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Spot the Difference

April 30, 2013

GSK plans $1 million prize to jump-start electroceuticals | ReutersApril 30, 2013

This is great news, UPITEC / AIAS may like to apply as pioneers of this technique.”

Big Prizes for Energy from Spacetime and LENRApril 30, 2013

I should think that this kind of initiative by large companies may be a good idea. Again, UPITEC and AIAS are pioneers.”

Can Ron really not tell the difference between an idea which seems crazy to the layman, and ideas (two flavours of perpetual motion) which are recognized as being crazy by real scientists?  We wouldn’t trust the ability of the loony-tune  ‘AIAS’ and ‘UPITEC’ gangs to sweep our floors.  


Helping Ron with English

April 29, 2013

“Among the many discoveries in mathematics made by the AIAS group are of petallic and fractal conical sections.”

As we have pointed out many times before, the accepted term is conic section (sections of a cone, rather than sections that are cone-shaped). Moreover, there is no such word as petallic; and there is no need to invent one as there already exists the description, petaloid. That is what comes of wasting too much time on Welsh. Of course, the ‘discoveries’ are illusory. The shapes are artefacts which have probably been produced by making the steps too large in the simulations. Fractals have been produced in this way while applying Newton’s root-location method.

What a Manor to be Lord of!

April 27, 2013
  1. A complaint was received regarding the condition of the land at the below-mentioned address. A site visit was undertaken and it was established that there were several un-roadworthy vehicles including vans, four wheel drives, an ice cream van, cars and trailers sited at the front of the property. There was also a large quantity of scrap material including electrical appliances, metals, building material, and machinery parts.
  1. The siting of the vehicles and scrap materials at the property means that the land in its present condition adversely affects the amenity of the area and therefore authorisation for Enforcement Action to serve a 215 Notice in an attempt to clean up the land is sought.
  1. The land is unregistered, however the persons responsible for siting the vehicles and materials there are the owners/occupiers of 3 Leyshon Road, Pontardawe.
  1. Members will recall that previously authorisation has been sought for the serving of a 215 Notice on the land. This Notice was served, and prosecution proceedings were prepared following non-compliance with the Notice. However, the occupier of the land claimed that the Notice was never received and the Local Authority were unable to dispute this claim so the case was not able to be taken any further.


  3. 3 Leyshon Road is the registered address of, website of ‘Colonel’ ‘Sir’ Arthur Turner-Thomas ‘VC’ etc., Clown-Prince of this parish and much admired by ‘Professor’ ‘Armiger’ Myron Evans, nutter extraordinaire.


April 24, 2013

Only Ron could parlay a fairly standard and reasonable (if not essential) covenant concerning access to a shared sewer into the belief that he has some sort of rights over the disposal of a neighbour’s property. Perhaps he should take advice from the AIAS’s sewage expert, Dr Gareth Evans. That is not some sort of slight, but a statement of fact. The only recent non-crackpot paper (and never forget that his name appears on a paper ‘explaining’ the MEG perpetual-motion device) in which he has surfaced concerned the quality of UK beaches, where he was thanked for providing water samples in his physics-overthrowing role as environmental health official. Never mind, the guy who conceived the magnetic-bottle concept for plasma confinement started out as a lift-repairman!

Justice Catches Up With Pseudoscientist

April 23, 2013

Mr James McCormick has just been convicted of selling supposed bomb-detectors which were no better than dowsing-rods (i.e. useless) but which earned him £56M. This vividly demonstrates how gullible non-scientists are when exposed to pseudoscience. McCormick should have been charged with negligent homicide, but wasn’t. One hopes that this case will give pause-for-thought to Alex Hill, John Searl and backers of worthless cancer ‘cures’.

Then as Now

April 22, 2013

“Before getting back to work on UFT241 I wish to mention that Omnia Opera Five on was the turning point in my intellectual work at Aberystwyth. This is a classic paper and is much more incisive and interesting than anything being produced in the contemporary era in places such as CERN.”

Classic eh? According to Google Scholar it has been cited only once. It seems that Ron has, in fact, made as much impact in his ‘day job’ as he has made in his new career as the UK’s most prominent and disgraceful crackpot.


Something Mathis Missed

April 21, 2013

Here is a little something in the style of MM. Enjoy!

v = gt ………………………………[1], so g = v/t …………………………[1a]

d = (1/2)gt^2 ……………………[2], so g = 2d/t^2 ……………………….[2a]

Therefore, from 1a and 2a, v/t = 2d/t^2 and cancelling t gives,

v = 2d/t

But v = d/t,    by definition

So 2d/t = d/t and, cancelling,

2 = 1

Why did nobody see this before?  Obviously the whole of Newtonian mechanics must collapse. In fact, it WAS seen before: in 1948, by J.S.Johnson but – for some reason – he did nothing with it. And guess where he was working at the time. Yep, the University of North Carolina, Ron’s alma mater with the sensitive nose.



April 17, 2013

Victoria Cross Awards to Welsh Soldiers

These are easily googled up.




Yes, also easily googled-up is the fact that his best-friend site-manager genealogist is the only false claimant of a Victoria Cross. Oh, the gall of this silly little man! Here is someone who also parades his Civil-List Pension and his coat-of-arms, supplied by an English ruler and an English institution, and yet is wildly anti-English. Here is someone who is obsessively Welsh-Nationalist, and yet also claims American citizenship (query, does that still apply post-divorce?) and persistently marries non-Welsh women. He complains about incomers who do not speak Welsh, and yet he is himself responsible for importing at least two non Welsh-speakers. Most disgusting of all, to us, is his philosophy of evading traditional curbs (peer review, etc.) on pseudoscience while taking legal action against scientific critics.  

One-Trick Pony

April 13, 2013

We have been leaving Ron’s theory alone of late, because it is so thoroughly stupid as to be unworthy of any more consideration than that which we have already granted it, However, some readers may – baffled by the pseudoscience – be teetering on the brink of believing him. Here therefore is something for them (and Ron) to think about. Like all anti-Einstein nuts, Ron picks on one (the first) proof of special relativity and forgets about the others. Some time ago, we asked how Mrs Ron’s spin-cycle worked (since Ron denies the existence of so-called centrifugal force). Today we ask how Ron’s SatNav works. Personally we doubt that he owns one. After all, it would refuse to give him its name or list its qualifications so why should he accept that it has a better notion, as to the correct direction to take, than he does? Nevertheless, every time that he used it and it guided him to within a metre of his destination, it would have proved to him the validity of general relativity.  Why? Because a SatNav works by measuring its exact distance from at least 3 satellites. The distances are calculated by measuring how long it takes for radio signals to travel to the SatNav. These measurements have to be very precise, and this is achieved by using very precise clocks. Now, here is the problem: general relativity predicts that clocks run slower the higher the gravitational force upon them. SatNavs do indeed have to take account of this effect in order to provide their current accuracy. Without the gravitational correction, one could find oneself several streets away from any desired destination. So, how does Ron explain the fact that every time that a SatNav gets one to a destination, one has – in effect – confirmed the correctness of general relativity?

Unpleasant Chemists

April 9, 2013

Doesn’t Ron realize that if, as he believes, he is an employee of the Queen –  as the Civil List Scientist  – he has an obligation to maintain a certain dignity in his public pronouncements. Attacking Mrs Thatcher and her works is not the official line of the Queen or her Government and Ron is clearly off-message on this. Or perhaps he is simply jealous of her FRS.