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Vanity Publication

February 28, 2014

“I have added Franklin Amador to the list of Fellows who are or have been in “Marquis Who’s Who”, sixteen of them in all.”

“These are position [sic] and noteworthy achievements of value to society. ”

It also includes the petty-thief and conman, ‘professor’ John Searl, a collaborator of whom originally controlled, ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden (former friend of Ron who believes that the Japanese mafia controls the weather using ‘interferometers’), plus ‘Dr’ Thomas Valone and Paul LaViolette (both big in perpetual-motion and antigravity circles). Yep, Marquis is sooo discerning.

Footnote: it also includes Fucilla employees, Waldyr Rodrigues and Jeremy Dunning-Davies (‘electric-sky’ enthusiast who believes that Laithwaite’s gyroscopes really did defy gravity) and Boris Volfson (a sewage engineer who patented an antigravity machine and was backed by Fucilla, who set up a company to develop it). Also included is Ron’s old friend, Lakhtakia. Hey, perhaps some of us are in there; it is so easy to slip into, rather like dog-mess on a pavement.


Congratulations to University of Wales at Aberystwyth

February 27, 2014

“The system was totally corrupt and did not know how to deal with a world record holder (youngest recipient of a D. Sc. by modern rules). ”

Congratulations on spotting a ‘bad un’ very early on and keeping him out of academia. Imagine  the damage that he might otherwise be doing now (like that American professor who says that one of the buildings was deliberately demolished using Thermite on 9/11). Special mention to UNCC, for finally chucking Ron out.


Congratulations to Rossi

February 27, 2014

Mission accomplished. Many people wonder why crackpots keep plugging away at impossible inventions like perpetual motion and antigravity. The secret is that the crackpots know that there are plenty of suckers out there who possess more money than sense. There is also the ‘Beatles Effect’, where a middle-management employee is so terrified of being sacked for failing to back a ‘rising star’ that he will (mis)use company-money ‘just in case’. This must be what happened when DARPA (the US’s top-secret weapons-development arm) wasted money on the laughable ‘hafnium bomb’ or when NASA wasted millions on trying to reproduce Podkletnov’s incompetently-obtained results. The CIA of course did not have to justify (or even count)  their financial backing of Geller-type ‘psychics’ who claimed to be able to peer mystically into Russian missile silos or kill goats by staring at them. The wealthy are often gullible: MacDonald (of MacDonald-Douglas) set up a lab to investigate psychic phenomena, the aerospace entrepreneur Bigelow believes in just about anything, LearJet Lear was a ufologist and one of the richest (after Gates) internet pioneers has applied for a patent on a silly ‘spinning-wheel’ type of antigravity drive. At one of the many crackpot conferences, a speaker ‘broke ranks’ and actually spelled out another explanation: if a company backs a sure-fire failure, it can write-off all of the costs (plus more) against tax.  This is why Ron keeps hinting that the AIAS  might get money (when he is not suggesting that the UK government should back the conman, Searl).  We hope that somebody does back Ron. As soon as people get to know about him, he is finished. Footnote: isn’t it interesting that NC is involved. Perhaps Ron should move back there to help. Just imagine all of the fun that our friends in Charlotte could have; laughing at the clown in Raleigh!

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

February 26, 2014

” My ambition is to install the first E Cat reactor or similar LENR device in Craig Cefn Parc. ”

But hurry, before Rossi ends up in gaol (again)



Electrical Engineers, a Suitable Case for Treatment

February 26, 2014

“Many thanks again to Axel Westrenius! This is an article that proves that peer review is a very weak system, as if we didn’t know. I write this as one of the most peer reviewed scientists in history, having produced over a thousand papers and books. The article describes how one hundred and thirty gibberish papers”

It is significant that these were foisted on the electrical engineering community, which is well known to be decidedly gullible/flaky. Most of the well-known crackpots (Laithwaite, Aspden, Valone, Puthoff, …) were/are self-confessed electrical engineers. How many AIAS ‘fellows’  have a similar background? You count! Ron also does not seem to have noticed that Scott is friends with Dunning-Davies, who thinks that Laithwaite’s gyroscopes really did defy gravity. Dunging-Davies was a big friend of Ron’s, and an AIAS fellow, before he decided to side with the more successful pseudoscientist, Fucilla (would-be founder of the Myron Evans university). One of Fucilla’s companies was set up to develop an antigravity machine; perhaps that was the attraction. Rodrigues is also with Fucilla, which makes his criticism of Ron less believable (fortunately, mathematics does not take sides). Dunging-Davies, like Scott and many other loonies, thinks that electromagnetism is more important than gravity at the cosmological scale ( ). Ron and his journal cannot, of course, be fooled by extraneous fake papers because he (and his coven) provide all of the papers, peer-review the papers, edit the papers (often badly), publish the papers … and read the papers (because nobody else will). Riecansky should worry in case Ron realises that he can also print the journal himself. 

High Scholarly and Ethical Standards? Ha Ha

February 25, 2014

“These are implicitly acknowledged by the worldwide interest in our work.”

Claiming, without proof, to enjoy a large and devoted  following is certainly not ethical!

“I would like to think of AIAS and UPITEC as a group of like minded intellectuals, to whom science is an art, not work that they have to do for a salary.”

They are in fact the halt and lame of science; either completely unqualified, or qualified in an irrelevant subject. Nobody would give them a salary to do physics, even if they wanted one.

“It is an entirely voluntary organization so there is never any pressure or hurry.”

Ditto; it is perforce voluntary because nobody would employ them to do physics.

“The last place I would want to be is a contemporary group with people being driven to get tenure and all the rest of it.”

That’s convenient, for it is last place where you would be wanted; as the past has already proved. 

Horst Eckardt

February 25, 2014

aka Siemens Stain: perpetual-motion (‘free energy’) believer, and perpetual embarrassment to a  great company.


Ron & AIAS: Hits in the Lunatic Fringe

February 25, 2014

… and nowhere else!

For your delectation:,_143341.html


Article Nails Ron

February 24, 2014

“There are, however, two major challenges when addressing scientific impact. First, scientists benefit from being perceived as having a large impact.  Thus, a sound measure of scientific impact must resist manipulation. Second, a sound measure of impact must, arguably, reward quality over quantity. Indeed, one of the risks of the broad use of bibliometric-based measures is the change in publication patterns of scientists with the goal of inflating their own apparent impact. These manipulation efforts are likely related to observed increases in publication rates and in questionable self-citation practices.”

This is from:–Measuring-Impact/

Now go to Google Scholar, look up any of Ron’s post-UNCC (where he crashed and burned) papers or books, and work out the percentage of citations that is due to Ron himself. Add to that the percentage of citations due to Ron’s coven and the total is more-or-less 100%.  Of course, that sleazy ploy of self-citation is nowhere near as bad as counting every hit on a website as being supportive. That is pathetic.

Grandiose Nonsense

February 23, 2014

“This took place yesterday at the prestigious Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics in UC Santa Barbara and Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in Cambridge, so the standard model of physics is being quietly replaced by a physics based on the correct mathematics. ”

The delusions of the Queen’s Pseudoscientist (by appointment) become ever more overblown. Firstly, it was claimed that random visitors to AIAS  (see our ‘Boss Button’ theory) were merely looking at the nonsense papers. Then it was claimed that they were ‘consulting’ somehow with the site. Now it is claimed that mere clicking on the AIAS site constitutes something ‘taking place’; elevating it to the equivalent of a mini-conference. Whatever is taking place is certainly ‘quiet’. Ron is the Clown Prince of Crackpots; ignored by real scientists, his only friends other fruit-loops and conmen. 

Member Off-Message

February 19, 2014

Ron says today:

“I also have high to very high h and g indices in the old system, but the Book of Scientometrics is now intensely studied in its own right. It is very detailed and rigorously objective. It shows that ECE has been read an estimated thirty six million times since inception. ”


“Also I don’t believe that website statistics are proof of general acceptance of ECE or that no response to a paper means it has been accepted . I don’t let that get in my way in looking at his work for what it is but I think quite a few others don’t accept this reasoning and become resistant to what Myron says. I think anything that can be looked upon as self-promotion hurts. This all came up briefly in my conversation with Straub.”

This latter comment can be found here:

and was made by Thomas Widlar; an AIAS ‘staff member’. He is lucky that Ron is only an academic ‘tin-pot dictator’, and not a real one; he might have been shot. 

By the way, Straub was an Elsevier employee who thought that Ron might be Nobel-Prize material. He was soon disabused of that fantasy.

Pants on Fire?

February 19, 2014

” The Higgs boson does not exist, and the Nobel Prize for it was given after a lot of lobbying. I did no lobbying at all for my Nobel prize nominations and I have no intention at all of lobbying for an F. R. S. or anything else.”

So what is one to make of this?


Solution to Our Christmas Puzzle

February 18, 2014

On the 23rd December, we posed the following problem:

A woman is 21 years older than her child. In 6 years time, the child’s age will then be 20% of the age of the woman at that time. How far away is the father, what is the state of the woman and … most importantly … how does that state resemble the past, present and future states of ECE and AIAS? 

As there were no takers, we spent the substantial prize money on ourselves. For those who still cannot be bothered with trivial algebra, the solution is that the child’s age is minus nine months. Sigh, do we really have to explain the rest of the solution?

Been There, Did That … Didn’t Even Have Time to Print a T-Shirt!

February 17, 2014

“In any other small country a University would have been named after me, (no boasting intended, just the facts). ”

And how did that go?

Teaching Ron Physics

February 17, 2014

One of the many disastrous aspects of the internet is that it obeys an informational version of Gresham’s law. That is, ‘bad information forces out the good’. In particular, pseudoscientific papers in the many crackpot journals tend to be free whereas  the genuine scientific papers in reputable journals tend to be barred from the general public by very high subscription fees.  It occurs to us that Ron himself, due to his ‘reduced circumstances’, is cut off from the information in real journals. Fortunately, some bona fide journals – especially the educational ones – occasionally take pity on the unemployed and offer free samples. Here is one which Ron will be able to access:

It is an elementary analysis of the Compton effect; the novelty being that the same result is obtained, with or without  relativity. Both versions produce the correct result. It is interesting to compare this analysis with Ron’s: which was incorrect (as usual) and was used by him to support the nonsenses of photon rest-mass and perpetual motion.

As light relief, this rather elementary-level journal sets puzzles for physics students. Here is one which will be of interest to Ron:

Any bets on whether he knows the correct answer? 

NB: if the above links do not work directly (they involve pdf downloads), go instead to:

and download the articles, volume 52[2] page 72 and volume 52[1] page 12, yourself.

Answer to Ron’s Query

February 17, 2014

Why am I not an F. R. S.?

Ooh! Ooh! Sir, we know the answer to that. It is because you are the very antithesis of what an FRS should be. You refuse to engage with the scientific community, you refuse to acknowledge indisputable disproofs of your crackpot theories, you support other fraudulent crackpots and their loony inventions, you routinely threaten critics with legal action, you lie about the ‘popular’ support of your exploded theories, you accuse great scientists and organisations of fraud,  and you are all-in-all a very bad advertisement for UK science. The Royal Society has already made two disastrous mistakes: supporting a Civil List pension award to you, and a Hauksbee medal for your  fawning biographer. Do you really think that it will go for the hat-trick?

Hero of Science

February 14, 2014

Dr. Alexander Khalaidovski deserves nothing but praise from real scientists for slapping down the idiotic ‘private dick become public dick’,  Crothers. Real scientists have real science to do, and should not have to put up with harassment from crackpots and their demonstrable mathematical incompetence. These loonies are nothing but rabid dogs snapping at the heels of the scientific community.

Amateur Hour

February 13, 2014

“Laurence Felker is the renowned author of “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory” (Abramis Academic 2007), a “virtual best reader” open source on …  Laurence Felker is also an eminent engineer and lecturer in Nevada and California. ”

Hmmm, all of those people reading it … but nobody quoting it. It is cited only by Ron-the-chemist and his gang of other ungifted amateurs. One would have expected that Felker – an air-conditioning engineer  –  would be in favour of global warming.