Don’s Understudy

November 12, 2018

‘Truth-checkers’ claim that ‘the best President that money can buy’ told some 1400 lies during the Mid-Term campaign. Ron does his best …

The Rake’s Progress

November 12, 2018

This is a painting by Hogarth which we studied at Pontardawe Grammar School, a painting of a dissolute drunkard dissolved in alcohol, ”

Was drunkenness such a problem in the valleys that children had to be frightened in that way? Were the ‘hell-fire and damnation tabernacles’ not enough?

“an apt metaphor for the fruitcake bile generating site that has stolen about two thousand five hundred postings from my blog.”

LIE. It is fair use, and omitting the offending/offensive Ron post later leads to puzzlement.

“Semrush shows that interest in fruitcake is currently zero in the United States, down 100%, and one in Britain, down 50%. ”

Ron fails to explain why the Semrush figures do not agree with his contrived feedback data; we claim that those are another LIE

“It has recently been voted the most boring site in the world”

A somewhat whimsical LIE

“and has been subjected to a high level police investigation”


“started by the Police Commissioner for South Wales. ”


“WordPress has removed some postings”


“and under DMCA must remove all postings by law. ”


“This is a vicious hate site, ”

a LIE, according to our poll.

“and typical of the anarchic state of the internet. ”

LIE. It is the pseudoscientific sites, such as AIAS, which are typical. We are part of the atypical – but growing – truth-checking industry, made fruitful by the likes of Don and Ron 

“This is why no one reads it, it is so repulsive. “ Ambition is the last refuge of the failure”  (Oscar Wilde).

Hmm, a quote from someone whose personal habits were considered highly repulsive in his day.  

“The rake’s progress ended in the gutter.”

One good reason for avoiding the metaphorical gutter …  is your presence in it. 



Same Old, Same Old … Lies

November 10, 2018

EGR is Clearly refuted by S2

November 10, 2018

It is simple for anyone to see that EGR gives a forward precession of the S2 star of 0.208 degrees per S2 orbit around a heavy central mass. So if EGR is magically precise the experimentally measured precession must be close to 0.208 degrees. It is not. The astronomers report – 1 degree for one type of theory and up to +2 degrees for another. There is no clean astronomical measurement of the S2 precession. The close agreement with Newtonian theory which has just been demonstrated today for the S2 star means that the experimental precession is nowhere near 0.208 degrees per orbit. This is a huge precession compared with solar system data on planetary precession, typically of the order of arc seconds per earth century. The central mass is not a “black hole” because the geometry of the black hole theory is totally wrong. Droves of people read UFT88 and know that black hole theory is totally wrong. Wikipedia still rolls out the cobblers about S2 “proving” EGR. I would like to know just how. It tried the old political trick of removing me from history when I began to write the truth and tread on its gout.”

But that assumes that your calculation is correct, and what are the odds of that … given that you are such a liar? A case in point: where exactly is the evidence for the existence of those ‘droves of people’?,5

Oh, is it the fictional feedback again?


Star Log, Supplemental

November 10, 2018

Orbital Velocity from m(r)

November 10, 2018

This is given by Eq. (54) of Note 417(7) in a well defined limit:

v squared = m(r) power 3 / 2 MG(2 m(r) power half / r – 1 / a)

Therefore the experimental value of m(r) can be found from the S2 star data of May 18th 2018, when it made the closest approach to the mass M about which it orbits. In the limit m(r) goes to 1, the Newtonian result is recovered. This is one out of many ways of describing the S2 star precession in ECE2 and m theories. I have asked two leading astronomers whether they can supply the latest experimental data on the precession. ”

A thought occurs, Ron: does your crackpot theory have anything to say about the Tully-Fisher empirical law?  We feel that it should. Secondly, we have nothing against Borka et alia, but do you have any evidence that they are ‘leading astronomers’ (apart from the fact that it suits you to think that they are somehow anti-EGR). Why have you not mentioned their h-indices, mused about whether they are worthy of tenure or listed how many ‘fellowships they earned in open competition’. Even if you cannot manage to be scientific, Ron, try at least to be consistent. 


First Understand the Paper

November 10, 2018

Request for Data on the S2 Star

November 10, 2018

Drs. D. Borka and A. F. Zakharov,
We are interested in your papers on the S2 star using R power n and Yukawa models of gravitation. We have recently developed a theory ( in which retrograde precession and forward precession are described. Do you have an accurate data bank on the S2 star defining its orbit precisely, or do you know where such a data bank can be found? I find from your interesting papers that the orbit is almost Newtonian or Keplerian, but the prospect of negative precession is very important because it would refute general relativity experimentally. Essentially we need data to define the initial conditions for a numerical integration of equations of motion defined by m theory, which is the development of physics in the most general spherically symmetric spacetime. As can be seen from the latest UFT papers on the m theory can produce forward and retrograde precession and shrinking orbits. It can also produce superluminal signalling, potential energy from the m(r) function of m space, the possibility of counter gravitation, and much more. The m(r) function could be related to the functions used in your own theory. We have also applied our theory to the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy.”

As we have already pointed out, the Borka paper has been cited only twice … by the authors. On the other hand, this is probably only because it is highly specialized … and not because it is rubbish, like your non-cited or excessively self-referenced work. The bigger problem is that you do not seem to understand what the paper is saying. It is considering one of the several proposed alternatives to dark matter as an explanation for flat galaxy rotation curves (which, by the way, is primarily a problem for Newtonian gravitation, not EGR). The paper is analyzing what it would mean if the ‘rosette signature’ of retrograde precession were observed. That is, what it would mean for their theory IF it were to be observed. So, even if retrograde precession were observed, they would attribute it to something other than a failure of EGR.  The authors are clearly real mainstream EGR believers; they will not welcome a communication from an anti-Einstein crank who believes in UFO-style antigravity, perpetual motion and FTL travel. You seem to forget sometimes, Ron, that you are just a pseudoscientific clown with no academic standing. 

PS: Is not the Public Dick upset by your enthusiasm for the Borka paper? After all, it assumes that S2 is orbiting a black hole … which he says does not exist.  On the other hand, he says – being an Electric Universe freak – that gravity does not exist. Is your continued association something to do with surface tension? That is what usually holds scum together.   

Fair Warning

November 9, 2018

Turbines Kill So Many Birds They’re Effectively an Apex Predator

November 9, 2018

I think that new legislation is needed to ban wind turbines completely. UNESCO or the United Nations and similar should consider this in view of the fact that LENR is just about to be commercialized, and the new m theory develops a completely new physics that opens up the possibility of infinite potential energy from the m(r) function of spherical space time.”

If we see any sign that such fraudulent devices are being marketed to members of the general public, we shall inform every governmental watchdog in the world … and cite you as a co-conspirator. Does Rossi really want to spend another 8 years in jail? 


Daily Joke

November 9, 2018

UFT417 Making an Immediate Impact

November 9, 2018

UFT417 on infinite potential energy from m(r); superluminal signalling and travel; and counter gravitation, is making an immediate impact. This morning’s report shows that it has been read in the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics, situated in Bonn. I will shortly write up UFT418. For those Institute members with username and password the relevant webalizer report is attached.”

And we bet that they are still rolling around on the floor, laughing their heads off. How can you maintain the fiction that ‘visits’ are necessarily a good thing. Ooh, 35129 fake hits already this month. Do you never wonder who the mole is?

Long-Distance Loon

November 7, 2018


November 7, 2018

FOR POSTING: Article on ECE theory by Lar Felker and Horst Eckardt

I agree with Gareth Evans that this is an excellent article. We could try giving Laurence a ring. ”

Yes, ring him at Belimo on 001 7753552461. Or, if that does not work, try his cell-phone, 001 7752504160. But why, Ron, would you want to contact an American air-conditioning engineer? Do you even have air-conditioning? Belimo has a branch in Shepperton … wouldn’t that be more convenient?


Theoretical Quibbles

November 7, 2018

New Expressions for Infinite Potential Energy from m(r)

November 7, 2018

This note produces new expressions for infinite potential energy from m(r), while conserving total energy as usual in the well known work integral method of classical dynamics.”

What exactly does ‘conservation’ mean when the resource is infinite? Have you never heard of Hilbert’s Hotel, Ron?  Also, the concept of potential energy is meaningless unless it is defined with respect to some reference point. Where is your reference point, Ron?


… by Any Other Name Would Smell …

November 6, 2018

418(7): Change in Potential Energy due to m(r)

November 6, 2018

I propose updating the terminology “energy from the vacuum” or “energy from the aether” or “energy from spacetime” to “potential energy from m(r)”. “

Or you could just call it zero point energy, which is an accepted concept in real physics and which explains the Lamb shift and Casimir force. ZPE is popular even in the lunatic fringe because they think that it can be extracted and that the reservoir is huge. There are conceptual problems however. Where, for instance, is the associated gravitational field of all of that energy? Also, if these various ‘space energies’ are everywhere, how can they be exploited? Energy is exploitable only when it flows from one place to another. If it is already everywhere, why should it flow; exploiting it would be like erecting a dam in the middle of a lake.   


There is a Tide in the Affairs …

November 5, 2018

The possibility of Counter Gravitation from m Theory

November 5, 2018

The fact that m theory may result in expanding orbits implies counter gravitation, ”

The Moon’s orbit is expanding (did you know that, Ron), but it has nothing to do with antigravity. It is due to tidal drag caused by the Earth’s oceans. But your ‘unified theory’ cannot explain that because, oh dear, you never mention tides. What a strange ‘unified theory’ it is that cannot handle tidal effects.

Another Approach?

November 5, 2018

Comments by Horst Eckardt

November 5, 2018

Comments by Horst Eckardt

These are as usual very interesting comments, another approach to superluminal signalling.”

Oh dear, Ron, are you suffering under the misapprehension that proof of quantum non-locality (e.g. the Aspect experiment) means that faster-than-light communication is possible? It does not. It allows instant deduction of the state of an entangled particle which is light-years away from its ‘companion’, but it does not permit the transmission of information. Special relativity is all about the limits on the transmission of  information (did you know that, Ron), so quantum non-locality does not clash with it. If you are interested, we can tell you how to send a signal down a coaxial cable in such a way that it appears to arrive before it has left.


Know Your Crackpots: Sewage

November 4, 2018


More Creepy Crawling by Sewage

November 4, 2018

Summary by GJE

November 4, 2018

Many thanks to the Co President! ”

What are Ceredigion County Council’s rules on ‘outside employment’.

“The mythical precision of the standard model no longer exists after the discovery of retrograde precession in the S2 star, and in the UFT papers multiple methods of developing and explaining cosmology have been proposed. ”

Where is the evidence for the above S2 claim? 

“The m theory has the great advantage of being able to use any m (r) function, and is capable of describing any astronomical data, including the velocity curves of whirlpool galaxies. ”

If one contrives a theory so as to fit some observations, it is hardly surprising that it then fits them. The real test is whether it is consistent with every other observation.  It is a very bad sign if it is consistent with misunderstood evidence.

“The standard model is restricted to m(r) = 1 – r0/r, and this is incorrect due to neglect of torsion. ”

This is a non sequitur; many theories have assumed various degrees of torsion; it is irrelevant,


“A quick glance at Google will show that the books are doing very well, being on the first or second pages of Google for a good choice of keywords. For example “Principles of ECE volumes one and two” and “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”.

Where are the favorable reviews? Where are the independent citations? 

“There has never been any valid criticism of ECE and ECE2, and the new m theory. ”

Duh! There has been no valid comment at all.

“This is simply because the theories are based directly on the well known Cartan geometry. ECE and ECE2 are generally covariant unified field theories and are therefore also Lorentz covariant. ”

Read the above paper … if you can manage it.

“In the S2 star the standard model is out by a factor ten and gives the wrong sign of precession. ”

Again, where is the evidence for the S2 claims? 

“The dogmatists are out on a limb, being locked into obsolescence. I am beginning to write the third volume of my autobiography, and that will expose all the early attacks as being due to the well known propensity of obscure mediocrities to attack new ideas in a mindless way.”

And we shall expose the well known propensity of obscure mediocrities to attack established physics in a pseudoscientific way. Might we suggest that a better title for the third volume will be Dämmerung.



Pseudoscience is Endemic at Siemens

November 3, 2018

This kind of undermines our joke that Siemens Stain is a particular stain on Siemens’ reputation, but we are duty-bound to point out that a Patricia S.Cyrus recently co-presented a conference paper which concluded, 

“A subconscious interaction between the future and the present or past may be an on-going feature of the mental and physical universe. Suggestions for follow-on investigations into retrocausation are provided.”

The thing is, Ms Cyrus works for Siemens in Orlando. Even sadder is the fact that the conference was organized by the American Institute of Physics. Hey, Ron, this mental time-travelling may come in handy when dealing with the causality problems caused by your faster-than-light travel. So, incompetent amateur experimenters in Germany and incompetent company-sanctioned experimenters in the US. Jeez, wasn’t it a Welshman who said, “all the world’s mad save thee and me”?


Know Your Crackpots: Ron (Disambiguation)

November 2, 2018

This handsome flat-capped gentleman is not Ron.  But the lunatic fringe, and Wikipedia, seem to believe that he is.

Know Your Crackpots: Bumper Bundle

November 2, 2018

Oh the body-language. Oh the fashion-sense. Oh the symbolism: Public Dick, the body-builder, doing a Napoleon impression, Ron signalling his (self?) love and Penderghastly-the-bouncer sporting his kipper tie. Nürnberg  … if only. 

Here is the list of SG gang-members at that time.

santilli-galilei conspirators

Look at all of those familiar names: Volfson, who managed to sneak an antigravity machine past the Patent Office. Widlar, the trucker who apparently sells a line of quack cancer cures. Shelburne, supposed US Navy guy who has ‘seen working perpetual-motion machines’. Penderghastly, the ‘unsung hero of science’ according to the incompetent Royal Society of London. Gari Owen, former scientific attache (spook) to Washington who assured Ron that Victoria Crosses can be awarded in secret (to Turner-Thomas for example). Gray, Searl collaborator and original owner of Felker, the air-conditioning engineer who wrote the most unread physics book in the world. Plus all of the usual suspects.    

Know Your Crackpots: Dismal Scientist

November 2, 2018

Note the typo in the address; do they take their cue from More importantly, do the other three know that their leader believes in perpetual motion? If they are not equally deluded, that could be bad for morale. Hmm, why does one of us keep mumbling,  ‘demented hamster’.

When Crackpots Clash

November 1, 2018

Cew Cosmology

November 1, 2018

Cew Cosmology

I think that the seven hundred or so UFT papers or books are far in advance of this paper, which has the obvious problem of adhering to obsolete black hole dogma. The latest m theory looks much more promising and has already produced revolutionary new results. Standard physics is basically theology, not natural philosophy. As you know, the ECE2 theory has already produced more startlingly original results than the theology. There are hundreds of one paper claims about new cosmologies, but none of them have the rigorous and broad ranging power of ECE2.”

What a dilemma it must be for all of those contrarian fans of pseudoscience: do they go with Ron, who works hand-in-glove with street-level crooks like Searl and Rossi to promise perpetual motion, or do they go with the more austere and apparently more sensible academic crackpots? Here we have a dodgy publisher (which pretends to be based in the US, but is probably Chinese or Indian, a journal which is on Beall’s list of ‘predatory publications’ and a lead author who calls himself an ‘independent researcher’ (always a bad sign) and may well be a mere MD (just like Randell Mills MD, the world’s most successful perpetual-motion pusher). The journal has an apparently respectable editor-in-chief, but does he know that he is? Dodgy publishers have a habit of using academics without their permission. Beall, an individual, was silenced by legal threats (a favourite crackpot ploy, eh Ron?) and even threats of imprisonment, although it was unclear what jurisdiction an Indian court would have over a US citizen. It is not so easy to silence more weighty entities:

UGC’s revised white list has 111 more predatory journals

This list alone would amaze any layman. If quizzed, the latter can perhaps name only New Scientist (NOT even an adequate science magazine), Nature (a science magazine) and a few medical journals (for obvious reasons). He would be amazed that even the number of proscribed journals is far greater than he could ever have imagined.


You Can Fool All of the (Lay) People …

October 31, 2018

Look, Ron, the crank that you could have been: gasp at all of those (documented, unlike yours) Nobel Prize nominations. He now even has a knighthood!

Didn’t his Institute award you an honorary doctorate, or something, years ago? And now:

awards to former AIAS member, and fan of the Public Dick, Dunging-Davies, not to forget Peter Rowlands. Is not Rowlands a stalwart of the famous loony-tune Vigier conferences? Why are you left out in the cold, Ron? Doesn’t the lunatic fringe value you either?

PS:  Why is Rowlands, here and at the Vigier Conferences, always billed as ‘Professor’ when in fact he is only an ‘honorary teaching assistant’?

Is this another example of the routine habit of ‘honours inflation’ in the lunatic fringe? Perhaps you should try calling yourself ‘professor’, Ron, or ‘professeur de mes deux fesses’, as the French say.  Note that Rowlands works at the Oliver Lodge Lab.

Now, call us cynics, but did not Lodge risk his life when trying to disprove General Relativity … while simultaneously and simple-mindedly believing every Uri Geller-like character he encountered. Did not Barkla (see above link) ‘discover’ some rays which were just as imaginary as N-rays? 


October 31, 2018

Einstein did not Prove E = m c squared

October 31, 2018

I have looked up Google to find immediately that Einstein did not actually prove E = m c squared from his own special relativity. I used as my baseline calculation chapter fourteen of Marion and Thornton, third edition, which derives E = m c squared from the work integral. ”

Why are you constantly surprised by the history of physics, Ron? Why, it is almost as if you were a mere chemist who learned a little physics as an elective subject. It had been known for a long time that there was a velocity-dependent component of mass (the 4/3 problem). It was perfectly obvious from classical mechanics that mass and energy were equivalent: otherwise, reactionless propulsion of a suitably designed device in outer space would be possible. In fact, one of Einstein’s later thought-experiment proofs of E=mc^2 closely resembles the geometry of the ludicrous Emdrive: thus immediately proving that everyone connected with that project is an idiot.  Special relativity ‘merely’ explained what was already accepted. 


Life Imitating Art

October 30, 2018

No comment,

Warp Speed, Captain Moron

October 30, 2018

Important Results for Superluminal Motion

October 30, 2018

Important Results for Superluminal Motion

I will add this diagram to the paper. It shows the generalized gamma factor in dependence of the m(r) values. The curves are parameterized by v/c. gamma can drop below 1 for m(r)>1. It is seen that v/c > 1 is no problem for m theory.”

In fact, v > c is a monumental problem for m(oron) theory; it means that the theory is wrong. Have you no knowledge of the experimental evidence and theoretical reasons which make c a limiting relative speed, Ron? Even the posited, and never detected, particle – the tachyon – which is the only ‘accepted’ example of FTL movement cannot help you as it also cannot cross the ‘light barrier’.

Worse and Worse

October 29, 2018

Wide-ranging, may be useful to applied research

October 29, 2018

Many thanks, the ECE2 theory can explain any device that produces energy from spacetime, for example UFT226 ff, UFT311, 321, 364, 382, 383 and 417, and many other papers and books. It can also explain orbit effects that the standard model cannot. ”

Who was it who said that, “a theory which explains everything, explains nothing”? Think about it. Also, Ron, have you ever heard of Popper’s ‘falsification principle’? It is just about the only useful contribution that a philosopher has ever made to science.

“Rossi has been working on e cat since 2011 but has stopped short of commercialization ”

The reason for this is that endless ‘demonstrations’ and prattle are good for attracting ‘blue-sky’ investment money, which is seen as a sort of gambling. Some bona fide companies apparently throw money at crackpot inventions because the ‘R&D money’ can be disproportionately written-off against tax; recalling the plot of  Mel Brooks’ The Directors. It works only if the project is sure to fail. On the other hand, selling devices that do not work would be outright fraud, and Rossi has already spent years in jail. Among the other crackpot inventors who are mentioned, only two seem to have made any money. Shoulders (plus some better-known loonies) formed the oddly-named Jupiter Toy Company and conned a wealthy chicken-farmer into investing in perpetual motion. The real winner was Mills who, according to the excellent book, Voodoo Science, allegedly conned over $9,000,000 out of US utility companies by using another favourite crackpot strategy, the Pascal Wager: sure, it probably won’t work … but imagine the enormous profits if it did. Crafty eh? The $9M was chicken-feed to the companies and they could simply pass the loss onto their customers. Incidentally, that is another line in the crooks’ credo: “steal $1M from a single person and you will end up in jail. Steal $1 from a million people and nobody will notice!”   

“So it is very important that such a device be commercialized soon. Similarly it is very important to produce a spacetime circuit in which the vacuum energy can be fed back into the circuit. The theory has developed tremendously since 2003.”

You cannot sell (legally) that which does not exist (pace the sky-pixies of organized religion). Perpetual motion does not exist. It is true that enthusiasm for perpetual motion has enormously increased; as we have pointed out, there are real professors at real Indian universities who openly research mechanical perpetual-motion devices. Given that the UK Government continues to support you, we can conclude only that once-great Britain is aligning itself to become a third-world nation post-Brexit.


We Have a Winner!

October 29, 2018

Yes, as our corespondent, ‘Interested Observer’ writes:

“What is the Schwarzschild radius of the Earth?”
Crothers and Evans both deny this, of course. An uncomfortable fact for the unity of the AIAS cabal is that Crothers has now repudiated SR, which means that he also rejects Ron’s entire theoretical edifice.
It pays to re-read Crothers’ comments on the subject; it is almost as if, in the case of the Sun, he thinks that it must be much greater … and not a mere 3km. No prizes for those who thought that the answer involved Lead in some way, perhaps misled by our ‘village sniper’ joke.


October 28, 2018

Sunday Puzzle

Bearing in mind, Ron, the remainder of his gang – especially the Public Dick – and their obsessions,

If 9mm is the answer, what is the question? 

Hint: they (Ron and gang) will not like the answer, but real physicists and astronomers will agree with it.


How to Fool the Pig-Ignorant Natives

October 25, 2018

Figures for Note 417(6)

October 25, 2018

To Horst: Yes many thanks it worked – the graphics are on the blog as can be seen. I am just finishing off the last note for UFT417 and will distribute it this morning. This paper shows that the m theory can produce superluminal motion and infinite energy from the vacuum from the same equations and from the well known infinitesimal line element of the most general spherically symmetric spacetime. Steve Crothers has devised an even more general spacetime as in previous UFT papers (paper on the Crothers metric).”

We really do not know, Ron, why you waste your time on crackpot theory and relatively complicated perpetual-motion electrical circuits. So profound is the scientific ignorance of the man-in-the-street that you can fool him with any tid-bit of ‘science’ and cheat him at minimal expense. Take a rock, obtain a small dynamo (we recommend dismantling one of those overrated ‘clockwork radios’ and replacing the machinery with a solar cell and capacitor) and arrange somehow that the rock makes the dynamo rotate. Now here is the important bit: you conveniently forget how the rock left the ground, and concentrate on its dynamo-braked descent. Then you advertise it as being a boon to those s-hole African countries that Trump does not like, and stress that it will run an LED lamp for ever [sic] at no expense … because it ‘takes energy from gravity’. Hill-of-Beans would enthusiastically back you up, because he thinks that hydroelectric dams extract energy from gravity. Oh sorry, you cannot use that fraudulent idea after all because it has already received over $300,000 in crowd-funding and was apparently the basis of a business. It (the ‘gravity light’) has even been praised by Time and Business Week.  See, Ron, you really do not have to try too hard to get undeserved wealth and fame in the 15th 21st century.  But remember to grab the money and run before this sort of thing happens:


Monkeys Falling Out of Trees?

October 24, 2018

Fwd: 417(6): The Relation between m and Frame Rotation Theories

October 24, 2018

Many thanks to the Co President for these incisive remarks and to the UPITEC President Horst Eckardt for resending these important graphics.
The Relation between m and Frame Rotation Theories
To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

Who needs a Nobel Prize when the universe becomes your oyster! Not only does superluminal motion become a possibility but energy from spacetime is available to fuel a new technological and discovery era.

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

417(6): The Relation between m and Frame Rotation Theories

417(6): The Relation between m and Frame Rotation Theories

Many thanks! These are momentous results because superluminal motion can be explained by relativity, confirming work on tachyons by the Recami group reviewed in “Advances in Chemical Physics” vol 119 and carried out experimentally at CERN.”

We do not mean the idiots (including ‘Dr’ Bearden) who were smuggled into volume 119 by a disreputable editor named Evans, some of whom went on to ‘explain’ the functioning of Bearden’s ‘Motionless Electromagnetic Generator’, a perpetual-motion machine, in the pages of Foundations of Physics Letters. No, we mean the CERN staff who found some anomalies in their neutrino experiments:


Hmm, neutrinos: particles which can travel straight through the Earth without interacting with it. What are the odds that the anomaly was a mere instrumental artefact? The finding has not led anywhere after at least six years.  Sewage must have retired*: surely he would not risk tabloid journalists turning up at Ceredigion County Council and asking about ‘faster-than-light’ travel. The control of a County Council is a very political matter, and political enemies are always on the look-out for juicy scandals with which to embarrass the incumbents come election time.  And, Ron, are you proud of having ruined the reputation of Advances in Chemical Physics with your extra-special loony-tune edition? Is that why Prigogine’s name has become associated with perpetual-motion in the lunatic fringe. We know from personal contact that Prigogine despised pseudoscientists.

* On the other hand, we note that the time-stamp is now deleted from his smart-phone missives, so perhaps he is still skiving during work-time and does not want anyone to know.


Limerick Corner

October 23, 2018

There was an old loony named Ron

Whose FTL claims were quite wrong

He set out his proof

Physicists hit the roof

And declared him an insufferable moron.

With apologies to A.H.R.Buller

The Last Straw!

October 23, 2018

Faster than the Speed of Light!

October 23, 2018

Many thanks to Kerry Pendergast! The scientific principles are ell established – it is a matter of engineering and organization.

Faster than the Speed of Light!

Not just amazing or truly amazing, but amazingly amazing!

Well done Horst and Myron.

Science fiction becoming science fact.

History in the making.

Kerry Pendergast”

As if Ron’s enthusiasms for perpetual-motion and spinning-top antigravity were not bad enough, he has now added FTL travel. Taken all together, one might call these enthusiasms the ‘crackpot hat-trick’. Newcomers to our blog might like to sit back and reflect on the enormity of this, and on the profound incompetence of the UK’s royal scientific societies. In effect, The Royal Society of Chemistry has heavily polluted the roll-call of the greatest British scientists by engineering the presence on it of a 24ct crackpot: a believer in perpetual motion and UFO-style antigravity. The prospect of having – in future – to list such a loony alongside Faraday and Hamilton can only be termed ‘utterly repulsive’. But that is not all! The Royal Society of London, apparently not to be outdone in idiocy, awarded a prestigious Hauksbee Medal to Penderghastly. The latter, it will be recalled, just happens to be Ron’s biographer. The biography has been roundly panned by reviewers. For a while, there existed a 5-star review of the book: a review written by Penderghastly himself! What sort of creep reviews his own book? Amazon is fortunately the possessor of a morality which is superior to that of royal societies and of crackpots, and so took that review down. Nevertheless, one finds 5-star reviews of Ron’s books on Amazon; all written by Penderghastly of course, there doing the onerous double-duty of both creep and lapdog. As if to be additionally insulting to worthy runners-up in the Hauksbee competition, this royal society called Penderghastly an ‘unsung hero of science’. Jeez, with heroes like that, who needs traitors?  We have also railed against the handing out of an FRS to a well-known vacuum-cleaner salesman who has never performed a jot of research or written a single line that could be called ‘scientific’. But how annoyed he would be to learn that he did not have to endow scientific projects with large sums of money … he could have simply found some pseudoscientists to recommend him for an accolade, as Ron did.      


Hooray: Back to the Good Stuff!

October 22, 2018

Parabolic Solution by Russ Davis for Infinite Energy from Spacetime.

October 22, 2018

Many thanks, this parabolic solution looks very interesting. The spin connection associated with the spacetime force can be calculated, and I think that the methods used in UFT311 by Horst Eckardt et al. can be used to relate the spin connection to a given circuit such as the Ide circuit of UFT311 replicated in UFT364, or the new circuits of UFT382 and UFT383. The parabolic solution you have found means that the spin connection becomes infinite and there is a surge of energy such as that demonstrated by Alex Hill to John Shelburne at the U. S. Navy in Florida which led to spin connection resonance theory. This was greatly developed in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers, now classics, having been read thousands of times. So the parabolic solution may lead to a kind of resonance peak. The circuit used to produce this peak of energy from spacetime could be explained by this parabolic solution for m(r).”

You see, Ron, when you are pursuing your crackpot theory and showing that the algebraic manipulations – albeit futile – are correct, there is a danger that the muggles may think that you are not deluded. But then you start prattling about perpetual motion, and it all falls apart. All that those various papers show is that the authors do not understand the difference between energy and power. A ‘surge of energy’? So what? What was the input? What was the ratio of output to input, properly integrated over time at a suitably high sampling rate? We note the usual crackpot ‘appeal to affiliation’. Do you really think that employment by the US Navy is some sort of stamp-of-approval? It is more likely to reflect poor hiring practices. Look at the membership list of the Natural Philosophy Alliance; dozens of the members have/had proper scientific jobs … but they are all nevertheless still flaky.  

Father of Lies

October 21, 2018

Writing the Third Volume of My Autobiography

October 21, 2018

I have started to write the third volume of my autobiography, taking the title from the Athenian Thoikididis (Thucydides) “The Peloponnesian War”. ”

But ‘Father-of-History’ Herodotus (father of lies) would be a much better model for your twisted account. 

“In particular this describes the events at University of North Carolina Charlotte and their subsequent international condemnation by staff at Cornell, where I inferred B(3) in Nov. 1991, and all over the world. It describes my defence of the B(3) field, later nominated a few times for a Nobel Prize. ”

… according to you …

“UNCC wanted to get rid of this heretical idea, which overturns the standard model of physics, ”

Heretical … and wrong. It overturns nothing.

“so fabricated profoundly evil charges of working too much at home and so on. These charges were transparently false, ”

… according to you …

“and ten years later I was appointed a Civil List Pensioner in 2005 by Queen Elizabeth on the advice of the Prime Minister Tony Blair, the nominator being the Royal Society of Chemistry. ”

Which is now seen to be the result of a conspiracy hatched within the lunatic fringe. Royal Societies are just political tools and hand out honours like sweets upon demand. That other pseudoscientist, Ceausescu, was awarded a gong in return for, it transpires, a shipload of potatoes. What are future generations going to make of your appearance on the list of Civil List Pension recipients. “Why this guy?”, they will say, “a bunch of pedestrian pot-boiler chemistry papers, some incorrect physics papers, and then nothing. Did he die at the end of the last century? Perhaps he became a hopeless alcoholic, like Hamilton. Perhaps he went mad(der), like Heaviside.      

“UNCC was denounced by Jean Pierre Vigier, who was invited by Albert Einstein to become his assistant. Vigier was a leading French statesman as well as a leading theoretical physicist. ”

It is funny that Vigier, who was a sniper during WW2, was shot at several times because of his politics. Here is that ‘leading theoretical physicist’, mixing with his scientific peers:

Don’t forget, Ron, that UNCC was also condemned by ‘Professor’ Viv Pope, that other Welsh nutter, who claimed that gravity does not exist and that Newton was hit (which never happened of course) by the apple because the latter was ‘orbiting at the wrong velocity’ (yes, we know, why would it be orbiting at all in the absence of gravity). Pope’s ‘letter from Einstein’ is treated like a holy relic by Swansea County Council. Pope was a more successful loony than you Ron, as he was favoured by two proper (?) academics: one at Keele University and one at Bristol Technical College (aka The ‘University’ of the West of England). UNCC was also condemned by someone who unfortunately later spotted you for a wrong ‘un:

“The B(3) field is irrefutable experimental evidence for photon mass, evidence from the inverse Faraday effect. ”

It is funny how many people manage to mention the IFE, without mentioning you or B(3).

“I chose the title because Thucydides was the first historian, and the first to write objective history. ”

You should definitely try to emulate him! When are you planning to start?

“The high peak of civilization known as Periclean Athens was laid waste by Sparta and by a deadly plague. ”

And now we have a plague of pseudoscience

“Since then I have worked as an intellectual, my work has made a huge impact as is well known. ”

A lie worthy of Herodotus!

“This huge impact is a giant vote of no confidence among the colleagues and general public in the standard model of physics. It has catalyzed a permanent paradigm shift. ”

How come nobody has noticed?

“With the invaluable help of AIAS / UPITEC have devised a method of publication that goes straight to the colleagues for their assessment, so new ideas can no longer be censored by anonymous dogmatists and academics. ”

… or read, or used, or commented upon … or even noticed.

“The innocent members of my family suffered greatly because of UNCC and were impoverished until my Pensions materialized in 2015. ”

… but were rewarded with British passports?

“The Athenians are the enlightened scientists who study my work by the millions, the Spartans are the anonymous, bronze clad bigots of any era.”

Got that image back-to-front, haven’t you?

Ron’s Schoolboy Histories

October 20, 2018

Reception Given to Special Relativity

October 20, 2018

Using these google keywords the fourth site that comes up shows how special relativity was cold shouldered almost everywhere when it was published in 1905. ”

Many encyclopedias and textbooks claim that Einstein was driven towards formulating special relativity by the failure of the Michelson-Morley experiment  to detect the aether. Einstein himself said that he developed Invarianztheorie (as he preferred to call it; ‘relativity theory’ having been coined by Poincare) because of the puzzling asymmetry of the Lorentz force; i.e., why does electromagnetic induction require completely different explanations, depending upon whether the magnet or the coil is moving? This is still a puzzle to electrical engineers: most of whom still refuse to acknowledge that special relativity is required, in order to explain fully, slowly-moving devices such as the so-called one-piece homopolar generator/motor. Because of their wilful ignorance, they end up by having to argue that it does not obey Newton’s third law. For this reason, the homopolar motor/generator is very popular in the lunatic fringe as the supposed basis of both perpetual motion and antigravity devices.    

“It was ignored completely in England and France and criticised in Germany and the United States. In the rest of Britain there was no understanding of special relativity because Wales and Scotland were told what to think in science. Wales and Scotland were impoverished and no one cared about special relativity. Einstein criticised the concept of aether, which was part of establishment thinking in 1905.”

Scientists never become known to the general public unless they offend society in some way. Galileo offended the catholic sky-pixie worshipers, Newton offended largely the artistic brigade by ‘unweaving the rainbow’, Einstein upset the Nazis with his ‘Jewish’ science and Hawking was little better than a modern Elephant Man to the muggles. It is ironic that Einstein gets blamed for nuclear weapons by the idiocracy. The key discovery was Austro-German and they could have been built even if Einstein and relativity had never existed. Even Einstein’s famous letter, warning Roosevelt about them, was not slapped straight onto the President’s desk, as is usually claimed: it instead got shuffled around Washington for months by minor functionaries until ending up on his desk almost by accident.  Meanwhile, Hitler frightened all of the best (i.e. Jewish) physicists away, put any good remaining physicists in the army, and set up research institutes that were full of crackpots. Fortunately, Hitler was not keen on the atomic bomb as he feared (according to Speer) that it might ‘set fire to the atmosphere’ and destroy his Germania. In fact, the incompetent Nazi atomic bomb research had been abandoned before the famous Telemark raid, which was thus rendered pointless.    

“ECE has shown that the aether or vacuum is spacetime itself. ”

Surely, the Higgs field has a better claim on being a ‘new aether’.

“Special relativity is now known to be a limit of ECE theory. General relativity is refuted completely by ECE theory. ”

ECe is rubbish, and cannot be said to be the basis of anything … apart from potential perpetual-motion scams.

“The English scientific establishment is notoriously conservative, and has opposed every really new idea in physics. I can see this from my own Ph. D. supervisor, the chemist Mansel Davies, who came from Aber Pennar (Mountain Ash) but was English in his views of physics, radically Welsh in everything else, down to his fiery red hair. ”

Is red hair a typical Welsh trait? Surely it is the Scots who hold the world record on gingers.  

“He clearly did not understand a word or equation of special relativity. His supervisor Bury made an attempt to understand it. So as late as the thirties in Cambridge, Einstein was dismissed outright, always a sign of something interesting. My co author Vigier was invited to become Einstein’s assistant and immediately accepted B(3) theory because it means photon mass. ”

But the experimental limits on photon mass are getting tighter all of the time, so any theories which predict it are shuffling ever closer to death and the rubbish-bin. 

“Vigier was largely sidelined by the physics establishment, so were de Broglie and Einstein himself. ”

For the same reasons? Did Einstein and de Broglie attend crackpot conferences?

“The physics dogma is now in a tight bind, because the S2 star shows that EGR is totally wrong.”

We are still waiting to learn the source of that supposed news.

“In order for the physics establishment to survive, it must ignore ECE theory completely, it must not get into the newspapers and threaten funding. ”

One of us wrote years ago that if, for example, a reproducible proof of telepathy were ever found, physicists would soon elbow aside all of the cranks and charlatans and quickly find out more about it than nutters ever had or could. You see, Ron, physics is not a fixed body of facts, it is a method of investigation. This approach was, ironically, pioneered by a rather disreputable person called Bacon. Have you heard of him?

“The nasty fringe of standard physics uses Wikipedia and hate sites to try to destroy the careers of free thinkers. ”

How’s that for an example of a sort of relativity? That is not a fringe attacking you, it is the vast majority: you and your ilk are the (lunatic) fringe.

“As in George Orwell, “1984”, they become “unpersons” whose work has never existed in doublethink, Orwell’s word for gross hypocrisy and cover up. These are the methods of totalitarianism, and must be rejected completely by a free society. Internet criminals extend these methods to the general public. “Big Brother is watching you” as in Orwell’s warning written in 1948.”

Did you know, Ron, that 1984 is currently shooting up the best-seller list? Why? Because of the ‘best President that money can buy’, Herr Donald Trump. But 1984 in fact began in about 1984. The language has already been shorn of all of the feminine nouns: there are no ‘actresses’ any more … until the Oscars come around. More precise words are dropped in favour of false synonyms (e.g. explicate is better than explain in many cases); not to mention the loss of correct plurals such as plateaux and referenda). There are cameras on every street, and some of them have loudspeakers. Various groups (e.g. taxi drivers, boy scouts) have been enlisted as ‘extra eyes and ears’ for the police; not to mention the various telephone ‘hot-lines’ for ‘dobbing-in’ benefit cheats, etc. Most people now get their news from the internet, where the information can be retroactively modified at will (no desk-top oubliette required). But was it mainstream science that was being forced on the populace? Was not Winston threatened with Creationism? A careful reading of 1984 shows that only 13% of the population shared Winston’s situation: 2% were in charge and 85% were kept down by endless wars, Hogarthian cheap gin and newspapers that contained nothing but pornography and lotteries. Yes, Orwell predicted ‘all-day opening hours’ and the Sun newspaper!

Why So Coy?

October 20, 2018

The origin of frame rotation theory in m theory

October 20, 2018

It is straightforward to show by comparison of the infinitesimal line elements of the two theories that m(r) is approximately 1 – 3 (v sub phi / c) squared, so the frame rotation originates in m(r). Here v sub phi is the velocity of the frame rotation. The precession in this case is delta phi = omega T, where v sub phi = omega r. Retrograde precession is explained by reversing the sense of frame rotation as shown in recent UFT papers. Einsteinian general relativity is completely unable to explain retrograde precession, recently observed experimentally by leading astronomers in the S2 star, but ECE2 theory explains it very simply. This is one of many fundamental advances made by ECE2 theory, to unprecedented collegial acclaim. The standard model establishment has been made irrelevant by Baconian science, not for the first time in history. I will distribute this calculation tomorrow.”

So why do you not give the source reference for that observation? Are you misrepresenting the Borka paper again: a theoretical paper, based upon a modified Newtonian gravitational law, which merely points out what ‘signature’, if seen in S2 observations, would indicate that their theory is correct. Why should EGR have to explain something which is not observed? 

Curious Claims

October 20, 2018

FOR POSTING AS HOME PAGE HEADLINE: Experimental Refutation of the Einsteinian General Relativity (EGR) in the S2 Star

October 20, 2018

“This was discussed in note 410(7),in which it was shown that the well known Einstein formula delta phi = 6 piMG / (c squared alpha) gives a precession delta phi = 0.203 degrees per S2 orbit in the forward direction. The experimental result given in this paper is – 1 degree per S2 orbit in the RETROGRADE direction. So EGR is totally wrong. The experimental result is found by googling “Precession of the S2 Star”, site 7: L. D. Borka, P. Jovanovic, B. Borka-Jovanovic and A. F. Zhakharov, full text of paper online. The paper clearly states that “The precession of the S2 Star orbit is in the clockwise direction in the case where the revolution of S2 star is in the counter clockwise direction.” The m theory (UFT416) can be applied to S2 to match the experimental data. EGR cannot produce retrograde precession. In the simplest case ECE gives delta phi = omega T, where omega is the angular frequency of frame rotation caused by Cartan torsion in radians per second and T is the time taken for one S2 orbit (15.56 years converted to seconds). ECE2 can give both forward and retrograde precessions in several different ways and so takes over from the standard model as the first successful unified field theory.””

Can you not understand the Borka paper, Ron, or are you simply attempting to misrepresent it? But firstly, why do you not balk at the fact that the paper accepts that S2 orbits a black hole? How can you stomach any conclusions which are based upon the existence of something which you claim cannot exist? Are to trying to diss the Public Dick? Secondly, the paper is theoretical and is based upon one of the several ‘fixes’ (together with MOND and dark matter) for the galaxy-rotation problem. Why do you take  such comfort in the predictions of a theory which is a competitor of your own? Most importantly, the paper merely predicts what would be observed if their theory is correct. It does not say that the effects have been observed. Finally, have you not noticed that the Borka paper has been cited only twice in the past five years … and only by its own authors! You must be familiar with that phenomenon, Ron, is that why you have such an affinity for the paper? 



October 19, 2018

Mails with graphics

October 19, 2018

Fully agreed with Steve Bannister, ”

Small point:  the address of MIAGE on its website is, 

260 South Central Campus Driver

so, the question is, did you write it for them Ron? And will it ever get corrected? We shall crow if it is.

“Horst’s graphics have become well known internationally and greatly help in understanding the physics, a vivid example being the orbits that can be generated by the new and powerful m theory. ”

You have obviously never seen the incredibly ‘wild’ orbits which are fully in line with Newtonian gravitation. In fact, if one takes the ‘special relativity brake’ off, it is possible for infinite velocities to develop in a Newtonian solar system. The latter result is an artefact, of course, but the point is: how can you be sure what is novel if you are not fully conversant with the subject as a whole?  

“This theory has been shown in the notes for UFT417 to produce force from the most general spherically symmetric spacetime. ”

Well of course it does: your entire raison d’être is to provide support for street-level perpetual-motion confidence-tricksters. But why did you drop ‘Dr’ Bearden after ‘proving’ that his MEG works, and at the cost of getting van der Merde sacked?

“This is conceptually similar to Einstein’s 1931 paper on energy from spacetime, or vacuum. ”

Highly unlikely.

“However m theory is much more powerful than the Einstein theory, and can be applied to electrodynamics as well as gravitation because m theory is part of a generally covariant unified field theory. So m theory can be applied all across physics, not just in cosmology and astronomy. I will distribute the results for the energy today. For example m theory can be used in the design of circuits taking energy from spacetime, ”

Again, the whole point is to support energy-related fraud. There are no circuits which extract energy from nowhere … but there are plenty of incompetent electrical engineers who cannot, or choose not to, measure irregular outputs correctly.

“or applied to any problem in physics. Congratulations to Prof. Steve Bannister on his appointment as MIAGE Director and Associate Director of the Economics Evaluation Unit in the University of Utah, ”

MIAGE is the Master of Science in International Affairs and Global Enterprise program. Will students be brainwashed into ‘spreading the perpetual-motion word’ far and wide? 

“where low energy nuclear reactors (LENR) were discovered. ”

Not strictly true, is it? Cold Fusion was announced at Utah and Southampton. When all of the original ‘explanations’ of cold fusion fell apart, loonies in many locations started to claim that nuclear transmutation was the ’cause’. This was then taken up enthusiastically by an Italian who had already spent years in prison for a previous energy-related fraud.   

“I am interested in buying one of the first LENR devices when they are available to purchase. ”

Why not set yourself up as a wholesaler of such gadgets? Invest every pound that you can raise. Borrow even more money. Or do you not trust your own theory … and Italian gaol-birds? 

As can be seen below, Steve has adopted the motto “Ubi materia ibi geometria”, “Where there is matter there is geometry”. This was first used by Johannes Kepler, Imperial Mathematicus to the Court in Prague (Arthur Koestler, “The Sleepwalkers”, free online).”

You do realize, don’t you Ron, that Kepler was employed as an astrologer:

This completes what I think one may state and defend on physical grounds concerning the foundations of Astrology and the coming year 1602. If those learned in matters of Physics think them worthy of consideration, and communicate to me their objections to them, for the sake of eliciting the truth, I shall, if God grants me the skill, reply to them in my prognostication for the following year. I urge all who make a serious study of philosophy to engage in this contest. For it concerns our worship of God and the welfare of the human race. Meanwhile, I pray from the depths of my soul, through Christ our mediator, that for all and for each the coming year may be a very happy one.” ‘Madame Kepler’ (LOL)

And his astrology was based upon the Gaia-like concept that the universe was ‘living’. Kepler carried on believing in perfectly circular orbits, in the face of contrary observational evidence. Why? Because he could not make his geometrical [sic] astrological constructions work within an ellipse. You really should not get your ‘science history’ from sanitized journalistic accounts or from politically motivated laymen like Koestler. It is a sad fact, but true, that the famous scientists of the past were not employed to theorize but to develop better weapons (or fountains) for rulers and to act as private tutors for their brats.      


Fear and Trembling in the Lunatic Fringe

October 18, 2018

Open Letter to Rt Hon Alun Michael, Police Commissioner for South Wales.

October 18, 2018

Further to our e mail discussion recorded in the blog of it has become clear that much stronger and much more effective laws are needed to deal with internet crime and theft of postings. I have been keeping you informed because of your sometime parliamentary interest in the control of internet crime. You initiated a high level police investigation of the hate group that has been harassing and severely defaming and abusing my group for a number of years. The site can be used by your staff to prove irrefutably in court that the hate blog has stolen 2,480 items off my blog, By your own code of conduct, this theft of posting must be treated as common law theft. You know the name of this hate site so just type in that name and into the copyscape facility and a list of all 2,480 thefts comes up, evidence for word for word theft and violently abusive comment. … blah …blah … blah”

The ‘team’ must get very nervous when you have your little hissy-fits Ron. They must feel very complacent most of the time, given that physics in general flies far below the radar of society … and pseudo-physics flies even lower. The last thing that they want is to get dragged into a ‘federal case’. It seems that Siemens AG (even if it is aware) is willing to turn a blind eye to the fact that one of its employees cannot understand trivial electrical circuits and believes that they are producing energy from nowhere. Similarly, Ceredigion County Council (even if it is aware) seems not to be bothered by the fact that its ‘science officer’ clearly does not understand basic science. Looking farther afield, even a university economics department which is located in the Mormon state might find it embarrassing to have a professor on its books who believes in energy-from-nowhere.  Perhaps they all delude themselves with the belief that tabloid journalists will see them as being brave pioneers of limitless energy … and not crackpots. In our own personal experience, threatening to drag cranks into a court to face truly expert witnesses has a decidedly sobering effect.  

Spacetime-Energy Fraud

October 18, 2018

Energy from Spacetime Curvature

October 18, 2018

The AIAS / UPITEC group has pioneered many ways to understand energy from spacetime, the energy from spherical spacetime being the most fundamental.”

These crackpot groups do nothing but provide fake theoretical support for sleazy perpetual-motion scams. Have you forgotten, Ron, that you were personally involved (as ‘Chief Scientist’) in the Ascension Securities scandal, which was based upon the promised running of vehicles on water. That type of fraud has been tried again and again since about 1850 (i.e. almost as soon as electrolysis was discovered). 

“The energy is the integral over the spacetime force so the energy from spacetime can become infinite. ”

Strange then that you have used ‘infinities’ to argue that real scientific theories are incorrect.

“I will distribute the calculation tomorrow. ”

What, even more drivel? 

“The Lamb shift is a well known and accurate way of measuring energy from spacetime.  The Lamb shift theory however assumes the presence of fluctuating electric and magnetic fields in the vacuum. ”

It is accepted as being a reflection of zero-point energy. It is not as well known, in the lunatic fringe, as is the Casimir Effect. No real physicist is willing to bet on being able to extract net zero-point energy, because it is associated with virtual particles. There is an amusing analogy here with liquid metals. The latter can contain small particles of solid at temperatures far above the melting point. However, they exist only in a statistical sense and no given particle lasts for very long. So, trying to strain them out of the liquid and make amazing high-temperature alloys is as forlorn a hope as trying to extract net energy from the vacuum. 

“The new theory of energy from geometry is the most fundamental theory to date. Horst has already sent around graphical results on the nature of this energy.”

Siemens Stain is, according to your own (failed) company records, an electrical engineer. That explains why he is a big wheel in the Munich perpetual-motion club. His graphical results are worthless.


October 18, 2018

Extension to Electrodynamics

October 18, 2018

The powerful integration code developed by Horst for orbital theory can be extended to electrodynamics, notable the theory of the Lamb shift in which the Newtonian force is equated to the Lorentz force. after getting the equation for vacuum energy from vacuum force I will proceed to electrodynamics. these govern energy from spacetime in circuits.”

Won’t the force be related to the gradient of the energy distribution … as usual? Why do you often mention the Lamb shift, which is already explained by zero-point energy … but not the Casimir force, which should be directly exploitable even if nobody has succeeded in doing so. Ironically, the sailors in one of Golding’s overrated books could have extracted energy from a direct macroscopic analogy of the Casimir effect. But, Ron, one cannot obtain energy from ‘glorified door-bells’ like Ideotic’s nor from weird transformers like Bearden’s (‘explained’ in detail by your gang … and now never mentioned) nor from whatever ‘secret circuit’ that Hill of Beans is supposedly selling. Electrical engineers are notoriously bad at physics; that is why they are so disproportionately represented in the lunatic fringe e.g. Laithwaite, Aspden, Valone, Putholl, Searl, Eckardt, etc., etc.      

The Conspiracy Progresses

October 18, 2018

To Nominator Gareth Evans

October 18, 2018

The final nomination package could consist, at your discretion, of your excellent nomination statement, the support letters generously provided by the colleagues, and the analysis of impact. All the files can be zipped together and sent to as many places as you like, for example Government, Royal Society, and so on. A National Honour is higher in seniority than an academic honour. The academic world is more and more governed by h and g indices, but our scientometrics are far superior. The filtered statistics in the Book of Scientometrics comprise only 2% of the total interest, which would take a hundred volumes to record. The establishment of academia would try to keep control over everything, but in the face of such complete rejection of their ideas in standard physics, they face a large crowd sieging the Bastille and marching towards Versailles.”

Let us all hope that nobody leaks the plot to the relevant government departments and societies … and especially not to the Honours Forfeiture Committee. Isn’t there an Aesop fable about some animal who greedily tries to pick up more food … and thereby loses the food that he already had? 

Technical Fix

October 17, 2018

Experimental measurement of m(r)

October 17, 2018

This was the Sagnac effect at two different altitudes, for example on the earth’s surface and in a spacecraft with two Sagnac interferometers . Going back through the UFT papers there are many of them which deal with the effect of gravitation on light or electromagnetic radiation. It is now possible to develop the Sagnac effect in the most general spherically symmetric spacetime, and to develop the theory of light bending due to gravitation. With the new equations, any phenomenon of relevance can be developed in general spherical spacetime. For example in UFT150 and UFT155 it is possible to replace m = 1 – r0 / r by other m(r) functions. The Lamb shift theory can also be developed in a spherical spacetime, and so on.”

You do realize don’t you Ron that the Sagnac interferometer is a standard item of navigational equipment on aircraft, where it is better known as a ring gyroscope.   Because it works by measuring the interference between optical beams travelling in opposite directions, it does not seem to be a very good way of detecting an effect of gravity, since any effect will affect both beams.  The Sagnac Effect is very popular in the lunatic fringe because the loonies think that it disproves special relativity. Is that where you heard of it, Ron? Do you even know that the speed of light in a vacuum is now a defined quantity?