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Visit to Crackpot Nexus

March 31, 2014

As we have often pointed out, Craigcefnparc is the last resting-place of another infamous crackpot, Harry Grindell-Matthews; the so-called death-ray man. Some of us have been working on a definitive biography of that notorious pseudoscientist (who tried to defraud the British government). As his ‘laboratory’ still exists, these biographers thought that it would be nice to have their own photographs of the location; preferably taken  in the morning light. To that end, they will be visiting the site later today (04/01/14). If they have time, they may take new photographs of other local places of interest. If any of our fans should spot them (strangers with cameras stick out like sore thumbs in those parts) , they are welcome to pass the time of day. 



Irony Heaped upon Irony

March 29, 2014

“However the actual electron proton scattering data have only two peaks. So this is an obvious example of curve fitting gone crazy, like using ten adjustables to fit a straight line. Yet that is standard physics. The scattering data show that the proton has a ring like structure, which is a possible Beltrami solution. Winston Bostick was the last post graduate student of Arthur Compton, and discovered many Beltrami like structures in plasma.”

If only Ron knew as much as we (collectively) know about physics, he would be forever laughing at his own posts … just as we do. Compton (whose scattering theory Ron has miscalculated, misrepresented and misconceived in the past) proved, to his own satisfaction in 1918, that the electron was ‘a flexible ring of electricity with a radius of 0.02 Angstrom units’.  Rutherford once introduced a lecture by Compton by saying, “Mr Compton is going to talk about the size and shape of the electron … but you needn’t necessarily believe him”. Looks as if Ron is playing catch-up again, and copying the wrong ideas of Compton via one of his students. But there is more. In Compton’s book, X-Rays and Electrons (1929), he used Fourier’s method to determine the radial distribution of electrons in chlorine. He found 4 peaks (a 10, 4, 2, 2 electron distribution). Ron will appreciate that horrible example of curve-fitting by his hero. But, to be fair, Compton probably did not fully understand the convergence problems of certain Fourier series. 


Paper Downloads

March 29, 2014

“I wonder whether Steve Bannister and the University of Utah would provide me with the two following references:

1) W. Bostick, Phys. Fluids, 2078-2079 (1966).
2) W. Bostick, IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci., PS-41 (6), 7-3 – 717 (1986)”

We have just downloaded those papers (just imagine what damage Ron could do if he had the resources of real academics). We particularly like Bostick’s use (second reference, p.709) of plasma-globes (two of us have those!) to support his theories. Unfortunately, this seems to have been a loony edition of the journal, as other papers within were written by crackpots such as Hannes Alfven, Grote Reber and Halton Arp.  Of course, ‘electricians’ are always a little flaky and IEEE publications cover subjects which no physics journal would dream of considering. For instance, the IEEE database contains over 300 papers on acupuncture! How embarrassing.  Note to Mr Bannister: the second reference should read 14 (6) 703. Shall we be forwarding our downloads to Ron? Shall we, ****.

‘Embarrassingly Inept’

March 26, 2014

Well well, Penderghastly has received another bad review:

The reviewer also had the good sense not to buy the book from Amazon. 

Negative Feedback

March 26, 2014

“The feedback is also a great motivator, because otherwise I would not know how my work is being received. Apart from known nutters who have been discarded by the profession, I get no negative comments now of any kind.”

We have checked every available website-traffic monitoring service and, although they all disagree with each other, none of them come anywhere near matching the figures reported by Ron. Typical data are:

Statscrop etc furnish additional information:

The backward links of are particularly interesting, and comprise largely Ron’s own blog and (perpetual-motionist and former aias member Bearden’s site), plus a political conspiracy site and an anti-Einstein site run by the loony Roger Anderton of Southampton (who has published a phenomenal 189 crackpot papers in the pseudoscientific rag, the General Science Journal).

Applying Ockham’s Razor, we surmise that the absence of negative comments (are there any positive ones from non-cranks) is due to the fact that nobody knows or cares about Ron or his theories. The blocking of comments on his blog is also a reasonable explanation for reduced criticism (duh!). We conclude that this kicks away Ron’s last crutch. That is, Google Scholar shows that nobody but Ron and his gang comment on his post-employment papers, leaving claimed feedback as the only  remaining ‘evidence’. However, not only does ‘feedback’ (in fact, mere site hits) mean nothing if the intent of the visitor is not announced, but it has now become clear that the feedback is routinely inflated by an order of magnitude. Verily, it is a matter of ‘a nutter being discarded by the profession’.  We call upon Ron to cease and desist from telling lies and causing embarrassment to himself and those who mistakenly awarded him a Civil List pension.




March 22, 2014

Ancestry to Dingarth (285 B.C.) March 21, 2014″

We noted recently that, although Ron can trace his spear line back only a handful of generations, by using the worthless technique of zig-zagging through distaff lines, he could make himself out to be the relative of almost anybody. We have been confidently expecting to receive the news that Ron is descended from Adam, but so far he has only got as far as 285BC. Meanwhile, let us help with another line: Ron already claims to be a cousin of  QEII, and she is descended from … wait for it,

So, that must mean that (using his brand of genealogy) he is also related to Mohammed. Does that explain why he is always trying to issue fatwas against critics? Ron cannot deny the accuracy of Burke, for the same reason that he cannot question the accuracy of Marquis: he is in both. Always the same quandary; do these works undermine Ron, or does his inclusion undermine them?

Now Plain Arthur

March 22, 2014

“This is the result of the up to date research on my direct line, thanks to Arthur Turner-Thomas for forwarding a lot of original certificates all posted on this blog. ”

It is gratifying to see that Ron still has some common sense and now agrees with us that all of the Turner-Thomas honours were bogus. So, no more ‘Sir’ Thomas. Perhaps Ron will eventually see more light and will agree that Bessler, Bedini, Searl and Hill were/are all confidence tricksters of the perpetual-motion variety. Well done, Ron, you are not just a ‘cnut’ trying to hold back the tide of reason and real physics. 

A Modest Suggestion

March 19, 2014

“On 17/3/14 there were 1959 hits from 519 distinct visits, spiders from baidu, google, MSN, softlayer, yandex and yahoo. Auto1 131, Auto2 39, UFT88 81, Engineering Model 71, Book of Scientometrics 45, CEFE ” etc. etc.

Ron has been posting these handy digests for years. This must be a great effort for him. We propose that he should make his readers do the work. That is, all of these data must appear on his screen at some point. So all that he has to do is to press the ‘print screen’ button on his keyboard and upload the images onto his blog. Doing this will also dispel the growing suspicion that he is making these data up … given that no monitoring service can be found which reports this same level of interest.  

No need to thank us Ron.


Hive of Activity?

March 19, 2014

“Reports from the Alex Hill company ( show that demand for his spacetime devices from Fortune Fifty companies in Mexico exceeds supply. ”

Let’s see, interest from Fortune 50 companies would mean a huge boost to a small company. So how is et3m doing? Well, its logo could do with a lick of paint

My beautiful picture

and its website traffic is non-existent:

Moreover, we wonder which Fortune 50 companies would have need of perpetual-motion machines. Who is conning who?

Oh Dear, Oh Dear

March 18, 2014

Discussion on the Amoroso Paper  (March 18, 2014): Very interesting, NIST in Boulder Colorado could look for these NMR effects and also develop RFR.”

The NIST would not touch this with the proverbial barge-pole because Amoroso gives his affiliation as the Institute of Noetic Sciences (nutters pushing quack medicine, telepathy and other tripe) in a paper published by vixra (the crackpot version of arxiv). Approval by Ron can be considered to be nothing but a ‘third strike’.

More Relativity

March 18, 2014

“Bruhn fraudulently asserted that this is not the case, and some friends of his published this nonsense in order to try to discredit B(3). The referees were either stupid or must have been friends of Bruhn. With thirty six million readings they have been blown away. They should be prosecuted, but no one understands modern physics in sufficient depth. So judges leave things to scientists. If a scientist becomes corrupt, the result is a degradation of natural philosophy.”

Bruhn’s friends comprise ‘only’ every mathematical physicist in the world who is not a disciple of Ron. The only stupid referees were those who allowed Ron’s nonsense to appear in Foundations of Physics Letters; probably the same referees who rubber-stamped that ludicrous ‘proof’ (courtesy of AIAS clowns) of the reality of ‘Dr’ Bearden’s perpetual-motion machine. We have shown that there is no proof of the huge numbers of ‘readings’ claimed; hits appear to be routinely inflated by a very large factor. We know who the corrupt scientist is, and just who is degrading natural philosophy. The idea that the courts have anything to say about science is ridiculous, another opinion straight from Ron’s twilight zone, although they might well have something to say about pseudosciences … such as loony ‘cancer-cures’. 

A ‘Slight’ Discrepancy

March 17, 2014

“On 14/3/14 there were 1916 hits from 574 distinct visits,”

Where does Ron get these figures? We pointed out recently that at least one monitoring site

did not agree with these levels of interest, and here is another:

Why, his figures are not much better than ours,

and we do not claim to have derailed all of known science … just Ron’s equanimity.

It’s All Relative …

March 17, 2014

“This was a very sordid campaign initiated by a tiny group of discredited people who used scientific fraud. The technical details are far too difficult for the general public to understand. Indeed they are too difficult for most professionals. ”

Perhaps we are biased, but the ‘technical details’ don’t seem to go much beyond first-year undergraduate physics or mathematics:


Spear or Distaff; not Both!

March 17, 2014

“This goes back five generations at present to my great great great grandfather Edward Evans Llanigon on the river Wye (Gwy) whose wife was named Mary. ”

Honest genealogy (apart from the reference to Turner-Thomas) at last! One should follow only the father’s line (as is usual), or only the mother’s line (which is more logical, as ‘motherhood cannot lie’). One should not switch back and forth between the two lines, because that is meaningless. By doing so, one can relate almost any descendant to any ancestor (just as one can link any two randomly chosen points on a piece of cloth by following warp and weft threads at will).  So out goes all of Ron’s name-dropping of famous cousins, out goes his ‘direct’ BCE  ancestor. In fact, his armiger status starts to look decidedly shaky.

Great Scientists … Not

March 17, 2014

“Having been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize by great sceintists [sic] such as Vigier I suppose one joins one of the most exclusive club [sic] in the world.”

For some reason, the general public believes that scientists are immune to insanity, senility, dishonesty and delusion …and hangs on their every word. Ron alone is an eminently sufficient counter-example, but here are some more:

attending a loony perpetual-motion and anti-gravity conference some years ago. Their abilities are very varied. One of them holds 3 genuine doctorates. At the other end of the scale, Searl (see link on the site) has no qualifications at all (Marquis says that he has a BA degree), has trouble speaking coherently and can manage no mathematics beyond numerology. Nevertheless, he is accorded the title of ‘professor’ at this demented conference. There is also Valone (the USPO examiner who claims that pseudoscience is his religion) and, of course, Vigier (the ‘bullet that Einstein dodged’). One could say that Vigier had joined a very exclusive club by consorting with these flakes. 

The Delusion Continues

March 17, 2014

“The latest update is found at the end of the book as usual, in the past two weeks there has been particularly intense interest from Europe, including a multi University internet conference on UFT238B organized apparently by the Vienna City Council. ”

Hmmm, ‘apparently’ indeed. Because how would that work exactly? Why, in the first place, would a local council (even if it employed the equivalent of Gareth ‘sewage’ Evans [Ceredigion county council]) be organizing a (pseudo)scientific conference?  Even if the members had collectively taken leave of their senses, how exactly would they contact the representatives  at the various universities? Even Ron does not know who precisely is looking at his site … or why.  This is just another fevered bulletin from Ron’s twilight zone.    


March 14, 2014

“In contrast the Newton theory of universal gravitation has only one parameter, G, the Newton constant, and that is not adjustable.”

It is this sort of statement which shows up Ron’s poor grounding in physics. Yes, there is only one constant and that statement satisfies schoolboys and non-physicists, but does Ron not know of the yawning  abyss lying below that elementary law? When one looks at it with a more perceptive eye, embarrassing problems* appear: the main one being that the potential energy is ‘unbounded below’. Fortunately, this awkward fact of classical physics was circumvented by general relativity.

*For curious non-pseudoscientists, another problem is that the time-delay (due to the finite velocity of gravitation) should lead to a torque acting on the system. This is never mentioned in textbooks … in fact it is rarely mentioned at all.  

IgNobel Ron

March 11, 2014

“Having been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize by great sceintists [sic] such as Vigier I suppose one joins one of the most exclusive club [sic] in the world.“”

Will Ron get his Nobel Prize?


March 11, 2014

“I think that your ideas deserve consideration provided of course that they can be put into mathematical form and also tested against experimental data.”

Looks as though Ron has been hoaxed again. Did he not spot the obvious clues, such as reference to the third law of thermodynamics in a second-law context? It is strange that, given all of those claimed scientific followers, nobody reputable ever contacts him and he pathetically grasps at communications like these. This is not the first time that Ron has been fooled by somebody. The previous hoax was almost too successful, and we keep its revelation in reserve.

Scientometrics Fraud?

March 11, 2014

“In addition we have a unique amount of scientometrics to show that our work is in turn valued very highly worldwide. ”

Ron claims that huge numbers of people visit/’consult’/’hold conferences on’ So why is that not confirmed here?:

We get far more monthly page-views than that. And things are not improving for; look at all of those downward-pointing arrows! Things are no better over at another site:

As for that third site:

more downward-pointing arrows, and just look at that list of ‘popular pages’ (the Spanish there is best left in Spanish).

Renaissance Man … Not

March 11, 2014

“I also think that hydro and tidal power stations can supply all the world’s energy needs, so wind turbines are something out of the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge, who was known to indulge in opium.

Turbines, turbines all around,
And ne’er a drop of wind,
Turbines, turbines all around,
And all our lights are dimmed.”

How come our great poet and lover of the arts does not know that it is ‘Rime‘, not ‘Rhyme‘, which appears in the title? Note that he also transfers the common error, of replacing ‘nor‘ with ‘and‘, to his hilarious anti-turbine version. Don’t give up the day-job, Ron. Ooops, you haven’t got one. 

Competition for Hill?

March 10, 2014

What is US2014062095? It is the very latest application for a patent on a device to extract energy from permanent magnets. There have been hundreds of applications, based upon the same delusion. Come on, Ron, tell us how it will  ‘extract energy from spacetime’, and use ECE to, ahem, explain it (just as the AIAS members ‘explained’ Bearden’s MEG).   

Another 20 Points!

March 9, 2014

“Having been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize by great sceintists [sic] such as Vigier I suppose one joins one of the most exclusive club in the world. ”

See: ,

criterion 21

Irony and Infamy

March 9, 2014

“On top of that low energy nuclear reactors (LENR) are poised for market. Energy from sapcetime [sic] is already being used by Fortune Fifty companies. On top of that we are sitting on millions of tons of best quality coal in Wales, which can be used safely and wisely with in fact very little pollution. The coal will not be burned very much, but used to manufacture petrochemiclas [sic] and polymers. A little will be used for domestic fires. Some will be used for stable and advanced power stations.”

We wonder whether Ron knows that the person, charged by Thatcher with closing down the coal mines, was a member of an ‘institute’ which was supposedly developing perpetual-motion and antigravity machines. The institute was run by a rather sinister individual who was also involved (probably at the behest of Thatcher) in using dirty political tricks to undermine CND. Those are ironies, in the light of Ron’s enthusiasm for coal, perpetual-motion, antigravity and nuclear disarmament. The infamy lies in the Welsh love of direct action. One miner tried to work during a strike in South Wales. The ‘scab’ was driven to work in a taxi, with a sizeable police escort.  Heroic Welsh strikers dropped a concrete block onto the taxi from a bridge. The taxi-driver was killed. An infamous act, combining both psychopathy and incompetence.     

Footnote: Charlotte says keep your damn coal:

AIAS Survey

March 9, 2014

Please tick more than one box (3 maximum)

Where Fortune Fifty Companies Shop?

March 9, 2014

“As shown in the attached note the spin connection resonance is theoretically possible under condition (16). The driving term is considered here to be due to the vacuum vector potential, giving electric power from the vacuum. This power is used routinely by Fortune Fifty companies in Mexico, using the Alex Hill devices (, so Alex Hill et al. know how to produce the condition (16). ”

Would you buy anything from a dump like this? Details of the company and Hill cannot be found at the Mexican equivalent of Companies House (  ), their website has hardly changed since it was set up, and searching further into the past on the wayback machine leads to a porn site. The Occam’s Razor conclusion is that, since perpetual-motion machines do not exist, theories and equations which predict them are in error.  

My beautiful picture


March 8, 2014

“So this gives the precise and complete theory of spin connection resonance in a remarkably simple way. This resonance has been observed experimentally by the Alex Hill group and demonstrated to the U. S. Navy. In fact this is how SCR theory first developed, when the Navy asked me to explain it. More precisely a civilian called John Shelburne asked me to explain it, so I did.”

So there it is, in a nutshell: a crackpot twists and distorts mathematics just in order to ‘prove’ how non-existent perpetual-motion devices supposedly work. What a proud day for British science. 

“As mentioned by Steve Bannister spin connection resonance very probably plays a key role in LENR.”

… as any economics teaching-assistant will know. By the way, Shelburne is just another perpetual-motion nut. Go to:

and scroll down. This is how pseudoscience works; the loonies all prop each other up. 

Silent Spring

March 8, 2014

““The Book of Scientometrics”. This book is more than two hundred and fifty pages long and records only 2% of the vast total interest. It is seen that ECE is mainstream, it has been studied by all the best universities in the world, by institutes, organizations, major corporations, government departments up to Head of State, and military facilities up to top ranking individuals.”

The book of referring URLs (see our post of yesterday) is over 1000 pages long and shows that none of the related sites can be termed reputable.  Yep, and all of the best universities, institutes, organisations, major corporations, government departments, heads of state et alia have sworn an oath of secrecy never to use, or even mention, ECE. What sort of ‘scholarship’ is it that builds such ornate castles-in-the-air out of a complete ignorance of a site-visitor’s intentions? Even AIAS member, Widlar, says that it is wrong to infer assent in that way.    

Judge Not …

March 7, 2014

“I recommend a close scholarly study of the attached Book of Scientometrics to show that the theory is mainstream. If I were a High Court Judge like Mr Justice Collins I would dismiss all talk of “controversy” as hearsay or gossip”

And how would ‘Justice Collins’ regard the  ‘evidence’ represented by those to whom a name cannot be given, nor from whom a definite opinion can be extracted?


Ron’s Scientometrics

March 7, 2014

What sites are visitors browsing before they visit AIAS and get counted as being avid supporters of, or even of holding ‘conferences’ on, the crackpot theories?


See also our ‘Boss Button’ (2nd May 2013) post.

You Choose

March 7, 2014

Because that ‘champion of direct democracy’, Ron, has already succeeded in blocking another eminently democratic poll on the  topic, we take up the cudgel here. Vote early, vote often! (in fact, you cannot).


Lakhtakia v Ron

March 7, 2014

“He was caught impersonating arXiv staff and the Administration at Penn State put the campus police on him. That seems to have shut him up. His student assessments are less than impeccable. ”

Really? So explain this:

In fact we are not fans of Lakhtakia, because he edited a World Scientific book which showcased well-known crackpots such as Harmuth and Barrett. He was also an editor of the very first of the crackpot-friendly journals, Speculations in Science and Technology (it was a print journal and naturally folded; it would have flourished  in modern internet-land). He also appears on the database of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (aka crackpot-central). When such an overly ‘open-minded’ person takes against a crackpot, that crackpot must be a real stinker! There are some interesting Lakhtakia-Ron connections: Lakhtakia is a ‘distinguished alumnus’ of the University of Utah, where Ron’s tame economist works (in a very menial job). Lakhtakia is a Fellow of SPIE, with which Ron’s ‘spook’ friend has also worked (you know, the one who told Ron that the Victoria Cross could be awarded in secret … in order to exculpate Turner-Thomas). With his new-found enthusiasm for Beltrami fields, Ron is simply playing catch-up. What a pity that he cannot afford this book:

Finally, whereas Ron backs quack cancer-cures such as the Priore machine and the Angelus Device, Lakhtakia has applied for a patent (WO2013112743) which could offer real help with patient recovery .

The Dog Barks, but the Caravan Moves On

March 5, 2014

“There was a complete conference yesterday on UFT238, as the daily report shows this morning. So it is clear that those who tried to discredit ECE theory have been ignored and discarded as biased and personally hostile by the mainstream profession. ”

We await the publication of those proceedings with bated breath.  Seriously though, this pathetic reliance on mere ‘clicks’ is becoming an embarrassment.  The mainstream totally ignores the ECE nonsense (because of the latter’s fatal mathematical flaws). It slipped into a few journals, thanks to sleeping, incompetent or biased editors; but science is self-correcting … and ECE, B(3) and Ron have all been corrected out of existence. 

Teachers of Pseudoscience

March 5, 2014

“This scientist has corresponded with Stephen Crothers of AIAS and of course I agree with the fact that there is no Higgs boson. It is trivially refuted in yet another way in UFT258.”

We find a reference to only one scientist in that post. Unzicker, Lindstrom, Crothers and Penderghastly are pseudoscientists. We refer readers to our post (Vested Interest?) of the 21st October 2013 re the loony ‘teacher’, Unzicker (it is somehow good to know that the pupils of rival nations are also beset by teachers with dodgy ideas).

In the News

March 5, 2014

As Ron claims not to own a TV (pity Mrs Ron), he will presumably not have heard the news today that a Preston schoolboy has successfully achieved nuclear fusion. This was, of course, hot fusion; cold fusion does not occur. Hot fusion by amateurs is nothing new, and there exists quite a large community devoted to it. The devices are not a viable source of energy; that is why the JET project is needed. But they do produce neutrons (presumably the HSE is aware of this). That was the immediate early criticism of the incompetent Pons-Fleischman experiments and the ‘detector’ of the lies which they told to journalists: the absence of neutrons. As one physicist pointed out, pointedly, they wouldn’t even need any instruments; their premature deaths would have been ample proof of neutron production. So why are the LENR (aka cold fusion) crackpots not all keeling over?

Jamie Edwards Preston fusion

Gunboat-Ron and Real-Politik

March 4, 2014

“So it is better to apply severe and immediate sanctions and isolate Russia economically, denying goods and trade rights, while supplying the Ukraine with food, commodities and fuel. ”

Does Ron want his gas to be cut off? Russia has curbed rebellious neighbours  in the past by cutting off gas supplies. How much gas now comes to Europe from Russia?  

… in the Eating

March 4, 2014

“Sony Corporation is interested in the ECE Engineering Model and Spacetime Devices section, and may well be one of the companies using the Alex Hill devices inside Mexico.”

We say that Sony does not have the slightest interest in crackpot theories, and that nobody (in their right mind) has bought one of the dubious Hill gadgets. Where is our proof? Well, when Ron shows us real proof, we shall show him ours. 

Senior Partner

March 4, 2014

“This is very good news! It shows once more that those who oppose LENR have closed minds, they do not evaluate rationally because the standard model of physics cannot explain LENR.”

We knew that we had seen this sentiment expressed somewhere else before, and here it is:

“Trained physicists and scientists have not sufficiently analyzed the technology to see beyond commonly accepted limiting theories, to the bolder work of visionaries such as Nikola Tesla, an inspiration for John Searl’s work”

This appears on one of Searl’s many websites. The many spectacular websites, the several companies and the hundreds of related YouTube videos which support Searl’s delusion, must be very galling to Ron (1 dreary website, 1 failed company and a few videos upon which nobody comments). Just imagine, a complete ignoramus with no qualifications (despite what Marquis Who’s Who says), no scientific knowledge above technician-standard and no mathematics (Searl has to make-do with numerology), has done much better than ‘Evans-the-Genius’. Searl even gets invited to America (and succeeds in getting there, in spite of having a criminal record – for sabotage – that should prevent him from obtaining a visa); dual-citizen Ron does not get invited.  Even the film biography of Searl is better than the one about Ron; perhaps due to the better class of actor/director involved (Bradley Lockerman versus Bo Linton). One could say that the only point where they are on equal ground is their worship of the pseudoscientist, ideas-thief and showman, Nikola Tesla.

successful crackpot:

unsuccessful crackpots:,

Marquis, Lest We Forget

March 3, 2014

Ron and his gang are not the only, or biggest, villains in MWW of course. It also lists Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin … and Trofim Lysenko. The latter was the pseudoscientist, backed by Stalin, who ruined Russian agriculture for generations; any real scientist who queried his theory was shot or put in a Gulag. We wonder why Ron is upset by Russia, re the Ukraine; totalitarian governments always favour pseudoscience.

Nomenclature Query

March 3, 2014

When over-paid NASA engineers sit around and discuss concepts that physicists wrote-off decades ago, is that properly called ‘goofing-off’ or ‘gold-bricking’? We still recall the late, and unlamented, BPP fiasco during which the ultra-silly Dean Drive was discussed. Not to mention NASA’s hugely expensive failure to replicate Podletnov’s experiments; which physicists had laughed at from the start. As somebody once remarked, “when the American government starts to work on Buck Rogers technology, it is not America’s enemies who should worry, but rather Americans”. Pre-NASA of course there was Project Winterhaven, in the 1950s, when major US companies thought that they could produce antigravity using ‘electrogravitics’. The only incentive was the ‘work’ of T.T.Brown; a conman in the Searl mould. Don’t laugh; a UK ‘development agency’, now disbanded, paid Searl’s brother £39000 to ‘study the potential market’ for Searl’s levitating perpetual-motion machine. The ‘chat’ during the ludicrous ARMD meeting mentions that Lockheed is also working on LENR. We wonder whether that involves the same Lockheed ‘engineer’ who once praised Searl (and other loonies) during a conference presentation.