We think that, if the king of Craigcefnparc is going to nag the police in his imagined capacity of ‘armiger’, it behoves him to do so in a more stately manner. It is bad enough that he does not appear to possess headed notepaper, he also lets himself down by being unable to spell his own academic title correctly. Why also does he not address his concerns to the local authorities? His current approach puts the police in an invidious position. On the one hand, they are obliged to respond to the worries of any individual but, on the other hand, by apparently spending much of their time at No.50 they may well find themselves accused of favouritism by the press.   


2 Responses to “Scientiae?”

  1. Evan Jones Says:

    Inaccuracy of spelling of our dear Ron is noticeably increasing of late, but spelling is a minor consideration compared to the major inaccuracies of his algebra and physics. His pretentiousness in using the imaginary title of “Armiger” is altogether risible, let alone the pretence that his D.Sc. (we admit that that at least is valid) is of a higher rank than professor ( on very dubious evidence). We continually await his next postings of his vanity with anticipation of more amusement and laughter.

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