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Can’t be Said Too Often

June 30, 2013

“This is an excellent biography and is available in book format, all details on the home page of as follows:

Kerry Pendergast, “The Life of Myron Evans” (Cambridge International Science Publishing,, 2011), in hardback from any good book shop.”

Yep, cited 113 times … but only by Ron. It also received devastatingly bad reviews on both and, with the reviews themselves receiving approval ratings of (3/5) 60% and (10/12) 83%, respectively. We suspect that the only dissenting opinions in each case were those of Ron and Riecansky.

“I donated a copy to Ystradgynlais Library and UCW Swansea Library.”

Probably the only sure way of getting rid of them. Next stop: charity shops. Those who bought copies from Amazon seem to be inordinately keen to get rid of them at a profit, thus suggesting that the buyers were none too bright.

” Kerry Pendergast is a Hauksbee Medallist of the Royal Society and his bio is online in “Marquis Who’s Who”.”

Giving Penderghastly a Hauksbee was on a par with giving a civil-list pension to Ron. What is wrong with the Royal Society? Marquis is of course a vanity publication and includes ‘Dr’ Bearden (whose perpetual-motion machine was ‘explained’ by the AIAS) and ‘Professor’ Searl (whose levitating perpetual-motion machine was ‘explained’ by T.W.Barrett … who also confirmed Ron’s B(3) theory). What a small crackpot world it is.



Danger, Sciolist at Work

June 30, 2013

“I think that this is a brilliant piece of work by Robert Cheshire, resulting in many insights and images. I throw it open for discussion and hereby post it on the blog. I am sending it to Dave Burleigh for posting on the site.”

No. It is an atrocious effort and, quite apart from the grammatical mistakes and clumsy phrasing, looks as if it was written by a pretentious schoolboy who had been given a thesaurus as a present but did not have the wit to use the contents properly. Apart from the use of Ron’s fatuous torsion concept, and the positive  reference to Tesla (which always marks a writer out as being a pseudoscientist), there are signs that Tugboat clearly does not understand elementary Newtonian dynamics. In particular, he is obviously ignorant of a counter-intuitive phenomenon which completely ruins one of his analogies. It will be interesting to see whether Ron, or any other members of the cabal, can spot it. How embarrassing it would be if this tripe were to be more widely disseminated with that ‘Trojan horse’ intact.

Chorus of Disapproval

June 29, 2013

“This is an excellent presentation, and can be discussed at the Third AIAS Conference and posted on In fact, the point of view put across by Stephen Crothers is that of the great majority of scientists. They follow , and all the time, as is very well known. Computer feedback does not lie, but they would probably lose their jobs and funding if they came out into the open. Also they would not be allowed to order books and journals of the AIAS School. The open source method cuts through all that censorship.”

Indeed. Just look at the determinedly careful way that the ‘great majority of scientists’ avoids mentioning any of Ron’s crackpot publications, avoids engaging him in email conversations and cold-shoulders loony sympathizers when they turn up in person at conferences. Of course, the current spirit of ‘open source’ among the lunatic fringe is no better than the old-fashioned versions, such as: standing on a soapbox near Hyde Park, carrying sandwich-boards or haranguing passing traffic.

Just Deserts

June 29, 2013

“I spoke today at the conference in Protvino, Russia. I made it so simple that all understood, and they were very displeased. One arrogant fellow got up and left during my talk. Afterwards, during question time, they went on the attack but could offer no counter arguments and instead tried to evade the issues. Another bloke tried to accuse me of things I did not even say in my talk, so I stopped him and set him straight in front of everybody. Others told me that I should not criticise if I did not offer an alternative theory. One fellow particularly addressed me in this fashion, and so I told him that what he said was false because I am not obligated to invent another theory just because I proved their theory fallacious. That silenced him. Nobody would talk to me afterwards, not that many did beforehand, but they went out of their way to avoid me. It was madness. Here is what I opened with.”

How nice to hear that the idiot Crothers was treated in the manner that he deserves. According to an old (now modified) profile of his on the Natural Philosophy Alliance website, he was a gardener and odd-job man before deciding to start a PhD. Who does that in middle age? Naturally, he could not comprehend the subtleties, and arrogantly decided that everybody else was wrong. Hence his self-banishment to the outer darkness of pseudoscience where only  the likes of Ron reside. By the way, the gist of his ‘proof’ is that the conditions in the universe do not correspond exactly to the mathematical conditions placed upon known solutions to the equations of general relativity. That is, black holes cannot exist, according to him, because not every theoretical condition is met by the real situation. So, in effect, he is putting theory above experimental observation which – in effect – puts him in the same position as the catholic church vis-a-vis Galileo. Such counter-productive pedantry would also have ruled out Newtonian attraction (since the gravitational energy there  is ‘unbounded below’) and the whole of celestial mechanics (because account is never taken of the time delay – and resultant torques – due to the finite speed of gravity). We are surprised that nobody took a swing at him. Presumably his sickly demeanor and small frame elicit too much pity.

Here We Go Again

June 29, 2013

“This book is very popular now in preprint format on, having been read several thousand times over two years only. It is available in book format as follows:

M. W. Evans, S. Crothers, H. Eckardt and K. Pendergast, “Criticims [sic] of the Einstein Field Equation” (Cambridge International Science Publishing,, 2011)

and this book is well worth ordering for libraries.”

No, it isn’t. There is no proof that anybody believes any of it, as it is cited only by Ron and his tightly-knit (but not too tightly-wrapped) cabal.

“The five books of “The Enigmatic Photon” are all on the Omnia Opera and give a lot of detail of photon mass physics.”

And this one fares no better: cited four  times as often as the Criticisms nonsense, mainly by Ron, Vigier and other members of the AIAS cabal, of course, it has also been referenced by a few independent nut-cases and criticized by Rodrigues (who, unfortunately for us, works for a company which is also into perpetual-motion and anti-gravity). 

Conference Notes

June 28, 2013

“Larisa will kindly make a very large carrot cake and a pile of sandwiches, pies and similar for the 4th and 6th. ”

How very appropriate: the Welsh for carrot is moron.

“I can take Steve Bannister to the train or bus station.”

Mr Bannister should be advised that we happen to know that his behavior at the conference will be closely monitored by his employers, and that anything that he does (e.g. praising perpetual-motion machine economics) which reflects badly on the university is likely to  put his teaching-assistant post in jeopardy.  

Pots and Kettles

June 28, 2013

“I had not seen this one before, it hits the nail right on the head. I read “Grapes of Wrath” and “Cannery Row” as a post graduate student. Egotism and self interest are huge problems in of all subjects, physics. The latter is supposed to be the study of nature, the opposite of egotism.”

And this from someone who claims to have disproved all of modern physics and yet whose works are cited by nobody but himself and his own minute  subset of the lunatic fringe; someone who names an effect after himself (very naughty);  someone who cannot mention a famous person without linking them to himself by dubious (spear and distaff jumping) genealogy; who constantly rewrites his own history via autobiography and fawning biography so as to make himself the hero of his own life; someone who declares unilaterally that a civil-list pension is superior to a Nobel prize and that his paltry armiger status (a vanity that anybody of minor note can buy for £5000) is equivalent to one of the lower echelons of the UK honors system, who refers to his very modest property as an estate and whose personal ‘charisma’ alienates real scientists and attracts only wannabees like Tugboat, Penderghastly, Siemens Stain, the eminent air-conditioning operative Mr Felker and the antipodean gardener who ‘crothers’ everything .


Invitation Accepted

June 26, 2013

“All welcome here, any topic can be discussed. We will prepare as for the first two conferences here.”

Well, we shall try to make it. Presumably it will be OK to park on the West mud of the estate. We shall, in any case, endeavour to interest the local press in the event, as Penderghastly appears to have omitted to do so. It is not every day that a scientist in receipt of a civil-list pension pushes perpetual-motion and other pseudosciences.


Less than Zero Value

June 26, 2013

“Free e-books and e-journals of mathematics, physics, philosophy, finance, economics can be downloaded, printed, read from

and free e-books of poetry, dramas, prose, novels, essays can be downloaded from

And they are all pseudoscientific twaddle that one would not want to inflict on ones worst enemy.


Another Dubious Fan

June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Perry Chapdelaine,
The Arthritis Trust,

Dear Perry Chapdelaine,

Many thanks for your message. I trust you are keeping well at the age of 88 in Tennessee.”

It is perhaps superfluous for us to point out that Chapdelaine (who also uses the name, Fabio) is a quack who lies about being an MD and is a big fan of the techniques of Scientology and the ‘principles’ of Lafayette Ron Hubbard. Is our Ron straying back into the dangerous waters of too-alternative medicine?

Little Hitler

June 17, 2013

Ron seems to be trying to extend his vast estate. We sincerely hope that he has ‘no further territorial claims in Europe’. But is he biting off more than he can chew? With great power comes great responsibility, as they say. We wonder whether he will be so keen to control the road when he has to pay to repair it, or is sued by someone who trips on it. Vive the litigation industry, and keep the public liability insurance up-to-date!


Putting Words in Mouths

June 15, 2013

“Attached is a summary of Dissenting opinion in essentially all the leading universities worldwide. The Dissenters, being scientists, take no notice of a non existent particle. a figment of false authority. I mention this because there are meaningless headline news today about an OBE being awarded to some scientist who helped “discover” the non existent. Standard physics has never been at such a low ebb.”

So how exactly does he know that they are dissenters? Nobody but he and his silly entourage ever cite his work, and it is evident that he never receives any e-mails from the supposed dissenters. It is evident because he is always so pathetically thankful when anybody (even a schoolboy)  contacts him and cannot resist mentioning it in his blog. Not to put too fine a point on it, he is a barefaced liar and resembles the sort of old-time politician who would  stuff ballot-boxes with votes garnered from the residents of graveyards.  

More Balls

June 13, 2013

“My next book is nearing completion. It is called, Seven Crystal Spheres and is an history of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The follow on book will be called, Beyond the Crystal Spheres.”

One wonders whether these books will do any better than Penderghastly’s first effort, Mercury as Crystal Spheres. That has been cited only 8 times in about 6 years by … (regular readers will be able to complete the sentence all by themselves). Perhaps we should buy a copy and send it to Ofsted, as a warning to ‘raise its game’ re teacher recruitment.



Ha Ha Ha

June 13, 2013

“The arrival of the first practical and provable grand unified field theory, Einstein-Cartan-Evans theory came as a bolt from the blue. Like a lightning strike it left them dumfounded and shocked, unable to comment on what had materialized before them!

Best Wishes

Kerry Pendergast”

Really, Penderghastly, really? Is that the best excuse on offer for why nobody (outside of the cult) cites ‘the great man’? And how about that preceding mound of tendentious and derivative tripe, which completely ignores the developmental path leading to the current mainstream attempts at unification: try reading some academic works on the history of science, rather than paraphrasing school-level textbooks and low-level online sources. Our delegate will be asking awkward questions at the conference, so be prepared.

Ron Slighted

June 4, 2013

Thomas Eugene Bearden, infamous for his internet-bought ‘doctorate’ and his perpetual motion machine (the Motionless Electrical Generator), is again pushing the Priore fake cancer-cure ( He lists the other morons who were fooled by that conman; but not Ron, who memorably wrote a letter in its support. This omission is curiously unfair, given that Ron helped Bearden to get the latter’s nonsense published in bona fide journals, and many members of the AIAS helped to  ‘explain’ how the MEG worked.

Fame at Last

June 4, 2013

We firmly believe that, in the future, Ron will become a household name – along the same lines as ‘quisling’ – for someone who has seriously ‘let the side down’.  However, he has already been upstaged by another AIAS member who is already a byword for something unpleasant: