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More Marquis Omissions by Ron

July 31, 2012

For some reason, Ron has not mentioned other famous people in MWW. For instance, Waldyr Rodrigues, Akhlesh Lakhtakia and … Lizzie Andrew Borden!


Marquis Who’s Who Guide to Pseudoscience (again)

July 31, 2012

Ron really does not get it, does he? Although we pointed out that Marquis Who’s Who is now generally considered to be a vanity publication for the lunatic fringe, he helpfully confirms that diagnosis by providing a handy list. Evans, Eckardt, Delaforce, MacLachlan, Lindstrom and Pendergast are givens of course. However, Croca, Ciubotariu, Lehnert,  Coffey, Roy, Barrett,  Harmuth and Horwitz are also well-known characters in physics faeryland. We note that several of them (including Barrett and Harmuth) were once brought together in a book edited by Lakhtakia … which is why we also look askance at him, even though he is anti-Evans. NB: isn’t it strange that Ron does not mention that his old crackpot friend, Bearden, and his current conman friend, Searl, are also listed in MWW?

New Job?

July 31, 2012

We wonder whether Ron could wangle a post at Searl Magnetics: they have better scenery, nice spacious offices and an employer who appears to have far more money than good sense. They can probably also supply guns for shooting scramblers, and horsemen who do not keep to bridle-ways. Ron will have no problem with immigration or visas, given his famous dual nationality. On the other hand, that makes one wonder how Searl himself ever got into the country and stayed for so long. After all, he has no skill except that of running long-cons but does have several criminal convictions; one of them for sabotage. What on Earth was Homeland Security thinking of? Whatever. Searl Magnetics is sorely in need of some high-grade crackpot theorising; their new long-haired physics star just does not have the imagination to ‘explain’ the operation of a non-existent machine. Bon voyage, Ron (et bon débarras).

Note on Anti-Relativity Nuts

July 31, 2012

This world is a strange madhouse. Currently, every coachman and every waiter* is debating whether relativity theory is correct. Belief in this matter depends on political party affiliation.”

Einstein to Marcel Grossmann, 12 September 1920.

* It seems that a modern list would also include tug-boat captains.


Next to creationism, ‘anti-einsteinism’ is the mental affliction which is most likely to cause an academic to tell blatant lies about current scientific knowledge and to try to ‘baffle laymen with science’ in order to support an untenable position for personal motives. Ron is far from being the first anti-Einstein nut, but is certainly the most disgraceful, given his Civil-List status. There have been several prominent anti-Einstein nuts of the ‘paradoxer’ (see previous posts) variety. Perhaps the most notable ones were Herbert Dingle (one of the first proselytisers of relativity in the UK) and Louis Essen (who pioneered a new method for measuring the speed of light). In later life, both of them ‘turned on’ special relativity. We generously attribute this behaviour to encroaching senility. The most colourful anti-Einstein nut of the sciolist variety was certainly A.A.Lynch; a ‘born rebel’ politician in the mould of Errol Flynn who had the chutzpah to sit in the House of Commons while being sought by police for a hanging offence!

Of course, we can forgive him as he clearly did not know what he was writing about (in his several books) and will never have to be listed, alongside Faraday and other real scientists, by future generations.

Help for Ron

July 30, 2012

As he is a tyro in the field (pun intended), we  feel that Ron should drop his new enthusiasm for LENR (aka cold fusion) and seek instruction on bosonic matters. For instance, he might be able to manage:

“Unveiling the Higgs mechanism to students”


 European Journal of Physics, 2012, 33[5] 1397 

Blast from the Past

July 30, 2012

19th August 1999

“I would like to bring to the attention of the scientific community a document in the public domain, part of a speech by the Honorable WIliam Cohen, U.S. Defense Secretary, at the University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28th 1997, at a conference organized by former Senator Sam Nunn. The relevant quote is: “Other (terrorists) are enaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes, remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves………it’s real and that is the reason we have to intensify our (counter terrorism) efforts.” This speech was released to the press, and is in the public domain. This kind of statement cannot be understood in terms of Maxwell Heaviside theory, so there is an extremely urgent need to develop a new kind of electrodynamics. The principle is that one must assume that such weapons exist, or be caught by surprise. Bill Cohen and Sam Nunn are responsible, highly experienced, and level headed. There is effectively no stable government in the former USSR, a state of near anarchy prevails, an extremely dangerous scenario for NATO. The conservative academic adherence to an utterly discredited U(1) theory is actually leaving NATO wide open to surprise attack in the opinion of the US Government in the form of the Secretary of Defense. This is also my personal opinion as a permanent resident alien of the US, and British /EEC citizen. The O(3) idea is a first step to what should develop into a massive NATO research effort. This is why I have been working so intensively on papers in the past few months, and ask editors and referees to bear with me and go the extra mile. Dr. M. W. Evans, 82 Lois Lane, Ithaca, NY 14850, USA.”

… or just send James Bond

Our Ruling on Internet Pseudoscientists (e.g. Ron)

July 28, 2012

We suggest to the community of real scientists of all schools that internet pseudoscientists be expelled from the subject as criminals. Their abuse of scientific qualifications and knowledge seriously distorts the public understanding of science. There is no point in hiring hyperexpensive lawyers who are equally ignorant of science (we know of a patent lawyer who has patented his own antigravity machine). So we suggest banning Akhlesh Lakhtakia (yes, we do, as he has been involved with some very dodgy people; including someone who ‘explained’ how Searl’s non-existent machine works) and Waldyr Rodrigues (who is just another nutter in our opinion). We have only praise for Gerhard Bruhn, and hope that he was not really silenced by Ron’s legal machinations (to which a real scientist would never stoop). Praise too for “Aaron Vee”, “Arthur Dent” and above all “Lizzie Borden”; most of whom it seems have to take time off from real (and paid) scientific work in order to ‘out’ a Civil List ‘scientist’ who is not worthy of the honour. It is certainly up to the police to catch pseudoscientists who try to sell worthless perpetual-motion and antigravity machines. Unfortunately, such conmen can hide behind the defence of caveat emptor. We shall nevertheless be keeping a close eye on Ron’s company and its marketing activities. We suggest international professional praise for Gerard ‘t Hooft; not since the heyday of Augustus De Morgan has a world-class academic taken the trouble to argue with street-level crackpots. The pool of physics pseudoscientists is a tiny minority and merely state the same lies over and over again in true Hitler style; their lies becoming ever louder due to the megaphone-effect of the internet. Any moron can buy a megaphone, and they do. They have no authority of any kind, and constantly screw up the algebra (but only experts can spot that). The algebra of the AIAS refutations has been looked at by trusted professionals, and those capable of spotting the errors (i.e. not chemists or engineers) have pointed them out. There is no way in which real scientists are going to be intimidated by cheap criminals with their endless and disturbed theories. However, they should take more time (as did De Morgan and as does t’Hooft) to counter the loony distortions of pseudoscientists because tin pot totalitarians will exploit pseudoscientific evidence for their own ends (as when certain African potentates used crackpot ‘AIDS is not caused by a virus’ reports to deprive their peoples of effective – but expensive – treatment).

Result of Appeal

July 28, 2012

Some weeks ago we asked anyone, who was incorporating Ron’s ‘work’ into their own research or weltanschauung, to contact us. Answer came there none. So we again claim that Ron has no following and that, as suggested by his own published list of referring websites, visits to his obscure blog are either ‘incestuous’ or are from people who are looking for perpetual motion, antigravity … or pornography.

Marquis’ Who’s Who in Pseudoscience

July 28, 2012

“Not that anybody has read Who’s Who lately, or ever, at least not very closely. The point of Who’s Who is not to read it, but to be in it. One hundred years after it was first published by Chicago newspaper publisher Albert Nelson Marquis (who despite his ostensible commitment to accuracy pronounced his name “Markwis”), Who’s Who has been a fairly reliable guide to who has made it and who has not. That’s been the marketing strategy, anyway. Flip through the latest volume, however, and it’s hard not to conclude that something has changed, that the selection criteria for “Honored Biographees” in Marquis’s Who’s Who have become–how to put it?–more democratic.” [The Hall of Lame, Tucker Carlson, Forbes, 03.08.99

Why is Ron boasting about being in this vanity publication? Has he not noticed that Bearden and Searl are also in it? Is this an admission that he considers himself to be the equal of those notorious pseudoscientists?

Defamation of Lizzie Borden

July 28, 2012

Ron has frequently accused Lizzie Borden of being “an axe murderer”.  This again illustrates Ron’s uneasy relationship with the truth. To accuse someone of a crime, when that person has been acquited by a properly constituted court, is moreover a clear case of  defamation. How lucky he is that the offended person is dead.