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Why Not Theosophy?

March 31, 2013

We cannot understand why Ron is so lukewarm with regard to theosophy. After all, like the AIAS, it has always pretended to be scientific. Who can ever forget Besant and Leadbeater’s psychic exploration of atoms? This revealed that all elements are ultimately made up of 3 particles. Knowing Ron’s simplistic brand of scientific inquiry, and anti-establishment views, we are surprised that he does not credit them with priority in the discovery of quarks. There is a poetry connection here too, and Ron is a noted poetaster. The connection is that Leadbeater (like W.H.Auden*) was a pedophile and ‘saved’ Krishnamurti from life in India to be his own personal rent-boy. Hmmm, cults and the Catholic church; always the same story; not to mention poets.

*Also a coward (running away to the US in 1939) and possibly a Communist spy.


A Puzzle for Ron and Tugboat

March 27, 2013

Here is a little conundrum. All of the orbital diagrams in textbooks show/imply gravitational force vectors acting between the orbiting body and the attracting body. This implies that ‘gravity moves infinitely fast’. But there is no experimental proof that it does, and plenty of theory to say that it does not. Assuming that gravity acts at the speed of light, the Earth moves a considerable distance during the 8 minutes or so delay. How does this affect the calculations? Perhaps not much. But what about galaxies that are hundreds of light-years across? Ron and Tugboat blindly apply elementary textbook reasoning to these as well. Physicists have, of course, been aware of this problem for a long time and have modified their assumptions. But what about poor Ron and Tugboat, trailing far behind with a ‘theory of everything’ which nevertheless ‘fits only where it touches’.

Some Literature Search

March 27, 2013

“This is known from the fact that an inverse cubed term produces the precessing ellipse as AIAS has shown recently. This was actually shown by Goldstein as far back as 1951.”

As we have pointed out many times, this was known to Clairaut (1713-1765). We suppose that this is what happens when one does ‘an extensive literature search’ in a ‘few days’.

Ron Concedes

March 27, 2013

We pointed out last June that Ron routinely uses  incorrect terminology, such “as n-particle” and “conical section”. Today he used the correct term, “n-body”. Nice to see that he takes notice sometimes. Perhaps he will now go forward, drop “conical” as well and even correct that glaring spelling mistake on the AIAS homepage. As for his theory, that is a lost cause, but it is nice to see them all wasting their own time instead of that of busy journal editors.

Vanity Scams

March 26, 2013

Most people are aware that Marquis Who’s Who is, unlike more reputable publications having the same name, a vanity-publishing racket (albeit a minimal-cost one, unless one buys the guide).  That explains why Ron and his friends are to be found within. On the other hand, some innocents may be impressed by Ron’s coat-of-arms. Misled by his obsession with genealogy, they may believe that he inherited it. But no, armorial bearings are just an up-market vanity enterprise. All that one has to do to get a coat-of-arms is to submit a suitably impressive CV … plus a fee. According to the website of the College of Arms:

“As of 1 January 2013 the fees payable upon a personal grant of arms and crest are £4,950”

We wonder why ‘Sir Arthur’ has not applied for a coat-of-arms. Could it be because his CV (citing a Victoria Cross, etc.) would not fool a half-wit.

Oh, the Irony

March 26, 2013

Why is Liberation Magazine, recently publicised by Ron, written in English?  Surely that is an admission of defeat right there. Not that it is really written in English: wtf does this mean?:

“The Welsh are closetly seen has unfit to govern their own country.”

We advise back-to-back Welsh/English publication, thus reflecting the main benefit of the Welsh language to Welsh business. That is, extra work for printers and sign-writers.

Brave Little Non-Soldier

March 24, 2013

“This is the latest version of the autobiography, up to the point where examinations begin to loom in the autumn of 1968, and the threat of being conscripted for the Vietnam War.”

What a bunch of ****! Conscription and ‘national service’ ended in 1960 in the UK, and professional soldiers alone would have been sent.  No UK troops served (openly) in Vietnam, although some Commonwealth servicemen were sent. As with the patent non-acceptance of his crackpot theories, how like Ron it is to bask in the memory of what never happened.