Feedback News!

Myron Evans lovingly lists all of the hits on his blog and website, and claims that they prove the success and influence of his little band of crackpots and their silly theories. So, all of these ‘influenced’ visitors must be rushing off to incorporate the ‘new learning’ into their own scientific work, yes?  Er, no. Let’s look at Google Scholar, which lists everything that Google thinks passes for scientific literature. So how are the books going? Well, “The Life of Myron Evans: A Journey Through Space and Time” has been cited 100 times. Unfortunately, all of the citations are by Evans and his deluded friends. How about “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation“? That has 73 citations; all of them by … well, you know the rest. How much longer can this farce go on? What are the site-visitors doing with the Earth-shattering discoveries? Evans is not happy with the reviews of the Pendergast biography but, of course, does not dare to argue with a real physicist-reviewer in public. But what of all of the faithful followers? They are apparently out there in their thousands, but only one (having an obvious vested interest) has tried to take issue with a review. Why don’t the others rush to Evans’ defence? Here’s a thought: perhaps the Evans blog and website are merely a daily source of light relief for researchers who are taking a break from real scientific work.


2 Responses to “Feedback News!”

  1. metric345 Says:

    the feedback really irritates you

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      If it were real it would … but there are none of the usual ‘indicators’ extant in the real world, so your supposed ‘success’ can be dismissed as a lie.

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