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Can He Be Serious???

April 30, 2014

“The Book was started on 30th April 2004, and is a unique record of the vast interest in ECE theory. It shows that ECE theory is mainstream and that the standard model of physics is obsolete. It would be interesting if a member of the British Government could analyze the book in various ways, for example to trace the history of readership of each item. This book analyzes the 2% sector to which I refer as “universities, institutes and similar”. The vast total interest has just been posted on this blog in the form of a referring URL’s file from Dec. 2006 which is several thousand pages long. ”

We can do some of the analysis ourselves: the top referring domain is AIAS (obviously) at over 1.6 million referrals. Google, in second place, accounts for only 80000. The conman Searl’s domain is in 7th place at nearly 14000. That is, Searl is the only ‘scientific’ referrer in this category, and he is a scientifically illiterate conman. Among the referring websites and URLs one spots the perpetual motion  conman Bearden (officially vouched for by Ron and AIAS in the past). After that, it all goes downhill. Why would those who were in search of Ron’s ‘erudition’  have come from such sleazy sites? Check it out: type in just about any dodgy  search term (sexy, casino, prosti, pussy, analsex,  f**k, overunity [i.e. perpetual motion], girls, aias, etc., and one finds it. NB: the “first-time swallows’ site is not about newly-fledged birds! This proves our ‘Boss Button’ theory. What about more technical terms? Well, all of the mentions of ‘scientific’ lead to anti-scientific websites. The promising-looking ‘Journal of Nuclear Physics’ is just a pseudoscientific rag run by an LENR (cold-fusion) conman. One wonders how someone who claims to be sane (he has an undated letter!) can possibly believe that these thousands of highly dubious visitors can do anything but undermine even further the credibility (haha) of the whole enterprise. Yes, Ron, please do have a government official look at it: way to get your Civil List pension pulled!


Pseudoscientometrics are a Shot in the … Foot

April 29, 2014

“Many thanks again to Steve Bannister, greatly valued. This pdf file can now be posted on and archived at the British Library to prove the vast amount of interest in ECE theory.”

We were going to make the point earlier that, if Ron can single-out only a few academic visitors each day … among hundreds … who are the others? Also, if the others have no clear reason to visit, how does he know that the prized ones do have? Now Bannister, the particularly loony example of a dodgy breed, has made the point for us. Have a look at the list of referring sites. Try to find a genuine scientific one among all of the Russian porn, etc.  Ron’s feedback is the only proof of his supposed success, as no real scientists cite his papers. The feedback is bogus. He is bogus. 


April 26, 2014

“1) I have been a full professor at IBM an [sic] UNCC, and my title of Professor is in the Civil List. The tradition is that someone who has earned a professorship is addressed as Prof. even in retirement.”

No it is not, unless the person was granted emeritus status. Using it otherwise is on the same level as ex-soldiers calling themselves Colonel, etc.; as in the case of Bearden (before he bought his doctorate). You remember Bearden? Your AIAS clowns ‘explained’ how his MEG perpetual motion device ‘works’ and you personally let him write about it in Advances in Chemical Physics. What an insult to the memory of Prigogine. One of us met that Nobelist years ago, and he was no fan of pseudoscientists. 
“2) I am a Scientiae Doctor, a distinction higher than full professor.”

“Professor is not a qualification, it is an appointment. Tell us where one can study specifically to be a professor. “

“3) I am not mentally ill as his friend Phil Owen puts it”

It is the most generous explanation for observed behaviour”

“4) I was not “kicked out” of UNCC in 1995, I resigned in protest, and I was joined by many others who voiced protest, including the great theoretical physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier.”

Yes, because a student won ‘the battle of the smell’. Lots of people ‘jump before they are pushed’. What sort of  ‘great theoretical physicist’ attends the same conference as the conman Searl?

“5) Civil List Pension 2005, ten years after UNCC.”

A mistake which will be rectified

“6) Raised to Armiger 2008.”

Impressive only to other armigers.

“7) It is now almost twenty years after UNCC, so bringing up that old kipper is scraping the barrel”

Thankyou for revealing the exact smell involved above.


April 24, 2014

“This has been a problem ever since 1993, when I returned after a long absence.”

Surely you have not been responsible for all of the crime?! LOL. Oh, the dangers of poor sentence-construction. Still, if only you had been ‘an armiger, Civil List scientist and employee of the Queen’ in those days: that would have scared off Mr Morris, and no mistake. 

The problem is that unrestricted monoglot immigration is allowed, sometimes from the worst council estates. as soon as they arrive they attack the Welsh language. This is why monoglot immigration must be restricted. You have to stand up to them or they will walk all over the culture.”

Does that mean that the first Mrs Ron spoke Welsh? Does the present Mrs Ron speak Welsh? Pots and kettles again. Liekulis! лицемір! Rhagrithiwr!

Pots and Kettles Again

April 23, 2014

“This is an excellent summary by Gareth Evans, who witnessed all the events as they occurred. The conduct of these people was outrageously unethical, bordering on violent, so should be excluded from participation in scientific debate and scientific society. If they attempt mass e mailing they should be blocked, and they should not be allowed to disrupt scientific conferences.”

How nice it must be to receive support from such an … ahem … unbiased and distinguished scientist. Hold on, why is a ‘distinguished scientist’ doing such low-grade technical work at ‘Palookaville County Hall’? ‘Sewage’ Evans’ last contact with real science seems to have been an acknowledgement of his help in supplying real scientists with samples of polluted water.  With modification, we agree with all of the points made, of course.  Ron’s conduct is indeed outrageously unethical and bordering on violent, and he is de facto  excluded from participation in scientific debate and scientific society. His only supporters are ‘the usual suspects’: the small band of nutters who somehow manage to cling onto academic posts. But we can offer some hope of rehabilitation to Ron, if he employs these tips: get rid of the links to Searl and quack cancer ‘cures’, stop lying about the amount of feedback and the consequent supposed ‘success’ of ECE’, stop saying that free energy can be had from confidence tricks ranging from Bessler’s wheel  to et3m and stop referring to Vigier (he may have been OK in his prime, but he obviously went senile in later years and ended up on the same ‘bill’ as Searl at crackpot conferences) and the increasingly loony meetings held in his ‘honour’.  

A Propos of Nothing

April 22, 2014

We are very pleased to see that Ron now spells ‘garage’ correctly. He previously spelt it ‘garriage’; which is actually a term for gay marriage. It is nice to know that Der Fuehrer is still willing to take instruction from the better educated.  All that he needs to do now is to correct that glaring spelling error on the AIAS landing page. 

How Very True

April 16, 2014

“It is important to note that Rodrigues never attacks Carroll, and the latter if attacked would probably not respond. Senior academics do not respond to trolls.”

No, but Ron attacks Carroll when the latter’s mathematics do not give the results that Ron wants:

“Major Errors in Carroll Chapter Seven

Subject: Major Errors in Carroll Chapter Seven
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 05:35:24 EDT

Dear Prof. Carroll,

I went through your chapters one to three of your notes and these are correct, I have gone through everything and also expanded greatly on the proofs. I found Cartan geometry to be very useful, and the tetrad postulate is correct. However, we have used computer algebra to show beyond doubt that black hole and big bang theories are incorrect ”

So tell us, Evans-the-Troll, did Carroll reply?


Ron’s Hissy-Fit

April 15, 2014

The question arises as to why Ron has to protest all by himself. If, as he contends, scientists have all secretly turned into ECE-believers and spend all of their time reading his papers, why do they not leap to his defence? It is almost as if they are imaginary and Ron has to  invent  the statistics. Meanwhile, our visitor-numbers and viewings have reached unprecedented heights today … with nary a word of complaint from Ron’s supposed fans.

Loony Tunes

April 15, 2014

 He is known to have indulged in extensive harassment of a Vigier Conference by e mail, with the same old rubbish. “

Now why would anyone want to harass a Vigier conference? Could it have something to do with the organizers?  Those responsible for ‘Vigier 8’ were: R.L. Amoroso (Director of the Noetic Advanced Studies Institute [believers in telepathy]), Peter Rowlands, Bo Lehnert, Horst Eckardt (perpetual-motion enthusiast), Elizabeth A. Rauscher (veteran believer in the paranormal), Salvatore Giandinoto (another Noetic employee) Alwyn van der Merwe (dismissed editor of Foundations of Physics Letters), Stanley Jeffers, Jean E. Burns (another Noetic layabout), Louis H. Kauffman, Michael Ibison (Institute for Advanced Studies [sounds grand, but is little more than wherever Harold Puthoff – of Uri Geller fame  – hangs his hat]), Christo Christov (mechanical antigravity believer), Josee R. Croca, Alex Hankey, John Dainton, Peter Marcer, Jeremy Dunning-Davies (believer in gyroscopic antigravity and fellow director of Rodrigues [which is why we are wary of the latter]). In other words, a pretty flaky bunch who raise the hackles of real physicists.


Rodrigues’ Email to Riecansky

April 15, 2014

We are posting the communication here, just in case Ron decides to delete it from his own blog. Yet again we are proved correct with regard to Ron’s lies.
Subject: false statement

Dear truth’s search:

Reluctantly, I feel unfortunately obliged to inform you that in his blog (04/14/2013) Mr. M. W. Evans stated:

….‘’Rodrigues was admonished by a senior barrister as “wildly pejorative”, in awarding me considerable financial compensation out of court, and by legal implication is a product of the lowest kind of gutter, having no scientific credibility. He had falsely accused me of being dangerous and insane, and this disgusted the barrister to the pit of his stomach. I had been sad over the deaths of my parents and some cousins, and loss of my first wife, and this was seized upon by Rodrigues in order to create disinformation. He should also be dismissed from Campinas, and I have complained to Campinas about him’’ ….

I declare here that I never in my life have been admonished by any barrister and I never paid any compensation to Mr. Evans (or to any other person), his statements are false. So he is a liar and/or as stated somewhere suffers from time to time from a delirious state.

Even more, if Mr. Evans can show any validdocument proving that I paid to him a given sum of money I immediately will send to him and to any AIAS fellow double that sum.

If someone gave any amount of money to him because of what I wrote, eventually it will be a good idea for all of you who needs money that I will write statements against you. Then you go the Mr. Evans ‘’senior’’ barrister and ask him to obtain a compensation… Of course, I do not want to receive any compensation in doing that.

Moreover, several medical doctors that I know in Brazil and abroad (ten in my own family, including a recently dead brother) never get infuriated by my opinion on Mr. Evans character, particularly to my proved statement that he is a liar and now, with the definitive proof given by his blog article that he suffers from a delirious state of mind.

Please, read with attention the attached document and get your conclusion. If you need additional information, please write to me.

I also declare here that that indeed Mr. Evans made a complaint against me to UNICAMP’S dean of research. He and all other members of the UNICAMP council only laugh a lot, because all know that unfortunately he is no more than a lunatic crackpot.

I also declare that I never act behind the scenes, all I think I write and publish using my name. Moreover, since a long time ago I even did not pay any attention to what Mr. Evans do, but after reading his blog today (after a fellow called my attention) I read many of his last papers and I can again state what I proved on several published papers long ago: Mr. Evans ECE theory is no more than a potpourri of bad use of mathematics and nonsense physics.

To end, here is a proposal which can prove once and for all to anyone if I, Hehl, ´t Hooft and others are right or if he is right. The proposal is:

 If Mr. Evans and collaborators want to come to Campinas and make a final examination on differential geometry and are all approved I will pay each one US$ 5000 plus living expenses and the air-tickets.

 If they fail they must pay me only US$ 1 and of course, will pay for their air-tickets and living expenses. Exam’s questions will be formulated in English with translations in Welsh, German, French, Italian, etc…, if required.

I reserve the right to publish their answers to the exam questions.


Waldyr Alves Rodrigues, Jr.

Professor of Mathematical Physic

Media Interest

April 14, 2014

“I wrote to the Honours Forfeiture Committee making a strong complaint about Clifford Jones, who defamed me severely and very maliciously to a number of recipients. ”

So the BBC is taking an interest in Ron. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Aunty decided that Ron was a better candidate, for demotion, than his victims? Once the media get the measure of Ron, the fiasco will unravel. By the way, the BBC producer and the local bobby must be absolutely delighted that he has revealed their telephone numbers to the world. Not putting such numbers online is ‘internet 101’. 


April 14, 2014

“I think that ongoing pressure should be applied to bring criminal prosecutions of aggravated harassment in the first degree against trolls who are known to work behind the scenes.”

Free speech, especially when it warns the general public against pseudoscience, is not harassment. Anonymity is essential when faced with an unscrupulous gang of crackpots.

” They harassed Elsevier’s Sci Topics, which has tipped me for a Nobel Prize, with the same type of defamation”

Lie. An out-of-his-depth Elsevier official wrongly thought that ECE was of Nobel quality. He was soon disabused of that belief.

” I am in thirty editions of the best and genuine reference vehicle, “Marquis Who’s Who in America, World , Science and Engineering”

Marquis originally had a good reputation, but is now just a down-market vanity publication. Searl and Bearden are also listed (among many lesser-known perpetual-motion conmen); are you admitting that you are of the same ilk?

“Rodrigues was admonished by a senior barrister as “wildly pejorative”, in awarding me considerable financial compensation out of court, and by legal implication is a product of the lowest kind of gutter, having no scientific credibility.”

Our inquiries indicate that this is not true, However, we are willing to be corrected on that: please post documentary proof, or cease to repeat this claim.

“The Nobel Prizewinner ‘t Hooft is known to have been associated with these shills”

Nobel prize-winners do not associate with mere shills; they associate with fellow real scientists.

“Apparently the Penn State police have warned Lakhtakia but did not prosecute him and he has not yet been dismissed as he should be.”

‘Apparently’ being the apposite word. Universities take no notice of  complaints  from crackpots.

“Atkins is known to be associated with the disgusting anonymous troll “Aaron Vee”,”

Totally untrue, and you should  be more cautious about defaming a great scientist who also happens to be very wealthy (thanks to writing books which people actually read).

“whose troll team has made death threats against me.”

Please post these death threats, as we have said nothing that a sane person would consider to be such. Failure to list them will be taken to be a tacit admission that they were never made. 

“The troll petition signed by Akins and Phil Owen (friend of Ioan Richard) has been removed from public view. ”

This was a perfectly reasonable expression of free speech. Only a Hitler would suppress it. The correct response would have been to set up a counter-petition. Presumably you feared that there would not be enough supporters.

” These trolls are not immune from criminal prosecution judging by Police Commissioner Alun Michael’s remarks to me recently.”

Putting the mainstream science point-of-view is not trolling. The Press would crucify any official who tried to defend a believer in perpetual motion (especially one who  simultaneously opposed Government policy on wind-power).

” So it is a delightful world, but none of these jerks have had any effect on the huge impact of ECE theory.”

One cannot affect that which does not exist. There is no ‘huge impact’, and we claim (in the absence of concrete proof to the contrary) that the ‘feedback’ is a) of unknown significance and b) probably largely invented (as website-monitoring services report a much lower level of traffic).

Annual ‘Ceremony’

April 14, 2014

“Many thanks indeed to Victor, whose work is excellent. ”

One cannot say that of his book-keeping: almost every year, his company is threatened with ‘striking-off’. This year, the ‘first notification’ was issued on the 27th ant. and action was discontinued on the 7th inst.


Death Threat

April 14, 2014

“If a  troll wishes to visit me here I advise a learned conversation with my cousin Ffloyd Havard, refereed of course. Ffloyd is four times British boxing champion, world contender, from superfeatherweight to lightweight. All in humour, but trolls are not a joke. ”

This is a clear threat of violence by Ron; adding ‘in humour’ does not mitigate the threat and can be considered rather to be an attempt to lay the foundations of a preemptory legal defence.  The traffic-warden becomes ever more unhinged day-by-day.


What Real Physicists Do

April 13, 2014

There is no doubt that children and laymen are becoming seriously misled by the lunatic fringe. One major cause of this is that the tendentious pseudoscientific journals are usually free to view whereas real scientific journals are subscription-only, and it can cost some $50 to read just a single article online. There is one notable exception to the above pattern, and that is New Journal of Physics. It is crackpot-free and covers a very wide range of subjects, thus providing an excellent overview of how real scientists behave and think. Enjoy:

By the way, almost any one of these authors could crush Ron’s delusions without breaking a sweat … if they knew about him.

Unhinged Persecution

April 12, 2014

Ron has today launched a clearly defamatory attack on his neighbour; callously revealing personal details which that neighbour might well object to being disclosed. Ron must also be making himself very unpopular with the village as a whole: how long will it be before his dictates are made to apply to the entire area*, and he becomes the only resident who is allowed to park anywhere? All of this is done in his imaginary capacity of armiger (which is certainly not equivalent to an order of nobility – ask the College of Arms) and ’employee of the Queen’. Does she know that he uses her Treasury as his affiliation on his crackpot ‘scientific papers’? He seems altogether to suffer  from considerable mental confusion: claiming that the Queen is his cousin, yet calling for Wales to split from the UK and to be defended by the American nuclear deterrent. He objects to non Welsh-speakers living in the village, but has personally imported at least two such residents: the latest one now being  trapped there for ever by heartless disinheritance.  What a fine fellow he is. 

*Stop-press: “If left to me as Armiger I would put double yellow lines along the entire length of Rhyddwen Road both sides, and on other roads in Mawr.”



April 12, 2014

We think that, if the king of Craigcefnparc is going to nag the police in his imagined capacity of ‘armiger’, it behoves him to do so in a more stately manner. It is bad enough that he does not appear to possess headed notepaper, he also lets himself down by being unable to spell his own academic title correctly. Why also does he not address his concerns to the local authorities? His current approach puts the police in an invidious position. On the one hand, they are obliged to respond to the worries of any individual but, on the other hand, by apparently spending much of their time at No.50 they may well find themselves accused of favouritism by the press.   

Internet Crime

April 10, 2014

Ron is implicated in several scams, by acting as a shill for them. After all, there is a permanent link to the perpetual-motion conman, John Searl, on the AIAS website. Searl has, for decades, been collecting funding for a levitating cancer-curing perpetual-motion machine which nobody has ever seen (the crude rotary induction motor that he now carts around was concocted relatively recently in order to fool the gullible).  Ron also backs the et3m scam; the latter company claiming to supply perpetual-motion machines to Fortune-50 companies*.  And now he is backing yet another scam. We are curious to see whether this will turn out to be a pyramid-selling scam, a Ponzi scheme, or just a ‘stamp-money’ trick**.  Note that all of these scams are based upon electrical devices; mechanical perpetual-motion machines have not been popular since Garabed Giragossian came within an ace of fooling the US government. His early success owed a lot to the fact that nobody seemed to understand the difference between energy and power.  Even nowadays, that still seems to be true. Electrical devices offer far more opportunities for deceit because one can use tricks based upon spiky outputs, power-factors, unsuitable sampling methods, etc. The new scam device closely resembles the ‘Starburst machine‘ of a few decades ago. This was hawked around by the brother of a famous film-director (Brian DePalma) and was ‘verified’ by a professor [sic] of electrical engineering (always a flaky bunch). What better pedigree could one ask for? Nevertheless, it was an attempted scam. Ron adds a extra layer of dishonesty by advising a naive student to damage his career. We shall be notifying various authorities about the plan of the latest con-artists*** to hold induction meetings in London; attempts to sell machines that cannot work as promised are an obvious target for the trades description watchdogs. Indeed, we see our activities as a form of ‘neighbourhood watch’ and, if Ron continues to characterize us as mere trolls, and to accuse us wrongly of making threats, we shall be reporting him to the relevant bodies.

*And here they are:

Any guesses as to which ones have need of perpetual-motion machines?

**Stamp-money scams have been around at least since Victorian times. They worked like this: one placed a tempting ad (e.g. for a sure-fire gambling system) and asked only for a stamped return envelope (or perhaps a few low-denomination postage stamps). The promised system never arrived, and the victim forgot about it (who is going to spend more money chasing after such a small loss?). Meanwhile, a crafty small company would be advertising their  legitimate services for free … using the free stamps and envelopes. It seems trivial, but conning a small amount out of each of a large number of suckers can yield a handsome sum.  

*** Perpetual-motion is simply their latest attempt to gull the gullible: first there was conspiracy theory:

then paranormal tripe:

and then mawkish religiosity :

This latest scam, judging from alexa data, seems to have hit the mother-lode

so perhaps Colas really should move into pseudoscience!




Ron = Aristotle, Ron ≠ Bacon

April 7, 2014

Aristotle, the adoption of whose conclusions by the totalitarian catholic church held back science and civilization for millennia, must be the true inspiration for Ron’s ‘science’. Aristotle was gullible: when told about an island that was ‘so magnetic that it pulled the nails from ships and made them sink’, he swallowed the story whole and put it in his books. In a similar fashion, Ron hears of a dodgy ‘company in Mexico selling perpetual-motion machines to Fortune-50 companies’, and swallows it hook, line and sinker. Whatever phenomenon Aristotle thought about, he immediately ‘explained’ it by using his ‘fits-all’ hot-cold-moist-dry theory; just as Ron bends his equally fatuous ECE theory to explain everything and anything. With one well-known exception, the ancient Greeks were ‘allergic’ to experimentation. Bacon, on the other hand, inspired the greatest advance in science and gave us the modern world. Everyone had previously used mere observation of Nature. Bacon instead applied the methods of the Spanish Inquisition (he called it ‘vexing Nature’) and pioneered the concept of isolating a bit of Nature and ‘putting the question to it’; the forerunner of the ‘controlled experiment’. Ron claims to be a Baconian, but is instead another Aristotle. Note: Ron takes old experiments (dubious or not) and ‘explains’ them to his own satisfaction. What he does not do is to perform confirmatory experiments. In the world of real science, ‘double-counting’ is not allowed. That is, one is not allowed to use the same results both to formulate a theory and to confirm it.  And that raises another primordial point: Ron’s theory leads only to simulations that merely look right. Such a  ‘doctrine of signatures’ was another disastrous Greek idea.  Note that Ron’s theory never produces numerical predictions that can be tested against experimental measurements. Recall that quantum mechanics, many aspects of which are supposedly disproved by ECE nonsense, is the most precise scientific theory ever devised and can give agreement, with experiment, to the tune of 13 significant digits.        

Handy Rule-of-Thumb

April 7, 2014

“Presumably Horst is at Salzburg in the Rational Physics Conference. This looks like an obvious candidate for spin connection resonance.

Sent: 07/04/2014 15:04:24 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: New spacetime generator QEG revealed

To inform the AIAS colleagues about a very rapid development: about one week ago a design of a machine was put open source which is claimed to be a free energy generator of 10 kW power”

It  is a reliable rule of thumb to assume that anyone (including Michio Kaku*) who mentions the crooked showman, Nikola Tesla,  in an appreciative manner is either a fool, a knave … or not in possession of the true facts. Tesla owes his current reputation (he was rightfully forgotten for decades) to his habit of making fantastic claims, hijacking the discoveries of others and lying to journalists. Members of the latter sleazy profession repaid him by writing a number of hagiographic biographies.  One of his favourite tall stories (in addition to tales of death-rays) involved  extracting energy from the ‘wheel-work of Nature’  (aka perpetual motion). This was the forerunner of modern lies involving zero-point energy or space-time. Anyone who markets ‘over-unity’ or ‘free-energy’ machines is of course committing the crime of fraud, and Ron should be cautious lest he be accused of being an accessory-before-the-fact … and after. Incidentally, how does one assign  a  power rating to a machine that does not work?  By the way, the link provided by Siemens Stain was to a crude dynamo that was to be driven by steam or compressed gas. The patent does not explain exactly where to insert the magic space-time fuel.  Perhaps Ron and ECE have the answer.

*Kaku has appeared in a Tesla-praising film, together with Ron and Alex Hill. That has pretty much shot down his reputation as far as non media-sniffing  physicists are concerned.    

(Ir)rational Conference

April 3, 2014

“This not for profit conference has been organised independently of any academic or research institute or of any scientific society. There are no commercial, industrial or political interests involved. This is uncommon but ensures that no influence is exerted upon speakers or participants to force compliance with the authority of any that seek to foist dogmatic views upon Mankind in orderto turn a profit, be it financial or social standing. Contemporaryphysics has lost contact with physical reality. Mysticism and fancy has resulted in quite irrational notions being proposed to account for the physical Universe. This conference is a return to rational physics in terms that are comprehensible to any educated person, not just a small group of specialists.”

Of course it is ‘not for profit’; taking money for disseminating nonsense would be dishonest. Of course it is ‘ independent of any academic or research institute or of any scientific society’; any reputable organisation would disown these idiots. We are not so sure about ‘commercial or political interests’, as NATO, NASA, Boeing and BAe Systems have all wasted money on pseudoscientific projects, and Tony Blair supposedly backed the award of Ron’s Civil List pension.  We agree that ‘mysticism and fancy has resulted in quite irrational notions being proposed to account for the physical universe‘; after all a lot of the worst offenders will be present at this conference, including Crothers: the ‘private dick turned public dick’. If the latter wants to return to the past, perhaps he should explain why he wants to rule out black holes which were, in fact, originally an 18th-century prediction of Newtonian theory.