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More Incest

May 27, 2013

The Penderghastly biography of Ron has been cited 111 times. Every citation is due to Ron! This must be unique in publishing history. Also unique must be the degree of control which Ron exercises over his followers: even some of Jim Jones’ cult-members swerved the cyanide.  Not one of Ron’s followers tries to answer us back, even though they must want to. We shall fear for their safety, the next time that a comet appears in the sky.

Update added 26th December 2013. Believe it or not, Penderghastly has now had the temerity to review his own book on Guess how many stars he awarded it.


‘Noble Gas Engine’ Scams

May 25, 2013

“Early versions of the noble gas engine (Papp engine) used radioactive sources to excite the gas, before sparking it, but the inteligentry engine has no radioactive parts, instead the RF pulse adds the needed NMR boost.”

The Papp engine is notorious because it was examined by Richard Feynman before a demonstration. The contraption exploded, killing one man and tearing an arm off another. Papp the conman should have been charged with negligent homicide but, believe it or not, Feynman was forced (by Cal Tech) to apologize to the crook! The FBI does not suppress technology; it suppresses investment fraudsters like Inteligentry. We hope that Hill and Searl are on its radar.



May 24, 2013

“The combined ECE sites have been read over thirty million times in a decade. The feedback is very accurate and objective.”


Not read: clicked-on and then ignored! The longer this fiasco continues, the more pathetic the claims of influence become. Ten years, and the only references to their published work are made by themselves, plus a few critics. Look at Ron’s journal: over 98% of the papers are written by Ron and his stooges, and they are cited only by … Ron and his stooges! Both accuracy and objectivity demand that AIAS be rated a worthless ‘incestuous’ den of pseudoscientists. 

Ron Still Catching Up

May 23, 2013

“In astronomy, even the largest x factors are quite close to one (binary neutron stars and so on) so nature seems to restrict the orbits to that tiny part of what is possible.”

Duh! Has Ron never heard of Bertrand’s Theorem, which states that there are only two force-laws (Hooke’s and Newton’s) which produce stable closed orbits? This is all very painful; like watching someone draw lots of triangles and finally conclude that – for some of them – a^2 + b^2 = c^2!


Ron’s New Friend: Richard Hole (in Head)

May 20, 2013

“Free energy is everywhere. It includes wind, solar and hydropower. However there is always a cost to build a devise [sic] to harness the energy. The force of wind produces energy by moving a turbine. Likewise the force of a magnet could produce energy. Well-known forms of free energy are unreliable and the cost to produce devises [sic] to harness the energy is high. Energy created from magnets could overcome these problems. In fact there is strong evidence these devices have already been built several times but the technology has been suppressed because it was a threat to the people trying to control the world. Please see for more information. Richard Hole”

“Many thanks indeed! I will forward these ideas to the engineers of AIAS. At present LENR looks very promising and a few recent UFT papers have been dedicated to this topic. We will be discussing this in an AIAS conference in Aberystwyth and at my home here in July.”

Another nutter who thinks that magnets are a source of energy … and is a conspiracy theorist to boot. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on (correction: he has one). But doesn’t he know that Ron has started to close down his company which was to develop perpetual-motion and anti-gravity machines?  One wonders why the Evans’ keep mentioning their past glories; don’t they realise that their current activities take the shine off their various gongs?

Sincerest Form of Flattery

May 16, 2013

“This looks very interesting as usual. Since ancestors multiply in a power series then back over thirty generation there are 2 power thirty ancestors = 1.07 ten power nine ancestors, or 1.07 gigaancestors. That goes back about a thousand years, when the population of Wales might have been no more that fifty or a hundred thousand. So there must have been a lot of intermarriage of cousins and so any family who has been in Wales a thousand years will be related to any other family of that age, that means all families, not just the ones who have found the records.”

We pointed this out long ago (13th January 2013). What Ron does not seem to appreciate is that this makes nonsense of all of his ‘name-dropping’ of famous relatives.

Royal Society Goes for the Hat-Trick of Shame

May 10, 2013

Who could have ever imagined that the Royal Society could sink any lower? Firstly, according to Ron, it backed his being awarded a Civil List Pension. Then it awarded a prestigious Hauksbee Medal to Pendergast, his biographer, lap dog and anti-Einstein freak.  And now it has elected Prince Andrew to be a Fellow. One wonders what earned him this accolade; his friendship with arms merchants, with despotic dictators or with sex offenders? Are we entering a new Dark Age?


May 8, 2013

We are very much looking forward to attending the conference, even if our invitations have unaccountably got lost in the post, and to asking some pertinent questions at the end of each talk.

Was It Something We Said …?

May 8, 2013

ECE Technologies Ltd will soon be no more. On the 19th April, Ron began the voluntary striking-off procedure at Companies House. This company was supposed to be the ‘great white hope’ of perpetual motion, and was intended to bring forth the practical fruits (free energy, anti-gravity) of Ron’s imagined theoretical discoveries.  This is therefore a very clear admission by Ron that his theories are wrong. We look forward to receiving his apology for having ever doubted us.

More Harassment

May 8, 2013

We think that Professor (emeritus) Graham Williams should complain about ‘Professor’ (no merit) Ron having posted his private address online; thus making him a potential target for other crackpots. Ron is becoming quite the serial offender:

“[Atkins]  held one competitive post doctoral at UCLA from 1964 and was appointed to tenure at Oxford as a lecturer, without competition. He has produced no research work of any note, no papers in about thirty years, and has concentrated on textbooks. These are fairly useful, but no more than that. He describes himself as a well known atheist*, but in reality he is known only as a minor textbook writer.**”