Scholar NOT Scholarly

According to Ron, Google Scholar,

“… has a policy of using only good science.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. The bad people at Google list anything which looks scientific, and that is almost a definition of pseudoscience. Perhaps Ron would care to explain why, if GS has such high standards, it includes dozens of papers/books by loony-tunes such as Thomas Bearden (your one-time pal, Ron), Thomas Valone and the petty criminal John Searl. By the way, Ron, we have seen pictures of Searl socialising with Vigier at a crackpot conference which they both attended. Tell us, is there a ‘relativity of lunacy’? That is, if Searl and Vigier are in that situation, is Searl advancing or is Vigier retrogressing (reputation-wise)? Ron also said,

There is as much B(3) and ECE material now on Google Scholar as any other theory

Really? We count at least 10 loonies, covered by GS, each of whom has his own TOE. Ron barely has his toe in the water.  There is one very good thing about GS, and this is that it shows exactly who has cited each paper. Oh dear, this is not good news for Ron, because it reveals that he and his few friends are the only ones who cite the ‘great work’. So, not only do they peer-review their papers themselves … they also do all of the reading of them as well! This again raises the question: what do all of those site visitors do with the information which they supposedly absorb avidly?  Ron concludes,

This is immensely pleasing and congratulations to all staff.”

Yes it is pleasing, if ‘shouting down a well’ is the effect that they were really going for.

I agree that AIAS has a very high reputation to protect and I am well aware of this.”

Nah, it has no good reputation but, luckily, this is offset by the fact that they are all unknown to anyone who matters or cares.


One Response to “Scholar NOT Scholarly”

  1. One Eyed Lawyer Observer Says:

    My, my, what sort of e mail has Ron had from his AM and MP?
    Box of bananas as a prize for the first to publish it.

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