For the Newcomer

We have noticed that a lot of people visit this blog just because of the few times that we have mentioned the incompetent mathematician, Miles Mathis.  Such visitors may be puzzled by our references to a ‘Ron’. Well, he is Dr Myron Wyn Evans, an unemployed chemist living in Wales. Indeed, he seems to be unsuitable for long-term employment* anywhere, probably because of his decidedly unpleasant personality. He believes in perpetual motion (including the Bessler wheel), antigravity (claiming, for instance, that the Levitron truly defies gravity) and quack cancer ‘cures’ (such as the Priore fraud). He has a direct link to the conman John Searl on his website, and has even recommended that the UK should back Searl. Ron believes that he is himself a power in society because he has a coat of arms and because the UK government stupidly awarded him a Civil List pension. He thinks that this makes him an employee of the Queen, and he even uses the address of her Treasury on his crackpot papers. These, by the way, are cited only by himself and his small network of similarly-minded crackpots.  He has also founded his own journal**. He writes over 90% of the articles himself … and only he and his crackpot friends cite them. In spite of the total lack of interest in his ‘work’, as measured by citations, he nevertheless claims that most scientists have secretly adopted his loony theory. He bases this belief on the number of hits on, and downloads from, his website. However, he cannot know or prove why the visitors are interested: the huge (probably inflated) reported numbers of visits are not paralleled by the large number of emails that such interest would presumably engender. Meanwhile, anyone who criticizes his theory is either accused of stalking/hate-blogging (if he does not know who they are) or are subjected to harassment and legal threats if he does know who they are. All of his other actions speak to a general two-facedness. For instance, he claims to be a cousin of the Queen (and any other historical celebrity he can think of) and yet wants Wales to split from the UK. He objects to the immigration of non Welsh-speakers, and yet has himself brought at least two non-Welsh non-native speakers to his small village.  Now that you know about him, you can forget about him. Science has.

Updates added, 13th March 2016

  • *Now retired
  • ** Now defunct

One Response to “For the Newcomer”

  1. Jeffrey Wolynski Says:

    Thank you very much for posting this.

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