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Little Green Men

August 31, 2013

“It should be bourne in mind that the impact of is astounding, and it is fully archived in the National Libraries. ”

And just look at the top-flight material with which it has to compete ( this is the third most popular topic! Never mind the quality, feel the bandwidth. 

By the way, what is the identity of that bourne? C’mon, is your basic problem poor education, or dyslexia? 


Patently Absurd

August 31, 2013

“The secondary but practically important advance is that ECE has been accepted by patent offices as giving a satisfactory explanation of energy devices (, that take energy from spacetime. ”

Ron is referring to tripe like this ( It has not been accepted by patent offices (even though many patent ‘experts’, such as Aspden and Valone, have been loons) because this document is still only an application. The homopolar motor/generator is very popular in the lunatic fringe because it does not obey simplistic ‘schoolboy’ rules of flux-cutting or flux-linking. Academic loonies are predominantly electrical engineers, so that figures. A correct explanation in fact requires the use of special relativity, and that is beyond them. Because of this, they regularly claim that homopolar devices defy the first law of thermodynamics or – equivalently – Newton’s third law. Kellum also believes that the humble Levitron toy is an antigravity machine.

Or perhaps Ron is thinking of ‘Dr’ Bearden’s ‘MEG’; another purported perpetual-motion machine. Many AIAS members once wrote a ‘scientific’ paper explaining  how it worked (even though if obviously did not).  The paper appeared in Foundations of Physics Letters; which is one reason why t’Hooft had to step in and metaphorically hose out that pig-sty of a publication.

Advice to the Lovelorn

August 31, 2013

If you use a nom-de-plume on your blog, do not use the same one on dating sites. Above all, do not include your true postcode, call yourself a well-educated  ‘director’ or give your correct height and weight.

Note added in (sort of) clarification: if HAL was IBM, then who is ldsqhb234?

Film Fun

August 31, 2013

“This film is is available by using google keywords “The Universe of Myron Evans” (fifty two minutes). ”

That is: didn’t/doesn’t make any money. Who indeed would pay to watch nonsense? Tugboat the narrator cannot pronounce the names of famous scientists, the caption-maker wrongly labels some photographs (why did nobody spot those faults?) and the whole thing was made by the family which is behind Steriwave (which sacked Ron) , behind a failed antigravity company (based upon the crackpot Volfson patent) and behind the dubious ‘boiler-room’ pushing of worthless shares. 

“If there is a script writer interested in making a film or documentary of AIAS work, please get in touch.”

But not if you have a reputation worth preserving, or expect to make any money

“There is a lot of material on which is archived in the national archives of Wales and all Britain in the British Library , Science and technology Section from the National Library of Wales. ”

All sorts of rubbish is archived

“Keith Potter of Film Agency Wales advocates a documentary about the work of AIAS and ECE theory. ”

Prove it

“The latter has been read over thirty million times in the past decade and is accepted as mainstream science.”

It is accepted by nobody but a small group of crackpots. Readings mean nothing. Sure, nobody has criticised it, but neither have they quoted it, praised it or built upon it. 

“It gives a theoretical framework for new energy devices (”

If it predicts perpetual motion, then it is clearly wrong

“Such a film could be made in the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth under the overall direction of Kerry Pendergast, with Robert Cheshire as Director and perhaps script writer.”

Hilarious! We recommend the actor, Keith Allen, for overall control. He once made a film about a family of loony-tunes in Cardiff. Father, mother, son and daughter all had doctorates; some from a fake university in the US. The daughter had originally been a son, but had changed sex. As a boy, he won fame as the ‘little antiques expert with the candy-floss hair’ and even appeared on Oprah. He was not really an expert; his father secretly fed him the answers. His father had been in jail for burning down his shop to cover up financial shortcomings. His accountant was also a priest, and is best known as an expert on the paranormal. One just cannot make this stuff up, and we give these details to show that Allen is the best choice for the job of covering nests of nuts. Small problem: he turned on the above family and cut them to pieces (reputation-wise). They are regularly derided, and occasionally beaten-up, by passers-by. We apologize to the family for mentioning them in connection with Ron; they must still have some pride. (


August 28, 2013

“This process was mentioned by Cecil Monk in a third year course during my undergraduate degree in about 1970 and was studied by people like Bethe in the early twentieth century. My notes for this undergraduate course is now in the archives of my autobiography volume 2. It was taught in a fairly simple minded way. Looking at Google keywords “electron positron annihilation kinetic energy” I find the process described in a CERN course in a shockingly careless and equally simple minded way, with grammatical and other errors.”

Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy is now a standard laboratory technique for the investigation of lattice defects in solids. It has yielded millions of self-consistent results. Trying to question the validity of the underlying theory will have about the same success as trying to unspread butter. But, of course, that applies to all of the AIAS activities.

Crothered Again

August 28, 2013

“As discussed in many well read UFT papers and essays on ”

‘Well read’? Looked at and downloaded, perhaps, but read? Or believed? Nah.

“the geometrical connection is antisymmetric in its lower two indices”

It has been comprehensively shown that Ron cannot handle indices properly:

“this fact is alone sufficient to refute the entire Einsteinian theory.”

What about the prediction of black holes by Newtonian theory? Crothers does not even seem to know whether he is targeting a black hole or a naked singularity.

“Essay 80 and its broadcast by Robert Cheshire lists fifty seven of the numerous refutations available of the entire Einsteinian theory, its basic field equation included.”

Putting nonsense into a different format does not make  it any the less nonsensical. And what made a merchant-navy sailor, and tug-boat captain, an authority?

“None of these people debating Stephen Crothers know the first thing about geometry, so they are dogmatists. On a psychological level, paranoid projection is being used, Stephen Crothers being tarred as the epitome of evil, and it is seen that the dogmatists employ gutter personal abuse. ”

Why not post Crothers’ CV and let people see his background? 

PS: Hurry up and subscribe; we need those blankets. Doncha just love it when a plan comes together?


August 28, 2013

Membership of the American Chemical Society extended to Kerry Pendergast

August 28, 2013

This is good news, and congratulations to Kerry, who is also a chemist by training.”

Hurry up and subscribe, Penderghastly, we need another blanket! Hmm, isn’t Gareth-the-Sewage also a chemist?

Not to be a wet blanket…..

August 27, 2013

Today Ron shared this exciting news :

“I have been invited to become a member of the ACS following two anonymous nominations for which I am most grateful.”

I’m sure you are grateful Ron. As soon as you cough up the membership fees, look what the people who referred, er, I mean “nominated” you will receive…

“Since 2006 the Member-Get-A-Member Campaign has been offering current Members the opportunity to recruit new paid members and receive a unique Periodic Table of the Elements blanket. “

So hurry up and scrape together the Membership fees Ron, Someone who wants that sweet, sweet blanket, is depending on you.



Did Feynman Know of Ron?

August 26, 2013

“There were lot of fools at the conference – pompous fools – and pompous fools drive me up the wall. Ordinary fools are alright; you can talk to them and try to help them out. But pompous fools – guys who are fools and covering it all over and impressing people as to how wonderful they are with all this hocus pocus – THAT, I CANNOT STAND! An ordinary fool isn’t a faker; an honest fool is alright. But a dishonest fool is terrible!”

Richard Feynman, Surely You’re Joking

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself, Ron

August 25, 2013

“This is characterised by distrust and constant suspicion that people have sinister motives, excessive trust in their own knowledge and abilities, lack of any close relationship, cold and distant character. They read hostile intentions into actions of others, and look for hidden meanings. They are quick to challenge the loyalty of friends for no reason at all, and carry long, bitter grudges. They are relentlessly suspicious and shift, or project, blame on to others. There are many bitter and lonely people like this lurking in anonymity on the net …”

… and all too prominently in Craigcefnparc