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Crothers as Crackpot-Detector

December 31, 2013

“Many thanks to Stephen Crothers for this interesting paper, which I will study carefully and post on the blog.

Dear Readers,

Here is a very interesting paper:

Robitaille, P.-M.

Forty Lines of Evidence for Condensed Matter — The Sun on Trial: Liquid Metallic Hydrogen as a Solar Building Block

Stephen J. Crothers”


Just as anybody who mentions Searl, Tesla, etc., in a favourable light, reveals himself to be a crackpot, anybody referenced positively by Crothers is sure to be a nutter:


Turner-Thomas Demoted

December 31, 2013

“I signed this petition, sent on by Arthur Turner-Thomas, and started by Aaron Davies of Swansea, and I am posting it on the blog. I recommend that the slaughter of rare species be stopped, not only in Wales, but in all the 169 countries from which people read this blog. Slaughter of innocent animals is the slaughter of humankind itself. The worst culprit by far is of course the wind turbine scam.”

How nice to see that Ron has finally agreed that we are correct, and has ceased to accord bogus credentials to the former ‘colonel (SAS, hon) Sir Arthur GC, VC, etc.” Ron will no doubt eventually admit that perpetual-motion scams are being perpetrated by Hill and Rossi. As for the slaughter of innocent animals, we always assumed that his ‘cousin’, her friends and her relatives were responsible for a great deal of that.  Who can ever forget the sight of his ‘cousin’ killing an animal, up close and personal,  using that little weighted stick that she carries ‘on safari’?


Christmas Puzzle #1

December 23, 2013

A woman is 21 years older than her child. In 6 years time, the child’s age will then be 20% of the age of the woman at that time. How far away is the father, what is the state of the woman and … most importantly … how does that state resemble the past, present and future states of ECE and AIAS? Answers on a postcard to Nephelokokkygia. 

Rule of Thumb Confirmed

December 23, 2013

“Alex Hill mentioned that his company has already developed counter gravitational devices. I believe that Sean MacLachlan has observed personally some Alex Hill devices and has taken notes. So ECE was developed following experimental data: the inverse Faraday effect, energy from spacetime and working counter gravitational devices. Many responsible sceintists and engineers have seen the devices working, some are working in the world’s largest corporations (Fortune Fifty). ”

A safe rule of thumb to apply is that, if a crackpot has a perpetual motion machine in his workshop or theory, he is pretty sure also to have an antigravity machine … and vice versa. He is also likely to take an interest in unlikely cancer-cures (e.g. the Priore and Angelus nonsense). It is this transparent greed for fame and fortune that helps to distinguish the pseudoscientist from the scientist. The above quote confirms this rule. One should not get too excited by the news of big-company involvement, even if it were true. Over two decades ago, British Aerospace invited a loony inventor into its research division so that it could test his gyroscopic reactionless space drive. It is unlikely that this would have happened without pressure from the loud-mouthed and incompetent engineer, Eric Laithwaite.  The machine did not work of course; the proverbial ‘bright schoolboy’ could have told them that. Such naive behaviour by big companies does not increase respect for the gadget: it diminishes respect for the company.


Take Me to Your Lieder

December 15, 2013

“Oh Isis and Osiris lighten
With wisdom this newly wed pair,
The wanderer to your path is bidden
Patient, strong in danger’s lair.”

Better get a German (or Swiss) to look at that. That translation seems to have gone ‘off message’. We get:

 O Isis and Osiris, bestow 

The spirit of wisdom on the new pair.

She who links to hers the wanderer’s steps,

Strengthens them with patience ‘gainst danger.  

Some Advice to Tugboat

December 14, 2013

If you are going to prattle about pseudoscience, at least try to get the basics correct. You should insert ‘rest’ before your every mention of ‘mass’ in connection with photons. That is what the crackpot theory is about, or were you not told? Missing out ‘rest’ will make it difficult for your layman-victims to understand why ‘photon rockets’ have always been considered a physically viable, if technologically remote, propulsion possibility. Even Ripley’s Believe-it-or-Not has sometimes pointed out that the photon radiation from the Sun would knock a man off his feet at a range of 50 miles. Quite a feat (pun intended) for a mass-less particle. Why the apparent discrepancy in conventional theory? Well, you see, there is this concept called ‘special relativity’. You should look it up one day. So, point one is to try to get the nomenclature right at least. We recommend re-recording everything. And while doing that, you might like to make the pronunciation correct as well. Your French pronunciation is bad, and inconsistent … and the less said about your attempt at ‘Wiechert’ , the better.  

Poetry Corner

December 13, 2013

“This reminds me strongly of “The Magic Flute” with incantations to the gods:”

How appropriate it is that the next line is: “Lasst sie der Pruefung Fruechte sehen.” See, even Mozart realized the importance of proof.

Nail in the Coffin Department

December 12, 2013

“Many thanks to Steve Bannister for this very interesting information. I will study in detail tomorrow. There should certainly be an experimental Nobel Prize going for LENR and spacetime energy.”

If one really wants to undermine ones credibility, there is no better way than being published in, or even using as support, the pseudoscientific rag known as Infinite Energy magazine.  It specializes in perpetual motion, but also has space for antigravity, alternative health and conspiracy theories. When the original editor was murdered, the magazine tried to suggest that he was assassinated because of his pushing of cold fusion. It turned out that the murderer was a relative of his; thus contributing to the general aroma of sleaze which hangs over crackpot ‘science’. Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying (used, from Ebay)  the magazine; there is an almost complete collection in our library. It is an inexhaustible source of fun. By the way, we do not consider Nature or Science to be scientific journals: they are mere magazines which contain a few original papers. Here are a few clues: scientific journals are not sold at a reasonable price at news-stands, they are not full of glossy colour photographs, they are not full of advertisements for products and jobs, and they do not have a newspaper-style letters column. 

Pseudoscientific Debate

December 10, 2013

“This is a paper submitted to a journal, with a copy sent to the other side of the debate, and an answering paper. Otherwise it is a paper answered in another journal by another paper. Anonymity is, of course, not allowed, full name and address and affiliation required. Nothing else counts as professional debate.”

Crackpot papers are not sent to real journals, because the papers in question do not meet basic scientific standards. They are instead sent to journals founded by other crackpots, or by the author himself. The co-authors are also crackpots. The references are to previous pseudoscientific work by the author or his friends, or to well-known scams. Peer-review consists of a nod from other crackpots. The ‘affiliations’ are usually private addresses, ‘research institutes’ which are typically the author’s home, or companies where the author and his dog are the only directors or – occasionally – addresses where the author is not known at all. The academic background of the author is either non-existent, in an unrelated discipline or bogus (degree mills are a routinely-used resource). In case of dissent, voiced in a real journal, the crackpot paraphrases his original incorrect reasoning, publishes it in a loony magazine, and claims to have routed his critics. The pseudoscientist does not believe in debate, because he is allergic to free speech and will often resort to legal threats in order to intimidate legitimate critics. 

Yet More Perpetual Motion

December 10, 2013

Electrical oscillations in a metallic “sending coil” radiate inductive photons toward one or more “energy-magnifying coils” comprised of a photoconductor or doped semiconductor coating a metallic conductor, or comprised of a superconductor. Electrons of low inertial mass in the energy-magnifying coil(s) receive from the sending coil a transverse force having no in-line backforce, which exempts this force from the energy-conservation rule.

(Our emphasis) Hmmm, who could have made such a silly claim in a patent application (HK1133055*)? Step forward, William N Barbat; the same one who does not believe in the Big Bang**. We have nominated him for a Nobel Prize (just to make a point). Ron should make him an AIAS Fellow immediately. We are, by the way, very pleased that all of these outlandish references are being archived: we would not like it to be easy for them all to be deleted when some future investigative journalist takes an interest in the embarrassing fact that pseudoscientists are awarded accolades in the UK.

* See also WO2007103020. In this application, Barbat cites a patent application from Paul M Brown. He was the drug-dealer who was killed while racing his car illegally on public roads. Oh brave new (perpetual motion) world that has such people in it.

**Tifft (cited by Barbat) himself does not claim that his data disprove anything.

Stalker Continues to Harass, Despite Warnings

December 9, 2013

“This is an essay that severely criticises the award of a Nobel Prize for noisy and windy nothing, relabelled the Higgs Boson.”

This troll is a person who posts letters with the intent to insult and provoke real scientists. The answer is DFTT – don’t feed the troll (no direct reaction, no correspondence) as demonstrated by the CERN and Nobel people. Steps are already being made to sue and expose him. As a cyberbullying expert has said, “It’s very possible that some wacko will escalate from a threatening comment to actually doing something.” This troll is a pathetic, lonely person seeking attention, having nothing else to do in life; being unemployed if not unemployable. He is a psychotroll; a sadist without remorse or conscience, and deeply disturbed … a “sick, twisted thing”. Setting up an orthodox-science hate-blog is a well-known form of cyberstalking (cf Bearden, Searl, Sarfatti, Catt, etc.). The vengeful or predatory stalker is often a psychopath, a person afflicted with a severe antisocial personality disorder. Such a person is not tolerated in the world of real science, as opposed to the cyberworld of online pseudoscience. They often have paranoid delusions and depict their victims as enemies of rationality, of the economy; even of humanity. The overwhelmingly important thing is not to let these “sick twisted things” get into the real world, let them throw up at home over their own computers, never let them out of their troll caves. Usually hate blogs have a very small readership (although they interpret every visit as supportive of their lies) and disgust every real scientist to the pit of his stomach. Hate bloggers must therefore be eliminated from society. To prevent them doing any harm, eliminate them from your mind by switching them off – never read the sick, twisted output. Otherwise they will provoke you into an unwise reaction. This is exactly what they want. Hate bloggers are microscopic nonentities who seek to use others to amplify a pathetic ego.

Suckers Come And Marvel

December 7, 2013

“This was sent on by Mel Lindstrom and is a video of a new type of electric car without a battery.

Sent: 06/12/2013 22:06:06 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: Fwd: check this out

Doug, do you have further information on this electric car development? Is it planned for production? Are the motor details laid open?


Am 06.12.2013 17:23, schrieb Doug Lindstrom:

Courtesy of my brother Mel.

This is what is known technically as a SCAM. Troy Reed has been touting this nonsense for years. Some time ago, another fraudster – with another scam motor – got as far as being invited to present his gadget at the House of Lords (remember what we said about those in positions of power not understanding physics?) . Fortunately, he was indicted for fraud in the US  just before that occurred. He then helpfully dropped dead.  It is sad to see that the actor, Dennis Weaver, is not as astute as McCloud; the part that he used to play. McCloud was always beating the villains by using good old down-to-Earth commonsense. Looks as though Weaver has become a villain himself. Or is he simply stupid? 


Blind Leading the Blind

December 7, 2013

“Many thanks to Steve Bannister for this correction! There are now three scholars who check each note and go through each note carefully. In the final paper these human errors will be corrected as usual. Computer algebra is used as often as possible. Economists are better than standard physicists.”

Or, to put it another way, even rank amateurs can find the mistakes in Ron’s math.

Time to Draw a Line

December 5, 2013

” There is therefore a tremendous amount of industrial interest in ECE theory, and has been for almost eleven years. ECE has been studied many times over in all the world’s leading universities on the webometrics ranking of universities, including all the top twenty universities in the world. The world number one at present is Harvard. AIAS is therefore what I call a “consulting institute”, a unique creation of the information revolution of the past decade. As a Cornell man (number eight in the world) I can confirm that you can never tell a Harvard man anything (in humour).”

In view of the total lack of provable interest in ECE (it is cited only by the usual suspects, by critics and by the occasional extraneous crackpot), and the approach of the year’s end, this would be a good time to put the sad fantasy quietly to sleep. Continued attempts to sell this bill of goods can serve only to prolong the embarrassment and loss of dignity of its promoters.

Menace of the Science Trolls

December 5, 2013

One of the many bad effects of modern communication innovations such as desk-top publishing, the internet and on-demand printing is that it has made it much easier for the lunatic fringe to attack science. Crackpots have always existed, sniping at real science and promoting their unfounded ‘theories’. In the past, their nefarious activities were limited by the lack of means. They might stand at Speakers’ Corner in London, nag a desperate journalist to cover their story or persuade the editor of a low-class popular-science magazine such as Practical Mechanics to publish their nonsense. Well-connected or wealthy loonies might occasionally have a publisher bring out their  book. These strategies had a very limited impact. However, the above modern innovations have now made it possible for any fool to set up an impressive internet site, to found pseudoscientific journals which are indistinguishable (by the layman) from real ones and even publish books with little capital outlay. Some of them even try to set up their own universities. These trolls of science largely exist quite separately from the real scientific community, although a few manage to drift from one environment to the other, like a sort of ‘mental amphibian’. Their mode of operation can be likened to an insane tail trying to wag a sane dog. They even have the chutzpah to  accuse real scientists of being pseudoscientists and, in general, claim to find – in real scientists – all of the faults, and the logical and procedural errors which they themselves exhibit  …  in spades.  The danger is that, because of the dumbing-down of the education system and the poor scientific understanding of those in positions of power, public funds might well fall into the hands of crackpots. Indeed, it has already happened.  Do not ignore these trolls: confront them at every opportunity. They are an insult to the spirit of scientific investigation.

Parson’s Egg Physics

December 4, 2013

“Use Google keywords Sean Carroll Spacetime and Geometry and the first site that comes up contains the complete online lecture notes. Go towards the end of chapter three for Cartan goemetry [sic], “

Then stop reading, because: 

 “Subject: Major Errors in Carroll Chapter Seven

Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 05:35:24 EDT

Dear Prof. Carroll,

I went through your chapters one to three of your notes and these are correct, I have gone through everything and also expanded greatly on the proofs. I found Cartan geometry to be very useful, and the tetrad postulate is correct. However, we have used computer algebra to show beyond doubt that black hole and big bang theories are incorrect “

and so on, interminably. Things have come to a pretty pass when you have to diss  your own ‘reading list’.

Why Pseudoscientists Abhor Free Speech

December 4, 2013

That’s simple: no pseudoscientist in history has done anything without dollar-signs obscuring his vision. That is why they are always linked to what they perceive to be sure-fire money-spinners, such as perpetual motion, antigravity and alternative medicine.  The latter is by far the most profitable because it obviously attracts most personal interest and the suckers themselves provide the ‘evidence’ … by declaring that – for instance – plain water cured them, when it was actually their own immune system that did it. Even QEII is involved in alternative health, by backing several homoeopathic hospitals in the UK. When it comes to perpetual motion and antigravity, there is a shortage of ‘man-in-the-street’  buyers, so the  cranks have to go after wealthy suckers or large companies and appeal for ‘blue-sky’ investment. This actually works! A rich chicken-farmer was persuaded to fund the crackpot ‘work’ of one Kenneth Shoulders (he shrugs-off accusations of fraud, haha). However, the main targets are big organisations ‘with more money than sense’. None of them have any sense, it seems.   The CIA [sic] was fooled into training ‘psychic warriers’, largely on the basis of Uri Geller’s conjuring tricks and the ‘scientific backing’ of ex-scientologist Harold Puthoff (who also tried, and failed, to corner the silver market by using paranormal means). DARPA (the USA’s top secret weapons-development agency) was fooled into trying to develop a nuclear bomb based upon hafnium (just about the least likely material).  The French oil company, ELF Aquitaine, was defrauded of an amazing amount of money by two conmen who  kept ELF’s own (real) scientists at bay by pleading ‘commercial secrecy’. The crooks were unmasked by the same trick that was used to unmask Blondlot (another French pseudoscientist) many years before. ELF let the conmen keep the money, fearing public ridicule and a fall in its share price. We know about the scam only because the notoriously aggressive French taxman later wanted to know where such a huge amount of money had gone.  So the point is that there is potentially such a large amount of money to be picked up, what with company scientists often being out of their depth and their bosses being greedy laymen, that pseudoscience is quite a logical career course for the crafty and immoral. They have an easy time of it because Joe Public cannot distinguish between science and pseudoscience: if Brian Cox (who habitually starts a sentence on one continent, but finishes it on another, before bleating about climate change) were to tell them that the Sun orbits the Earth … most of the audience would swallow the ‘new research result’. We exaggerate: but the situation is almost that bad. The only solution is to hound the pseudoscientist at every turn. They are the ‘Jimmy Saviles’ of science: respected until they are found out, whereupon everyone cries, “why were we not told, surely someone knew?” We know … and the crackpots don’t like it. 


December 4, 2013

“It would be interesting for the AIAS group to buy an E Cat reactor. I have seen that a 10 kilowatt reactor would cost about $800 or just over 500 pounds stirling. It could be set up in a laboratory and tested to see how it works. Where is the best factory or outlet for such a device?”

Why not ask HM Government? After all, it awarded a Civil List pension to a world-class pseudoscientist and gave £250000 to someone else so that he could develop his anti-gravity machine (he managed to lose £500000 on the deal … probably something to do with not understanding Newton’s third law). Or how about British Aerospace or Boeing, both of which have taken an interest in the ‘spinning wheels in boxes’ mode of propulsion. As for premises, most local authorities offer free accommodation to such projects. The locations are known technically as ‘municipal dumps’.  When seeking funding to buy the E-Cat, don’t mention that the seller has been in criminal courts on 56 occasions.  

Ron, Supporter of Crooks

December 3, 2013

” If it can be shown that there is an energetic process seemingly generated by nothing at all, then this would fall into the kind of categories in which I am interested. In the next posting you can see how Rossi’s E Cat has been replicated under carefully controlled laboratory conditions. ”

Crook #1

From the site:

TheSearlSolution  Website of John Searl developing a magnetic machine that “structures” ambient energy into useable power.  They are well on the way to producing a production prototype designed to produce power on a useable scale.  Take some time to review the technology and work invested to reach this stage. Visit the Searl Effect store for books and DVDs sbout [sic]  this exciting technology.”

Crook #2




Unrequited Crackpot Love

December 3, 2013

If the Rossi delusion (amateurish experimentation on a notoriously deceptive metal-gas system) is the best hope of the perpetual-motion brigade, and ECE is supposedly the leading theoretical explanation of cold fusion (aka LENR), plus everything else, why is ECE not mentioned at all here,

and only once here

and not by Rossi? Why, it is almost as if Rossi dismisses ECE out-of-hand. Incidentally, we long ago sent letters to CERN and the Nobel committee, explaining that quark-sized Cheshire cats are behind  QM behaviour (that is why Schroedinger was so keen on killing them). Neither have replied, thus proving – a la Ron – that our theory has been fully accepted by them. 

Interesting …

December 2, 2013

If one checks, to see who is behind the website, one finds this:

and then, if one Googles the ‘organisation address’, one finds lots of things like this,

and this:

etc., etc. Is this address, ‘scam central’? Certainly not the sort of place with which legitimate ‘energy breakthroughs’ should allow themselves to be associated.

Some Breakthrough

December 2, 2013

“There are video demonstrations which should be studied carefully. The Alex Hill company is currently selling these devices to Fortune Fifty companies, which means that they are selling the devices to the world’s leading corporations. ”

So things are moving fast, eh? So how come the et3m website has not been updated since the 13th October (before that, in May, and before that, not since 2011)? Why is the ‘laboratory’ so shoddy, and the company apparently unregistered? Where is the proof of any of the claims? Why would anybody believe anything said by perpetual-motion crackpots: one of them does not know where hydroelectric power comes from, and the other thinks that the convicted criminal and scam-merchant, John Searl, should be backed by HM government. Ron should have his pension taken away for that act of lèse-majesté alone.

Aureliano Horta Zanabria

December 1, 2013

This is the person behind the et3m nonsense. That scruffy down-at-heel building (which we have pictured in the past), with its flaking logo, is actually a hive of activity. The question is: do all of these companies,

exist at once? Or do they keep changing the name? None of them appear to be properly registered operations. Horta also presents, somewhat anomalously, his perpetual-motion ideas at alternative-health conferences:

Note that P.T.Pappas (pusher of quack cancer ‘cures’) was also there. For some strange reason, Horta seems to have taken no steps to protect his world-shattering device by patent. He does have a patent on a magnetic bearing … but that is hardly revolutionary. 


December 1, 2013

Just for the record, we hold no brief for Lakhtakia; consigning him to the same dump as Ron and Rodriques. He was, after all, the editor of, “Essays on the Formal Aspects of
Electromagnetic Theory“; a ridiculous book which showcased various notorious crackpots. Among these were, H.Harmuth (a fan of Ron’s theories), T.W.Barrett (who once wrote a paper ‘explaining’ how Searl’s levitating perpetual-motion machine works),  P.Cornille (well-known in perpetual-motion circles) and P.T.Pappas (who once claimed to have detected faster-than-light signals and – like Ron – went on to push crackpot cancer-cures). Bruhn, on the other hand, is a very good guy:

Ayez Pitié de Colas Chabaud

December 1, 2013

The poor guy is already an electrical engineering student, and electrical engineers are always among the leading pseudoscientists (e.g. Aspden, Laithwaite, Valone, Puthoff, etc.). But we would nevertheless hate to see him fall into the clutches of Hill. The latter is someone who believes that hydroelectric plants get their energy from the Earth’s gravitational field, haha. But he is crafty. Look how carefully he words his schtick: he uses the term ‘power’ multiplication when speaking of his devices. That will probably be his legal defence eventually. Power is not a conserved quantity. Claiming that energy (a conserved quantity) was being ‘multiplied’ by his gadgets would definitely be fraudulent … lacking any universally agreed theoretical proof.  


December 1, 2013

We thank the company for providing such a useful guide to the relevant pseudoscientists. We just hope that mention of Papp, Mills and Evans, plus ball lightning, does not harm its market image … or share price.