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Religious Maniac

September 30, 2013

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I will send you a Press Release on updates soon.



Edward H. Dowdye, Jr., Ph.D. Physics
Founder, Pure Classical Physics Research”

We wonder whether Ron will also be endorsing Dowdye’s views on Noah’s ark, etc.:

In particular, how will Ron handle Dowdye’s claim that the bible predicts global warming?


The New Goon Show

September 23, 2013

“ECE versus standard model, script by Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers, with Harry Seacombe as the cuckoo”

Much of the success of the original Goon Show was due to its surreptitious recycling of obscene military jokes. Every old soldier easily spotted the punch-line references and went into convulsions of laughter, while the upper-class draft-dodgers who ran the BBC were unaware of the subterfuge. The new Goon Show pulls a similar trick: passing off obscenely pseudoscientific drivel under the noses of an innocent lay audience.  If only there were a short fat Welshman to play the Secombe* part. Your turn in the barrel, Ron!

*Yep. Ron cannot even spell correctly the names of his heroes.

Tugboat Promotion

September 23, 2013

“I have outstanding essay narrations to do and will address those shortly (unless you have more in mind presently and imminently? – in which case a bigger, batch recording session would be preferable in my recording arrangements), meanwhile and where possible I am head down at work in the “engine room” despite being a helmsman!”

‘Outstanding’ is perhaps not the best word here, ‘pending’ would be better as the essays are far from outstanding. ‘Helmsman’ certainly sounds more romantic and skilful; much better than ‘tugboat-driver’. If tugboat gets that promised salary, perhaps he will be able to stop trying to hire himself out by the hour. 


Ferris* (Ferrous to Val?) Wheel Speech

September 23, 2013

“Using a variation on the film script for the “The Third Man” by Graham Greene: “They had five hundred years of the university system – and what did they produce? Tenure” (The Swiss Cuckoo Clock Speech by Harry Lime (played by Orson Welles) ”

How apt that Ron should mention the notoriously inaccurate Welles addition to the main script. He apparently sat up all night writing it … and got everything wrong. The Swiss did not have five hundred years of peace: they were the most notorious and feared mercenaries in Europe (why do you think that the Pope has a Swiss guard?), vying with the Hessians,  and constantly had to defend their homeland. The Swiss did not invent the cuckoo-clock: it originated in the Black Forest. That is in Germany, Ron.  Ron, the ‘Orson Welles’ of physics.

*This is the technical name for what you call a ‘giant fairground’ wheel, Ron (and ‘garage’ is the correct name for what you call a ‘garriage’)

Vigier and Friends

September 21, 2013

Vigier was a crackpot. Sometimes, being stopped dead does science a real service. Who but a nutcase would attend a loony conference

where he is on an even footing with fakes like ‘Dr’ Valone, Paul LaViolette and Ron’s friend, the notorious investment conman, ‘Professor’ John Searl? He, for one, is listed in Marquis Who’s Who; so Ron cannot deny that he is genuine, what with that publication having such a high reputation for accuracy (ho-ho). Also, Searl has a certificate proving that he is a professor, which is more than Ron has. Searl, according to Marquis, was awarded a BA degree at the age of 14.  That makes Ron’s ‘young DSc’ look pretty paltry in comparison, doesn’t it? We are sure that somebody must already be out there, writing a book which will bring this scandalous farce (that an inheritor of Faraday’s mantle is a pseudoscientific loon) to public attention. Ironically, Ron gets away with it only because nobody knows about him. That will change one day.

Told Ya So

September 20, 2013

We suggested recently to one of our correspondents that, if in any doubt as to whether somebody is a loony-tune or not, a layman should check the Worldwide List of Dissident Scientists or the membership-list of the Natural Philosophy Alliance.  With no real surprise, we note that Ron’s friend, Fritzius, is on both lists. 

Penderghastly Teaches

September 20, 2013

“the Earth’s magnetic field is caused by the iron nickel molten outer core acting as a dynamo.


Well, that is the vacuous schoolboy explanation. A better model is that of a self-excited homopolar motor/generator (or possibly two coupled ones). Such a system exhibits chaotic behaviour, and this can easily explain not only polarity reversal, but also the observed fluctuations in the field.  There is a whole exciting world of physics out there, Penderghastly: it will soon be the adult-education season. Sign up for an introductory science course!



September 20, 2013

“Bear in mind that if you take a metal detector, it will register the North South for any piece of Ferris metal. Every piece of Ferris metal (steel) has a north and south pole. If it lies in the ground for a while the field increases a little. You can magnetise a piece of ferris metal, but this only increases the polarity. What I cannot tell you is if the direction of the field aligns itself with the earth’s field. If the iron core of the earth were solid, it would have a permanent magnetic field. Our one changes polarity, Why is a mistery.”

Ferris? Mistery? Jeez, with moronic fans like these, enemies are superfluous.

“Answer to Val”

September 19, 2013

“Thanks for your interest! The concept of the earth’s magnetic field is interesting in view of your experiments. I will think about this. The magnetic field observed for example with a compass may be due to the spin connection of spacetime in ECE theory. ”

Ron has to go away and think about this because he is not a physicist. It has been known since the 19th century that moving non-ferromagnetic conductors have a magnetic field. Inversely, magnetic-stirring of liquid metals is a standard industrial technique.  It is an induction effect, which is easily explained by Maxwell’s equations. In fact, Maxwell himself proposed a sort of magnetic levitation system, using (non-ferromagnetic) copper, for which Laithwaite later got the credit. Ron’s friend, Searl, likes to claim that he discovered the ‘induction-levitation’ effect so as to ‘sell’ his loony perpetual-motion cum antigravity machine to the gullible. Ron and Searl should work together. Oh dear, they already do – in effect. 

Poetry in Motion

September 11, 2013

“Now I came across a town

With my squire of renown”

Town? Squire? Could it be …? Nah, ‘renown’ doesn’t fit.

“and so on for many brilliant lines.”

Starting at the next line, presumably.