Impressed by Investment?

July 17, 2018

Ron frequently claims that LENR is shortly to burst onto the world market. After all, his crackpot friends vouch for it, including noted economics expert (LOL) the Dismal Scientist. LENR is the new name for cold fusion and the leading-light in the field is convicted felon, Andrea Rossi. Ron and others are always impressed by tales of multidollar investments in the ‘technology’. Of course, none of this is new and Ron may like to peruse this case,

Note the roles played by the gullible layman, the fast-talking salesman and the ‘doctoral-level expert’.  These roles are timeless and some people never learn. Eh, Ron?


Accumulated BS

July 17, 2018

Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 15/7/18

July 17, 2018

This is the second volume updated to July 2018.”

Another useful guide to those academic institutions whose employees have never mentioned Ron or his theory in any way, shape or form … not even negatively. From the point-of-view of ‘useful content’ Ron’s BS books are a nice poetic metaphor for a void or vacuum.

A La Recherche …

July 16, 2018

“Damage to the Hippocampus by Verbal Assault, Onset of Uveitis

This is well documented medically so there are grounds for punitive damages and criminal prosecution in such cases. A test case would be very useful to eliminate this kind of conduct in the workplace. I experienced it at Aberystwyth and UNCC, and it went entirely unpunished. Trolls could be sued and prosecuted. It is well known that major severe depression damages the hippocampus area of the brain, situated in the medial temporal lobe and responsible for long and short term memory and orientation. It has high levels of glucocorticoid receptors and is vulnerable to stress induced in any way. It is well known that damage of the hippocampus due to stress leads to severe depression, or as in my case major severe depression. The effect reverses itself if the stress is removed. It is also well known that stress can cause uveitis, (bleeding of the eye), and this has happened twice in my case (see the blog posting of 23/10/14 quoting Maca et al. Journal of Ophthalmology, 2013).

Oh yes, we remember that: in your usual pseudoscientific manner you completely misrepresented the Maca paper. It clearly concludes that those suffering from uveitis (not surprisingly) suffer from resultant depression. It does not conclude that depression causes uveitis, although some patients self-diagnosed ‘distress’ as the cause. In fact, ‘stress’ per se is mentioned only twice in the paper. So, we again have to wonder: are you dishonest (misrepresenting information) or just stupid (unable to understand scientific papers)? By the way, why did you not man-up and defend your first wife rather than suffering harm by proxy? Does not the blood of the Princes run in your veins? The pussy princes who could not keep the English out?

The Big Question

July 14, 2018

Survey of UFT88

July 14, 2018

Using my blog stats archives for (the blog on and I have made a survey of university interest in UFT88 from 28/11/13 to present. This survey confirms that UFT88 is a classic paper by any historic standards. Since 28/11/13 for there have been consultations from about 311 different universities, institutes and similar in 4.5 years and 68 repeat consultations from about two to six times, about four on average. This gives a total of 515 consultations in 4.5 years. UFT88 was published in 2007, so extrapolating, there would have been 1,258 consultations of UFT88 from 760 identifiable university URL’s. The total number of consultations of UFT88 since 2007 is given by the Book of Scientometrics, and is 29,040 from So 4.3% of consultations are from identifiable URL’s. blah, blah, blah”

The question is: are you just dishonest, incredibly stupid … or both? How could an honest and intelligent person possibly claim success in the face of zero evidence (apart from that which he concocts himself)? How could so many people possibly read about your crackpot theory, and fail to do anything with it, year-after-year? Yes there has been no criticism of it, but neither has there been any praise. Are you still relying on the excuse that followers are afraid of losing funding? Really? Robitaille manages to hang onto his job even while spouting nonsense all over the internet.  Are your followers all cowardly? Even that would not stop them from contacting you privately … but they do not. The Occam’s Razor conclusion is that the ‘consultations’ are mere ‘internet noise’ and that nobody outside of your gang  takes any notice at all.  Why not give up the losing battle, and stop making the Welsh look dishonest and stupid (which is how they are already depicted in English culture).

The Boys in the Band

July 13, 2018

The Remarkable Worldwide Interest in My Work

July 13, 2018

I am deeply honoured by interest from an estimated two hundred and twenty nation states and territories. Naturally this interest extends to the work of the colleagues at the fully international AIAS / UPITEC, and many congratulations to them. This phenomenon goes completely beyond the ivory confines of narrow academia, and it is all the more remarkable because the work is profoundly intellectual in nature, and not soccer. This shows that there is a thirst for new ideas all over the world, especially for ideas that go beyond the narrow confines of dogma and the idols of the cave. It is clear that ideas have united the whole of humankind. It can now throw away its self destructive weapons and concentrate on new sources of energy for all humankind. The brilliant and timeless wit of Oscar Wilde says it all: “I dislike argument, argument is always vulgar and often convincing.” This is more than wit, it reveals deep truths about human nature as any good poet always does. Victor Hugo always springs to mind: “One can stop armies but one cannot stop the march of ideas”. “Diolch yn fawr i holl wledydd y byd” in my own endangered language. “Great thanks to all the countries of the world”.”

We can boast of only 141 countries. Of course, your visitors are ‘all on the same page’ in that they all somehow know that they must never mention you or ECE anywhere public. What a truly remarkable revolution: one that goes unnoticed by absolutely everybody … especially real scientists. Now, we do not like ad hominem arguments, even though you are an open goal. But some cruel people might be inclined to make some barbed comments along the lines of: why this fascination with Oscar Wilde? He was married of course, but also preferred to hang out with men (just like Newton). Even Wilde had children. Is it not strange that someone who is so obsessed with genealogy and bloodlines has apparently made no effort to secure an heir? It does not matter for now, and it is all legal, but you really should prepare some answers just in case you ever come to public attention.

Yes, Utah Again

July 13, 2018

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions inside the Sun

July 13, 2018

There was a discussion of these processes at the 10th July conference, and of Robitaille’s ideas, developed by Crothers and Robitalille. I mentioned that in the Evans / Morris papers, Robitaille’s criticisms of the Planck law are indirectly supported. I was of the opinion at the conference that dogmatists had greatly delayed the vitally important development of low energy nuclear reactors, the ECE theory of which is given in UFT226 ff. This delay may cost millions of lives, from starvation and lack of fuel. I tread heavily but write the truth. At first I was cautious about cold fusion, as LENR was then named, but it became clear that there are many replications. Commercialization is now just around the corner, a casual glance at the internet shows this very clearly. Steve Bannister made this very clear at the conference, and Doug Lindstrom has given a synopsis of progress posted on this blog about three weeks ago. LENR generates so much heat so spontaneously that the design has to cope with controlling the heat. There is plenty of heat, produced in a superefficient way. It looks as if heat control has now been achieved by the engineers. The original work on cold fusion at the University of Utah was immediately funded by the state of Utah, but after dogmatic diatribes, the funding was withdrawn. It has now been reinstated in the form of venture capital to inventors such as Rossi, and the State of Utah could also reinstate funding to the University of Utah and others inside Utah without losing face. The State of Utah would gain great kudos internationally.”

We never expect anything good of a state that was founded by the followers of a lying religious maniac (is there any other sort) who also screwed up the economy (sic) of another state so badly that they broke into a prison to shoot him dead (hmm, should not Mormons logically worship little models of gaol-cells … with or without a little bullet-riddled man?). The only thing to say about cold fusion is that it was noted in the late Victorian era that hydrogen-suffused platinum-group metals (and some from the transition group) throw out huge quantities of heat, and it could be explained by normal chemistry. (Fraudulent) Cold Fusion was announced simultaneously at the University of Utah and at the University of Southampton. Utah now boasts the Dismal Scientist and Southampton always had Harold Aspden, the former head of patenting for IBM (Europe) who mysteriously later secured a post for life at Southampton (was the university bribed by IBM). Before Ron, Aspden was probably the most virulent ‘academic’ backer of perpetual-motion and anti-gravity.  Did you know, Ron, that Aspden worked closely with a dodgy American businessman who was reputedly employed secretly by Margaret Thatcher to bring down CND? There was also an amusing behind-the-scenes battle between Aspden and Laithwaite as to who should get the credit for gyroscopic propulsion/levitation. Yep, folks, it does not pay to believe in academic qualifications and other trappings … only the data matter.

The Promotion of Scams

July 13, 2018

Discussion on New Circuits

July 13, 2018

At the 10th July conference there as discussion on new circuits and of UFT311, UFT321, UFT364, UFT382 and UFT383, the circuit design and replication papers. I pointed out that the experimentalists need venture capital funding to develop the circuits into devices and power stations. ”

The correct spelling of ‘experimentalist’ in this context is of course ‘scam artist’. These gadgets have been around ever since the time of Faraday.  Indeed, some of his scientific equals of the day completely misinterpreted electromagnetic induction and started to put together devices which were essentially the same as Bearden’s ‘motionless electromagnetic generator’ perpetual motion device. Of course, they had an excuse in that the laws of thermodynamics were not yet firmly established. Anybody nowadays who claims to generate energy from gravity, the Casimir effect (ZPE) or space-time is rightly regarded as being a sleazy crook … and the sleaze rubs off on those who provide theoretical ‘support’.

“The tremendous economic consequences of such work have been evaluated in the Ph. D. Thesis of Prof. Steve Bannister – the second industrial revolution. This Thesis is on ”

Yes, read the thesis … because Ron certainly has not done so. Presumably as a gimmick, the Dismal Scientist renamed the industrial revolution as being the ‘second industrial revolution’. It therefore has absolutely nothing to do with ‘free energy’ (perpetual motion), as Ron keeps implying. Ron was an ‘external examiner’ for DS’s doctoral defence and apparently attended via Skype. The problem is that Ron had to ‘sign off’ on the thesis being acceptable. How could he do that honestly if he a) did not read it or b) did not understand it.  What does the economics department at Utah think about that? One presumes that American students must be stupid. UK students would think their fees misspent if their instructor believed in perpetual motion … and perhaps antigravity. Yes, how does that work chez the AIAS? Do the perpetual-motion groupies also have to believe the antigravity nonsense as well? How about quack cancer-cures? How about the authorship of Romeo and Juliet?

“The availabilty of electrical power from these circuits would make conventional electrical power stations obsolete overnight, and the same can be said of LENR. ”

We have already pointed out that Ideotic’s scam device, for a start, cannot be scaled-up. As for LENR, we are not sure. That is to say, we cannot decide whether its ‘salesman’ are running a pyramid-selling scam or a Ponzi scam.

“So the discussion at the 10th July conference became intense and very optimistic. It was agreed that there is a need to convene an AIAS conference in a few months, at which devices would be demonstrated. This would be a mini 1851 Exhibition which displayed many new devices of the first industrial revolution. Our own devices would be those of the second industrial revolution.”

See, Ron has definitely not read/understood the Dismal Scientist’s thesis. Pay attention Ron, according to the DS, the Great Exhibition was all about the Second Industrial Revolution. As for demonstrating perpetual-motion machines, will not Mrs Ron get annoyed when they start drilling holes in her tables so that they can hide the batteries and/or other wiring. Hey, why not invite Searl and his working prototype: his presence would certainly put you on the map, and also attract journalists. After all, everyone has heard of Searl … nobody has heard of you.

By the way, welcome back Mrs Ron. We were beginning to fear that you were under a patio.


July 13, 2018

Discussion About the Best Scientist of All Time

July 13, 2018

This took place at the 10th July conference. Kerry Pendergast mentioned Kepler as a candidate. He is described in Koestler’s “The Sleepwalkers” along with Copernicus, Galileo, Brahe and Newton. This is because Kepler broke the Aristotelian dogma that all orbits must be circular. After a huge amount of work, Kepler found that the orbit of Mars is an ellipse. This led to the discovery of the inverse square law by Robert Hooke, and the great Newtonian synthesis. In my view it is not possible to choose the greatest scientist of all time, but some are greater than others. They must be assessed in the era they lived in, against their own peers and contemporaries. There are some great scientists like Oliver Heaviside who are not well known. One of my favorite candidates is Lorentz, who developed the ideas of Fitzgerald along with Heaviside. There are obvious candidates such as Newton, Leibniz, Maxwell, Heaviside, Dalton, Hamilton and Faraday, Fourier, Laplace, Lagrange, Euler. In the twentieth century Einstein, Sommerfeld, Rutherford and all the scientists of the golden age of physics, notably Schroedinger, Pauli, Debye, Dirac. The scientists who have made the most impact in the twenty first century are those of the AIAS / UPITEC group. We now have a huge amount of feedback data that shows this clearly and with perfect objectivity. Such objectivity is not available for other scientists. Not only have AIAS/ UPITEC scientists introduced a radically new unified field theory, but they have overthrown the dogmatists completely. It was decided that Gerard ‘t Hooft is not a candidate for greatness. In my own attempt at wit: “Those that know everything have learned nothing”.”

The highlighted passage will certainly be quoted in the future … wherever pseudoscience is discussed by real scientists and by psychiatrists. But not at the moment, because the above professional groups are unaware of the existence of this gang of self-satisfying amateur twats. The very idea that Ron should praise ‘their work’ immediately after discussing well-known perpetual-motion scam devices is hilarious. Our view, by the way, is that there are no great scientists. There are only universe-imposed rules to be discovered and it is a matter of luck who finds them first. It is certainly true that it tends to happen to those who ‘do the most looking’ and usually to those who publish everything that they think of … no matter how loony it is. Society, completely abandoning the rules of logic then picks out the concepts which match experimental data and declares that the discoverer was a genius. It therefore does not do to look too closely at the work of a ‘genius’ because all sorts of embarrassing facts are found to have been swept under the carpet by the so-called ‘Whig’ approach to history. It is acutely embarrassing for instance to find that Einstein once thought that spinning tops should fall more slowly that non-spinning ones. This had nothing to do with aerodynamics – he had simply misunderstood general relativity! At the other extreme, the gamma parameter which is so central to special relativity first appeared in the work of Euler. Finally, one of our number was quite serious about attending the meeting on the tenth, but then he was reminded of our standing-rule that none of us should cross the road to meet Ron even especially if he is on fire.

Beat Ya

July 10, 2018


July 10, 2018

That should have been forty seven, Monaco should be included. There have been no viewings yet from Andorra, a U. N. member state.”

We have had no visits from Monaco, but we have had 5 visits from Andorra. How about the Aland Islands?  

It’s a Date!

July 9, 2018


July 9, 2018

To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

We are looking forward to seeing you both at ten thirty and we will have refreshments prepared. It will be very good to see you again. The Regimental museum of the 24th Foot presumably houses the V.C.’s and other medals. I think that the fourteenth century Havard chapel houses the colours. The Havard chapel was teh private chapel of my ancestors the Havards, Norman Lords of Pont Gwilym who became staunch supporters of the Welsh language.

We are in Brecon. We have been to the regimental museum.

We are looking forward to tomorrow!”

The directions are a bit vague, but our representative can probably figure it out. By the way, Ron, where does your friend and genealogist, Sir Arthur Turner-Thomas, keep his Victoria Cross?

Founding Father

July 7, 2018

First Class Performance of blog

July 7, 2018

The blog has been saved 107 times on the Wayback Machine since 2010, and there has been intense archiving in 2018. It was started in 2000 by Bob Gray of Biophan Inc., Rochester, New York, U.S. A. along with Its performance can be seen in all detail on The blog has reached 193 countries, and its ranking has increased 98% in the past three months. There have been 29,344 postings since December 2006, and as can be seen from it has been Yahoo indexed 27,900 times. The number of views this year is close to setting a new record high. Its popularity increased sharply in February of this year, during which the number of “likes” has increased dramatically. It is also indexed by Google and Bing. There are 195 countries in the world, 193 member states and two observer states, the Holy See and Palestine. ”

Dr(?) Gray was a co-conspirator of conman John Searl when he founded the pseudoscientific website, Here he is (paragraph 208), just before Searl sacked him,

Check out all of the other morons hanging on Searl’s words in that pdf. Gray no longer believes in the Law of the Squares (the numerology which ‘explains’ Searl’s levitating cancer-curing perpetual-motion machine),

but he still believes in much of Searl’s other drivel,

Gray is a prime example of one of those people who seem to acquire academic titles and posts with ease, and yet scientific norms and morality pass them by completely. Eh Ron? Look at Gray’s frustratingly mixed (crackpot and bona fide) list of favourite websites,

Finally, here is the UK’s leading skeptic of the day being ‘done up like a kipper’ by Searl on TV. Of course, Dr (now professor) Donnelly is only an electrical engineer and was perhaps not best placed to marshal more incisive criticisms. Note also the devastating effect of the American shill (the money was never forthcoming) upon the degree of audience belief. Recall that when you read about million-dollar investments in LENR. Hmm, how many years did Madoff get? Oh yes, 150. Still, halve that for good behaviour.   

So that was the origin of … and the idiocy has never stopped!

PS: Tassen’s company, Hydro Stock, does in fact make real money from steam turbines. He told one of us, years ago, why Searl did not get the money … but that person cannot recall the reason. But Ron will be pleased to know that Tassen is also anti-dogma:

but not so pleased to learn that Tassen is into wind turbines; see US Patent Application No. 4,352,633



Everest (Social) Climbers

July 4, 2018

Hillary’s criticism of Everest mounatineers

July 4, 2018

In 2006 Sir Edmund Hillary heavily criticised Everest climbers in the New Zealand Herald for failing to rescue climbers. The mountain is littered with dead bodies whcih are never buried. This is typical of the selfish nature of contemporary society, where money rules everything. I was a mountaineer in Wales, and made a few ascents of Wyddfa, y Carneddau, Cader Idris and Pumlumon, where there are rescue services. Compared with Everest or the north wall of the Eiger these were safe routes, but only in comparison, mountaineering is always dangerous. Sir John Rowlinson and Sir Brian Smith at the PCL at Oxford were also mountaineers. Sir Charles Evans at Bangor was another mountaineer. He did not attempt the summit with Bourdillon, from 300 feet below it, because they did not have enough oxygen, and would have run in to the Hillary step, a grade four climb at 29,000 feet, overlooking a ten thousand foot drop.”

Surely a more pertinent criticism would have been that it is a complete waste of time indulged in by those wanting to show off or write a book about it. Climbers are in the same league as those who claim to have ‘conquered’ Einstein. Everest-climbing is in the same league as fire-walking or bungee-jumping. There was a time when fire-walking was considered to be limited to Eastern mystics. Then it was realized that it was a con-game and has now become a ‘group-bonding opportunity’ at company outings or a confidence-building trick for ‘life coaches’. Similarly, bungee-jumping was once a rite-of-passage on remote Pacific islands, then it became a stunt practised only by the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club … and now ‘everybody’ does it. Everest-climbing has gone the same way. For several decades now, climbers have ascended Everest without extra oxygen, and the disabled (blind, amputees, etc.) have reached the peak. There is even a cafe at 17000ft (surrounded by other detritus – besides corpses – which is not worth removing from the mountain).  Climb it ‘because it is there’: what sort of moron would think that up as an excuse?  Was it in the way?

Reading between the (Blood-)Lines

July 3, 2018

Siting of graves at Christ College Brecon.

July 3, 2018

This is a very interesting history by Stuart Awbrey, probably an accurate reconstruction. The book by Jon Awbrey “Awbrey Dominion and Decline” is doing very well on, in which there is a lot of Havard and Awbrey genealogy. On the remote ancestry of the Awbreys it should be possible to find whether or not the Awbreys are descended from the de Clare Family using DNA. I should have my DNA done soon because I have been accepted for the Welsh DNA project. The genealogy on the site has been read by literally millions of people. My direct paternal line (Y chromosome) goes back to the marriage of the ancient British Edward Evans and the Norman Elizabeth Gunter in the church in Cusop in 1737. Elizabeth Gunter was almost certainly descended from Pierre Gunar, a knight of Bernard de Neufmarche as you know.”

So, by his own admission, traces of Ron’s true (direct)  line peter out in the 18th century thus indicating his descent from unremarkable unrecorded ancestors. So, in over-reaching social-climber mode, Ron pins all of his ‘royal’ descent hopes on the morganatic coupling, of a distant female Evans, with a more illustrious family.  That is a very very weak link, Ron, especially with regard to the inheritance of titles. As we have pointed out many times before one can, due to the inevitably dense network of cousins, link oneself to just about any famous person of the past by skipping from spear to distaff and back at will. This is certainly the driving-force for the current enthusiasm for genealogy, which now rivals the old enthusiasm for hypnotic regression. Who were you in a previous life, Ron? Any suggestions, folks?

On the Subject of Google Searches

July 1, 2018

Experimental Investigations of New Types of Precession

July 1, 2018

In reply to a recent e mail from Russ Davies in Florida I encourage experimental investigations of new types of precession, notably precession due to time dilatation and length contraction. It is known that the precession can of course be measured experimentally through measurements of length contraction and time dilatation, but is there an experimental way of directly measuring this precession? It occurs without any kind of de Sitter frame rotation, and defines the Lorentz factor. From previous UFT numerical work by Horst Eckardt it is known that the lagrangian and hamiltonain equivalent to the line element also cause precession, which can be measured as planetary precession. The de Sitter rotation of the frame increases the precession to the point where it can match any experimentally observed precession in the universe with complete precision. I have named this “The Universal Law of Precession”.”

Such a search shows that everybody else refers to time dilation in the context of relativity. Does this divergence simply reflect the autodidactic roots of your poor knowledge of physics or is it one of your trademark misspellings? Remember when you used to refer to ‘your’ garage as a ‘garriage’? The latter is of course a twee name for gay marriage. One thing is certain: now that we have pointed it out, you are condemned always to use the wrong term (dilatation has its own specific use) lest anyone should think that you are accepting our advice … which you surely should in all things.

PS: as an assured ass, we assume that you appreciated the assonance of the first and last lines (and of this PS).

The Bottom Line

June 29, 2018

Major Problems for EGR

June 29, 2018

Prior to 2003 I accepted EGR uncritically, but it immediately became clear in 2003 that a geometry without torsion is completely wrong. EGR tries to remove torsion by using a symmetric connection in a completely arbitrary way. ”

The bottom line is that EGR has passed every experimental test with flying colours. This means that all of your theorizing is unwanted, unwarranted … and plain wrong.

“Many UFT papers now show that the inclusion of torsion completely changes the Einstein field equation and refutes the entire output of work in EGR in standard physics.”

We have shown several times that torsion is certainly not ignored by real physicists (they, unlike crackpots, are open-minded to the possibility of error), but it is found again and again that torsion is irrelevant.   

“Although UFT88 is a very popular classic, it is a difficult paper because it uses tensor algebra, but the latest refutations of EGR are very simple, and can be understood by the general public. ”

It is not popular, nor a classic; nobody but you and your gang ever mention it. Bruhn comprehensively showed that you cannot handle tensors properly yourself, so perhaps you should not try to lord it over laymen in that respect.

“For example UFT406 shows that standard physics omits geodetic and Lense Thirring precession when attempting to describe planetary precession using only the Einstein force between m and M, so its claims to precision fall apart completely. Notes for UFT410 show that the standard theory of geodetic precession is algebraically incorrect and was corrected in Note 410(1) . ”

All that those ‘papers’ prove is that you do not understand the topics at all.

“It has also been shown that the standard theory of Thomas precession is incorrect. The results of Gravity Probe B are completely refuted by these latest findings. ”

You demonstrated clearly that you did not understand the results of GPB.

“Einsteinian , geodetic and Lense Thirring precessions cannot be isolated experimentally without first assuming a theory and Gravity Probe B detects only one overall precession, and that is all.”

The whole point of GPB was to separate the various precessions once and for all. In that, it succeeded completely. Why can you not accept that you are just an isolated crank crying out in the wilderness of your failed career. 

“In the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar, UFT409 shows that the Einstein field equation gives completely the wrong result. It gives a precession that is only about half the observed precession. The standard modellers cobble up a non linear Einstein equation by playing around with connections. Presumably they are aware that the fabled EGR fails completely in the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar, and probably in thousands of other cases around the Universe. In consequence there is no gravitational radiation from the Hulse Tylor binary pulsar. ”

Are you still thinking of that paper whose conclusions you completely misunderstood? 

“In a whirlpool galaxy the Einstein theory does not give the correct velocity curve it fails completely (PECE and PECE2) . ”

Why do you call that a failure of EGR? It is first and foremost a failure of Newtonian gravitation. And the leading proposed solutions (MOND, R^n, dark-matter) are not explicitly relativistic.  

“The Einstein theory of light bending falls apart under the criticism of UFT150 to UFT155 and many other UFT papers. ”

No it doesn’t, thus proving yet again that your theory is wrong.

“The ECE2 theory of light bending is simple and precise. UFT99 shows that the omission of torsion implies the disappearance of curvature, a disaster for EGR, UFT354 by Lindstrom and Eckardt (see also PECE2) shows the consequences of not using a symmetric connection. The entire geometrical framework is completely changed, and EGR collapses completely. UFT313 shows that the second Bianchi identity with torsion is the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity, a very intricate construction of tensor algebra that is completely different from the second Buanchi identity of 1902 upon which EGR is still based, despite a huge number of refutations. The EGR “establishment” ignores millions of readings of these refutations and have lapsed into silence. ”

As pointed out above, real scientists do not ignore torsion; they simply find no use for it. And they would not even think of looking at the torsional (twisted?) opinions of loonies who believe in LENR and other perpetual-motion scams and/or who think that spinning-tops can levitate.  You and your gang are a joke; it is just a pity that more people do not know about it. Exposure would hasten the removal of your undeserved CLP.

“Obviously the funding for EGR should be stopped. The only reason for hanging on to obsolete ideas is funding. This is the complete antithesis of Baconian science. Long Essay One can be understood by general public and summarizes all these refutations. Albert Einstein wrote that it takes only one piece of data to refute a theory, now it takes a huge number of theoretical refutations and thousands of experimental refutations. These are inconvenient because they come in the way of funding. So it is a very corrupt age. Einstein himself was never funded very much, he had no interest in funding.”

And here we get back to your ridiculous view of science. Do you really believe that studying and promoting EGR is really the sole interest of real physicists? EGR is one of the most successful and useful scientific tools. It is used to explain all of the results found in the many fields which ARE financed. Do people still measure the speed of light or repeat the Michelson-Morley experiment? Sure they do: they are now Physics-101 lab experiments for beginning students. Do you even know that the speed of light is now a defined constant, so there is no real point in measuring its vacuum value? Do you even know that special relativity is required to explain certain everyday phenomena? You seem to follow the ‘popular’ expositions of SR which concentrate on space-travel. Did you know that there is a glaring error, in the ‘Mr Tompkins’ book, which has never been corrected? How come you never spotted that?  You are completely out-of-touch, and living in the past … as reflected by your pathetic collection of old course-books. We suspect that you use Carroll only because it is free to download.  We wouldn’t fund you to clean our drains.

Better Evidence Required!

June 28, 2018

Automatic reply: Feedback Sites

June 28, 2018

The truth is that none of the Councillors reply to e mail, and if they do it is evasive and political – completely useless. The only real Government in Mawr is by the individual people.”

Unscientific non-Baconian conclusion; chances are that they behave like that towards only you … the upstart undocumented uchelwr who tries to upstage them!


June 25, 2018

British Web Archive Duplicated on the Wayback Machine

June 25, 2018

The entire British webarchive, is duplicated on the Wayback machine, The former is gradually transferring to Wayback machine software, but this is taking a long time. The archiving of the web is of great importance and the more copies and backups the better.”

How can a collection of random snapshots be an adequate back-up? The British archive cannot even get the name of the site right. 


June 23, 2018

Pulsed LENR Review by Douglas Lindstrom Consulted at Cornell University

June 23, 2018

Pulsed LENR Review by Douglas Lindstrom Consulted at Cornell University

Good to hear from Dr Doug Lindstrom. This is all very good news and I will send along greetings to the rest. Horst will be on a visit to Scotland. Low energy nuclear reactors (LENR) have clearly been accepted and this is a major source of energy for humankind. Congratulations on your own work on pulsed LENR at Magnetic Miles in Florida. You are welcome here any time you can make it.


LENR is significantly on route to commercialization. Here are four companies that I keep track of, which are well along on the path to commercialization.

E-CAT Device (Leonardo Corp.):
Brillouin Energy:
Brilliant Light and Power:
Global Energy Corp.

… of the South Sea variety. We shall simply look forward to the eventual investigations. Rossi has already got in plenty of practice for these, what with his previous jail-time and dozens of court appearances.

“Enjoy the meeting with Steve, Kerry, Horst, and the rest, and pass a hello on them for me please. I would like to be there, but alas, not this year.”

We shall endeavour to send a representative. 

SS Wising-Up?

June 23, 2018

ECE2 precession and Lense-Thirring precession

June 23, 2018

ECE2 Precession and Lense-Thirring Precession

Yes the gravitomagnetic description started in papers such as UFT117 and UFT118 and evolved as in PECE and PECE2 and many papers. Gravity Probe B claimed to isolate the Lense Thirring effect experimentally. That is clearly impossible without first assuming the theory they are trying to prove. It claimed also to isolate the geodetic effect experimentally. The Einstein precession is also present for any satellite orbiting the earth. In UFT406 it was shown that the sum of these three precessions is much larger than the Einstein precession. This is true for any precession, so the Einstein theory cannot give precise agreement under any circumstances. This is a simple and clear refutation of EGR. Even if we accept the Einstein theory on its own terms, it is completely wrong. Our classic UFT88 completely refutes the Einstein field equation and all its metrics. Your tabular material in chapter four of CEFE (UFT301) refutes many metrics systematically in a tour de force of computation, and shows that the EGR is a horribly complicated bog.

If I remember correctly, what is called Lense-Thirring precession was shown to be an effect of rotating central masses, ie. the gravitomagnetic field. This seems to be an effect different from Thomas or ECE2 precession which is more like an orbit effect, while Lense-Thirring is a spin effect and should be considered separately.”

Well-spotted SS! Yes, Ron sees no distinction between rotating and orbiting. He also skips between general-relativistic and special-relativistic concepts. He probably even thinks that special relativity simply becomes galilean relativity as gamma approaches unity; a common misconception among amateur physicists. On a deeper level, he also equates torsion to rotation but that is too simplistic. You really should ask yourself whether your guru has feet of clay.

Where Crackpots Founder

June 22, 2018

Note 409(6): The correct expression for Thomas precession

June 22, 2018

Note 409(6): The correct expression for Thomas precession

Good to hear from you! These experiments would be most interesting, in for example a pendulum. It is possible to work fluid dynamics into the ECE2 formalism through the expression for acceleration. From 2003 to 2018 a million page equivalents of material has been produced on all aspects of ECE and ECE2 physics,and every one of these million pages is read around the world continuously. So AIAS / UPITEC is the intellectual compass for all these people. Ideas are developing very rapidly. The ECE2 precession of the pendulum can be explained with a de Sitter rotation in exactly the same was as the precession of planets and the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar.”

It is hard to see how an essentially relativistic effect like Thomas precession can possibly affect a pendulum to a measurable extent, and if Ron’s worthless ECe theory does predict an effect, while accepted Thomas-precession theory does not, then that is a further nail in the coffin of Ron’s delusions. The pendulum of course was central to the development of physics, and is not as simple a device as is often assumed; the elementary textbook expression for the period is nowhere near accurate for example and the correct solution involves special functions. Even experts have run aground:  following Foucault’s famous demonstration, reputable groups all over the world tried to replicate it. A large fraction of them reported that their’s rotated in the opposite direction to Foucault’s pendulum! It is very difficult to set up such a pendulum correctly. As you are not physicists, would you like us to provide you with a handy check-list of all of the subtle factors which have to be taken into account when using a pendulum to explore fundamental concepts … rather than simply controlling a grandfather clock? Here is a simple question which immediately defeats most non-professionals: as a pendulum bob sweeps through its lowest point, in which direction does the acceleration-vector point?


Who to Credit?

June 21, 2018

Pulsed LENR Review by Douglas Lindstrom Consulted at Cornell University

June 21, 2018

This means that Pulsed LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) has been accepted by mainstream physics. By now it is well funded in the usual way, and the Pulsed LENR document has been consulted thousands of times off The spacetime energy circuit papers (UFT311, UFT321, UFT364, UFT382, UFT383) have also been consulted thousands of times. These have been produced by Horst Eckardt and the Muenich based experimental group.”

Here is the problem, Ron: at ‘this stage of the game’, how can you be sure that people are not clicking on your crackpot offerings simply because they have been made curious by our posts on the subject? You do not in fact know why anybody looks at your pseudoscience, as nobody ever cites it, for good or ill. As we pointed out yesterday, NASA has shown an interest in LENR, but ‘even’ that has not triggered any change of mind by physicists. By the way, we continue to be amazed that SS keeps his job. It should be acutely embarrassing for Siemens AG that one of its employees is a leading light in the local perpetual-motion club.  Many years ago, one of us was told – by a Craigcefnparc resident – that Grindell Matthews used to try to con the locals into investing in perpetual-motion schemes. Why don’t you try that Ron? Become a (Not so)Betterware salesman!

Strangely Enough …

June 20, 2018

UFT396 (On the Gyroscope), Read at Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA

June 20, 2018

This is the paper by Horst Eckardt which introduces several important new features of the gyroscope, hitherto unknown. Other gyroscope papers of the UFT series are summarized in UFT400. The gyroscope is clearly of key importance for all kinds of aeronautics and space flight, and NASA could fund AIAS / UPITEC for this work.”

… we can well believe that. Laymen are astonished when NASA lands something the size of a freezer on a comet … but Newton could have done that, given NASA’s data and computing-power. It is very old (Newtonian) physics. NASA is notoriously bad at original research and easily descends into pseudoscience. It spent a fortune on trying to reproduce the so-called Podkletnov Effect; something which was rightly ignored by physicists right from the start. It is currently looking at the Cannae Drive (equivalent to the ridiculous Emdrive) and at LENR. This all raises an interesting question: does the fact that NASA throws money at pseudoscience elevate that pseudoscience into real science, or is it stark proof that NASA employs incompetent staff? Of course, the pre-history of US rocketry would make an excellent comedy film: one pioneer was a playboy devil-worshiper who blew himself up, another did not believe that rockets would work in a vacuum and one of their best rocketeers was framed by the government, fled to France, and was replaced (the whole point of the plot) by Nazi war-criminal, Von Braun. Isn’t it funny that simply reciting those well-documented facts makes us look like rabid conspiracy theorists?  Read the freely available reports published by NASA; to those ‘in the know’ physics-wise, they make very amusing reading … Buck Rogers with equations! 


June 20, 2018

Fwd: Note 409(3): Equivalence of Lorentz boost and Thomas Rotation

June 20, 2018

Agreed. The Thomas rotation is generated by phi goes to phi’ = phi + omega t, so the frame spins because the angle phi spins. So (X, Y) becomes (X’, Y’). This change in phi is sufficient to produce the Thomas precession as in previous work. ”

It is literally painful to watch Ron and SS struggling with elementary physics, getting it back-to-front and presenting their confusion as genius-level innovation. To reiterate, Thomas precession arises when non-collinear speed changes are applied to an object moving at relativistic rates. This has been known for over 100 years! They are not ‘equivalent’ phenomena; one merely causes the other. The precession occurs only because of the relativistic length-contraction due to special relativity.    

Ron Going Straight to Hell

June 18, 2018

Fund Raising Activities

June 18, 2018

I thank the Dean of Brecon Cathedral for kindly describing my nascent charitable work as important and I will be glad to work with Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru (Welsh Baptist Union) and many others of all denominations and all walks of life over the forthcoming months or years. The cut up remnants of the University of Wales will not be beneficiaries, quite obviously, because of the numerous violations of human rights recorded in my autobiography and because of their bloody minded destruction of my internationally acclaimed work, causing international outrage. I refuse to recognize the dissolution of the genuine University of Wales. Welsh speaking Wales is under great pressure from a tory regime in London so I think that trusts and so on are a means of fighting back against the deliberate destruction of a language and ancient culture by a philistine regime that is not elected in Wales.”

You really cannot lie to the clergy in the same way that you lie to everybody else! They have Allah on their side. Sorry, have we channeled the wrong spirit-guide? Whatever. He described your charitable work as ‘important’ only because he was politely parroting back the untruths which you had told to him in the first place. Where are all of those funds to come from anyway? You seem to be counting on the well-known compound-interest formula, C(1+r)^n, which certainly does produce some surprisingly high figures. But you forget that inflation also produces high figures. So a £150000 house might well be worth tens of millions in 125 years time … but everything else will have increased in value to match, so that money would not ‘go any further’ then than it does now. The Church of England would not be interested anyway; it pleads poverty but is one of the richest landlords in the UK. Meanwhile, don’t you ever feel the flames licking at your feet when you tell people about ‘internationally acclaimed work’?   


June 18, 2018

Ifor Hael ap Llewelyn, Basaleg Gwent (born about 1320)

June 18, 2018

He is my ancestral cousin through Prince Rhys ap Tewdwr Mawr and was the patron of Dafydd ap Gwilym. He was an Uchelwr, and one of the traditional duties of that rank is patronage. I hold the same rank through descent from Tewdwr Mawr (Tudor the Great). “Basaleg” comes from “Basilica”.”

How exactly do you ‘hold that rank’?  Do you have some sort of document? That does not seem to be very likely to be true does it? All of those generations, all of those chances of multiple male births, having to count on primogeniture in every generation, etc. Depending upon the rules, that could imply just one inheritor of the title … with the odds being very much against that being you … or potentially hundreds of inheritors. You really must learn that you cannot steal prestige in that way. Are you still calling yourself Lord of Gower, by the way? Your excuse there was that ‘nobody else was’. You really are a tedious little social climber. 

Ron Now Completely Confused

June 17, 2018

Note 409(3): Equivalence of Lorentz boost and Thomas Rotation

June 17, 2018

This note shows that the Thomas rotation at the Newtonian velocity is a type of four rotation, Eq. (43) that immediately produces the relativistic kinetic energy , hamiltonian, lagrangian, total energy and Thomas half . The Thomas rotation produces all the fundamental concepts of ECE2 covariant physics in a simpler way than the four rotation (8) that defines the Lorentz factor and Lorentz boost. In order to define concepts from Eq. (8), additional considerations are needed, such as the work done, Eq. (17). The static ECE2 line element Eq. (13) produces the same relativistic kinetic energy as the Thomas rotated line element. However the latter method also produces an observable precession, while the Lorentz boost does not. The Thomas rotation is the origin of all precessions, such as planetary precession and pendulum precession. UFT406 shows that the planetary precession theory of EGR is completely wrong because it omits de Sitter and Lense Thirring precessions.”

It is a matter of elementary matrix mathematics, as applied to the Special Theory of Relativity, that an unexpected ‘extra’ rotation appears when an object is subjected to two non-collinear ‘boosts’ (changes in speed). The name of Thomas is now attached to that extra rotation (precession), even though Poincaré first spotted its necessity in the context of Lobachevskian geometry.  So it is rather odd that Ron is now trying to reverse the definition. Thomas precession occurs only because of the familiar length-contraction phenomenon of Special Relativity, so it is even more odd that Ron tries to apply it to objects which are travelling at non-relativistic speeds; a pendulum in particular. To be generous, we think that Ron is simply confusing Thomas precession with non-holonomic, Berry-phase and Hannay-angle, effects … even if he does not know what they are. They explain, for example, why a Foucault pendulum does not really rotate through 360 degrees in 24 hours, even though museum guides and TV documentaries often claim that it does. Similarly strange effects (unexpected rotations) can be demonstrated just by moving one’s own arm or wrist around in a certain way. So please read around the topic of physics a little more, Ron; perhaps take an evening-class in the Winter. By the way, Ron, given that Thomas precession depends upon Special Relativity, your theories (although loony) also depend upon Special Relativity. But here’s the thing, Ron, don’t you know that that great scholar, the Public Dick, says that Special Relativity is wrong?* That is where you crackpots always show yourselves up: you always tread on each others’ TOEs (see what we did there?). Don’t you even realize that the Public Dick is against black holes, not because he is pro-ECe, but because he wants to replace gravitation by electrostatics as the major force in cosmology. You should drop him like the proverbial hot potato.  



Ron’s Peculiar View of Physics

June 15, 2018

Long Essay One narrated by Robert Cheshire

June 15, 2018

I recommend that the ECE School of Thought and readers around the world listen to this excellent narration, because it summarizes the complete obsolescence of EGR using words only, as originally suggested by Alex Hill. If the standard modellers just continue as if nothing has happened they should no longer be funded by anyone. If they continue to be funded it would mean that the funding agencies know nothing about where their money is going and care even less, at a time when millions are starving. These are not just small errors, they are big mistakes which have been perpetuated by habit and the tremendous pressure to adhere to dogma. ECE and ECE2 have forged many new ideas which can be permuted almost infinitely.”

Ron’s point-of-view is essentially that of a layman; the sort of layman whose entire knowledge of physics comes from TV documentaries, over-the-top newspaper articles and similar out-of-touch sources. The latter sources always depend upon ‘touching the few bases’ which resonate with the general public: Einstein, Hawking, Big Bang, LHC, etc.  The result is that, to laymen, it must seem that physicists spend 100% of their time worshipping Einstein and musing about cosmology; the latter being attractive to the man-in-the-street for largely quasi-religious reasons.  Ron naturally sees things the same way, and so his way-in to deceiving his few readers is to press those same few buttons. The fact is, of course, that most physicists spend their time working on topics which the layman would find boring, even though those topics ultimately provide him with his technological toys. To use an analogy, Ron is a very minor soap-opera character with a non-speaking part who thinks that acting is entirely about the Oscars. 

Don’t Give Up Your Day-Job, Tugboat!

June 15, 2018

First Long Essay Starting ts Run

June 15, 2018

FOR POSTING : Long Essay One narrated by Robert Cheshire

Many thanks to Robert Cheshire for this flawless narration, deeply appreciated as ever, and very good to hear from him. The sound quality is perfect and this narration will be of interest to many people worldwide, staff and students, and the general public. Many thanks again!”

What is Tugboat’s day-job? Any physicist listening to his spiel will assume that he is an accomplished confidence-trickster … or just a smooth-talking double-glazing salesman; such is his skill in keeping a straight face while reciting palpable lies. He used to rent himself out on an hourly basis via an online site for temporary workers, but he seems to have stopped doing that. This appears to be what he usually does nowadays:




June 12, 2018

Quaker Nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize

June 12, 2018

I would be most grateful if you could send me a Quaker nomination form for a Nobel Peace Prize. It has been suggested that I be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for voluntary work on new sources of energy which would minimize tensions between Nations. My work and CV are described on, and is making an unprecedented worldwide impact. I think that this nomination process should be made open and democratic and have been told that I have been nominated for a Physics Nobel prize several times.

cordially yours

Myron Evans”

We know of a book somewhere which is ‘writing itself’, given this wealth of free comedy material. But of course, that far-superior physicist John Searl is way ahead of you as usual. You are trying to get the Quakers on board, but he has already got the Jews,

Make sure that you listen to the podcast everybody.


A Physics Lesson for Ron

June 10, 2018

You know, Ron, we don’t think that you pay anywhere near enough attention to the work of real physicists. Sure, there is a link to John Searl on the AIAS website and of course it was a former collaborator of Searl who originally owned, but you seem to ignore Searl’s more recent output. Have a look at this,


Of course, you may have trouble understanding it, because the concepts are a little ‘avant garde’, but he is clearly doing better than you. Look, he has collaborators with insignia on their white coats, he has proper staff, workshops and laboratories and  … above all … he has a working machine. His theory must be correct because his machine is up-and-running while you and SS are still struggling with Ideotic’s magic door-chime. Doesn’t it make you feel humble to know that Searl achieved all of that with no scientific qualifications, and is an honoured guest speaker at conferences all over the world, while you with your alphabet-soup remain unloved and unknown?  This also means that, unless his theory is exactly the same as yours, then yours must be wrong: because his machine works and you have no working prototype at all. So listen to the lecture above and learn a little about how to do physics.  Better watch out though, The Dismal Scientist might think that Searl is a safer bet than you, and switch his allegiance. After all, a conman is as good as a crackpot to a blind economist.   


June 10, 2018

408(6) : Expression of the Whole of Physics in Terms of the Thomas Precession

June 10, 2018

This note introduces numerous new concepts and shows that the whole of physics originates in Thomas precession, and its low velocity limit, the Thomas half. This is true for classical and quantum physics, both non relativistic and relativistic. For example energy and momentum quantization is due to the Thomas half, so are the Einstein de Broglie equations and the de Broglie wave particle dualism and Planck / Einstein quantization. The Thomas precession and Thomas half are ubiquitous. They occur everywhere in physics. This has never been realized before and this finding puts Einsteinian general relativity in pungent silage because it is a theory of gravitation that changes the Thomas half by changing the metric (see Note 408(5)). These changes are never observed in physics.  blah … blah ,,, blah”

Are you not painting yourself into a logical corner, Ron,  rather as a reflexologist does by claiming that every ailment can be cured by prodding the feet? Tell one of those fraudulent creeps that one has a problem with ones foot, and all that one gets in return is a blank stare.  If all of physics is based upon Thomas precession, how then does one explain Thomas precession? Your old rival in Welsh pseudoscience, ‘professor’ Viv Pope, faced the same problem:  he said that the apple hit Newton on the head (not that that ever happened) because it was orbiting at the wrong speed for its height and that gravity did not exist. Why then was the apple orbiting at all? We posed a little conundrum to you some time ago concerning Thomas (first noted in fact by Poincare) precession. Here it is again: given that an observer has noted the rotation (in his own reference-frame) of a gyroscope taken around a circular path, to what can he attribute the torque which caused that rotation?  Of course, you will have no answer. You are not a physicist. 


ICCF = Faraday Cage of Twats

June 10, 2018

“From: Steve Bannister
Date: Sat, Jun 9, 2018 at 7:54 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: UFT88 Read Again at Tohoku University Japan
To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

Dear Myron,

I will respond to this mail as an initial report of my attendance at ICCF-21 in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, this past week. I am not yet fully organized on my notes, but wanted to give an early look at what I found.”

Hello Dismal. It must look quite persuasive to the layman. Imagine a keen young schoolboy (or even an aging overgrown one like yourself) trying to find out if this is real. He will undoubtedly look at the degrees, professorships and professional affiliations (some of them real) and decide that it must be. He could ask his physics teacher. The latter would then look at the degrees, professorships and affiliations … and come to the same conclusion. That is how pseudoscience advances: it is not all blatant perpetual-motion, N-rays, ufology and creationism. That was a lesson that not even the great Martin Gardner ever learned. As for that whole fraud-fest being held at a university, that always impresses the gullible. But, of course, the conman John Searl held a conference at Leeds university some years ago. The thing is, the syndics of universities are usually drawn from the Arts or Law faculty and either do not know, or do not care, what pseudoscientists they let in … they just see the money. 

 “This is a group of very impressive, dedicated, very non-mainstream scientists. I met many of the people involved in the LENR research effort since Fleischmann and Pons held their press conference on March 23, 1989. I will summarize the key names as I get further organized.”

Quite: they look impressive and are certainly not mainstream, but one should really use the term ‘deluded’ rather than ‘dedicated’.

“I had several opportunities to ask people if they were familiar with your work; most were not, so I have begun sharing the work with several people. I will report on any feedback, but I have to say there was intense interest in my less than formal description of what you have accomplished.”

Hear that, Ron? After all of your efforts, most people have not heard of you – not even in the lunatic fringe.  

“In particular, a very impressive Japanese consortium (apparently funded by Nissan, and I think by the government) presented several papers. The consortium has members from Tohoku University, apropos of your observation in this email, so perhaps their work is the source of Tohoku’s interest in the papers. A speculation on my part.”

Well, as we mentioned yesterday, that university is no stranger to the publication of pseudoscientific nonsense.

“There is also a fascinating sub–group that is studying the direct electricity phenomenon, and I made personal contact with their leader, George Egely, and will continue to communicate with him. In addition, a person from the SAFIRE project was there. This is a research effort on plasma models of solar processes, and they are I think headed in a direction supported by Professor Robitaille’s work. I will continue to communicate with them. I have mentioned this project to Doug Lindstrom. At least one knowledgeable person commented that the Sun’s process was likely cold fusion or LENR rather than hot fusion.”

Thanks to you, we have had occasion to mention Egely in the past; remember?

Other loonies at the conference were Peter Hagelstein, who famously ruined a stellar career due to his obsession with cold fusion, and Jean-Paul Biberian, who not only believes in transmutation during LENR, but also in Louis Kervran; who claimed that plants and animals can transmute elements.   

“At any rate, I need to prepare now for my Economics conference in Fort Collins starting tomorrow. That should also give me the time to further organize and digest my many experiences.”

Does your head-of-department know what you are up to? We would hate to tar your superiors and colleagues with the same brush, unless they deserve it. On the other hand, we can never resist thinking the worst of anything from Utah. It is, after all, a state which was founded on religious fraud and palpable nonsense: book of gold, magic spectacles, lines from the King James bible supposedly pre-dating their author! It is lucky that scientology came along and made the mormons look almost sensible in comparison. 

“There is great progress and optimism. It was a very exciting week.”

Great progress and optimism? There had better be: it will soon be thirty years since this fiasco began. What happened to those impressively steaming vats which accompanied the original reports? Why are the results becoming fainter and fainter as measurement techniques improve?

Very best,


Are you proud of yourself?


Recognition at Last!

June 9, 2018

Fruitcake imploded

June 9, 2018

The fruitcake site that has been throwing silage at everyone for eighteen years has collapsed completely. This month it has attracted no interest at all, (, while many items on www.aias.usare at a sixteen year record high. The fruit site has been reported to the authorities. One of its members is an ultra obscure former councillor who shall remain unknown in perpetuity. There have been no crticisms of UFT88 for example, since it as written in 2008, and currently there is record high interest in it.”

Eighteen years? Where DO you get your data? Oh, that useless semrush site? More reputable sites offer a different point-of-view,

One page-view per visitor? That does not seem to be compatible with your concocted figures. Can you not see our hit-counter?  Why not add a counter to your sites to ensure a direct comparison? We have no UK members who are not scientists, so 0/10 for that deduction concerning your excellent neighbour (and Dylan Thomas expert and respected local historian). There have been no crticisms, or even criticisms, of  UFT (ultra-fatuous tripe) 88 because nobody knows or cares about it. Everything about your mathematical theory was torn apart years ago by a genuine expert: there is nothing more to add. You are too scared to submit  a paper to a recognized academic journal and so you fall back on the excuse that crackpots have used for generations: institutional bias. You are even too scared to submit work to the many hundreds of loony publications which now exist for the benefit of your ilk, but for a different reason: you know that the world is full of amateur wannabee physicists like yourself and they all have their own theory-of-everything. How could you then shine in such company?  Can you not see our poll results? Barely 1% agree with your opinion, and we assume  that that 1% is due entirely to your minute gang’s efforts. Here is a challenge: tell all of your thousands of followers to go to our polls and vote as you tell them to. If nothing changes, everybody else will know you for the isolated humbug that we know you to be. When our author-friend finally gets his finger out, you (and other cranks) will be pilloried in no uncertain terms. We are laid-back. He can be positively vicious  … and his evidence unassailable. Perhaps your rats should leave the sinking ship right now, Siemens Stain might otherwise have some explaining to do to his employers, Penderghastly to Ofsted and Sewage to the local authorities watchdog. The man-in-the-street in particular does not like to think that his children were being taught by second-rate teachers, nor his council run by incompetents.        

How is that Going to Help?

June 9, 2018

Replacement of Citations by Article Usage Reports

June 9, 2018

Teh article usage re[ports or scientometrics of www.aias.usare the most detailed in the world for a new theory. I have been advocating their use for over a decade. Now Elsevier has introduced the same system. It is now startingto be possible to get an exact comparison of downloads per year with other open access jopurnals and similar. For example the top five articles in Journal of Vision were downloaded 1,993 to 3,478 times a year. This is found by googling “How many times is an academic paper read?” then fifth site: “Bibliometrics – How many people read an individual article?”. Arxiv has 16.67 unique visits per new article per month. th eperformance of ECE and far exceeds this kind of impact. In May 2018 the toptyen ECE papers and books were 286 (3,168 downloads a year) ,88 (2,640), PECE (1, 548), PECE2 (1,260), 364 (1,068), 177 (1,044), 214 (1,008), 142 (996), 25 (924), 33 (780). This is s total of 14,436 downloads a year for the top ten items. There are over seven hundred items on ECE theory,so the total downloads is 1,010,520 a year. This shows that the quantity and quality of ECE theory makes it the highest impacting theory in the world of science. This is why it is worthy of a Nobel Prize and has been for many years.”

Your download claims are already highly suspect, given that the forward slash symbol accounted for over 30% of downloads according to your own published records. The lack of any usage of your tripe is surely not something that somebody in his right mind would want to draw attention to. Just one of the papers published in Journal of Vision, SUN: A Bayesian framework for saliency using natural statistics, has been cited over 700 times. Since you account for well over 90% of the citations of your own loony papers (even though you claim that such referencing is unimportant), you are going to be pretty busy if you hope to approach the above level of usage. Why not add hit-counters to your blog and websites so that everyone can see some honest data for a change. Ron realized recently that some of his data ‘gave the game away’ and deleted them. So we had to go back to June 2017 to find this typical example:

Faked data

The data are not really fake; the problem is that the figures show that pure dross accounts for a large proportion of the famous downloads. Nothing else rises above a fraction of a %.

Makes Sense … Sort of

June 9, 2018

UFT88 Read Again at Tohoku University Japan

June 9, 2018

There is an ECE school of thought at Tohoku. It regularly consults UFT88, which is being consulted a record number of times around the world. There has been intense interest in ECE theory in Japan since inception of the theory in 2003. Therefore the teachings of the standard model are politely noted, and immediately rejected. Someone once wrote to Clem Attlee to ask him to resign. The reply was short: “Your letter has been received and its contents noted”.”

It is somehow logical because Tohoku University was once the focus of just about the worst case (pace cold-fusion at Utah and Southampton) of ‘academic’ pseudoscience and editorial incompetence. For it was from here that Hideo Hayasaka and Sakae Takeuchi published their fatuous paper, “Anomalous Weight Reduction on a Gyroscope’s Right Rotations around the Vertical Axis on the Earth”. Even Laithwaite laughed at the results: after all, he claimed that a spinning-wheel lost kilograms of weight whereas the Japanese clowns reported only milligrams of weight loss. The paper ‘came out of nowhere’ and the only background offered was that they were testing Kozyrev’s theory. Why did the editor of Physical  Review Letters (sic!) not know that Kozyrev was a Russian crackpot (he claimed that ‘action’ and ‘reaction’ were sequential rather than simultaneous) who had then been rendered truly mad (inventing a sort of scrying-mirror to explore the paranormal) by being put in the same cell as a ‘normal madman’ during his time in the Gulag Archipelago. They were not even following Kozyrev’s advice: he had written a lengthy paper claiming that the best way to study weight-loss in a spinning-top was to shake the entire experimental set-up as vigorously as possible. Nevertheless, quite a few laboratories around the world tried to replicate the results and of course … failed to do so.  Our author-friend has quite a few extra details which prove the above authors (with one of whom he corresponded) to have been extremely dishonest in their presentation, but we shall ‘keep his powder dry’.   So could there still be loony academics lurking at that university who are attracted by Ron’s antigravity theories?

Theory Conspiracy

June 8, 2018

Working towards Complete Recognition of ECE Theory

June 8, 2018

I suggest that the AIAS / UPITEC staff and hundreds of thousands of others could work towards full and complete recognition of ECE by nominating for the big prizes and working towards reform of the way in which physics is administered. ”

Where are you going to get ‘hundreds of thousands of others’? Do you mean the claimed ‘schools of ECe thought’ which supposedly download all that rubbish? They clearly do not exist. If they did, would they not go to our polls and quickly reverse (with their overwhelming numbers haha) the current results which tell massively against you? Vox crackpotwatch = vox populi = vox dei.

“This is not an ego trip on my part, I mean the theory and its ideas must be nominated because they are so hugely influential. ”

You are nothing but ego! You are like a character from Dickens or Lawrence or Llewellyn, who gets to mix with his betters and turns into an insufferable snob, a classic case of a ‘grammar-school boy’ who shines when it is all about rote-learning but cannot ‘hack it’ in the real world. You are lucky that science, being a closed book to most of the population, is a field where even the lab-rats can look like geniuses to the man-in-the -street. 

“ECE has been spontaneously recognized worldwide as the new physics, and has refuted almost all of the old physics. ”

Only within the confines of your own ‘university’ and imagination.

“Prizes, jobs, and so on are given for the old physics and are tightly controlled. For example nominators for a Nobel Prize in physics are invited. So they would almost all be standard modellers. Nominators of the Nobel prize in physics for myself broke through this system. ”

Or did they simply break the rules and send pointless nominations off anyway: just as Sewage tried to do with the Wolf Prize. He was not eligible as a Wolf Prize nominator, but that did not stop him. By the way, Ron, when one is masterminding (LOL) a conspiracy like that, it is probably better not to document it day-by-day in your blog. Does the economics faculty at Utah know about that ‘smoking-gun’ of a letter which  you had The Dismal Scientist write to the Wolf Prize committee? D’oh!

“The enlightened nominators were attacked but a sustained counter attack has routed the attackers. ”

Really? When and where did that happen? Do tell.

“So the way is clear for more nominations. AIAS / UPITEC staff who have retired can no longer be threatened with job loss and career and family destruction. ”

No, but it could be proved post facto that their entire careers were wasted and they did not in fact possess the knowledge which they were paid to exercise.

“In my experience the old system works by forcing people to think along party lines. If they do not, they are effectively sacked or ostracized for life. ”

But your experience is hardly that of a normal person. Few people suffer such excessive results from poor hygiene. Did you think that the use of soap would amount to blind adherence to party lines?

“I think that if this primitive “system” bloody mindedly refuses to recognize merit when everyone else already has, that system is finished intellectually, it has no authority. ”

But wherein is your ‘merit’, and when did ‘everybody else’ recognize it?

“It had the authority of a Viking King like Cnut (Canute), ordering the tide not to come in. He is remembered by history as a nutter with wet socks. ”

Ah, that old schoolboy howler. Experts agree that Cnut pulled that stunt to prove, to his too-obsequious followers, that he did NOT have that power. We always call you a cnut in private, Ron, why not show your obsequious followers that you are powerless. Everybody else already knows it.

“Gareth Evans and Kerry Pendergast are two of the best scientists from Wales, and have plenty of time to work along these lines, being retired or semi retired. ”

Well, what an insult to Wales! We like to think that there may be various future boards of inquiry into why pseudoscientific crackpots were allowed to teach science or possibly influence science-based decisions for a local authority.

“ECE is by far the best theory of physics of the early twenty first century, vox Populi vox Dei or salus Populi suprema est. ”

You should try to prove it. Why not apply it to tidal effects? After all, that would fit in with your obsession with the tidal rise of the Severn Estuary. Even Hermann Bondi got it wrong when he discussed its damming.

“One always has to bear in mind that half of all academic papers are not even read, ”

Not read immediately … or not read at all? Not every paper is supposed to be world-shattering, Ron. Most physicists work quietly on obtaining accurate data on physical properties. Nobody is going to rush to read the resultant paper: but it has to be there when needed. You would have done better by losing the  delusion that you are a great scientist. You are too sloppy and closed-minded for that role.

“and that the average academic produces about a paper equivalent a year from huge salaries paid by poor students who are deliberately loaded with debt for years. ”

We are constantly puzzled by this talk of huge academic salaries. Perhaps you are confusing doctors of medicine with doctors of philosophy. Even the former earn only 50 to 70K, and the latter considerably less. The former also get that for just a bachelor degree (few medics hold higher degrees). These salaries are in turn dwarfed by those of other professions such as law.

“The sixties system took no such Viking loot, and did not load students with debt at a time when they need all the money that they can get – early career, huge mortgages, assuming that they can get one. ”

It is a problem mainly for science: the salaries are poor but the course expenses are the same (or higher … because of equipment-costs). Business-graduates at least learn the skills required to feather their own nests … and cheat others. First degrees in science are useless even for science, given the large numbers of misconceptions which are recycled generation-after-generation. And those are real provable misconceptions; not just in the opinion of pseudoscientific clowns like Ron.

“So university administration like that is not needed, is your admin really necessary? It is a societal parasite that saps industrial strength. I cannot see how they can look students in the face. This system has no moral or intellectual authority yet is allowed to control the big prizes, to cover up merit. This system must be broken down and reformed out of all recognition. It can be completely dishonest, as the UNCC and EDCL incidents show, and will never reform itself. ”

Surely the fact that you were pretty soon ‘out on your ear’ shows that the system works.

“It can be reformed by Parliament by shutting it down and starting again. The young and reforming Lloyd-George would have described academic admin as he described the House of Lords – a collection of the unemployed chosen at random. The old Lloyd-George sold peerages.”

Ah, the Welsh admiration for puckish dishonesty.

“Sic transit gloria mundis.”

Fortunately, that tag also applies to most rubbish.

Extra Data Massage

June 8, 2018

Daily Weblogs Report 5/6/18

June 7, 2018

The equivalent of 168,298 printed pages was downloaded (613.615 megabytes) from 2,524 downloaded memory files (hits) and 426 distinct visits each averaging 4.8 memory pages and 10 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 66.68, top referrals total 2,455,556, 55.3% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo.City of Winnipeg UFT407; Ontario Pork Spacetime Devices; Oriente University Cuba F3(Sp); Mathematics Institute University of Heidelberg UFT88; Physics University of Udine Title page. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.”

We have noticed a certain amount of additional editing of your contrived data: the tables which showed exactly which files are downloaded seem to have disappeared. Is it because such tables showed that the download which accounted for over 31% of the so-called ‘interest’ in your drivel was the / (forward slash) symbol. So we ask again, are you sure that you know how webalizer works? By the way, is it your famous dyslexia – or plain stupidity – which regularly sends readers to the wrong site? Just try to get to aias using the link (below) which you offered.

So Sprach der Führer

June 5, 2018

“AUTOMATED RESPONSE from Special Consular Services, U.S. Embassy, London

June 5, 2018

To Cllr. Rowlands:

This is a response from the United States Embassy. ”

What is? Where is the text? An ‘automated response’ does not mean much. Are rational people supposed to be impressed? 

“If these incidents of abuse and assault continue (including electronic assault) I will ask the Embassy for a diplomatic protest by the United States to protect one of its own citizens. ”

Sure, a country which prides itself on individualism, rugged independence and a two-fisted response to tyranny  is really going to rush to defend a simpering panty-waist like you. 

“The Council’s highway department has replied to say that the removal of illegally parked cars is a certainly a matter for the police. Local Authorities will soon have the power to remove them and impose £70 fines. In response to my protest the Council will step up activities against illegally parked cars in Mawr, and has agreed with me that pavement parking is illegal. It mentioned that single or double yellow lines are necessary in order to give the police and local authority more power. At present there are no double yellow lines in the whole of Mawr.”

We pointed out long ago that such a policy would inexorably destroy the village: with yellow lines and fines, many residents would no longer be able to continue living there since, as you pointed out yourself, the bus service is awful. Properties would become impossible to sell, fall into disrepair, and probably have to be bought eventually by the council for renting to persons whom you might deem to be socially undesirable. Lucky residents, having gardens adjacent to the road, would knock down their garden walls and concrete-over their gardens to form parking spaces. This would not only ruin the appearance of the village, but the hugely increased run-off of rain-water could lead to veritable torrents of water cascading down the street.  Finally, the absence of parked cars in the street would allow thoughtless drivers to speed more freely through the village at high speed. You are about as good as Trump at foreseeing the unintended consequences of knee-jerk ideas.   

“I agree with you about wind turbines. a year long study of mine (see blog of showed that they are useless and legislation is needed to demolish them in Mawr at developer expense, and to nationalize the Somerset Trust. Those who constructed the turbines should be heavily fined and / or imprisoned for gross environmental damage. The 1649 Republic distributed the land of Mawr in 1650.”

But you forget that you are a crank, having no good scientific reputation. Who in their right mind would listen to ‘energy policy’ from someone who believes in perpetual motion? Hmmm, perhaps you should approach Trump directly, rather than his consular staff. And does not your dubious claim put you into conflict with Siemens Stain? After all, the company which pays him predicts that wind will become the major energy source within two decades.

Strange Definition of Feedback

June 3, 2018

FOR POSTING: Sixteen Year Feedback to end of May 2018

June 3, 2018

This is the sixteen year feedback from May 2002 to May 2018, showing a vast amount of sustained, high quality interest. The ECE theory is of course being read, not merely cited without studying the source article, as so often happened in the old method. If it were not read, it would not generate any feedback. Half of all papers produced by the old method are not read by anyone. On average, an academic produces about one paper equivalent a year and there is a fifty percent chance that that single work will never be read. AIAS / UPITEC is vastly superior in both quality and productivity. If droves of capable people read a theory for sixteen years, that is pretty thorough refereeing. Our internal checking system is also very rigorous.”

The ‘everyday’ definition is, “information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.” In science, it would involve citation of a published paper, use of a published new technique, direct communications from admirers or favourable reviews of books. You have demonstrated none of those Ron. All that you have are these contrived figures, conjured-up in the dead of night by you alone. Do you even understand how webalizer works? In the real world, your ECe nonsense is cited only by you and your gang … or perhaps by the occasional isolated crank. Nobody watches your YouTube lectures for more than a matter of seconds. Books related to you attract nothing but unremitting negativity … except of course for the efforts of Penderghastly, who awards 5 stars to any work related to you, including his own book (until Amazon was tipped-off about the fraud).  You are not only the sole pseudoscientist to receive a Civil List pension, you are also morally corrupt for lying daily about your ‘success’.  



June 2, 2018

Updates to BS

June 2, 2018

Updates for BS will be sent tomorrow. Today I went for a long walk and all was OK because my muscle strength is back to normal. I did not have heat stroke, my muscle strength gave way because of many pulled muscles and heat. Many thanks to all! I have had worse kicks from a Friesian cow in a field full of pot. I never drink or smoke or take any drugs except fish and chips.”

Ron, Ron, EVERY update from you is BS! Still, it is good to know that you are not going to keel over any time soon.  Getting you off the list of Civil List recipients will be hard enough while you are alive; getting you removed post mortem would be nigh impossible.