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On Scientometrics

November 30, 2013

“This is sent out as usual on the last day of the month before the relevant file is overwritten. To date in November 2013 for www.aias.usthere have been 71,589 hits, 16,584 distinct visits, 49,331 page views, 2,689 documents read. ”

Well, we have checked dozens of definitions of scientometrics and they all say that it involves the counting of citing publications. Nowhere can we find a definition which says that merely reading, or even looking at, something counts. If Ron were a bookshop proprietor, he would presumably record, as sales, every book opened by a browser. Even window-shoppers would probably get counted as buyers.  


Choosy Translation

November 30, 2013

” It mentions Rossi’s E Cat, Defkalion’s Hyperion and Brillouin Energy as the leading contenders. It mentions ECE in a fair way as a theory that shows the inadequacy of the standard physics and mentions UFT230″

We must have a different version of Google Translate. Our version also comes up with the name of Joseph Papp. He was the conman whose machine killed and injured people, and who successfully blamed all that on Richard Feynman! Reading between the lines, it is very worrying that companies cannot distinguish between science and pseudoscience (no wonder that energy prices keep going up).  Or is it that they are applying the Pascal Wager approach? This says that it is worth throwing a small amount of money at a crackpot idea … just in case one might reap huge rewards. Of course, that which is a ‘small amount’ to a big company is like a lottery-win to an individual. That is what keeps the crackpots going, and why their ‘scientific interest’ only ever stretches to ‘big ticket’ schemes such as perpetual motion, antigravity and magical cancer-cures.  Pascal himself was not too ‘hot’ with regards to probability theory, and once ‘proved’ mathematically that there must be life on the Moon. Our Google Translate  also says only that ECE claims to show the inadequacy of standard physics; not quite the same ringing endorsement that Ron’s version implies.


Note to Bannister

November 30, 2013

“Dear Myron. I agree you should encourage nascent students, and I especially agree with your comment on your current technical abilities. This is something I have noticed in myself, having been “forced” back through the differential and integral calculus and matrix algebra for my studies, and now enjoy and teach them at high levels. Regarding Cartan geometry, I have been reading your work for many years now, and convinced myself without great depth of understanding that your maths were right.”

By all means learn Cartan methods; they are also very useful for describing defects in crystals. If you study really assiduously, you will find out where Ron goes wrong. In that regard, and if you use the Carroll book, don’t forget that you have to stop reading that book when it starts to disagree with Ron. You should also check out the Einstein-Cartan-Sciama-Kibble theory. This correctly introduced the concept of torsion into general relativity.  Ron’s theory permits perpetual motion and so is self-evidently wrong. For more details, check out the many helpful online notes by Professor G.Bruhn. You will thank us later for preventing you from sending your career down a dead end.  But, to be scrupulously fair, ask Ron to put you in contact with a hundred or so of those people who read his work so avidly. Oh dear, he cannot: he does not know who they are and they do not even send him any personal messages of inquiry or praise. Hmm, that is odd.   


Cleansing Augean Stables

November 28, 2013

“I hope that Britain will get off its butt and buy some LENR plants, it has already lost out on inventions due to the usual conservative attitude. It used to be the number one industrialized country as Steve Bannister; Thesis shows. It seems that the commercial production will be dominated as usual by the US and Japan. China and South Korea might also be big players. The EEC needs to inject heavy investment into LENR and Alex Hill type devices ”

Let us hope so! This is shaping up nicely to be one of those major scandals, like the DARPA hafnium bomb and the Elf Aquitaine ‘sniffer planes’, that will bring down  a lot of incompetent ‘scientists’, engineers and fund-managers. The fall-out might even encourage governments to beef-up their scientific education standards so that fewer cranks manage to obtain degrees and help to waste money.   

LENR and Incompetence

November 28, 2013

One of the characteristics of the experimental pseudoscientist is that he considers only the phenomenon that he believes to exist and, when the results are just as he expects, he concludes that he is vindicated, applies for a patent and asks others for investment funds. However, taking a positive result to be proof of a theory is (and this will amaze laymen, schoolteachers and the lunatic fringe) a serious error in logic. Making such a mistake was also warned against by Bacon.  Those who think that anomalous heat is being generated by nuclear processes should go 150 years back into the scientific literature  and check out the work of Thomas Graham (then Master of the Royal Mint) and others. They observed some amazing outpourings of heat from electrolyzed metals and had a conventional explanation for their results. Being in full possession of the facts, and being cautious in the interpretation of results, are the hallmarks of  real scientists.  LENR conmen are but cheap ‘QVC’ imitations.

One for the Books

November 27, 2013

“My advice to the vast readership of ECE is to minimize study of standard physics, keep it to those areas which are error free and tested. Regurgitate if you have to pass exams, or if you have to get tenure. Go into the details and never rely on popularist TV programmes or second hand journalism. Those things lag years behind the times. Never rely on Wikipedia, or any second hand scholarship, and be skeptical of second hand claims about any theory. Go into the details of Cartan geometry as much as you can.”

Oh, that is going straight into emails of complaint to the Royal Societies and to the Cabinet Office! Is it really the job of a ‘Civil-List pensioner in science’ to undermine the government’s attempts (albeit incompetent) at science education?  Fortunately, there is no ‘vast readership’; just an echoing well. 

How to Spot a Pseudoscientist

November 27, 2013

“This sounds very important beause Bessler Wheels obviously work. It would be doubly interesting to include aspects of ECE theory.”

“A cosinusoidal electromagnetic driving term will then be used to produce resonance in capphi, which has the opposite sign to the usual – capphi of gravitation. I call this the counter gravitational scalar potential.”

“Many thanks, I will forward these to the Fellows for a synopsis of their thoughts. I recall that Tesla carried out experiments such as these but did not give a theoretical explanation. The ECE explanation is contained in UFT63 (very heavily studied for about seven or eight years by now, and in developments of spin connection theory by Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom. Robert Cheshire has posted a very interesting broadcast on called “Nicola Who?” and there is a film “All about Tesla” in which Alex Hill and I appeared.”

There are of course the criteria of Langmuir, Gruenberger and Baez to guide one, but by far the easiest way is to look at what ‘projects’ the pseudoscientists  work on: the main ones being perpetual motion (see above), antigravity (see above), crackpot cancer-cures and ‘the paranormal’. Real physicists do not suffer from these delusions; Richard Feynman, in his last years, was more interested in why a lawn-sprinkler does not work in reverse than in those loony quests. In fact, the lawn-sprinkler question is quite profound … but a pseudoscientist would see no money (their main concern) in it, and therefore not be interested.  Another handy rule-of-thumb to use is ‘Tesla-worship’. That is, anybody who mentions Tesla in a good light (see above) marks himself out as being completely ignorant of the history of science. Tesla was a dishonest person who ‘inserted’ himself into the record by stealing ideas and being the first media-slut; giving journalists good copy and generally ‘acting the scientific guru’ (just as that other ideas-thief, Arthur C.Clarke, was to do a generation later).  


Perpetual-Motion ‘Progress’

November 25, 2013

“Google LENR to find 602,000 entries today (early morning GMT). The first entry is a feature on LENR in the magazine “Oil Price” that advocates energy self sufficiency for the United States. “

As AIAS President I suggest that all AIAS Fellows use their own initiative and focus their efforts on the development of theory for LENR devices, building on UFT226 onwards, especially those coming up to semi retirement or retirement, but also all other Fellows. “

And having eliminated all of the negative sites, the crackpot sites and the gullible journalistic sites, what remains? This is all as worthless as that lovingly counted feedback, which is always judged to be favorable. With Google, it is at least possible to see what people are really thinking. As for ‘working on LENR theory’, who needs it? If it really were an already viable industry, and not just a scam, why would theory be needed? Even knowing that E = mc^2 was not essential to the construction of the atomic bomb. The designer of the first commercial passenger-carrying aircraft thought that gravity was a suction force. Cavemen used fire without knowing anything of gas diffusion … or even of the existence of gases. So, given that some idiots already believe incompetent and/or misinterpreted experiments,  what purpose does crackpot-theory serve, apart from ‘rubber-stamping’ fraudulent fund-raising by investment conmen?

More Dubious Friends

November 24, 2013

“As a US dual citizen I signed a petition urging very tough new laws against predatory gang stalking addressed to the two Senators and the Governor of the State of Massachusetts. ”

Trouble is, many of the people who have signed this petition seem to be possibly-dangerous paranoid schizophrenics, or at least members of the tin-foil hat brigade. Here are some examples of their comments:

been gang stalked for 20 years by sheriff and community recently were i live the landlord has got in on the act

Gee, who would use the police to harass?

I am male, 33 years old, Christian & a college graduate that has been ruined by stalkers. I’ve been targeted by a predatory organized stalker network since early 2011. A tenant renting the upstairs installed heat sensors and/or electric current sensors to view everything the residents on my mom’s property are doing. The spy apparatus, that he installed secretly, maliciously and without our permission includes a sound emitting device stalkers talk through to harass and scare us and it has EMR(?) they sometimes aim at me to try and give me heart attacks, head aches, foggy thinking, sore muscles and joints and blurry vision. The stalkers view and see us via transmitter from the spy appartus (electronic data transmission). The stalkers also have a computer receiving & organizing and data transmissions. These stalkers are an organized, racist, advanced network & they are all some of the most evil, psycho & criminal people in the U.S. They make death threats daily, mounted by verbal & psychological attacks. They freaked my family out bad Nov. 2011 causing a serious fallout from making our house feel sinister & scary. Now ruined and defemated, I can’t afford an investigator. Please help!

Hmm, heart attacks by EMR. Better wear a tin-foil suit as well!

Victim of ongoing causal stalking, non-consensual medical experimentation, and targeted assassination by criminals employed in government positions (FBI, CIA, NSA, & DOD).

Interesting: one of us was once accused of working for the CIA. Hmm, we do sometimes enter a building clearly marked CIA … but that is another story.

I dont want anyone gangstalking or gangraping my sister or mother even though I like stalking other people

We know of other people who are similarly two-faced

We need this law, and laws for the entire country like this. I have been “Gangstalked” for 6-7 years, it is ruining my life. I am a conservative Jewish single mom, middle aged, and they have isolated me, ruined my credit, my DMV record, mail, phone, computers, etc. Financially, I am ruined, and need help, but Wells Fargo is also involved, after 35 years as a customer, they too are heavily involved. Someone please stop the craziness!

Naughty Wells Fargo.

By the way, Ron, don’t mention Ted in a good light. Some of us have not forgotten Chappaquiddick.



Double Con

November 19, 2013

“I think that the Glaxo Smith Kline investment in electroceuticals is a great thing, a technique pioneered by the Alex Hill group in Mexico and originally by Antoine Priore.”

In our haste to deny any connection between ‘electroceutics’ and Priore we may have inadvertently given the impression that we consider the former to be accepted science. Quite the contrary, the fact that SKG might be backing it is no more significant than the fact that Boots the Chemist sells homoeopathic ‘medicines’ and copper bangles for ‘treating’ rheumatism. Big companies don’t care about scientific proof; they are in it for the profit. The fact that the Boots  bangles sometimes also have magnets attached to them should be a warning that magnet therapy is an old wives’ tale, akin to the similar popular con-trick of claiming that putting an induction coil around a small portion of the domestic water piping will protect the entire house from limescale.  Electroceutics is entirely the invention of one Marko S.Markov, someone who is deeply mired in the pseudoscientific (but highly profitable) ‘alternative heath’ industry. The British Medical Journal had some harsh things to say about ‘magnet therapy’ some years ago, and the response* was even more revealing of the underhand tactics used by those desperate to protect their sales of magnets.

More Foot-Shooting

November 19, 2013

“Many thanks to Dave Burleigh. The other AIAS Fellows have been nominated this year. The leading reference vehicle is “Marquis Who’s Who”, founded in 1899 in Chicago Illinois. The world’s leading reference vehicle is “Marquis Who’s Who in the World”, in which no less than fifteen AIAS Fellows currently appear. The flagship edition is “Marquis Who’s Who in America”.”

Marquis had a good reputation when it was founded, but it has gone precipitously downhill and down-market in recent years* and is now almost as good a guide – to the denizens of the lunatic fringe – as is the membership list of the Natural Philosophy Alliance and the list of ‘dissident’ (i.e. loony) ‘scientists’.   Even Ron finds some of the Marquis entries too embarrassing to mention. Why is his old pal, ‘Dr’ ‘men-in-black with exotic weapons are trying to kill me’ Bearden not listed? There is a link to John ‘I built 42 flying saucers but sent them into outer space for safety’ Searl on the AIAS website, so why is his presence in Marquis not mentioned?  After all, Terry Barrett is approved and he once ‘explained’ how Searl’s  never-seen collection of permanent magnets could produce energy from nowhere. We explained very recently that Thomas Valone had retained his job at the US Patent Office by making the ‘human rights’ claim that perpetual motion (and other pseudosciences) are his religion. He is approved. We really do not need to try very hard to ‘out’ Ron as a loony-tune, do we? He does such a comprehensive hatchet-job on himself. Few people can spot the mistakes in his mathematics, but everyone knows that Searl, Bearden and Bessler are – or were – conmen. Only crackpots and conmen admire other crackpots and conmen.

That Quack Cancer ‘Cure’

November 13, 2013

This is the crackpot nonsense that Ron illegally recommended for further investigation and backing,

Note that the entry is not as negative as it should be, probably because most – if not all – of the supporting references are by members of the pseudoscientific lunatic fringe. That is, David Rorvik is the journalist who wrote a book many years ago which claimed that a human being had been cloned (remember the furor when the loony Raelian sect claimed the same thing?). Christopher Bird was the loony lie-detector operator who started to claim all sorts of plant-related marvels (the account of his hippy lifestyle, written by his son, is hilarious). Note that scientists regard lie-detection as being a pseudoscience. Thomas Valone is big in perpetual-motion and antigravity circles. He once illegally organised a crackpot conference on State Department property. As a result, he was sacked from his job as a patent examiner (sic). He got his job back, on constitutional grounds, by claiming that perpetual-motion was his ‘religion’.  It seems that Craddock is the registrar of gun-toting Dr (internet-bought) Thomas Bearden’s loony website. Bearden’s perpetual-motion machine was ‘explained’ by the AIAS. Gee, what a cozy nest of nutters. Need it be reiterated that ‘electroceutics’ owes absolutely nothing to the French conman?

Still Pickin’ ‘n’ Choosin’

November 13, 2013

“I loath both things. However, it does no harm to look at the origin of the term: “golden idol”, and apply it to science. It seems to be Exodus 20:23. In my original language it is “Na [?] wnewch gyda mi dduwiau arian, ac na [?] wnewch chwi dduwiau [o, ?] aur.” In the King James version it is “Ye shall not make with me gods of silver, neither shall ye make unto you gods of gold.”

Oh dear, Ron really does not know his bible:

“Thou shalt make two cherubims of gold … And the cherubims shall stretch forth their wings on high, covering the mercy seat with their wings, and their faces shall look to one another” [Exodus 25: 18, 20]

He also does not know his Bacon, as he constantly fails to follow the precepts that Bacon established; perhaps the most important being that one should not contort theory to fit a sub-set of known facts, that one should consider alternative explanations and that new experimentation and independently repeatable results are essential. 




November 12, 2013

“Use keywords firstly Google Scholar, then M. W. Evans + AIAS + Civil List to find 1660 results. All the ECE papers and books are in Google Scholar and are front rank papers, Google Scholar lists papers form the webstes and the journal. So the standard physics attempted censorship has been entirely defeated.”

And how many are cited by anyone apart from AIAS members and the occasional critic? One does not need to censor that which is not worth reading.



November 12, 2013

Ron has been complaining of late that he has received no proper replies from the important people and organisations whom he has been pestering: e.g. David Cameron, Stephen Hawking, Peter Higgs and CERN. The knee-jerk conclusion which one might draw is that such recipients to not reply to any missives from the lunatic fringe. This deduction would however be incorrect. The following,

shows that ‘the great and good’ in fact take an unexpected (and rather worrying) interest in pseudoscience. It also implies that influential people are more likely to believe in cerealogy than  in ECE.

Stalker Harasses Important Scientist

November 11, 2013

“Dear Prof. Higgs, There is a gross error in electroweak theory as attached. This paper is well known and accepted as proving the non existence of the Higgs boson. It has been checked by computer algebra. It has been sent to CERN and the Nobel Prize physics committee. Neither was able to refute it, so I assume they have accepted it. Other major problems with this claim are as follows:”

Real scientists should not be subjected to offensive letters from members of the lunatic fringe. We call upon all of our readers to censure this activity and to report it to those who conspired to award an undeserved Civil List pension. 

Atheists Know the Bible Better … That is Why They are Atheists

November 11, 2013

“A couple of delightful colleagues we have all known recently would do well to read the King James. In fact the original text means that you should not make false accusations against anyone, not only your neighbour. That well known atheist P. W. Atkins has obviously not read Exodus, or any of my own work come to think of it. ”

One can prove anything by quoting that book. Here ‘god’  authorizes lying:

And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will persuade him … I will go forth and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him and prevail also; go forth and do so.” [1Kings 22: 21, 22].

There are other examples in Joshua, James and Exodus [sic]. By the way, also in Exodus [32: 27], ‘god’ condones murder,

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, put every man his sword by his side, and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour

Here is a ‘bible test’ for you Ron: does that verse come before or after the verses containing the decalogue? 

And don’t get us started on lovable old paedophile, Moses; star of children’s bible-study classes. 




Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha …

November 11, 2013

“This sounds very important beause [sic] Bessler Wheels obviously work. It would be doubly interesting to include aspects of ECE theory.”

Ron may as well give up now any hope of being mistaken for a physicist, and of his theory being accepted as valid. As we have pointed out before, Bessler was a conman and his ever-turning wheel was a scam (just like Searl and his wheel).  The Bessler wheel has become just a useful touchstone for detecting crackpots. And it obviously works! (The touchstone, that is, not the wheel). We know of an author who is going to have soooo much fun with reporting the above ‘mission statement’ (with copies to various royal societies and the awards commission).

The Status of Welsh in Wales

November 8, 2013

Many a true word is spoken in jest:

from about 50 seconds in.


November 8, 2013

” They get away with it for the same old reason, that the general public and politicians do not understand much about even the most elementary science. I never attack anyone personally, unless it is in fair defence. I simply point out that the honours system does not always get it right. Similarly I have refuted the Hawking theory. My refutations are accepted unanimously by scholars who take the time to study them, and by students who have no vested interest.”

Cannot argue with that: politicians do not understand science. That must be why they granted a Civil List pension to a pseudoscientist who is always attacking people for exposing him as such.  The ‘refutations’ are accepted only by those who do not understand science.

Shome Mistake Shurely

November 8, 2013

“There are no less than fifteen AIAS Fellows (attached) in the world’s leading reference vehicle, the U. S. “Marquis Who’s Who”, founded in 1899. This confirms that AIAS is the number one institute of its type and size in the world. Several more Fellows have been nominated this year. It is very difficult to get in to Marquis, so I congratulate the Fellows on their achievement. Marquis Who’s Who tends to pick out the very best of British scientists,”

So how come John Searl and fake-doctor Thomas Bearden are in Marquis; not to mention other loony-tunes whom we have listed previously? John Searl and the AIAS have reciprocal links (crackpots always stick together), so the Searl perpetual-motion/anti-gravity scam must be admired by Ron. So, tell us Ron, what makes Searl one of ‘the very best of British scientists’? Was it his amazing BA degree* (which he must have started when he was 11). Was it his ingenious theft of electricity (which he covered by claiming that his perpetual motion machine had cut household expenditure)? Was it his novel idea of attempting to demolish a 400kV electricity pylon? Was it his forgery of medical prescriptions? Was it his desertion from the armed forces? Was it his misrepresenting himself as the official UK delegate to an international committee? Tell us Ron, what was his most influential paper? What is his h-index? Would he get tenure? Or could it simply be that Marquis is just a vanity publication.

*Supposedly awarded by a branch of Barnardo’s. That must have been a first … and last

Notorious Stalker Traced to Craigcefnparc

November 6, 2013

06/11/2013: “Yes this will be fine, I have made a lot of progress in tracing suspects.”

24/09/2012: “I have traced the origin of “Lizzie Borden” to within a few hundred yards to an area of Charlotte, NC”

15/02/2012: “Further to recent correspondence the stalker’s e mail address was traced to Clifford L. Jones, who was traced as attached. He was also traced by Dr. Gari Owen, ex Ministry of Defence, and Mr Raymond Delaforce, a U.S. Citizen and distinguished engineer.”

02/12/2010: “I have traced two cyberstalkers: “Jake Chambers” spin-glass at lycos dot com via his computer ID . His e mail address bounces. He originates in Aberystwyth in Wales and probably works at the University there. He was traced I will look into the e mail address and any criminal record he may have. This is a different cyberstalker from suspect Lakhtakia at Pen State University Park who was traced by Dave Burleigh. The cyberstalker “American Jimmy” was traced with to Vancouver in Canada.”

When this malicious serial stalker, who mistakenly thinks that he holds some sort of moral high-ground, succeeds in tracing his victim he then proceeds to make groundless legal threats and/or to misrepresent the situation to the victim’s employer.  This is clearly an unpleasant individual: even a former colleague was astonished to find that, “One who has a PhD and a DSc and has published 500 scientific papers can behave in grossly ignorant and dogmatic ways.”  

Another Dead Horse

November 6, 2013

“This has been outstandingly successful on in Spanish translation by Alex Hill, and to a certain extent in the original English.”

 Google Scholar shows that the English version has been cited 204 times. All of the citations are by Ron and other crackpots. The Spanish version does not seem to be covered at all by Google Scholar. A general Google search for the Spanish title leads straight back to AIAS. So, in what sense is that success? It is ironic that Felker opens with Einstein’s comment about genius being 99% perspiration; what with Felker being an air-conditioning engineer. The book gives the impression of being largely cut ‘n’ pasted from other sources, and the original parts are somewhat dubious. What, for instance, is one to make of (p.94),

 “Faraday defines lines of electrical force using the wedge product of vectors”.

given that Faraday ‘had no mathematics’ and that Gibbs did not even begin to develop vector theory until a decade after Faraday’s death.

Again …Where Are They?

November 5, 2013

“In October 2013 the top seventy eight essays in broadcast and pdf format recorded a total of 5562 hearings or readings. There is a total of over three hundred and fifty two essay items in various formats, broadcasts in English and Spanish, pdf in English and Spanish. So we may safely extrapolate to a total of about seven thousand hearings or readings month, 84,000 a year, for the essays alone. These have overturned the dogma of standard physics completely, and will continue to do so for say a hundred years hence, or as long as physics is of interest to anyone. ”

But that would imply that Googling the titles should bring up every case where someone had mentioned the ‘essays’; whether appreciatively or not. We have not checked them all yet, but the 20 or so with the more distinctive titles (and thus less likely to be confused with non-pseudoscientific  work) led straight back to the aias website, and only there. So we ask again, on what planet is this ‘paradigm shift’ taking place?

Perpetual-Motion News

November 5, 2013

Just for Ron, here is the very latest (31st October) application for an ‘energy-from-nowhere’ patent, US2013283797 . It promises: 

“devices which provide a practical means of extracting energy from the electromagnetic zero-point energy which permeates the universe. This is done by exploiting the Casimir-van der Waals’ forces to accelerate a fluid through the device and exhaust it with a higher velocity and energy than that with which it entered. This kinetic energy gained by the fluid may then be used to do work, such as spin a turbine for power generation, or provide thrust for direct propulsion. These devices do not consume fuel nor any non-renewable resources during operation and they are capable of generating significantly more energy than they require to start or to be manufactured.”

Oh what a world of wonders we live in! Tell us, Ron, does this count as one of the ‘successful space energy devices already being marketed’? 

That Letter … Again

November 5, 2013

“The attached medical opinion was used against Rodrigues and his company and that was enough for monetary compensation. Posting damaging libel is actionable. To deliberately try to brand a distinguished person as mentally ill is beyond earthly redemption. Malicious misrepresentation and false accusation are crimes. Rodrigues is a suspected fraudster (he has been subjected to journalistic investigation by “The Sign of the Times”) ”

We are amazed that an undated letter, illegibly ‘signed’ by a doctor who is not listed on the letterhead, and which contains a weasel-word implying that the state was not usual or permanent, could possibly have won compensation. We would be fascinated to see that barrister’s opinion; why has it never been proudly displayed on the blog?

 Calling 100% accurate counter-opinion a hate-blog, maliciously accusing it of making supposed death-threats, and berating the wrong person  for initiating  an eminently democratic petition, might well be actionable. Although we hold no brief for Rodriques, he being yet another believer in energy-from-nowhere, it is unclear whether being a director of a holding company makes him responsible for the actions of a subsidiary.  And what is one to make of the woman behind SOTT; someone who believes in aliens and who has herself been accused of fraud?

Personal Hypocrisy

November 5, 2013

“It is well known that this is a contemporay [sic] plague, but Ioan Richard, alias The Green Man, alias ap Trefor, alias Ioan Ap Trefor, alias the Mole hit an all time low yesterday when he “procured” my e mail listing and asked everyone where I was tenured as a fill professor.”

Why use the loaded word, ‘procured’,  when personal details are routinely revealed on Ron’s blog? Indeed, he has been known to post entire e-mails even though those messages included a specific warning not to reveal the contents to third parties.

“He was totally ignored by my distinguished international colleagues. No doubt he was trying to find a piece of dirt, or fertilizer for his garden. He knows full well that I was tenured at UNCC because he himself called for a public inquiry on my behalf in the mid nineties (see ”

Mr Richard is not the only person to realize belatedly that Ron is not exactly kosher. We have already pointed out elsewhere that a former AIAS member made a point of mentioning Ron negatively in his CV.  The essence of tenure is that one cannot be dismissed except for the most heinous acts (e.g. ********* the Bursar, as Michael Caine muses in Educating Rita) .  So did Ron idiotically give up a sure-fire job-for-life, or did he not really have tenure in the first place?

“All he had to do was to read my CV. My title can be professor or doctor. I was awarded the D. Sc. at a record young age of 27 (applied for when 26), and held tenure at UNCC as a full professor. According to the rules of the D. Sc., of which The Green Man is sublimely ignorant, my appellation of Dr. means a distinction higher than full professor, an earned distinction. Even wiki gets it right about the D. Sc., google “higher doctorate”. ”

According to Wikipedia, from which Ron picks only the bits that he likes, the US does not draw any distinction between the DSc and the PhD.  Again selecting the bits that he likes, Ron fails to mention that Wikipedia says that the DSc was considered a higher honour than a chair ‘in former times‘ i.e. not now.  And the chair is the point: a professorship is a post and the title is retained only as long as the job (unless emeritus status is granted).  Ron is also fond betimes of bestowing   professorships on others, such as ‘sewage’ Evans, Gari Owen (who reportedly believes that Victoria Crosses can be awarded in secret) and the late crackpot Viv Pope.  

“No doubt Richard would have wanted to find some political dirt to throw, but there is none. I just like science and work hard in my house here every day, to huge international acclaim.”

We like science, and some 50% of us are paid to do it.  What Ron does is not science.  It is pseudoscience, and is acclaimed only by other pseudoscientists.  Most of the named admirers appear on lists of dissidents, and the unnamed ones are illusory; mere visitors to websites and whose opinions are unknown.

“I am referred to as “Professor” by the British Government.”

Hmm, the same ignorant government which awarded a Civil List pension to a person who can serve only to tarnish that accolade.

No doubt Richard thinks himself a higher authority than the almighty, but in reality he is just a failed politician. He did run for Parliament once and came last by a very long way, calling himself “The People’s Representative”, c / o Stalking Hut, Anonymity Land, Antarctica. He is the only bit of green on that continent.”

Did not Ron also try his hand at politics?  How did that go? Would the voters really want a leader who routinely defames innocent persons such as Fischer and Atkins, one who touts ‘direct democracy’ and yet tries to suppress petitions by intimidating petitioners and signers and who tries to use the police as a cat’s paw to frighten champions of free speech? Hypocrisy at every turn!

The Illusion of a Moral High-Ground in the Delusional Mind

November 4, 2013

It is a very common feature of the perpetual-motion crackpot that he considers himself to be the true scientific pioneer, championing the next ‘paradigm shift’ (the execrable Kuhn’s horrible term) and defeating well-attested physical laws, while real scientists are brain-washed automata who are unwilling to question the status quo.  He attempts to seize the moral high-ground without offering one whit of scientifically acceptable evidence. That is, evidence which is as least as solid and copious as the evidence which established the beliefs that he is attempting to contradict.  Ron is an extra-special case of this class of crackpot in that he also holds the strange belief that he is a person of some importance. This is illusory. His ‘rank’ of armiger has no place in British aristocracy (ask the College of Arms about it) and the worth of his scientific credentials is predicated on the assumption that he is sticking to the rules (of proper scientific investigation) which he exhibited while attaining them. To expect to be believed, concerning pseudoscientific claims,  on the basis of scientific qualifications is akin to a drunken driver claiming that his licence proves that he can drive safely.   Ron has fallen so far that all of his friends are cranks (both professional and amateur). Jeez, even his enemies are cranks. As for his Civil List status; that is a horrible mistake which must be corrected. Even now, can any real scientist seriously imagine that any royal society would come forward and defend Ron’s belief in perpetual motion. Finally, the arrogant* calls to ‘investigate’ those who are merely exercising their right to free speech are as shameful as they are futile.

*This arrogance is shared by the conman, John Searl: a disgruntled passer-by recently wrote a derogatory comment on a poster advertising one of Searl’s ludicrous ‘lectures’ at a northern university (why do universities permit such atrocities). Searl and his gang seized the poster with the intent of ‘tracking down the offender’ via fingerprints. Now, what other crackpot does that sort of behaviour bring to mind?   

(Crack)Pots and Kettles

November 4, 2013

An anonymous moron writes:

“Dr Evans, I think this is the first of the harrassment [sic] emails from the mock blog email list. If the entire list is used, we can be sure that’s where it came from. I think we will see a lot more of this. You could tell everyone to just mark it as spam, then the servers will be trained to trash the email in the future. I would not reply, as we already know their real intentions.

I hope there is a law against maliciously distributing personal information. This would be a clear cut case, if such a law exists.”

But then Ron writes:

“Owen’s address is c/o Welfare Hall, Felindre, Swansea SA5 7NA (about three miles from here). “


“ Ioan M. Richard, City and County Councillor, 23 Mountain Road, Craig Cefn Parc, SA6 5RA.”

Well, we call those ‘clear cut cases’. Go investigate yourself, Ron.

The Machine Stops

November 3, 2013

“Ships would run off new energy devices that produce electricity for electric engines. These devices are completely clean without any kind of pollution. Nuclear power is banned in the United States and we can all see why. Psychopathic to psychotic luddites who harass new energy scientists should be imprisoned, they are a menace to society and real physics.”

One would have more chance of propelling ships by using wave energy. The one good thing about perpetual-motion machines is that they certainly do not cause any pollution. They do not produce anything but wasted careers, paper and time.  We think that street-level confidence tricksters who fool suckers into thinking that energy has been increased by a passive add-on gadget should be imprisoned, and that crackpot theoreticians who twist mathematics and physics to get the result that they (and the conmen) want should be excluded from all scientific milieux. Unfortunately there is no process for removing a doctorate (unless the directly supportive thesis was fraudulent), whereas one can disbar, defrock or strike off other professionals.  One can only imagine the damage that the loony ‘scientist’ does to the public understanding of science, or to the education of youngsters, with his blatant lies.

Torsion and Twisters

November 2, 2013

Why is Ron so keen on introducing torsion into physics? It was dropped in the first place because mathematical modelling seeks to find the minimal assumptions which are required to explain observed phenomena,  and torsion simply did not fit. However, it is still – like aether theory – big in the lunatic fringe:

so: providing theoretical backing for torsion-based scams will cement Ron’s reputation as a leading pseudoscientist (as if his backing of perpetual motion, antigravity and quack medicine did not already prove this). Does Ron know a little Russian? Of course he does. Perhaps he should emigrate to a country which is more in tune with his anti-scientific and repressive attitudes.



November 1, 2013

Scopus is an up-market version of Google Scholar, run by Elsevier. It offers a much more reliable coverage of the scientific literature, and includes some excellent analytical tools. Unfortunately, it is generally pay-to-view. However, we have extracted some interesting screen shots. These show that Ron appears to have an h-score of 7 … until one eliminates self-citations, whereupon it drops to 4. Perhaps Ron could tell us whether that is enough for tenure.




November 1, 2013

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