Welcome to Crackpot watch !

I’ve always found it odd that the very people who claim to be suppressed are the very ones who suppress others. Crackpot pseudo scientists are the worst. Here at Crackpot Watch we welcome their critics.

Note, added in July 2015

The above was the message of our founder. Shortly after it was written, it was realized that there existed one ‘super-villain’ of a crackpot; perhaps the worst in history. Our group now concentrates on him. Why? Because one of the honors given to the very best British scientists is a Civil List pension; Faraday got one, Heaviside got one, etc., etc. Perhaps due to some sort of horrible dumbing-down of scientific understanding, it has now been awarded to a Dr Myron Evans. This conceited and arrogant unemployed (and now retired) chemist claims to have overthrown all of current physics (sic). What makes this so particularly objectionable is that he also claims almost daily (in his blog) to have solved the problems of perpetual-motion and anti-gravity. He mentions positively all of the names that are popular in the lunatic fringe (Tesla, Searl, Bedini, Coler, Bessler, etc.) while simultaneously calling for CERN to be closed down for ‘fraud’. These antics bring shame upon the Civil List accolade, and we intend to shame the British government into removing it from this pseudoscientific clown. Support us in that worthy cause.

Note added 27th June 2016

It seems that we are not the only ones with that ambition:



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  1. crackpotcrackpotwatch Says:

    Hi, I just created a new blog:

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