Crothered Again

“As discussed in many well read UFT papers and essays on ”

‘Well read’? Looked at and downloaded, perhaps, but read? Or believed? Nah.

“the geometrical connection is antisymmetric in its lower two indices”

It has been comprehensively shown that Ron cannot handle indices properly:

“this fact is alone sufficient to refute the entire Einsteinian theory.”

What about the prediction of black holes by Newtonian theory? Crothers does not even seem to know whether he is targeting a black hole or a naked singularity.

“Essay 80 and its broadcast by Robert Cheshire lists fifty seven of the numerous refutations available of the entire Einsteinian theory, its basic field equation included.”

Putting nonsense into a different format does not make  it any the less nonsensical. And what made a merchant-navy sailor, and tug-boat captain, an authority?

“None of these people debating Stephen Crothers know the first thing about geometry, so they are dogmatists. On a psychological level, paranoid projection is being used, Stephen Crothers being tarred as the epitome of evil, and it is seen that the dogmatists employ gutter personal abuse. ”

Why not post Crothers’ CV and let people see his background? 

PS: Hurry up and subscribe; we need those blankets. Doncha just love it when a plan comes together?


4 Responses to “Crothered Again”

  1. Steve David Urich Says:


    Please checkout and consider joining “The Work of Miles Williams Mathis” Facebook group. Stephen Crothers has just joined and is causing quite a stir. Anyway, it would be nice if you would show up and put him in his place.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We shall have a look. But there are so many nutters around that we try to focus on the ones who have some chance of being believed by those in positions of power.

      • Steve David Urich Says:


        Stephen J. Crothers recently tried to get his own Wikipedia page. However, common sense prevailed and he was shot down. And the reason? Crothers is a crackpot.

        Anyway, now he is on a sympathy tour. Crothers is making the rounds and wants everyone to know how unfair it is to written off as a crackpot. Boo hoo!

        • crackpotwatch Says:

          If he tells lies about universally agreed matters of fact, screws up the mathematics and will not listen to reason, what else can he expect? Real scientists ‘take it as read’ that their theories will be criticised; that is how flaws get beaten out … science is a gestalt activity. Only cranks stay in their comfort zone and see criticism as being personal.

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