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Searl Index Resurgit

July 28, 2013

Intoducing LENR Scientists to AIAS

July 28, 2013

Sent: 28/07/2013 06:13:30 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Intoducing LENR Sceintists to AIAS

This is a very good idea and many thanks to Doug Lindstrom. The AIAS papers and postings on LENR attracted a great amount of interest starting from last September.”

This is indeed a very good idea … for our purposes. Remember our Searl-Index concept of the 13th August last year? Ron is already ‘in bed’ with the perpetual-motion conman, John Searl, thus giving him a Searl index of 1. Therefore, AIAS links to the cold-fusion (aka LENR) crackpots will give the latter a Searl index of 2. It is no less than they deserve.



Logorrhea Down Under

July 24, 2013

We drew attention to this resemblance on the 5th April, but it bears repeating. If the noose fits, Ms Purcell, wear it!

Ron’s Ultra-Naive Politics

July 23, 2013

As we have pointed out before, direct democracy is a ridiculous idea. The first obvious objection is that, by definition, the country would effectively be run by ‘someone’ with an IQ of 100 (since that is the population average by definition). The country would be ‘eaten alive’ by rivals whose parliamentary systems produced leaders with even a modest IQ superiority. Another problem is that making wise decisions depends upon having all of the relevant information to hand. However, much of that information will be secret and, if divulged, give rival nations an advantage. How can one keep secret that which is common knowledge? The only reason why direct democracy is popular with people like Ron is that they secretly believe that they will be able to browbeat the electorate into doing what they want by force of ‘perceived authority’ and propaganda. Ron’s attempt to annex the ‘Sudetenland’ next to No.50 reveals what sort of petty dictator he would like to be.

That Missing Word

July 23, 2013

Ron has taken to referring to ‘Cult Science’, as so described by Richard Feynman. However, Feynman actually referred to Cargo-Cult Science.  This was because, during the US occupation of Pacific islands during WWII, the primitive natives observed servicemen talking into boxes with attached masts. Such talking (invoking?) was associated with the arrival of lots of goodies ‘from the sky’ (on aircraft). When the Americans left, the natives tried to repeat the ‘magic’ by constructing boxes and masts out of bamboo. Thanks to Feynman, such naive efforts have become a metaphor for attempting to obtain valid scientific results merely by aping the behavior of genuine researchers.

Cargo cult science is, of course, what Ron practises. Real scientists belong to companies or institutes. There are none who want Ron, so he built his own company (now defunct) and institute. Real scientists publish papers in journals. But even the worst mainstream one (Foundations of Physics Letters)  has now been cleaned up, and so that door is closed. Therefore he has had to  build his own journal. Real journals have peer review by acknowledged experts. His journal’s peer-review is assured by a bunch of sciolists and perpetual-motion enthusiasts. Real scientific work is cited by a wide range of other scientists. Ron’s work is cited only by himself, his staff or a few critics (who themselves are not entirely free of the taint of pseudoscience).

Sound Bites

July 23, 2013

” in Wales we have always had very different traditions, and our own royal family of whom I am one. The English royal family comes from Wales, from my ancestral cousins the Tudors. However my ancestral cousin King Owain IV Glyndw^r is the great hero in Wales and always will be. Being part of a royal family does not mean I am a royalist”

Does it never occur to Ron that these unhinged statements may be picked on by unfriendly biographers or, more likely, by somebody writing an article pour rire on members of the lunatic fringe? Pointing out errors in Ron’s theories would require including a crash-course on differential geometry in the article, but just a few quotes like the above will immediately damn him.

Ron’s Nobel Prize Hopes

July 23, 2013

Unofficial claims on the prizes. These are the letters, often accompanied by articles, pamphlets, and drawings, received by the Nobel committees from amateur scientists and inventors all over the world. Banished from the start to an ever-growing “crackpot file,” which is as well kept as the official one, they constitute a rich source for the study of parallel science and technology, particularly schemes for producing perpetual motion in violation of the first and second laws of thermodynamics. The “crackpot” file in medicine gives insight into the infinite variety of hoped-for cures for cancer.”

The Secrecy of Nobel Prize Selections in the Sciences and Its Effect on Documentation and Research, Elisabeth Crawford, Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 1990, 134[4], 408

Claiming that they have been ‘nominated for a Nobel Prize’ is a standard ploy among crackpots. All that is needed is for a crackpot-friend to write a letter to the Karolinska Institute and, voila, the nutter is nominated. The above passage shows just how seriously such recommendations are treated.

Dr Illiterate

July 17, 2013

“I assume you mean 48 Rhyddwen Road, and my title is Dr., not Mr. You have not read the Deeds sent to you and you have not furnished any proof of ownership of the garriage and has been unable to deny that I have access to 48 Rhyddwen Road. The asking price is unrealistic. This garriage is built on land owned by the fiv great grandchildren of William Newlands. I will l now make this land dispute publicly known.”

One can well understand why the writer would address Ron as ‘Mr’. After all, the title of ‘Dr’ implies a certain level of general education and even the lowliest garage-hand knows how to spell ‘garage’. Not to mention the fact that we have previously made a jokey point about his misspelling. How arrogant, stubborn or closed-minded does one have to be to persist in misspelling a word just to conceal the reading of our blog. 

PS ‘Dr’ Melanie Purcell also cannot spell.

Spanish Practice(s)

July 16, 2013

Here is an entertaining game: go to,

which has the fullest list of Mexican businesses, and try to find any trace of ET3M or Alex Hill. Are their business habits just as shabby as their business premises?  Perhaps Mr Hill would care to spoil the game, and tell us where he, or the company, is registered. We are eager to look at their accounts.


July 13, 2013

“It is fair to conclude that the entire standard system of physics has been rejected as cult science, or in Langmuir’s words, pathological science.”

Langmuir never dreamed that pathological science would become so prevalent that prizes like a civil-list pension and the Hauksbee medal would fall into the hands of the lunatic fringe. 

“It is just a small group of ultra specialists using the media as tedious propaganda.”

That is exactly how we would describe the AIAS cabal, except that they are not specialists in anything but cant and the familiar crackpot obsessions of perpetual motion, anti-gravity and bogus cancer-cures. 

“It is very difficult to find a top ranking university from which staff or students have not read site.”

It is impossible to find any entity with that profile which has favorably referred to any of Ron’s post-breakdown work and is not part of the gang

“The other ECE sites are also doing well. The energy devices site is Alex Hill’s This is a historic achievement by AIAS, no one in their right mind can deny that.”

Has he not seen our picture of Hill’s business address? The building’s ramshackle appearance and flaking paint is the very symbol of the ‘success’ of ECE.

Medal News

July 13, 2013

For years, we have been saying that Arthur E. Turner-Thomas is the only false claimant of a Victoria Cross. It seems that this is untrue … there is another one:  a  Sergeant J.A.Ward. But does it all matter anyway, given that governments themselves do not care about such pesky details:

We look forward to the day when shooting crackpots at will  is excused on the grounds that it is merely the exercise of ‘free speech’.