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Visit to Crackpot Nexus

March 31, 2014

As we have often pointed out, Craigcefnparc is the last resting-place of another infamous crackpot, Harry Grindell-Matthews; the so-called death-ray man. Some of us have been working on a definitive biography of that notorious pseudoscientist (who tried to defraud the British government). As his ‘laboratory’ still exists, these biographers thought that it would be nice to have their own photographs of the location; preferably taken  in the morning light. To that end, they will be visiting the site later today (04/01/14). If they have time, they may take new photographs of other local places of interest. If any of our fans should spot them (strangers with cameras stick out like sore thumbs in those parts) , they are welcome to pass the time of day. 



Irony Heaped upon Irony

March 29, 2014

“However the actual electron proton scattering data have only two peaks. So this is an obvious example of curve fitting gone crazy, like using ten adjustables to fit a straight line. Yet that is standard physics. The scattering data show that the proton has a ring like structure, which is a possible Beltrami solution. Winston Bostick was the last post graduate student of Arthur Compton, and discovered many Beltrami like structures in plasma.”

If only Ron knew as much as we (collectively) know about physics, he would be forever laughing at his own posts … just as we do. Compton (whose scattering theory Ron has miscalculated, misrepresented and misconceived in the past) proved, to his own satisfaction in 1918, that the electron was ‘a flexible ring of electricity with a radius of 0.02 Angstrom units’.  Rutherford once introduced a lecture by Compton by saying, “Mr Compton is going to talk about the size and shape of the electron … but you needn’t necessarily believe him”. Looks as if Ron is playing catch-up again, and copying the wrong ideas of Compton via one of his students. But there is more. In Compton’s book, X-Rays and Electrons (1929), he used Fourier’s method to determine the radial distribution of electrons in chlorine. He found 4 peaks (a 10, 4, 2, 2 electron distribution). Ron will appreciate that horrible example of curve-fitting by his hero. But, to be fair, Compton probably did not fully understand the convergence problems of certain Fourier series. 


Paper Downloads

March 29, 2014

“I wonder whether Steve Bannister and the University of Utah would provide me with the two following references:

1) W. Bostick, Phys. Fluids, 2078-2079 (1966).
2) W. Bostick, IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci., PS-41 (6), 7-3 – 717 (1986)”

We have just downloaded those papers (just imagine what damage Ron could do if he had the resources of real academics). We particularly like Bostick’s use (second reference, p.709) of plasma-globes (two of us have those!) to support his theories. Unfortunately, this seems to have been a loony edition of the journal, as other papers within were written by crackpots such as Hannes Alfven, Grote Reber and Halton Arp.  Of course, ‘electricians’ are always a little flaky and IEEE publications cover subjects which no physics journal would dream of considering. For instance, the IEEE database contains over 300 papers on acupuncture! How embarrassing.  Note to Mr Bannister: the second reference should read 14 (6) 703. Shall we be forwarding our downloads to Ron? Shall we, ****.

‘Embarrassingly Inept’

March 26, 2014

Well well, Penderghastly has received another bad review:

The reviewer also had the good sense not to buy the book from Amazon. 

Negative Feedback

March 26, 2014

“The feedback is also a great motivator, because otherwise I would not know how my work is being received. Apart from known nutters who have been discarded by the profession, I get no negative comments now of any kind.”

We have checked every available website-traffic monitoring service and, although they all disagree with each other, none of them come anywhere near matching the figures reported by Ron. Typical data are:

Statscrop etc furnish additional information:

The backward links of are particularly interesting, and comprise largely Ron’s own blog and (perpetual-motionist and former aias member Bearden’s site), plus a political conspiracy site and an anti-Einstein site run by the loony Roger Anderton of Southampton (who has published a phenomenal 189 crackpot papers in the pseudoscientific rag, the General Science Journal).

Applying Ockham’s Razor, we surmise that the absence of negative comments (are there any positive ones from non-cranks) is due to the fact that nobody knows or cares about Ron or his theories. The blocking of comments on his blog is also a reasonable explanation for reduced criticism (duh!). We conclude that this kicks away Ron’s last crutch. That is, Google Scholar shows that nobody but Ron and his gang comment on his post-employment papers, leaving claimed feedback as the only  remaining ‘evidence’. However, not only does ‘feedback’ (in fact, mere site hits) mean nothing if the intent of the visitor is not announced, but it has now become clear that the feedback is routinely inflated by an order of magnitude. Verily, it is a matter of ‘a nutter being discarded by the profession’.  We call upon Ron to cease and desist from telling lies and causing embarrassment to himself and those who mistakenly awarded him a Civil List pension.




March 22, 2014

Ancestry to Dingarth (285 B.C.) March 21, 2014″

We noted recently that, although Ron can trace his spear line back only a handful of generations, by using the worthless technique of zig-zagging through distaff lines, he could make himself out to be the relative of almost anybody. We have been confidently expecting to receive the news that Ron is descended from Adam, but so far he has only got as far as 285BC. Meanwhile, let us help with another line: Ron already claims to be a cousin of  QEII, and she is descended from … wait for it,

So, that must mean that (using his brand of genealogy) he is also related to Mohammed. Does that explain why he is always trying to issue fatwas against critics? Ron cannot deny the accuracy of Burke, for the same reason that he cannot question the accuracy of Marquis: he is in both. Always the same quandary; do these works undermine Ron, or does his inclusion undermine them?

Now Plain Arthur

March 22, 2014

“This is the result of the up to date research on my direct line, thanks to Arthur Turner-Thomas for forwarding a lot of original certificates all posted on this blog. ”

It is gratifying to see that Ron still has some common sense and now agrees with us that all of the Turner-Thomas honours were bogus. So, no more ‘Sir’ Thomas. Perhaps Ron will eventually see more light and will agree that Bessler, Bedini, Searl and Hill were/are all confidence tricksters of the perpetual-motion variety. Well done, Ron, you are not just a ‘cnut’ trying to hold back the tide of reason and real physics. 

A Modest Suggestion

March 19, 2014

“On 17/3/14 there were 1959 hits from 519 distinct visits, spiders from baidu, google, MSN, softlayer, yandex and yahoo. Auto1 131, Auto2 39, UFT88 81, Engineering Model 71, Book of Scientometrics 45, CEFE ” etc. etc.

Ron has been posting these handy digests for years. This must be a great effort for him. We propose that he should make his readers do the work. That is, all of these data must appear on his screen at some point. So all that he has to do is to press the ‘print screen’ button on his keyboard and upload the images onto his blog. Doing this will also dispel the growing suspicion that he is making these data up … given that no monitoring service can be found which reports this same level of interest.  

No need to thank us Ron.


Hive of Activity?

March 19, 2014

“Reports from the Alex Hill company ( show that demand for his spacetime devices from Fortune Fifty companies in Mexico exceeds supply. ”

Let’s see, interest from Fortune 50 companies would mean a huge boost to a small company. So how is et3m doing? Well, its logo could do with a lick of paint

My beautiful picture

and its website traffic is non-existent:

Moreover, we wonder which Fortune 50 companies would have need of perpetual-motion machines. Who is conning who?

Oh Dear, Oh Dear

March 18, 2014

Discussion on the Amoroso Paper  (March 18, 2014): Very interesting, NIST in Boulder Colorado could look for these NMR effects and also develop RFR.”

The NIST would not touch this with the proverbial barge-pole because Amoroso gives his affiliation as the Institute of Noetic Sciences (nutters pushing quack medicine, telepathy and other tripe) in a paper published by vixra (the crackpot version of arxiv). Approval by Ron can be considered to be nothing but a ‘third strike’.