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Falling on Barren Ground

June 10, 2012

As Myron is currently pushing the religious boat out (religiosity is – next to patriotism – surely the next best refuge for the scoundrel), perhaps he should be reminded of the parable of the sower. That is, as we have previously pointed out, it does not matter how many people look at the AIAS site or download articles: if they make no use of the information, then the ground must be barren and unreceptive.

Or does the problem lie with the seed?



June 6, 2012

It is very possible that many of those who look at the Myron Evans blog and the AIAS website will find their way here. With the aim of getting an accurate picture of the reception of the Evans nonsense, perhaps those who have downloaded material from, or even merely looked at, the above locations could tell us briefly why they did so, and how they intend to use the information. Did they, as Evans claims, use it to revise completely their view of the world or, as we maintain, did they post it on a notice-board for the general amusement of colleagues?

First-Aid in (Scientific) English for Myron Evans

June 6, 2012

Conic Section:  Surface (or line) of intersection of a plane with a cone. The sections are obviously planar. It is therefore completely wrong to call them ‘conical’, as Myron does.

Three-Body Problem:  The analytically intractable problem of describing the behaviour of 3 commensurate bodies which interact via inverse-square* Newtonian gravitation. It is generally recognised by experts that the fundamental difficulty is ensuring mathematical continuity through possible collisions. Poincaré (note the accent – the narrator of The World of Myron Evans cannot pronounce French names correctly) received a prize for apparently solving the problem. However, possessing (unlike Myron Evans) great intellectual integrity, he returned the money when he discovered a flaw in his calculations. There does exist an analytical solution; unfortunately it is in the form of an infinite series which converges incredibly slowly. The most important point that Myron should retain here is that it is universally known as the three-body problem; not the three-particle problem, as he calls it.

* When Myron writes about the priority of discovery of the inverse-square law, he incidentally reveals that he does not know that the form of the gravitational law depends upon the reference frame chosen.


Feedback News!

June 5, 2012

Myron Evans lovingly lists all of the hits on his blog and website, and claims that they prove the success and influence of his little band of crackpots and their silly theories. So, all of these ‘influenced’ visitors must be rushing off to incorporate the ‘new learning’ into their own scientific work, yes?  Er, no. Let’s look at Google Scholar, which lists everything that Google thinks passes for scientific literature. So how are the books going? Well, “The Life of Myron Evans: A Journey Through Space and Time” has been cited 100 times. Unfortunately, all of the citations are by Evans and his deluded friends. How about “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation“? That has 73 citations; all of them by … well, you know the rest. How much longer can this farce go on? What are the site-visitors doing with the Earth-shattering discoveries? Evans is not happy with the reviews of the Pendergast biography but, of course, does not dare to argue with a real physicist-reviewer in public. But what of all of the faithful followers? They are apparently out there in their thousands, but only one (having an obvious vested interest) has tried to take issue with a review. Why don’t the others rush to Evans’ defence? Here’s a thought: perhaps the Evans blog and website are merely a daily source of light relief for researchers who are taking a break from real scientific work.

Oh Myron, you so crazy!

June 4, 2012

Hi Kids!  While I leave the Science to  others. I enjoy pointing out other areas of crackpot lunacy. For example, Today Myron Evans posted this:

Duke of Edinburgh taken ill

I am afraid that this is exactly as I predicted. As a U. S. dual citizen I send him my best wishes for a recovery. He also condemns wind turbines out of hand.


Hmmm…According to the news Phil has a bladder infection. Not that uncommon (The man IS 90 remember) But according to our buddy Myron, its because of the Jubilee Celebrations which he seems to kinda sorta’ oppose. (More on THAT later) So, hey Prince Phillip, Myron Evans called you a Wuss!

Myrons well wishes aside, whats with the “. As a U. S. dual citizen I send him my best wishes for a recovery..” HUH? WTF does THAT (if its true) have to do with the Duke of Edinburgh? Does having a dubious “U.S. dual citizenship” have magical powers? Hey, I AM a full U.S. citizen, maybe I can cure Phil! Buckingham Palace, lets talk.