certainly set up a Garden of Remembrance for those careers which died there. Place-of-Dishonor for Pons of course … soon to be joined by Bannister.


Yawn, Yawn, Yawn

February 16, 2019

Immediate International Interest in UFT428 to UFT430

February 16, 2019″

“every ECE paper and book has been consulted as soon as it appears, both in English and Castilian. ”

Those automated web-crawlers are very efficient aren’t they?

“Some such as UFT88 have become well known classics. ”

That is the one which has never been cited – not even by you – isn’t it.

“Nothing more could be asked of any theory”

Well, it would be nice if somebody outside of your gang used it in their own adumbrations … or even recognized its existence in some way.

“Bruhn chose to attack Cartan geometry and failed to make any impact on it. ”

Duh! Of course not; there is nothing wrong with Cartan (he was a mathematician you know). Bruhn pointed out that everything is wrong with your attempted extension of Cartan.


“I use the same Cartan geometry as Sean Carroll, but Bruhn never attacked Carroll, ”

No, but you do, when Carroll disagrees with you.


“showing that he was motivated purely by personal animosity. ”

No, you are animated by personal animosity … against the entire world of science which rejected you, and continues to ignore you. Grammar-School-Boy rote-learning carried you so far, but the related parvenu arrogance clearly alienated everyone.

“He disappeared mysteriously in 2008 after years of illegal harassment.”

Yes, YOUR illegal harassment! Didn’t you use, as a cat’s-paw, the same lawyer who was involved in the Ascension Securities (‘water-powered vehicles’) affair? 

“The only valid criticisms of ECE would be a valid criticism of Cartan geometry.”

Have you never seen those attempted hack-written sequels of famous books? They are always horrible. Does pointing that out constitute criticism of the original work? Of course not; are you insane?!


Patently Absurd

February 15, 2019

431(6): The m Theory of the Nuclear Strong Force and Conditions for LENR

February 15, 2019″

“However I don’t think for one minute that it is a fraud or a scam. If so all the U. S. Government patents would be worthless.”

All? We can locate only one granted patent. Don’t forget that your theory would also be rendered worthless. But then, it is already worthless given that you used an earlier version to explain the operation of the MEG perpetual-motion gadget. The people who suffered from the Petrol Dragon affair also did not believe that it was a scam … until it was too late.  But you know what they say: one cannot cheat a truly honest man.

“The video you saw was the replication of LENR by leading experimentalists in 2017.”

‘Leading experimentalists’? Oh Ron, it is the way that you tell ’em 

Room for Consultation

February 15, 2019

AIAS / UPITEC Group Working Efficiently

February 15, 2019″

“The AIAS / UPITEC group is working efficiently after nearly sixteen years* of daily international cooperation, and is clearly recognized by the colleagues worldwide as the consulting group par excellence. It is consulted three million times a year.”

That implies that those fans would rush to absorb any available gen from the oracle. So how do you explain this,



Look at that, a maximum of 140 views in 2 years. And, if one looks in more detail, one finds that the visitors very quickly gave up listening.

* Sixteen years, eh? That is odd, given that you persistently claim that your only real, if critical, followers have been abusing you for nineteen years.

Lying Down with Dogs

February 15, 2019

New LENR Developments

February 15, 2019″

“Google “January 2019 LENR” to find the latest demonstration of a much improved E Cat. The demo on your video took place in 2017 in Stockholm and now things are developing very rapidly. ”

And if one scrolls down from that announcement, what does one find? A lengthy list of other perpetual-motion machines stretching back years. What happened to all of them? They may have made money, especially in the case of Mills’ Black Light Power, but they are not exactly consumer-items are they?

The Feeling is Mutual

February 14, 2019

Towards an Understanding of LENR

February 14, 2019″

“Many thanks, I am working towards an understanding of what kind of metal or material is the best for LENR.”

Why not ask an expert?

“LENR is wholly new”

No it’s not! It is just re-packaged cold-fusion, and that is some 30 years old. Moreover, genuine physicists lost interest in it almost immediately. 

“and does not produce gamma rays or any harmful by product.”

or neutrons (otherwise Pons and Fleischman would not have lived to tell the tall tale) … or any net energy.

“In my opinion those who oppose LENR and m space circuits are out of their minds.”

We think that those who push those ideas are insane or crooked. You have a few pseudoscientists and criminals (Searl, Rossi) on your side. We have the entire physics community on ours.

No Problem: No Publication

February 12, 2019

My Views on Publication

February 12, 2019″

“I think that it is important to publish all your thoughts in a disciplined way and let the colleagues and public decide whether or not they want to read them, both in science and poetry. ”

But you do not publish, in any commonly accepted sense of the term, do you. Posting items on your own website is no better than posting notes on ones own kitchen ‘to do’ notice-board. That is why you constantly have to fiddle with the supposed ‘readings’. If people really read your drivel, they would presumably want to quote it at some point … but they never do. Moreover, vanity-publishing is the surest indicator of  ‘a loser at work’. So the public has clearly spoken: you and your ‘ideas’ are not wanted.  

“To attempt to censure or restrict high quality publication is an infringement on the freedom of an individual.”

There is clearly no need to censure that which nobody finds to be of interest anyway. Have you not noticed the central irony: that you complain about the only group that even bothers to mention your output; albeit negatively.  It is almost as if we are warning readers not to swim in a cesspool; who would want to anyway?

“only the material worth remembering is read in any depth, the rest is instantly forgotten. ”

You said it!

“… the atomic bomb. ”

Real physicists would lay the ‘blame’ for that at the door of an Austrian woman, not your couple.

“The many attempts to stop me publishing have all failed,”

To the outsider, it merely looks as if you cannot get into any journals at all any more: certainly not the best ones, not even into second-rate Physica, not even into tenth-rate Progress in Physics and not even into nth-rate vixra.  You could not even keep your own journal afloat! 

“I dislike public houses because one is always likely to run into an abusive drunk swaying down the street. ”

Does that mean that you will not be attending the reunion in Cardiff next month? If you do, behave yourself: you never know who might be listening.

“Walton would count the number of steps and trace the culprit.”

Nowadays he would be afraid of getting a bad score on ‘rate-my-teacher’ or of getting sued for intimidation or for not providing sufficiently entertaining and value-for-money talks.  

For the record, with regard to the defects of the Internet, we find pseudoscience to be more offensive than hard-core pornography. 

Protium Absorption, Not Proton Absorption

February 12, 2019

Future Development Work

February 12, 2019″

“Might eventually be able to suggest which nuclei will more easily absorb the proton?”

We long-ago pointed out the Occam’s Razor explanation of ‘cold-fusion’. One of us has since written a book (a real, non-vanity, one!) on hydrogen-storage in metallic alloys:



Public Outcry

February 12, 2019

Copper Produced in LENR

February 12, 2019″

“I certainly intend to buy one and see how it heats up the house here. This is the first nuclear reactor in Craig Cefn Parc. ”

Well, if we were inhabitants of Craig Cefn Parc, we would be writing letters to the local planning department, local environmental health officer and local newspapers in order to tell them that the well-known ‘controversial chemist’ is planning to install a nuclear reactor in the village.    


More Academic Inflation!

February 12, 2019

E-Cat theory

February 12, 2019″

“I would be glad to e mail Dr Lewan myself.”

“Lewan is a ‘Science Journalist’ and holds an MSc in Engineering Physics at KTH.”

What is wrong with you, Ron? You are told that Lewan has only an MSc, and yet you immediately refer to him as ‘Dr’. Don’t the members of your gang ever wince at your faux pas? Most real academics get in quite a huff about split infinitives, and yet you commit far more heinous crimes against academe. If we were Sewage or Dismal, we would not want to be associated with someone who twice posts exactly the same ‘amazing’ news, just three years apart … and does not even notice.   

Deja Vu?

February 11, 2019

NOT a new post: see below.

“New paper by Carl-Oscar Gullström

Many thanks to Axel Westrenius, This paper gives some interesting mechanisms for LENR and in my opinion it could be developed with ECE2 theory to provide the extra ingredient of energy from spacetime. ”

Well, look at that, Ron being tipped-off by the same person, about the same Swede, and on the same matter. And nothing came of it. So why the greater enthusiasm this time around, Ron? Oh, the date? It was your post of the,

15th October 2015!!!

You utter numb-skull, Ron. And you cannot plead dementia; older memories are usually better-retained. 

And, while we are on the subject, why did you not take an interest in this?



The Dearth of Expertise

February 11, 2019

Comments on the Rossi et al. Paper on E Cat in Research Gate (2019)

February 11, 2019″

“In any case Magnetic MiIes could probably construct a device similar to E Cat and look for traces of copper. They already have the expertise. ”

Sure, a retired accountant, a retired ophthalmologist, and the owner of a ‘body shop’ must have all of the relevant atomic physics and engineering skills at their finger-tips!  

Putting Cart Before Crippled Horse

February 11, 2019

LENR papers on www.aias.us

February 11, 2019

Dr Carl-Oscar Gullstrom,
Physics Department,
University of Uppsala,

Since when, Ron, are doctoral students already addressed as ‘doctor’? We realize that this is just part of routine ‘crackpot academic inflation’, as when you give yourself and your AIAS clowns the title of ‘professor’, but the odds of Yellow-Storm* getting a doctorate seem to be diminishing … unless everyone at Uppsala is equally incompetent. 

*Yes, we know that our translation is dodgy; but it is funnier than ‘gull-current’, given his Thor-like hairstyle.

No Way to Say Goodbye

February 11, 2019

Carl-Oscar Gullström https://ecat.com/news/carl-oscar-gullstrom-working-with-theory-about-the-rossi-effect has also been involved.”

That guy’s thesis supervisor must really hate him! But who knows; in the present dumbed-down academic world perhaps he can live it down. Oh, why that heading? We are just being bilingually lyrical: “your hair upon the pillow like a sleepy golden storm” (L.Cohen). Get it?


Civil List Scientist Becomes Mere Shill

February 11, 2019

Full Support for Rossi’s Efforts

February 11, 2019″

“As a Civil List Pensioner appointed by the British Head of State and Parliament directly, I support Rossi’s efforts wholeheartedly”

It is nice of Ron to do everything that he can to assist us in  our ambition to get his name taken off the list of Civil List pensioner scientists. He has already implicated HM QE2 in a perpetual motion scam by putting the Treasury address on his ‘explanation’ of the Johnson magnetic motor. And now here he is, going full-henchman on another dodgy scheme.  If only Ron was a better talker; he could have made a fortune out of theory alone, without having to get involved with messy chemicals. Check out Randall Mills, Ron, he persuaded US utility companies to throw $9,000,000 at him on the basis of mere unfounded theory. And guess what, even after putting up the hackles of real scientists (he is only a medic) in that way, he was still allowed to publish in Journal of Applied Physics. Now there’s a REAL operator! 


February 11, 2019

Existence of Copper a Product of LENR

February 11, 2019″

“So they have certainly found copper.”

Do you know what ‘salting’ is Ron? Well, in the old American West, crooks would put gold dust into a shotgun cartridge and fire the gun downwards into some worthless scrap of ground. They would then persuade some sucker, perhaps an immigrant Welsh coal-miner, to dig in that area. Without disclosing what he had found, the patsy would then pay any price at all to purchase that land. Of course, they ‘find copper’. After all, who could possibly doubt the Internet … or a convicted criminal?

Mr Richard’s Link to Antigravity

February 10, 2019

Yes, shock, horror! The link is this: for many years, Mr Richard campaigned to have the ‘Red Lady of Paviland’ (in fact a man) remains returned to Wales. Now, the Red Lady featured in the creationist ramblings of a friend of Eric Laithwaite. The former loony masqueraded as a ‘patents expert’ and, in that capacity, was asked to prepare a report on gyroscopes for a NATO sub-committee. As part of the report, he gathered together several loony patent applications for ‘reactionless propulsion’ (aka antigravity) machines. He concluded that they were feasible. Consequently there exists a NATO-backed publication which states that spinning-top antigravity is possible … in the opinion of a creationist. That report has brought aid and comfort to the lunatic fringe for decades, and explains how stupid ideas simmer in the public unconscious and encourage crackpots like Ron. Note: the above tenuous link has simply been an exercise in ‘stream-of-consciousness’ thinking. Made you look, though, didn’t it Ron!

Trump-Style Lies

February 10, 2019

No interest in Fruitcake

February 10, 2019″

“From www.semrush.com and www.statshow.com ”

Those services also show that your scientometrics are concocted, as their figures are nowhere as high as the ones which you drool over.  Some years ago, before Alexa changed its sampling criteria, our site sometimes ranked above yours.  

“it is easy for anyone to see that fruitcake generates instant revulsion all over the world because there is no interest in it. ”

We allow feedback, and only rarely receive negative comments. Why don’t you allow feedback: then we shall see who generates revulsion! The answer is already obvious: look at our poll results. Nobody likes you. Why can your ‘millions of followers’ and ‘ECe schools of thought’ not skew the results the other way? That they do not exist, is the Occam’s Razor explanation. 

“After nineteen years”

A lie worthy of Trump. And as with Trump, it teeters between two unpleasant possibilities: either the speaker is terminally stupid, or he is irremediably dishonest.  

“of ugly abuse the site is shunned worldwide. ”

It is possible that the lunatic fringe does not like it, but pointing out that perpetual-motion and spinning-wheel antigravity are impossible serves a valuable educational purpose. Yes, the vacuum is a seething volume of energy … but one cannot extract it. 

“It was lunched on March 3rd 2000”

Oh, we shall ‘dine out’ on that lying typo!

“and has viciously attacked scientists and general public alike. ”

We have criticized pseudo-scientists with more leniency than they deserve. Perhaps you will learn what ‘vicious’ really looks like when that book appears. We have nothing against ‘the general public’ apart from its appallingly bad understanding of science.    

“Fruitcake generates about one or two views a month according to semrush. ”

We have a hit-counter (just above the polls) which clearly gives the lie to you … and semrush. Why do you not have a hit-counter?

“It has no indexed pages”

What would be the point, when the main subject-matter is one notorious crackpot and there is also a very useful search option. You really are scraping the barrel these days aren’t you?

” indicating that it may have been banned in the past, or suffered a penalty.”

Oh look, a meaningless Trumpian insinuation to go with the Trumpian lies. We really have got you on the run, haven’t we?

“The owners have been afraid to reveal themselves for nineteen years. ”

Nutters are very dangerous. Not necessarily your ineffectual troupe of clowns, but the followers of your hero, Searl. In any case, reputable academics cannot be seen to be linked to the likes of you, even in an adversarial capacity.  

“The owners are grossly incompetent scientifically and cannot deal with a scientific equation. ”

During the past ‘nineteen years’, our members have published dozens of books and scientific papers. And those were real publications: not self-published on a website or vanity-published. Of course, the topics were rather mundane by journalistic standards: only the general public thinks that every scientist is forever formulating grand new theories. That of course is precisely why pseudoscientists like you go down that route. 

“In the meantime combined sites www.aias.us and www.upitec.org ”

What do you mean: ‘combined’? You know very well that upitec is a mirror-site and … oh dear … it also shows up badly on semrush as, indeed, does et3m.net. 

“all the countries and territories of the world”

We receive hits from every country in the world; what of it?

“The South Wales Commissioner again indicated yesterday”

We would love to see that ‘indication’. Why don’t you post it on your blog?

“following another thinly veiled death threat.”

Oh, was that one of our jokey comments which, we carefully pointed out, might well be taken –  to be a death threat  – by a terminally stupid and inveterate liar.

It seems counter-productive to warn you, but you do realize don’t you that all of your blatant lies and outlandish statements will end up by being quoted in a book. Don’t you think that the local Squire, Lord and only current Civil List Scientist should act with a little more decorum.  

Looking Forward

February 9, 2019


February 9, 2019

Gatekeeper, eh? One of us knows it.

Animal Fun

February 9, 2019

431(3): The m theory of E Cat

February 9, 2019″

“Agreed, I am looking forward to seeing the E Cat domestic unit in action here, and to compare its cost with other forms of heating. ”

You sucker. Coming from a farming community, you must know the old warning about ‘not buying a pig in a poke’. And yet here you are, buying a ‘cat in a box’. And like a sucker visiting a ‘psychic’, you are helpfully adding your own details to vague ‘Barnum’ statements. Why are you prattling about dubious nuclear reactions when the only granted patent which Rossi holds is clearly for a form of thermite-based reaction. As you have pointed out yourself, Rossi’s mixture is quite capable of melting through the container, and he has already served years of jail-time for causing a previous environmental disaster. Good luck with getting planning permission.  It is lucky that you are on good terms with your neighbour in the adjoining house … Ooops! 

Fallen Saint

February 8, 2019

The m Theory of E Cat

February 8, 2019″

“Oppenheimer tried to tell Truman that he had blood on his hands, but Oppenheimer was thrown out of the Oval Office.”

Oh the saintly Oppenheimer, who also liked to quote from that loony Indian religious fable. Do you not know, Ron, that it is common knowledge among physicists that Oppenheimer tried to murder an academic rival during his time in the UK? Oh, you will love that forthcoming book: you are not the only crackpot to be outed. Oppenheimer only attempted murder; one well-known philosopher was an actual murderer! Philosophize that away! The message to retain is this: science is good, individual scientists are always bad in some way. 

It’s not the Cough that Carries you Off…

February 8, 2019

Narration of Essays 111 to 123 (RC)

February 8, 2019″

“I have been delayed in my proposed recording of these essays by some kind of chest infection … I am more often prone to short bouts of coughing!”

Ron depends upon Tugboat and his ‘posh’ accent because Ron’s silurian accent makes him sound ‘a bit thick’. But, hey, Dirac sounded like a West-Country farmer. As an AIAS stalwart, Tugboat’s other job is singing in public houses. Remind us, who was that actor who had performed musically in such places before smoking was banned? He developed a cough …  Oh yes, we remember now: Roy Castle.

Ron the Sucker

February 8, 2019

Video of Ecat Announcement

February 8, 2019″

“I am looking forward to having a domestic units set up at home here …  The company, Leonardo Company, sets up the apparatus for the customer as you know, and delivers a new cartridge every six months.”

Oh Ron, even given your meagre knowledge of scientific matters, it must occur to you that such frequent replacement hints at a chemical rather than a nuclear energy source. Now add to that the fact that the only granted Rossi patent involved extensive written exchanges between him and the patent office and that those exchanges revolved exclusively around the topic of thermite reactions and whether the concept of keeping them going by using intermittent electrical heating was sufficiently novel. 

Magnetic Morons

February 8, 2019

Source of Hong Kong Interest

February 8, 2019″

“Google “Hong Kong LENR” to find that the interest is probably from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which has developed a new type of graphene battery”

How interesting. One of our number has recently written a book about graphene-type materials. Strangely enough, he found no related mention of LENR or ECe or other C**P in the scientific literature. 

“Doug Lindstrom, AIAS Director, recently made a trip to China, in which there is already interest in LENR and pulsed LENR, the speciality of Magnetic Miles in Florida.”

No, Ron, the specialty of Magnetic Miles is the ludicrous idea of replacing the cylinder-head and spark-plugs of internal combustion engines with permanent magnets and electromagnets, respectively. Which is convenient, as one of that gang runs a repair garage. They are doing so in order to ‘save the planet’ from global-warming; which does not exist according to you. They of course gloss over over the question of where the electrical energy is going to come from. Or do they? The most recent patent (to which Lindy has put his name) claims that bouncing a permanent magnet by using an electromagnet in fact generates net energy. One would think that Lindy would mention your nonsense-theory in that regard: i.e. energy from nowhere. But no, he puts his trust in ‘magnon waves’, permeating the atmosphere. How do they fit into your fantasy, Ron? By the way, LENR is mentioned in the patent only to the extent that he says that the output of their perpetual-motion machine could keep LENR reactions going. That’s a new twist. It is obvious that Lindy was brought in to provide ‘scientific respectability’. But he doesn’t, does he? In the larger scheme of things it makes the institutions who awarded him degrees, and the organizations which employed him, look like complete idiots.       


February 7, 2019

Masses of the Elementary Particles and LENR

February 7, 2019″

“The energy absorbed from m space has been transformed into both heat and light. This is a good working hypothesis which can be pursued.”

Your musing seems to be somewhat off-target, Ron, given that the only granted patent specification, together with other written exchanges which we have seen between the Patent Office and Rossi, make it clear that the operating principle is a thermite reaction which can be controlled (by a heating-element and feedback controller) so as to occur over an extended time-period instead of ‘going off like a bomb’ as in the case of the traditional incendiary mixture. So here is the puzzle, Ron, why are you striving to prove that the energy is coming from nowhere (aka spacetime) rather than from a chemical reaction of a type which was first patented over 100 years ago? To be pedantic, however, we have to note that the heat generated in chemical reactions is, in fact, nuclear in origin: it arises from the binding energy of the atomic species. So, you are sort of right … but for the wrong reason. Is Rossi really selling thermite in the guise of cold-fusion? That would be a trifle dishonest, wouldn’t it?      

Curiosity Killed the Cat

February 7, 2019

PS: Re: Fwd: Note 431(1) : Masses of the Elementary Particles and LENR

February 7, 2019″

I am not associated with Leonardo Company in any way, I am just as curious as a cat. ”

… so the saying goes. How exactly would you wire-in one of those imaginary gadgets? You do not seem to be very skilled in practical matters. Most domestic properties have a 30kW maximum capacity; any more will blow the main fuse. Good luck anyway with persuading an electric company to join up an unapproved device. Run it completely independently? With wires trailing all over the place? And it is an American device, so it presumably produces a voltage which is too low to run UK appliances. Does it even generate electricity? Or do you have to add your own steam-turbine? Well, don’t worry: much as we like to imagine you sharing your property with a lethal boondoggle, the whole thing is a fantasy.


So What Use Are You?

February 7, 2019

ECAT.com notification of ECAT Home Inquiry

February 7, 2019

“my work as Civil List Pensioner from 2005 to present here in Craig Cefn Parc has pioneered their theoretical understanding, so I am very curious to see the unit working at home here.”

Is that not rather like somebody in the 1930s buying a TV and raving to everybody that he can explain it? Who would have cared? Who cares now … apart from the fact that the inevitable demise of Rossi and his scam will make you look even more ridiculous.

A Possible Hurdle

February 7, 2019

ECAT.com notification of ECAT Home Inquiry

February 7, 2019″

“Reply from Leonardo Corporation. Horst and I are currently working on the m theory of this domestic unit, explaining it in terms of energy from m space. ”

In the unlikely event that the scam is pursued to that extent, what makes you think that you are allowed to install such gadgets? The planning regulations on independent energy-sources are surprisingly lenient, probably due to global-warming (which you deny) concerns, but they specifically mention only known technologies such as solar panels and wind-turbines. We are sure that your subjects could throw up a lot of objections with regard to an untested technology which may involve pressure-vessels, possibly explosive mixtures and the generation of explosive gases. Residents might well bring up the point that the inventor of the gadget spent eight years in jail for causing widespread environmental contamination. Perhaps the local tabloids would already like to know that the local loony is planning to install a potential bomb.       

to Jail … Again

February 6, 2019

Aberystwyth Demonstration Unit

February 6, 2019″

“Gareth Evans and Kerry Pendergast could assemble a demonstration unit of devices”

Wouldn’t that be ironic: that university’s blackest black-sheep embarrassing the institution in its own back yard. It sort of recalls that old excuse used by psychics who are asked why they do not use their ‘powers’ to win the lottery. “Oh, we are not allowed to use them for personal gain”. To which the skeptic retorts, “So pair-up and predict the results for each other!”. We note that Ideotic and ‘Beans’ explain that their machines cannot drive themselves. But see, Ron, if you have them all in the same place for once, they can power each other. By the way, Ron, on the subject of ‘hidden wires’ any real physicist can tell you that there are several ways of supplying power without using any visible connector.   

and Closer …

February 6, 2019

Suggestion to Buy an E Cat

February 6, 2019″

“I suggest that the latest E Cat can be bought and demonstrated at the University of Utah and elsewhere along with Spacetime circuits”

Good idea: that would certainly get the Dismal Scientist sacked. Oh, hang on, did they sack Pons? No, silly us, it is Utah: an entire state based upon the transparent lies of a religious conman. 

“This will bring in Steve Bannister’s second industrial revolution. ”

No, according to his counting, that would be a third industrial revolution. Read the damn thesis that you dishonestly signed-off on as an external examiner.   


Rossi Gets Closer …

February 6, 2019

Note 431(1) : Masses of the Elementary Particles and LENR

February 6, 2019″

“It was discovered in the University of Utah as is well known. ”

You should not remind everyone that that University has a history of employing crackpots,  even before the Dismal Scientist. Cold Fusion began with steaming vats, but ended up at the limits of experimental detection: a beautiful example of one of Langmuir’s criteria for defining a pseudoscience. Physicists were immediately suspicious simply because the claimants were not dead from neutron irradiation. Somebody died later, due to the explosion of a reaction vessel. How sad that is … to die in the pursuit of a nonsense idea cum scam. And then it was re-packaged as LENR, shorn of neutron radiation and somehow claimed to be a nuclear reaction which does not produce nuclear waste.

“It is blazingly obvious, to coin an awful pun, that the heat is there. ”

Rossi says that one component is lithium aluminium hydride. Any organic chemist should be familiar with its properties. It reacts strongly with water to produce hydrogen. It can also be used as a storage medium for huge amounts of additional hydrogen. This recalls some older technology. One of us can remember when bicycle-lamps were acetylene-fed. The gas was produced by dripping water onto calcium carbide. There exists a thousand-year old manuscript which describes how soldiers in the field would heat their food by mixing water with sodium hydroxide: a method still used nowadays. In brief, there is a multitude of tricks for producing heat. The single granted patent also mentions the use of an external power supply to trigger a catalyst, thus hinting at a thermite-type reaction. Is that external supply even turned off afterwards? It always amazes us that, throughout the history of perpetual motion, supposedly intelligent people (yes, we mean you Hanno Essen) could not see that they were being scammed. To paraphrase a famous line, “what a gentleman in possession of a fortune desires is … a list of countries having no extradition treaty”.



Prima Facie Evidence of Defamation?

February 5, 2019

Blog Postings of Oct. 10th 2016 and Dec 30th 2016 on the Newlands Estate

February 5, 2019″

When I mentioned the criminal damage to my car to the Tribunal, Richard, Cynlais Evans, and others bowed their heads and said nothing. The Tribunal asked for more details of this vicious criminal offence, on which there is no statute of limitations. I refused to be influenced by this crude intimidation. “

Tell SID

February 5, 2019

Internet Safety Day

February 5, 2019

Today is internet safety day, especially for the protection of vulnerable and sensitive people from vicious, sometime murderous, abusers such as hate bloggers. It is clear that law enforcement is being overwhelmed by inadequate laws,”

And to think that we were under the impression that it was Safer Internet Day. The main aim seems to be to dissuade the kiddies from attacking each other online. But unprincipled bloggers are certainly a problem, especially the ones who promulgate silly scientific theories and prattle about perpetual motion and flying spinning-tops. Just imagine the awful effect that such monsters have upon the education of young people. 

You Heard It Here First

February 5, 2019

Bertrand Russell, the Welsh[sic] philosopher, said that the best way of dealing with crackpots is to get them arguing with each other. He was mistaken, of course, just as his lifetime’s work on the logical foundations of mathematics was wrecked ‘overnight’ by Goedel. As we have pointed out many times, crackpots dare not argue among themselves.  On the other hand, one can certainly distract them with tempting snippets. The Herouni story is not going anywhere of course; it has been sitting around for well over a decade, and nobody cares what an Armenian nobody thinks anyway. But get this, a (formerly) respected professor of astronomy at Harvard* has gone bonkers and is prattling about an alien spaceship. Hey Ron, you and your fellow nutters should look into that. After all, it may be propelled by LENR-powered spinning-tops. 

* Sounds good, but our regular readers will recall that there exists a documentary which shows that students in the graduation-line for physics degrees at Harvard a) did not know why it is hotter in Summer (in the Northern hemisphere) and b) given a bulb, battery and piece of wire struggled to make the bulb light. And who can forget the Professor of Psychiatry[sic] at Harvard who was a leading ufologist. He was run down and killed while walking through London. It is obvious that little-green-men are not averse to using more conventional vehicles in order to silence witnesses.  They claimed that it was an ‘IT manager’. Yeah, right, not an ‘ET manager’ then.


Another Day, Another Loony

February 3, 2019

The Herouni Antenna – The Death of the Big Bang!

February 3, 2019

I am glad that they finally got this idea out of the way.”

We cannot understand why Robitaille found it so difficult to locate the amazing result. We found it in seconds,


Still, pretended obscurity always makes everything seem more mysterious doesn’t it? Despite being over a decade old, it has never been cited. Souren Parisovich (‘Paris’) Herouni has not been too lucky with his antennae. He made three patent applications in 1995, none were granted and all lapsed some 18 years ago. The other professor, an …ugh … electrical engineer, runs an adult-education organization (you know, the sort that legitimizes auto-didacts like Viv Pope). She is assisted in this by one Nana Herouni … so that’s cosy. By the way, the Herounis are also into amateurish* ‘ancient civilizations’ investigations;


probably something to do with being so close to Mount Ararat (where the fossils are found two-by-two? LOL). They have been excited to find ancient swastikas in Scotland. The only real mystery here is why Robitaille’s clothes don’t fit. Has he lost weight? Cachexia?

* Note the reference to Gerald Hawkins, the American who had loony ideas concerning Stonehenge. One can judge his calibre by the fact that, when crop-circles appeared, he decided that they were ‘messages’. He then ‘decoded’ them, decided that they were actually music, and played it on his guitar. Yep, he made Hoyle look almost normal. 


February 1, 2019

Open Letter to Chair of Mawr Community Council

February 1, 2019″

“Diolch yn fawr, mae’r lleuad yn llawn. Thank you very much, the moon is full, and a certain personage may be activated by excess gravity. ”

Are you suggesting that there is a connection between Moon phases and terrestrial gravitational acceleration? Is it some occult reference to an old-wives-tale tidal effect? You usually avoid tidal phenomena because you know that your theory cannot handle them. Whatever: everybody is weighed down by gravity, some are brought down by hilarious gravitas.

“As Squire or Armiger I do not take part in politics, ”

Noted for future reference.

“At present prices are wildly inflated and they cannot afford a deposit on a mortgage. ”

That is a country-wide problem; it is not a specifically local problem. 

“I am against wind turbines”

You are also a global-warming denier, which makes you one of the bad guys these days. We note that Co-President Sewage did not sign the same petition; that would not have pleased his employers, as he is charged by them with protecting the environment. One notable who did sign the petition was Jeremy Corbyn’s brother; you know, the pseudoscientist who used to predict the weather using Sun-spots.  

“The general public is exempt from any electoral purdah law,”

But you do not consider yourself to be a member of the general public! The spirit of the law is obviously to protect candidates from the public opinions of influential personages. Who could be more influential than the local Squire and Lord of Gower? 

“I would also like to mention that my car has been badly damaged … The police failed to apprehend the criminal, who is still at large,”

Nil desperandum; after all, they caught the person who set fire to a police car … parked outside a local police station.


Another Random Visit!

February 1, 2019

UFT88 Consulted again at Berkeley

February 1, 2019

UFT88 has been consulted again at University of California Berkeley where there is an ECE School which regularly consults combined sites www.aias.us and www.upitec.org. This consultation means that there is a well established school of thought that rejects Einsteinian general relativity. ”

There is no ‘school’ of course. Nobody cites the UFT88 rubbish. Moreover, there is no significant mention of you anywhere in the Berkeley files. If you knew anything about probability theory, Ron, you would know that it is surprisingly likely that two or three random visits could occur at about the same time; you know, like buses arriving in threes. You could then claim that they had ‘held a conference’. However, you would have to be mad, stupid and/or completely lacking in intellectual integrity to try that … Ooops! 

The Co-President is a Klutz

February 1, 2019

Comment by Co President

February 1, 2019

Thanks to the Co President. With seven hundred papers and books the number of permutations and combinations of ideas is essentially infinite,”

Well, the number of combinations might be very large, but nowhere near infinite. However, we cannot fathom why the order in which the nonsense was selected would make a difference. But then, we cannot understand why the muggles speak of ‘combination locks’ when they are clearly permutation locks. Co-President Klutz must have had an awful thesis supervisor. 

Waste-of-Space Wastes Time: Spacetime!

January 31, 2019

Copyright Symbol and Notice of Copyright Ownership

January 29, 2019″

“The copyright is registered at the U. S. Copyright Office in the name of Dr. Myron Evans, who owns the site, and the site was registered for copyright on January 25th 2019 at the United States Copyright Office, number 1 – 7345904091. ”

… and money. Did you really spend $35 on that? The wording is a little ambiguous, but does it not protect the material, written up until that date, as a completed work? That would mean that every new post is unprotected until you pay another fee. And quite apart from that, of course, you cannot get around the ‘fair use’ clause; especially in the case of drivel which so richly deserves criticism.  

A New Conspiracy in the Offing

January 31, 2019

“More Material for Nominators

January 30, 2019

“This can be used for nominations in future. ”

You already have one highly undeserved award. Isn’t that enough?

“The world record that gives me most pleasure is the number of prestigious Fellowships won in intense and clean open competition”

How can you take pleasure in that? It looks only as if a record number of establishments did not want you permanently!

“The BBC Hall of Fame Group which I led at the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories in Aberystwyth, also won a team world record of twenty Fellowships (Gareth Evans, Mauro Ferrario and myself). ”

To what end? Only one of you managed to carve out any sort of academic career in chemistry: one becoming a crackpot fake physicist and another becoming a pencil-pusher in a local-government sinecure.