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Typically Two-Faced

February 26, 2013

“Obviously, the Welsh language with less than a million speakers cannot stand up to monoglot immigration (that of people who are hostile to Welsh, refuse to learn Welsh, or even acknowledge its existence).”

By our count, Ron has married two foreigners (one American, one from the former Soviet Union) and has introduced at least two foreigners into the Swansea area. Tell us, Ron, did any of them bother to learn Welsh? 


Ron Catches Up

February 17, 2013

Ron says today,

“Minkowski also developed his well known force equation, so it is quite wrong to think of special relativity has (sic) having no ability to deal with acceleration”

Duh! Only a layman would think otherwise.  

Full Circle

February 16, 2013

Ron’s new crackpot hero says,

“Hello, my name is Steven Ward.  For the purpose of creditability (sic), I am an inventor and one of myHello, (sic) my name is Steven Ward.  For the purpose of creditability (sic) , I am an inventor and one of my inventions has been patented here in the United States, and THAT MEANS PROVEN! ”

Er, no it doesn’t. It is just an application and has not been granted. Even if it were, that would not be scientific proof. It would prove only that patent offices employ incompetent personnel. For instance, an antigravity patent was granted to Boris Volfson (a sanitary engineer, apparently) some years ago. Ron will be sad to learn that Volfson was snapped up by Mr Eyre, one of Francisco Fucilla’s stooges, to form a company called Gravity Machines 1 Ltd (now defunct). So why do we say ‘full circle’? Because the very earliest perpetual motion machine was based upon magnets. What a further disgrace that the ‘civil-list scientist’ is willing to entertain such notions. What an insufferable idiot!


Death of a Welsh Crackpot

February 13, 2013

We learned today of the recent death of a non-physicist loony, living in a small house in a village bearing a name unpronounceable by the non-Welsh, and having a Swansea post-code. He had barged unwanted into a field that he clearly knew nothing about and proceeded to promulgate his demented theory in notorious pseudoscientific journals and books. The basis of his theory was that Newtonian attraction was illusory and could be replaced by arguments involving only rotational dynamics.

To those readers who are unwisely ‘getting their hopes up’: we are referring of course to Neville Vivian Pope the former telephone engineer who was infected with philosophy in later life by an adult education course. But isn’t it interesting that Ron and Viv were pushing the same theory and lived only 15 miles apart. Hmmm, coincidence or plagiarism?

How Did Ron Pass Physics O-Level?

February 7, 2013

According to Ron,

“In the hammer event in athletics, the athlete exerts an inwardly directed force to balance the outward centrifugal force of the rotated hammer, and when the hammer is released it accelerates away with an outward directed centrifugal force. Similarly for the discus.”

Er, no: constraining the hammer to move in a circle does indeed require a centripetal  force because the velocity vector of the hammer is being changed in direction. The hammer-thrower senses this as a fictitious centrifugal force. When the hammer is released, there is evidently no longer a centrifugal  force and the hammer continues on a tangential path. Does Ron imagine that the hammer accelerates away radially or that it accelerates away at all?   Those would be schoolboy howlers.

Note on Jackson Pollock

February 2, 2013

Pollock was a useless drunk who eventually killed himself and a passenger while drunk-driving, and seriously injured his mistress. Like all famous artists (as opposed to illustrators), he produced rubbish but fooled the simple-minded and his works  then became valuable simply because of their notoriety. Pseudoscientists are like that; their work does not correspond to reality, but they are popular among the simple-minded – the latter always love heretics and mavericks.