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Ron = Bessler?

October 31, 2013

Bessler Wheel

Subject: Fwd: AW: Bessler Wheel

Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 14:06:39 EDT

Good point, I will look into this.

The question which perhaps can be answered without detailed calculation is whether the free-falling part of mass motion in the Bessler Wheel is part of the system or not, i.e. if we have a closed (conservative) system or not.”


“The project of perpetual motion is normally pushed back to the very edge of traditional history of science. It allegedly defines the bounds of human credulity and vain ambition and marks, with the Philosopher’s Stone and stock-market Bubbles, the painful transition to rational understanding of the capacities of nature and art. It seems self-evident that neither nature nor technique can generate endless profit, so faith in perpetual motion is seen as a parable about the fallibilities of the human mind rather than about the capacities of technique.”

Simon Schaffer. The British Journal for the History of Science, 1995 28[2] 157 89

Bessler’s maid, Anne Mauersbergerin ran away from his house and revealed that the wheels had always been turned from a neighbouring room. Sometimes she turned, sometimes Bessler’s wife or his brother Gottfried. Even Bessler did some of the turning.  She made a sworn statement to the effect that Bessler had threatened her, under pain of damnation, not to reveal what she knew of the scam. It was later found that Bessler’s wife had already informed a government official of her husband’s fraud, but had been warned to keep quiet.

So what sort of person would perpetrate such a scam, and what sort of person would still be suggesting, that the wheel was genuine, in the early 21st century? A single description seems to fit both:


His early life suggested a burning ambition to rise from his humble origins, coupled with genuine skills. However, there were also grave flaws in his character and intellectual training. It is probable that his pursuit of ‘energy from nowhere’ began in good faith and that he first turned to deceit in an attempt to gain the time and money that he thought he needed to perfect the real thing. He had been described as a “madman”, and even his closest friends spoke of him as a “desperate man who cared about nothing”. His erratic and irascible behavior was attributed to a need to drive away inconvenient examinations of his work, as well as to  the psychological strain of sustaining a career that had come to depend upon a lie.


On the Flogging of Dead Horses

October 31, 2013

This 15-year old copy of The Journal of New Energy,

offers some interesting insights into the state of this sector of the lunatic fringe as it was at the time (i.e. much the same as it is now).  Watch out for tiresomely familiar names and loony concepts. Note that Ron, ‘Dr’ Bearden and Rodrigues were all on the same side in those days. Whittaker’s mathematical trick for solving electromagnetic problems (surely the most misrepresented paper in history) is here used by Bearden to ‘explain’ just about everything, including Priore’s machine and telepathy.  There is even an advertisement for a ‘stocking-filler’ toy based upon the ‘science’ of John Searl. The article on page 38 promises a sure-fire LENR technique for destroying nuclear waste. Sadly, the author was prevented from exploiting it, due to factors completely within his control. Firstly he was investigated for manufacturing illegal mind-bending drugs* and then he was killed while illegally racing cars on public roads.  In some quarters, his death was of course attributed to ‘assassination by persons with vested interests’.

* Such sleaziness is very often associated with the lunatic fringe. We know of a (gun-toting) ‘nuclear physicist’ anti-gravity inventor (patents applied for) who was once  imprisoned for a ‘celebrated’ million-dollar scam and recently went back to jail for defrauding a co-director of his own company! He once told one of our group that he also had plans for an ‘amazing new energy source’. Is that a perpetual-motion machine that we espy on the horizon? 

The Usual Suspects

October 30, 2013

“It is likely the stalking blog is being funded by certain vested interests, to discredit the new physics discoveries. In the interest of all mankind, please do what you can to stop the harrassment [sic] of real researchers, like Dr Evans.”

Oh no, could it possibly be that traditional enemy of perpetual-motion inventors, ‘BIG OIL’?   This type of supporter makes pit-props look intelligent.




October 30, 2013

Ron admires the journalism of SOTT and its tearing-apart of Steriwave. We think that SOTT should now investigate the AIAS, because there are so many parallels. For instance: Steriwave backs ‘cars that run on water’; AIAS backs LENR and also has connections to Searl and to et3m.  Steriwave backs quack medical treatments; the AIAS has a link to a quack site (and Ron illegally recommended a cancer cure). Finally, Steriwave backed the Volfson anti-gravity device and AIAS is associated with the anti-gravity ideas of Charles Kellum (not to mention Searl again). One really cannot slip a razor blade* between TGA and AIAS.

*Ooh look: a comment just begging to be taken out of context and called a ‘death threat’.


October 30, 2013

“I have no medical qualifications and have never worked in the area of cancer or medical research, but about twenty years ago I encouraged early work on what was to become electroceuticals in a letter to the Craddock Foundation recommending funding of what was then a revolutionary new idea. ”

Condemned out of his own mouth: it is a criminal offence for an unqualified person to recommend a cancer treatment. The crackpot ideas of the medical fraudster, Antoine Priore, had absolutely nothing to do with real treatments. Craddock is a mere front-man for the demented and dishonest ‘Dr’ Eugene Bearden; inventor of the MEG perpetual-motion machine and former ‘best friend’ of Ron.

More Distortion

October 30, 2013

“The latest news on Oct. 28th. 2013 is that Toyota researchers have replicated a deuterium gas permeation experiment , published in the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. So low energy nuclear fusion (LENR) is mainstream science. ”

Ron of course fails to mention that the supposed degree of transmutation in the latest experiments is only 1% of that previously reported. This trend is entirely in line with one of Langmuir’s criteria for a pseudoscience: that is, ‘the claimed effect becomes weaker and weaker with the passage of time’. When cold fusion was first reported, there were films of vigorously bubbling and steaming vats (effects supposedly produced by anomalous excess energy)  … but now everything is at the limits of detectability. 

“R. l. Forward demonstrated electric energy from the Casimir effect in Phys. Rev. B, 30(4), 1700 (1984) from the Hughes Research Laboratories. ”

No, he did not. He used a thought experiment to explain how zero-point energy might be extracted.  It was not even clear whether the amount extracted would exceed the amount consumed by the apparatus. Forward also proposed a ‘feasible’ anti-gravity machine. In fact it was not at all feasible as it would have required the pumping of liquid osmium at supersonic velocities. Forward was an imaginative – but honest – physicist. He knew the bounds of his imagination. This is not true of certain ‘high-tech’ companies, and his anti-gravity drive has been (mis)used in their advertising materials. 

“Using google keywords “Energy from the Vacuum” brings up nearly six million entries. ”

In fact it brings up slightly less than 5,000,000 hits in a general web search. The same search on Google scholar brings up 24 hits.  Why did Ron use a general search when the topic is specifically scientific? Why, it is almost as if he likes to move the goalposts in order to get the result that he wants. How deeply unscientific; that is one of the things that Bacon taught us not to do.


October 27, 2013

“BTW, it turns out that LENR is a common occurence [sic]. For instance, the isotopic mix of mercury inside a compact flourescent [sic] bulb changes quickly after turning on a new bulb, which cannot be explained by chemical reactions. ”

One of the favourite tricks of the fools and knaves of the lunatic fringe is to take bona fide scientific papers out of context, or even to tell bald lies about what they say.  Michael ‘ECE explains the human soul’ Jackson here repeats what another has reported… without even bothering to read the original paper (Mead et al.,  Environmental Science and Technology,  2013, 47, 2542 ).  Perhaps he has not bothered to read it because one cannot download the paper without paying; how strange that one would not be willing to pay for such world-shattering alchemical news. Of course, the paper has nothing to say about anomalous transmutation of mercury; it in fact reports the anomalous fractionation of mercury isotopes in glass containers, which is something entirely more anodyne.

Note: increasing mercury-contamination of the environment is, ironically, the fault of environmentalists – who have forced everyone to use energy-saving, but dangerous, bulbs.

Fool or Knave?

October 26, 2013

” unable to distinguish between ducks and scholarship. This is precisely the type of research I advocated in a letter to Tony Craddock twenty years ago in support of a research project, so I am delighted to see this progress, the hard work of many real scientists. ”

Many a true word may be spoken by a moron. The above is a case-in-point. Someone who cannot distinguish between the quack ideas of a conman like Priore, and effective radiation treatments, is either an idiot … or a shill for pseudoscience. Similarly, someone who cannot distinguish between ‘vacuum energy’ as used by the lunatic fringe, and the same term when used by real physicists,  is someone who is being deliberately deceptive … or really cannot tell the difference. Perhaps he should try reading, and evaluating, the papers thrown up by Google Scholar*; rather than lying about them ‘for effect’.  It is clear that many people have trouble with electromagnetism, and pseudoscientists exploit that fact:  Ron and other AIAS morons ‘explained’ Bearden’s MEG perpetual-motion device (NB Craddock is a front-man for Bearden) [strike one], Siemens’ Stain (aka Eckhardt)  believes that homopolar devices are similarly magic [strike two] and the AIAS has a permanent link to the criminal conman, John Searl [strike three].  One can understand Ron’s looking-up to Searl; the latter is more successful, and is a professor. Ron may doubt the latter claim, but how can he dismiss this:

Just look at that glowing citation, Ron, from that reliable source. When displayed on Searl’s wall (or yours), it must turn quite a few heads (or should that be stomachs?).

*We would advise Ron to use Scopus instead (since it ignores pseudoscientific papers) but, unfortunately, it is not available to just anybody.

Magical Mystery Tour

October 23, 2013

“It is a very ancient Celtic or Helvetian cuckoo clock on the Rigi overlooking Lake Lucerne in the Canton of Zurich. I used to time my five thousand metres with it every weekend. ”

That must have been a very long 5000 metres, as Lake Lucerne is, somewhat inconveniently, not located in the Canton of Zuerich*.  And do we have to point out again that cuckoo clocks were a German invention; not Swiss or Celt.  Oh dear, how do we know so much about Switzerland; inferences will be drawn, 2 plus 2 will be made to equal 5 …

*which has the Zuerichsee; gee, what were the odds!

Another Freudian Slip?

October 22, 2013

“Every undergraduate is taught the Lyman, Blamer, Paschen, Pfund, series of spectral lines.”

No, they are not. The name is Balmer.  You cannot assign blame just anywhere Ron. 

Writ Watch?

October 22, 2013

“My recent severe criticisms of the Department of Physics and Mathematics at University College of Wales Aberystwyth are being read. ”

Just as Ron assumes that all hits on AIAS are from instant converts to his crackpot theory, so too does he assume that recent visits from Aberystwyth are a good thing. Does it not occur to him that someone might have tipped the physics department off that he is making malicious and defamatory  statements about the staff. It will be interesting to see how litigious they are.

It’s the Way he Tells ‘Em

October 21, 2013

“The ECE theory changed the attitude of patent offices to this new source of energy. Anyone who describes this key progress in negative terms is a crass presudoscientist [sic]  with a grudge to grind.”

Only 4 patents mention ECE theory. They are all applications by AIAS member (and therefore crackpot), Charles Kellum. What an amazing coincidence! Note that they are only applications. Any bets on whether these ‘keys to progress’ will be granted?

Vested Interest?

October 21, 2013

“Houston, TX, October 18, 2013 – The Higgs Fake – How Particle Physicists Fooled the Nobel Committee, the new book by Dr. Alexander Unzicker, is a merciless critique of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and of the theoretical model on which the world’s most expensive experiment is based. “

One for the “he would say that wouldn’t he”* department. Before the Higg’s particle was confirmed, Unzicker set up a site where one could wager with him against its confirmation:

Strangely enough, his betting site has disappeared.

*Welsh prostitute Mandy Rice-Davies’ handy contribution to philosophical discourse.

Signs of Defection

October 20, 2013

Ron and Searl are alike in many ways: believers in perpetual motion, antigravity and loony medical treatments, obnoxious personality, grandiose but groundless claims, etc.  Another resemblance is a ‘constant’ entourage, which is nevertheless always changing. Some names have disappeared from the staff list at AIAS over the past few years.  We note further signs of unrest among Ron’s acolytes and hope that they will defect in the same outspoken manner as  that of a previous disillusioned member:

(see ‘comment’ near bottom of page).  See also our ‘Defamation from Beyond the Grave’ post of last year.

Look at the spiral, Tugboat: as official AIAS artist, you’re occupying dead man’s shoes

Another Turncoat?

October 18, 2013

Some days ago we noted that Tugboat, Dunning-Davies and Croca had all praised a book written by a member of the hated Fucilla family.  This was forgivable (unless one cares about honest reviewing) because they, ‘Professor’ Fucilla and Ron were all friends back then. More recently, we drew attention to a musical celebration of Higgs’ great success:

Since then, a Simon Clifford has posted a rather neutral comment under the video. Surely this cannot be Ron’s Simon Clifford. Surely it is the duty of a Ron-follower to disparage real physics at every opportunity.  Can it be that some of the followers are beginning to question the genius of der fuehrer? 

A Present for Ron

October 16, 2013

Now, Ron, you won’t understand the math so just enjoy the music:

Sucking-Up and Doing-Down

October 15, 2013

More tendentious reviewing. Dunning-Davies sucks up (indirectly) to his employer:

and does-down an enemy of unreason:

But the latter strategy is puzzling. It would have been understandable when Dunning-Davies was still with Atkins-hater Ron, but he is now with Ron’s enemy,  Fucilla.  


October 15, 2013

Is this really Tugboat (using a false address), praising the work of a member of the Fucilla family? Perhaps Tugboat should ‘do a Dunning-Davies’ and defect to the Steriwave/Telesio axis of loonies.

Well, of course, it is Tugboat … as this page shows (see reviews):

This is a bit like citation-manipulation in the lunatic fringe: who would have guessed that Croca, Dunning-Davies and Tugboat would all develop a sudden interest in science fiction. A cynic might surmise that they were deliberately trying to increase the sales of a book written by the son of someone who might possibly throw money their way.





October 14, 2013

“I have no fear of criticising big shots in science, because my criticism is based on honesty and objectivity. What can they do: become stalkers? None of them would stoop that low, or let’s hope so. There is no way in which they can stop the march of ideas pouring out of AIAS, and they cannot “undo” the huge impact. ”

Especially brave, as they do not even know that they are being criticised.  Ron is scared to take part in the usual scientific process. He knows that his errors will be spotted at a glance by referees, and so he claims that they do not understand, are biased or are incompetent. This intellectual dishonesty and lack of objectivity has reduced him to such a parlous state that he has to write 90% of the papers for his own journal, and those papers are then cited only by himself and his gang of sciolist yes-men. Nobody can stop Searl’s ‘out-pouring of ideas’ either, and Searl attracts far more attention and followers, but there is not one whit of fundamental difference between them. They both write letters to the Prime Minister, like all ‘passengers on the Clapham omnibus’. They have no relevance to real science. Even we would lose interest if only Ron would voluntarily give up the Civil List pension. That will be the only lasting memorial to Ron, and the one which will otherwise shame British science for ever. 


Foundations of Pseudoscience

October 13, 2013

Foundations of Physics and Foundations of Physics Letters were always rather too open-minded with respect to theoretical speculations. Journals with that attitude are always eventually invaded by outright loonies, just like dry rot attacking a house.  Foundations of Physics Letters was therefore a natural target for a gang of crackpots:

which was conspiring to foist a perpetual motion machine on gullible investors. The ringleader was Thomas Eugene Bearden; a bad ‘un from way back. Best known for his fake doctorate and his habit of carrying a gun (to protect himself from assassins wielding CIA-style futuristic weapons), he has long been pushing antigravity, perpetual motion and death-rays.  He was a frequent collaborator of Ron, and it is hard to decide whose reputation suffered the most from that association.  The rent-a-fools of the Alpha Institute were roped in to supply theoretical support. Note that the Alpha Institute was then based in Hungary … where it should have stayed, rather than sullying any part of the UK. Eventually the midden, that Foundations of Physics Letters had become, was metaphorically hosed out by the excellent t’Hooft. 

Annotating the Nutter

October 13, 2013

“The pattern shows that I was unlucky enough to be trapped in a system that was not interested in scholarship. It was interested in careerism and money.”

So who is the one who complains endlessly about not being made a professor, and wants decades of back-pay?

“With the formation of AIAS all that has been left behind.”

Together with sanity

“The attached scientometrics show the truth quite plainly, that freed of that system I was able to make an unprecedented impact. ”

What impact? What sort of ‘new age’ is it which would disappear entirely if the contents of a few servers were deleted? 

“The corruption in that system is so ingrained that the only way in which a really creative mind can work is to leave the system completely. Citations are not a measure of how a work is read, citations are in my opinion nearly meaningless, they can only give the vaguest measure.”

So why are you obsessing about H-ratings? When it suits you, they are important. When it doesn’t, they are not. 

“They are enough only to show that an inert worker produces very little, which is just common sense anyway. Something can be cited over and over and never read. The only useful thing about citations is that they can cite previous work by the author and co workers, building up a logical chain of development.”

It is normal for an author to cite his previous work. That is why a proper system should ignore such self-references; they are obviously irrelevant to impact estimation. However, your work is never cited by any independent person, thus leading to a zero impact-factor and a zero H-rating. 

“In my case this has been going on for about forty two years continuously. If one begins to read my work it will take a few years just to read it. ”

The chemical work is out-of-date, and the physics work is rubbish.

“Citation often occurs with a well known textbook, or a well known paper, which is cited very often but never read. With scholarship like this, who needs the illiterate? ”

Illiterate? You mean people who misspell ‘garage’ as ‘garriage’, even after being corrected?

“In the attached scientometrics everything has been read. ”

One would have to be psychic to know that. There is no other sign.

“The behaviour of people with whom I was trapped was often criminal, there is no other description possible, yet no one could or would do anything about it.”

This from someone who has links to quack cancer ‘cure’ sites, and to the arch conman Searl’s site; which seeks investment funding for perpetual-motion and antigravity projects!

“Obviously the People of Wales does not need such a system. If it were closed down nothing would happen.”

They do not need you and, if your ‘system’ were to be closed down, nobody would notice.

” As a scholar I have had to construct my own system of publication so that there is no longer any danger of my work being mindlessly censored before it reaches its intended readership.”

Aha, the ‘shouting down a well’ method of broadcasting

“The latter reads it avidly in private, in their millions, but they must be careful of a system that opposes scholarship and regularly ruins careers. It does not nurture scholarship at all.”

Oh, so it is the traditional crackpot excuse: ‘there is no sign of it because it is being suppressed’. 

“In my time it was made up of ruthless careerists, some of whom were psychopaths verging on the psychotic. Not exactly the School of Athens. Who but a psychopath would make me work in a junk room for eighteen months or place sealed letters on my desk? A psychopath with a vanishingly small H index ruined half of Bangor before he was done.”

Alternatively: superiors with insight and foresight who realised that they had a pseudoscientific monster on their hands. And they were proved correct.

Blind Old Captain Ron

October 13, 2013

Thomas wrote of the old blind sea captain who dreams of his deceased shipmates and their crying out to be allowed the pleasures of life. Cat often acts as narrator; observing and commenting on the goings-on in the village from his window. Captain Ron is a bit like that, except that he is more intent on doing-down his more successful surviving ‘shipmates’. 


October 13, 2013

“I refer to it as a “best seller” out of habitual usage, in fact it is published open source and is freely available. As the daily mht file shows to the inner circle here, it generates many thousands of readings every month.”

It has now been referred to by 202 people. However, all of the ‘users’ are Ron and his gang. This is not surprising.  Who, but they, would be interested in the views on physics of an air-conditioning engineer? If only they would all stick to their respective lasts: Ron should stick to chemistry, Tugboat to boats and pub-entertainment and Clifford … what is it that he does? Piano-teaching?

Old Trouble in New-Physics Crackpot-Land

October 12, 2013

Some of our readers may be unaware of the previous travails of Ron:

In such cases, one is supposed to argue that, “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. However, we consider Telesio-Galilei to be as bad as AIAS, Rodrigues to be just as deluded (concerning energy from nowhere) as Ron and Fucilla to be beyond the pale.

The Highest and the Lowest

October 11, 2013

How nice to see Higgs on national news broadcasts today, explaining that he had been unaware of the Nobel kerfuffle until a passer-by told him. What a modest unassuming scientist; a role-model for how a scientist should be. How unlike the life of the despicable Ron: the very opposite of how a real scientist should behave, with his pathetic obsession with gongs and tenure and with that crippling delusional belief in his own greatness. And what a disgraceful and desperate attack on Higgs: oh dear, someone once criticized the work of one of Higgs’ students. Well, the only student of Ron’s that gets a mention is the one who complained about the smell. Oh, scandal, Higgs’ H-score would not get him tenure. Guess what, Ron, scientists of Higgs’ age and calibre do not need tenure!  It is lucky that the old hands at Aberystwth were men of discernment; they could clearly spot a wrong ‘un, or two. And they were right. What sort of ‘brilliant chemists’ would give up their ambitions so easily; one to become a crackpot would-be physicist and another to oversee the minute scientific needs of a backwoods branch of local government. 

Comment Possibilities

October 10, 2013

Some of our readers may be frustrated by the fact that they cannot make comments on Ron’s blog. They should note that it is possible to make comments, on the same posts, via or 

A First!

October 9, 2013

Yesterday, we received our first (non-AIAS*) comment which defended Ron, sort of. That it, it was from an angling enthusiast in Thailand who accused us of being shills for ‘big oil’. That is a common accusation when one is negative concerning perpetual motion claims. We have received several comments defending Miles Mathis (not our major concern), and have even let some through, but only one about Ron (and that was treated as spam).  What puzzles us, is this: if Ron has millions of academic followers, why have we received only one comment that comes anywhere near supporting him or his loony theory? 

*Any communication from AIAS gang-members is, of course, deleted. In particular, why should Ron be allowed to comment here when he does not allow comments on his blog?


October 9, 2013

Blog, 9th October 2008: “I wish to have “Myron Evans” deleted completely from Wikipedia. This is a grossly defamatory article, and my true biography is found in Marquis and on the _www.aias.us_ ( site.”

Blog, 9th October 2013: “The violations of human rights and other laws by Wikipedia are easily demonstrated by trying to post my CV and list of some of my many awards, and awards to members of my group, as attached. I have been singled out for extra specially nasty prejudice simply because of my opinions.”

So first he campaigns to be removed from Wiki, and now he wants back in! What a two-faced twerp.

Close Down Wales?

October 8, 2013

“Exactly as warned against by Michael Jackson, Fukushima almost exploded today, (AOL headline news), and it still has not been capped to prevent radioactivity being blown into the atmosphere. The leakage of polluting water still has not been dammed or stopped.”

In 2000, the Amersham plant in north Cardiff discharged 87 of tritium as liquid, 403 of tritium as gas and 1.69 of gaseous carbon-14 (all radioactive). What are the units here? Tera-Becquerels! It is interesting to compare these figures with the journalistic ‘scare statistics’ coming from Fukushima. And get this: until fairly recently, there was a nuclear weapons plant situated right in the midst of a Cardiff housing estate. How’s that for irresponsible, look you?

Goliath is Not Always the Villain

October 8, 2013

“The pseudoaward was made for just the theory, which still has not been verified, and as we all know, is riddled with errors from beginning to end. “

It is funny that thousands of real scientists at CERN believe that they have experimental proof, while one unknown crackpot in Wales has only a rubbish contrary theory which is based upon errors in tensor manipulation. Experiment always trumps theory. By the way, Google Scholar returns 50000+ hits for “Higgs boson” and only a few hundred for “ECE theory”. Moreover, thousands of different names account for the Higgs-hits whereas it is hard to find an ECE hit which is not due to Ron or his gang.  Finally, we are surprised that Ron has not mentioned AIAS-member Kellum’s latest (3rd October) patent application. Like the previous ones, it* promises perpetual-motion and antigravity.  Association with either of those loony quests immediately damns their followers in the eyes of real scientists. 

*Note: it is based upon a homopolar motor/generator. This has long been the ‘workhorse’ of the experimental branch of the lunatic fringe because its operation cannot be explained by schoolboy physics. This makes it perfect for ‘baffling suckers with science’. 

Wikipedia Wakes Up

October 8, 2013

“It has come to my attention that any attempt to mention my Scientiae Doctor degree or Civil List Pension is censored by Wikipedia”

It is good to see that Wikipedia is dropping its fence-sitting philosophy. It is right that nutters should be ‘starved of the oxygen of publicity’ because, in their small way, they are as dangerous as terrorists.  

‘One in the Eye’ for Ron

October 8, 2013

Well, well, so Higgs got his Nobel Prize. That was awarded on the basis of experimental proof, Ron. Higgs did not just concoct a theory to fit (and misinterpret) pre-existing data. That is how real science is done, Ron, a theory is quite modestly proposed and makes a new prediction which is eventually confirmed by new experiments. You may as well pack up and go home Ron. Oh, you are at home. Well, you may as well retire Ron. Oh, you haven’t got a job. Well, here is a project to work on, a problem which will not have occurred to you; not being a physicist. It is this: by proving the existence of an all-pervading universe of particles, Higgs has effectively reintroduced the concept of an ‘aether’ into physics. If the Higgs field can be used as a frame of reference, this would undermine the very basis of special relativity.  Discuss. Oh, but you can’t; now that we have mentioned it.

Ron a Mere Shill for Conmen

October 7, 2013

“That energy is taken from nothing. This absurdity has been refuted by conservation theorems and by the fact that spacetime energy devices work. ( and LENR websites). Patent offices worldwide accept filings on energy from spacetime and LENR.”

One does not satisfy the conservation laws by positing unknown sources in order to make the equations balance. The Mexican group are fraudsters (why is somebody in Manchester asking the Mexican equivalent of Companies House about the non-appearance of the ramshackle et3m ‘company’ and the mysterious Mr Hill in their files?) and the LENR people are incompetent experimenters. Patent offices do indeed welcome moronic patent applications. Why not; it is money in their pockets. Some crackpot ideas occasionally slip past, such as the Volfson antigravity  machine. This, we recall, was snapped up by Ron’s former employer, ‘professor’ Fucilla. The company which was set up in order to exploit Mr Boris (sewage engineer) Volfson’s device soon folded. Another reason why patent offices accept applications is that – far from being manned by highly-trained and competent personnel – the offices ‘pay peanuts and attract monkeys’. In addition, loonies with vested interests slip in: Dr (real) Harold Aspden (perpetual-motion and antigravity enthusiast) oversaw IBM patents for all of Europe, Dr (fake) Valone (perpetual-motion loony) is a patent examiner* and we know of a patent attorney who has himself invented a ‘spinning wheels in box’ antigravity machine. One day soon it will dawn on the UK government that having to list a pseudoscientific clown like Ron among the ‘deserving greats’ of the Civil List pensioners makes a laughing-stock of British science. Perhaps Brian Cox could be persuaded to do a ‘hatchet-job’ on Ron in the media. 

*He was once sacked for trying to organise a crackpot conference on State Department premises. He appealed on the grounds that belief in perpetual motion was ‘his religion’.  A loony defence for a loon, and it was a loony decision to let him back in.


October 3, 2013

None of us are psychiatrists (psychiatry  is itself  a pseudoscience) and we do not cut and paste our opinions*, but here is our unqualified assessment of Ron. He cannot be offended because, as he keeps saying, he does not read this blog. He is much too busy with metaphorically putting his fingers in his ears and going lalalalalalalala to drown out the deafening silence of the lack of scientific interest in his crackpot theory. 

Here is someone who might have been quite bright (at least at the rote-learning stage) but who was let down by an obnoxious personality and a lack of moral fibre.  Reading between the lines, it looks as if they had to shut down an entire department in order to get rid of him and, while he was away, his own parents profited from his absence by ‘selling his birthright’ and moving away. In the US, he made himself objectionable in a different and novel way but, instead of buying soap, he turned it into a ‘federal case’ and resigned. Most people suffer setbacks and failures in their careers, but few (without benefit of drink, drugs or gambling) crumble so abruptly,  retreat so completely from the outside world and descend into a delusional state.  Here he plays out, on his mental screen, the career-that-might-have-been: the real discoveries, the real acclaim and the real scientific colleagues. How sad it is to become an amalgam of Scott Carey, Andrew Crosse and Nora Desmond.

*if anyone is interested in knowing from where he steals his thoughts, we can tell them.

Rate Your Favourite Crackpot

October 3, 2013

What score do you get for Ron? Rule 25 is particularly important and should attract a higher penalty, in our opinion.