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Searl Index Resurgit

July 28, 2013

Intoducing LENR Scientists to AIAS

July 28, 2013

Sent: 28/07/2013 06:13:30 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Intoducing LENR Sceintists to AIAS

This is a very good idea and many thanks to Doug Lindstrom. The AIAS papers and postings on LENR attracted a great amount of interest starting from last September.”

This is indeed a very good idea … for our purposes. Remember our Searl-Index concept of the 13th August last year? Ron is already ‘in bed’ with the perpetual-motion conman, John Searl, thus giving him a Searl index of 1. Therefore, AIAS links to the cold-fusion (aka LENR) crackpots will give the latter a Searl index of 2. It is no less than they deserve.



Logorrhea Down Under

July 24, 2013

We drew attention to this resemblance on the 5th April, but it bears repeating. If the noose fits, Ms Purcell, wear it!

Ron’s Ultra-Naive Politics

July 23, 2013

As we have pointed out before, direct democracy is a ridiculous idea. The first obvious objection is that, by definition, the country would effectively be run by ‘someone’ with an IQ of 100 (since that is the population average by definition). The country would be ‘eaten alive’ by rivals whose parliamentary systems produced leaders with even a modest IQ superiority. Another problem is that making wise decisions depends upon having all of the relevant information to hand. However, much of that information will be secret and, if divulged, give rival nations an advantage. How can one keep secret that which is common knowledge? The only reason why direct democracy is popular with people like Ron is that they secretly believe that they will be able to browbeat the electorate into doing what they want by force of ‘perceived authority’ and propaganda. Ron’s attempt to annex the ‘Sudetenland’ next to No.50 reveals what sort of petty dictator he would like to be.

That Missing Word

July 23, 2013

Ron has taken to referring to ‘Cult Science’, as so described by Richard Feynman. However, Feynman actually referred to Cargo-Cult Science.  This was because, during the US occupation of Pacific islands during WWII, the primitive natives observed servicemen talking into boxes with attached masts. Such talking (invoking?) was associated with the arrival of lots of goodies ‘from the sky’ (on aircraft). When the Americans left, the natives tried to repeat the ‘magic’ by constructing boxes and masts out of bamboo. Thanks to Feynman, such naive efforts have become a metaphor for attempting to obtain valid scientific results merely by aping the behavior of genuine researchers.

Cargo cult science is, of course, what Ron practises. Real scientists belong to companies or institutes. There are none who want Ron, so he built his own company (now defunct) and institute. Real scientists publish papers in journals. But even the worst mainstream one (Foundations of Physics Letters)  has now been cleaned up, and so that door is closed. Therefore he has had to  build his own journal. Real journals have peer review by acknowledged experts. His journal’s peer-review is assured by a bunch of sciolists and perpetual-motion enthusiasts. Real scientific work is cited by a wide range of other scientists. Ron’s work is cited only by himself, his staff or a few critics (who themselves are not entirely free of the taint of pseudoscience).

Sound Bites

July 23, 2013

” in Wales we have always had very different traditions, and our own royal family of whom I am one. The English royal family comes from Wales, from my ancestral cousins the Tudors. However my ancestral cousin King Owain IV Glyndw^r is the great hero in Wales and always will be. Being part of a royal family does not mean I am a royalist”

Does it never occur to Ron that these unhinged statements may be picked on by unfriendly biographers or, more likely, by somebody writing an article pour rire on members of the lunatic fringe? Pointing out errors in Ron’s theories would require including a crash-course on differential geometry in the article, but just a few quotes like the above will immediately damn him.

Ron’s Nobel Prize Hopes

July 23, 2013

Unofficial claims on the prizes. These are the letters, often accompanied by articles, pamphlets, and drawings, received by the Nobel committees from amateur scientists and inventors all over the world. Banished from the start to an ever-growing “crackpot file,” which is as well kept as the official one, they constitute a rich source for the study of parallel science and technology, particularly schemes for producing perpetual motion in violation of the first and second laws of thermodynamics. The “crackpot” file in medicine gives insight into the infinite variety of hoped-for cures for cancer.”

The Secrecy of Nobel Prize Selections in the Sciences and Its Effect on Documentation and Research, Elisabeth Crawford, Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 1990, 134[4], 408

Claiming that they have been ‘nominated for a Nobel Prize’ is a standard ploy among crackpots. All that is needed is for a crackpot-friend to write a letter to the Karolinska Institute and, voila, the nutter is nominated. The above passage shows just how seriously such recommendations are treated.

Dr Illiterate

July 17, 2013

“I assume you mean 48 Rhyddwen Road, and my title is Dr., not Mr. You have not read the Deeds sent to you and you have not furnished any proof of ownership of the garriage and has been unable to deny that I have access to 48 Rhyddwen Road. The asking price is unrealistic. This garriage is built on land owned by the fiv great grandchildren of William Newlands. I will l now make this land dispute publicly known.”

One can well understand why the writer would address Ron as ‘Mr’. After all, the title of ‘Dr’ implies a certain level of general education and even the lowliest garage-hand knows how to spell ‘garage’. Not to mention the fact that we have previously made a jokey point about his misspelling. How arrogant, stubborn or closed-minded does one have to be to persist in misspelling a word just to conceal the reading of our blog. 

PS ‘Dr’ Melanie Purcell also cannot spell.

Spanish Practice(s)

July 16, 2013

Here is an entertaining game: go to,

which has the fullest list of Mexican businesses, and try to find any trace of ET3M or Alex Hill. Are their business habits just as shabby as their business premises?  Perhaps Mr Hill would care to spoil the game, and tell us where he, or the company, is registered. We are eager to look at their accounts.


July 13, 2013

“It is fair to conclude that the entire standard system of physics has been rejected as cult science, or in Langmuir’s words, pathological science.”

Langmuir never dreamed that pathological science would become so prevalent that prizes like a civil-list pension and the Hauksbee medal would fall into the hands of the lunatic fringe. 

“It is just a small group of ultra specialists using the media as tedious propaganda.”

That is exactly how we would describe the AIAS cabal, except that they are not specialists in anything but cant and the familiar crackpot obsessions of perpetual motion, anti-gravity and bogus cancer-cures. 

“It is very difficult to find a top ranking university from which staff or students have not read site.”

It is impossible to find any entity with that profile which has favorably referred to any of Ron’s post-breakdown work and is not part of the gang

“The other ECE sites are also doing well. The energy devices site is Alex Hill’s This is a historic achievement by AIAS, no one in their right mind can deny that.”

Has he not seen our picture of Hill’s business address? The building’s ramshackle appearance and flaking paint is the very symbol of the ‘success’ of ECE.

Medal News

July 13, 2013

For years, we have been saying that Arthur E. Turner-Thomas is the only false claimant of a Victoria Cross. It seems that this is untrue … there is another one:  a  Sergeant J.A.Ward. But does it all matter anyway, given that governments themselves do not care about such pesky details:

We look forward to the day when shooting crackpots at will  is excused on the grounds that it is merely the exercise of ‘free speech’.

Deconstructing Ron’s Deconstruction

July 12, 2013

“Robert Cheshire’s summary here is exactly correct,”

Commented on elsewhere

“and his eighty or so immensely popular broadcasts of essays on by Horst Eckardt, Robert Cheshire and myself will eventually make more of an impact than a rubbishy BBC programme like this.”

No, they won’t

“Black holes are of course solutions of the Einstein Field equation, and all these solutions are well known and accepted to be entirely erroneous:”

They are also a prediction of Newton’s equations. So, first go prove that those are erroneous 

“M. W. Evans, S. J. Crothers, H. Eckardt and K. Pendergast, “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (CEFE), (www.cisp.publishing, 2011, preprint on”

Referenced by nobody but themselves!

“CEFE has been read several thousand times without a single valid criticism.”

The same goes for John Searl, Thomas Bearden, John Bedini, Harold Aspden, Nikola Tesla and all of the other crackpots. Everybody knows/knew that they are/were immune to rational thought and strangers to normal scientific discourse. We note that the main critics of ECE, Rodrigues and Lakhtakia, themselves each have one foot in the lunatic fringe. 

“M. W. Evans, Ed. “Definitive Refutations of the Einsteinian General Relativity” (CISP 2012), special issue six of

M. W. Evans, Ed., J. Found. Phys. Chem.”

Written only by the staff, and will be read and cited only by the staff!

“Yet the BBC still rolls out the same old stuff as if these refutations do not exist, and as if their acceptance by the great majority of scientists does not matter. The feedback data (attached) shows this acceptance very clearly indeed. The strangest thing of all is that other BBC departments regularly. We know this from the same feedback (attached). Recently the BBC has come in for very heavy criticism in other walks of life and it has declined sharply since the sixties.”

Yes, the BBC’s record on scientific coverage is awful and its incompetence is perhaps best typified by its creation of a ‘Hall of Fame‘ that included one Myron Evans!

Tugboat Speaks unto Us!

July 12, 2013

“The refreshing part to the less trained but logically inclined such as I, was that these contemporary “scientists” came across, most definitely as “cultists” and were a complete joke!
It may be that “crackpotwatch” etc. would “get their rocks off” much more effectively by shadowing the BBC and it’s “nutty” views on Cosmological Science!”

In fact, we despise popular (i.e. populist) sources of ‘scientific’ information. Horizon is indeed a joke, New Scientist and similar magazines pour disinformation into the public mind and the innumerable crackpots active on the internet are worse than the pornographers. However, garbled accounts are not the fault of the real scientists; anybody who has ever dealt with the media knows that they always dumb things down and try to put a science-fictional ‘spin’ on everything.  So our advice to Tugboat is to study the subject from scratch, read only bona fide sources and avoid crackpots. There has been no fundamental breakthrough in physics for nearly 100 years. What are the odds of one being made in Craigcefnparc by a troubled loner?

Journal Comments

July 10, 2013

“Papers for the next issue have been sent to the typesetter and I expect to have them back in the next 10 days and I will send them to you immediately for checking. The whole of the 2011 volume will be included in major indexing and abstracting services and I will keep you informed.”

All of the papers are, of course, by Ron and his various lap-dogs: another publishing first! One of the things that Ron should certainly check is this title,


which has a meaning that is entirely contrary to the one which he intended. In a real journal, it would make perfect sense: Higgs does refute ECE theory (everything does!). We shall be fascinated to see whether he changes it. We suspect not because that would prove that a) he reads our blog and b) admits that we are right.

One wonders how long the journal and, indeed, its publisher will survive. On at least 3 occasions, Companies House has threatened to close down CISP. At the present time, it is red-flagged due to worries over late returns.  

What Did You Do in the Guerrilla War, Ron?

July 10, 2013

My beautiful picture


This is a photograph of Cayo ‘no-good-boyo’ Evans, leader of the Free Wales Army, demonstrating at Aberystwyth in the 1960s. The Free Wales Army was a sort of Keystone Kops version of the IRA. This is an example of how Welsh nationalism works. The sign reads,


and, judging from the spelling mistakes, the desired aim was to favour illiterate welshmen over English in-comers. What puzzles us is that Ron does not mention the Free Wales Army in his memoirs.  After all, he was studying in the town at the time. Why did such a virulent nationalist not join? Perhaps it was fear; one has only to recall the FWA’s most daring exploit and one’s blood runs cold. This was their celebrated bombing of the heavily defended Temple of Peace in Cardiff! Only kidding, it was the softest target that one could imagine; fluffy even. Fervent (but cowardly) Welsh nationalism carried on into the 1980, with many brave arson attacks on unoccupied holiday cottages with English owners.  


Ron Cited in Online Petition

July 10, 2013

As the petition states:

“Most importantly, the organization should be guided by the recommendations of the leading scientists in this and relating fields. As of 10-10-2006 some examples of such persons are, Thomas Bearden, John Bedini, Floyd Sweet, Howard Johnson, Robert Adams, and Dr. Myron Evans. These individuals who are greatly responsible for the current level of free-energy technologies are in position to know very well how these technologies can best benefit mankind.”

This petition was started by a Harley Davidson Borgais. Is this the same ‘gentleman’ who is to be found here?


From our Turner-Thomas Files, Lest we Forget

July 9, 2013

There is a huge amount of interest in our posts concerning this fake knight, fake VC-winner, fake GC-winner and conman. So here are some more:!msg/soc.genealogy.medieval/m324pxeANr0/orbEkbXadv0J

Note the connection to the long-running Harry Edwards faith-healing scam in the last link. What sort of person could possibly consort with such a reprobate as ‘Sir Arthur’. Step forward, Ron!

Helping the Other Evans Out

July 9, 2013

“Just as we are supposed to accept that light, without mass, can travel at different speeds through different media and mysteriously speed up again on leaving the media (with no explanation of where the energy necessary for this to occur comes from). These are the most basic of observations that have been left unexplained.”

This is what happens when amateurs think that their textbooks contain all of the information that they need to overthrow the status quo. Only sciolists think that light behaves in the above manner. Light does not ‘travel through’ substances, you clown, it is absorbed and re-emitted by every atom of the traversed substance. It therefore does ‘speed up’ again on leaving the substance because it has just been emitted anew. How strange that a pair of chemists, who claim to have been world-leaders in spectroscopic aspects of chemistry, do not understand the basic physics of the situation.  On the other hand, how many other local-government employees would  know about the Marx spaceship* proposal. Well done, GJ.

*Word to the unwise: the photon has a zero rest mass. It has even been suggested that coating one end of a spaceship with a radioactive isotope would be sufficient to propel it in deep space.


“Dear Dr. Gareth,

The link below explains why light photons speed up again on leaving the media.

Photon Propagation in Free Space”

No it doesn’t.  And, for the uninitiated, vixra is the crackpot version of arxiv (even in the open-source free-for-all, there are some rules)


July 8, 2013

“Clydach Historical Society,

I would be most grateful if you could inform me whether you have many photographs extant of Nixon and Hendy Drifts. A colleague of mine, Steve Bannister of the University of Utah, is doing a Ph. D. Thesis on the origins of the industrial revolution. We visited what very little is left of Hendy on Saturday. We did find the tip, a bolting plate and spike for a dramline on to a sleeper, and two lumps of good steam coal on the still gigantic tip,”

We wonder how the CHS will regard their theft of historical artefacts, which Ron guiltily omitted to mention. We think that such activities are reprehensible. See,

Is Ron Coming Out?

July 8, 2013

“There is currently a dispute concerning 48 Rhyddwen Road, who owns what. This is the official Registry plan, and as can be seen, the land to the south of my house, 50 Rhyddwen Road, is not included, and the garriage ownership is in dispute. It has also been subject to mining subsidence. Access to the garriage is also in dispute, over the years I have had as much right of access as anyone else. The situation is very complicated due to the fact that a large part of the Newlands Estate “disappeared” so anyone trying to purchase 48 Rhyddwen Road would be buying a dispute. We at AIAS discussed the possibility of applying for a grant to buy it as an AIAS Guest House. I continue my efforts to have it purchased by a Welsh speaking family in tune with Craig Cefn Parc but would be happy to see it as an AIAS Guest House or HQ. The title number of 48 Rhyddwen Road is CYM143768 (Land Registry Current Title Plan) and this does not include the garriage. ”

But, according to:

garriage is, the “proper name for the lifelong commitment made between members of the same sex (gay marriage).” No wonder that the resident of No.48 has skipped! Of course, this could just be a symptom of Ron’s well-known dyslexia (but it takes a special type of arrogance to ignore the advice of a spell-checker). 

Ron’s Losing Wicket

July 8, 2013

“This note uses the theory developed in UFT158 to UFT171 to show that general particle scattering theory violates the law of conservation of energy at the fundamental level. So it violates conservation of energy at all levels, catalysing a deep crisis in particle physics.”

Ron has really picked on the wrong target here, because particle physics is the most successful ‘program’ in the history of science. Its entire rationale is one of predicting the existence of new particles in order to make various conservation laws balance. One can even ‘work backwards’ through history and retrospectively claim Dalton’s work and the discovery of the electron as successful applications of mass and charge conservation, respectively. Physicists do not posit new particles just (or even) to make their name; they are ‘forced’ to in order to preserve the conservation laws. And now Ron comes along and tries to negate all of that because he does not understand the textbooks (what frame of reference are you using, Ron, ‘cos it matters a lot!). Just about the only predicted particle which has not been found is the tachyon; it is also the only particle whose existence was based upon purely mathematical musing, rather than upon a conservation law. Now, when a nutter like Ron tries to twist the truth in order to prove himself right, he will always pick on the ‘critical’ experiment which provided the original proof. For instance, anti-relativity crackpots always go all the way back to Michelson-Morley and try to undermine that experiment; they conveniently forget all of the later confirmations. Even worse for the lunatic fringe; ‘critical experiments’ usually get turned into routine laboratory methods. So, when Ron tries to claim that certain conservation laws are wrong, he has to explain why instruments which are based upon proven phenomena generate, on a daily basis, results which are self-consistent. For instance, if his photon-electron collision calculations were correct, he would have to explain why the technique of positron annihilation spectrometry produces self-consistent data. Please give up the amateur physics, Ron, stick to the other subjects about which you also know nothing … but which cause less confusion in the mind of the general public.

Poor Tugboat

July 7, 2013

Like many another sciolist, Tugboat probably thought that he would get some sort of reflected glory by cosying-up to notorious paradoxers. However, as the definitive list of crackpots,

shows, this has not worked. Just about all of the other members of Ron’s entourage are there, but not Tugboat. It seems that he is not even up to making it as a crank.  

World-Class Enterprise ;-)

July 6, 2013

My beautiful picture

According to Alex Hill (Director of ET3M):

“Our team of physicists and engineers was formed over 25 years ago, as a group of colleagues watched certain anomalous
(but reproducible) experimental results, developed in the lab by one member of the group, and based upon one of his
frequentl [sic] wild hunches, which as usual was against all odds and laws accepted by standard physics. O(3) electrodynamics had not yet seen the light. Even though the scale of such energy extraction processes was in the order of a few nanowatts, an infinitely patient subsequent work, insane perseverance, a collosal [sic]  amount of funding and a dedication of unaccountable man-hours enabled us to reach our present scale of kilowatts and opened the door to further progress.”

So where did all  of that ‘colossal funding’ go? No doubt the perpetrators’ bank accounts are in better condition than their ‘laboratory’. 

Real Science

July 5, 2013

“a superluminal claim that turned out to be a simple experimental error, again at the cost of millions.”

Well, that is how real science works: it self-corrects its own errors no matter what the cost. If Ron had compiled dubious faster-than-light evidence, not that he ever performs experiments, one can be sure that he would never admit it; just as he never admits his mathematical errors.  Pseudoscientist is, as pseudoscientist does.


Rubber and Glue

July 5, 2013

” It was agreed that there have been no scientific criticisms of ECE theory to date, and that personal attacks on yours truly have been ineffective and will never be effective. They ought to be punished in law if society were working. There is however a well known degradation in society and morality.”

There have also been no ‘scientific criticisms’ of Ron’s hero, John Searl. Both of them write such execrable tripe that it would be below any real scientist’s dignity to write an academic paper about either of these loonies. There is room, however, for someone to write a popular work that brings the activities of pseudoscientists, and especially the confusion that they cause in the minds of youngsters, to the attention of authorities such as Ofsted. When Ron and Penderghastly are eventually exposed, in their true light, to a wide audience it is to be hoped that they will be stripped of their undeserved accolades. 

Birds of a Feather

July 5, 2013

“Doug Lindstrom kindly gave me this copy of an article from “The National Post” of June 11th 2013 criticising CERN in its “Junk Science” column.”

Ron of course omits to mention that the above article was the work of the loony economist (there are nutters everywhere!), Stephen T.Ziliak. The latter’s dubious reasoning re CERN was based upon the ideas expressed in his highly tendentious co-authored book, The Cult of Statistical Significance: How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and Lives.  Interested readers may like to see the dishonest tactics of that disgraceful book  torn apart here:

Here is a ‘taster’ for those in a hurry:

“[the authors] attempt to make their case using a variety of well-known rhetorical strategies and devices, including themes like battles between good vs. evil, and conceit vs. humility, frequent repetition of words and phrases like ‘oomph’, ‘testimation’, ‘sizeless stare’ and ‘size matters’, picturesque language, metaphor and symbolism, flashback, allusion, parody, sarcasm, and irony. Their discourse in persuasion also includes some ‘novel’ devices like cannibalizing quotations by inserting their own ‘explanatory’ comments to accommodate their preferred interpretation, ‘shaming’ notable academics who ‘should have known better’, and recalling private conversations as well as public events where notable adversaries demonstrated the depth of their ignorance.”

Hmmm, just what we would say about Ron’s methods

The Closed Society of Crackpots

July 4, 2013

How pseudoscience works. The pseudoscientific world is essentially a caricature of the real scientific world, and its inhabitants can be broadly divided into two groups: sciolists (pretenders to knowledge) and paradoxers. The former ape the activities of, say, experimental physicists and the paradoxers ape the activities of theoretical physicists. They are called paradoxers because they pick upon some aspect of scientific theory which looks wrong to the layman, and then tell the latter that it really is an error, that science has lost its way and that they will singlehandedly sort it out. They are usually scientifically trained, but are often suffering from sort of moral or mental defect. They may make considerable progress in fooling laymen, or those in lower echelons of their own profession, who are hypnotized by the paradoxer’s qualification (now in fact worthless in this new context). The driving forces are many, and vary from victim to victim. Once-famous scientists who went off the rails include Eddington, Dingle, Essen, Zoellner, Chasles and Hoyle: a previous good reputation is clearly no protection against this affliction. The sciolists can be divided into fools and knaves. The fools can now be conveniently observed, in their hundreds, on YouTube; vainly trying to extract energy from magnets or in pursuit of some other fantasy. The knaves include people like Bedini and Searl, who seek to extract money from the gullible via the use of pseudoscience. This is a tradition which goes all the way back to conmen like Bessler. The sciolists and paradoxers work best as a loosely connected team. That is, when a suspicious layman questions a knave-sciolist about the viability of his perpetual-motion machine, the latter can always find a paradoxer (who, almost by definition, is scientifically qualified) to back him up. Similarly, when a paradoxer is questioned as to why he even dreams that he needs to explain how to extract energy from thin air, he will cite the ‘work’ of some sciolist whose ‘anomalous data have yet to be explained’. This cooperation has been going on for centuries: the famous David ‘Brewster angle” Brewster once published a scientific paper ‘explaining’ how a Mr Spence was extracting energy from permanent magnets. More recently, a whole team of paradoxers ‘explained’ how ‘Dr’ Bearden’s perpetual-motion machine functioned. The paradoxers and sciolists usually cooperate at a distance. Their present clustering in the shadow of the memory of Harry ‘Death Ray’ Grindell-Matthews is an event which should be treasured by all students of abnormal psychology.

Blind Leading the Blind

July 2, 2013

“This is full of interest, so the imaginary mass means superluminal motion. This is a completely new idea.”

No it’s not: never heard of tachyons, you carrot? 


July 2, 2013

“Only a very tiny minority of people act in the way described this morning, and if the Government really wanted to do, it could easily trace them with warrants and arrest them. They are however so pathetic that they are best left to bubble away as in “Macbeth” in which I once played the ghost of Banquo. The most pathetic of them always lurk behind the scenes, using internet anonymity, but the feedback to ECE theory flattens them. The craziest of all say that this feedback does not exist, or if it does exist does not mean anything.”

There is no virtue like necessity.  Think not the King did banish thee,  but thou the King.” John O’Gaunt

How nice to know that our humble blog has an effect upon the lunatic fringe, albeit a very small portion of it, given that that closed-minded community is characterized by its avoidance of normal scientific paths of communication. How nice too to see its own stance being likened to the Emperor’s New Clothes story (wherein, it will be recalled, the naked ruler continued to parade himself regardless of the jeers). Personally speaking, we prefer the Royal Nonesuch analogy. Fans of Twain will recall that this is the situation where someone is fooled into watching a god-awful performance but, rather than warn others, instead praises it in order to hide his own foolishness: a sort of peer-pressure that accounts for the avant garde in all fields? The fact is that only a minute percentage of busy working scientists can be bothered to point out the activities of crackpots. There has to be a considerable driving force, and that force here is the useful light that exposure shines upon the dumbing-down of scientific understanding at all levels of society, but especially that of  those in positions of power. This particular nest of loonies would be of no interest at all if it were not for the disastrous decisions, of previously respected bodies, to have awarded them social distinctions; thus forever undermining respect for those bodies. We look forward to the time when this situation becomes known to the general public and those bodies have to account for their actions. However, discussions of pseudoscience always come up against the so-called demarcation problem: that is, how to distinguish a priori between nonsense and unrecognized genius. Philosophers declare that it cannot be done. Physicists are always certain  that they can spot pseudoscience. The first criteria were listed (re mathematical cranks) by De Morgan, others by Langmuir and, lately, by Baez and his ever-expanding scoring system.  Our own knee-jerk criteria would include praise of Tesla and more recent conmen such as Searl, denigration of Einstein, plus the promising of ‘free energy’ (perpetual motion), anti-gravity and cancer-cures. All of the above criteria fit our present subjects like a latex glove. And now we come to ‘the feedback’ claim; one which looks ever more pathetic with the passage of time. Even if the feedback (if it even qualifies as such) were positive, and that cannot be proven, what good is served by merely  looking at nonsense if it never leads to any more concrete action? If there have been millions of appreciative viewings by the scientific community, that should logically lead to hundreds – if not thousands – of mentions in the scientific literature. There are none. There would also be so many congratulatory emails and follow-up requests for clarifications that a full-time staff would be required to deal with them. If such appreciative emails exist, post the addresses of a hundred or so (non-crackpot, academic) correspondents and we shall check with them. This whole affair is a blot on the Welsh landscape and the offenders should shut up and quietly go their separate ways … rather than congregating. Grindell Matthews once made Craigcefnparc synonymous with pseudoscience; don’t make it happen again.

Historical note: GM did not have to put up his own plaque at his birthplace … and his is blue (i.e. official).

Helping Ron Out

July 1, 2013

“The idea of photon mass was accepted by Schroedinger and he published a paper on it with Bass in Proceedings of the Royal Society in 1956 or so as Director of The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.”

It was in the 11th October 1955 edition, amounted to little more than musing, and has been cited only 3 times. See? Dropping Schroedinger’s name is not always a convincing ploy when attempting to fool laymen.

Dining with the Devil

July 1, 2013

“There may be a possible BBC interest in a programme based on the three biographical and autobiographical books. In that case you would need to submit a script to the BBC or similar.”

This is a particularly unwise plan: one cannot trust the media. If the BBC were to learn that the person, who was last ‘in the papers’ for trying to found an illegal university, was now hosting crackpot conferences in his role as ‘civil-list scientist’, they would do a real hatchet-job on the whole affair and go the Einstein-Monroe route. They would soon ‘pick up’ on the fact that the biographies are cited only by their subject. It is never a good idea to attract the attention of the tabloids just as the ‘silly season’ is beginning.