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Petty Jealousy

June 30, 2014

We all know that Ron has a ‘thing’ about CERN and the Higgs boson. Ron pretends that his dislike stems from the fact that they do not fit in with his crackpot theory. We suggest that there is a much more down-to-Earth motive: envy. While one Welshman (Ron) was being passed around like a hot potato, another Welshman was found to be so valuable that he was grabbed during a temporary assignment and forged a successful career.  How ironic it is that they both started out as chemists but, while one became a pretend physicist, the other became a real one working at the cutting edge of the field. What are we talking about? Read about the Evans that Ron could have been if he were not so obnoxious:

Note that Evans-the-Atom would nevertheless be as unknown as Ron if it were not for the tabloid scare-stories to the effect that the LHC was going to produce a mini black hole and destroy Earth. That idea of course came from a Ron-type ‘dissident’ (aka insane) ‘scientist’.




Hoist with Own Petard

June 30, 2014

Origin of the Gravitational Red Shift in Newtonian Dynamics

June 30, 2014

This can be worked out with one of the equations I remember from school:

u squared – v squared = 2 g r”

Yes, and reversing the argument shows that a body can be so massive that photons fired upwards will not escape to infinity but will always fall back to the surface. That is, the object is a black hole. Well done, Ron, you have rediscovered a proof (of the existence of black holes) which was first published in the 18th century. 

Idea Thief

June 28, 2014

“Posting the letter is meant to encourage the pupil and the school and to give credit where credit is due. In fact, David Herbert discovered the petal orbits first. ”

So why is he now forgotten? It should be called Herbert Theory, not x-theory. Yet another example of dishonesty from Ron. 

Learn Some Physics

June 28, 2014

“Just as the velocity of light reduces when light passes through a solid/ liquid / gas. It is only a constant c in a vacuum. ”

Evans-the-Sewage is obviously still using his old school text books. The ‘slowing-down’ concept was invented for children. How exactly would light speed-up again on exiting the solid/liquid/gas? It is ironic that clowns who claim to have overthrown relativity have only a 19th-century child’s understanding of light. By the way, c in a vacuum is not only constant: it is now a defined constant.


Another Undeserved Gong

June 27, 2014

One of our fans recently made a comment, under our Back to Kopernik post, which deserves wider publicity. As our fan wrote,

“Strange awards seem to be becoming increasingly common: just look at”

We look forward to the time when tabloid journalists take a similar interest in Ron, and subsequent public anger forces him to give up his undeserved CLP. 




Government Dime Update

June 27, 2014


Sent: 27/06/2014 13:45:53 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: The electron g Factor

They are not measuring what they think they are measuring much of the time. They pull things out of the “noise” to support ideas and make nonsensical claims.

Sent from Samsung Mobile”

The previous messages today from Evans-the-Sewage might have been sent during his lunch-break, but this one seems to be rather late in the day. We doubt that Ceredigion County Council has a ‘contact any loony that  you like Friday’ scheme in place. Ron is very fond of trying to get his critics into trouble with their employers so – following his lead – we shall be collecting together every loony-related message sent by Sewage when he was at his handsomely remunerated work, paid from the public purse, and post photocopies to the relevant authority. Hmm, which political party might want to make a case out of that sort of thing?

Government Dime

June 26, 2014

Looking at the timings of some of the comments made by Evans-the-Sewage via his smart-phone, we conclude that they may well have been sent during office hours. If this is so, we would like to remind him that he is a local-government employee and should not be wasting public money on pseudoscience. 


June 26, 2014

Treatment of Steve Crothers

June 26, 2014

This is disgraceful treatment of a leading scholar, and I call for international condemnation of those responsible.”

But he is not a leading scholar, is he? He is a notorious crackpot. What else can one expect when a middle-aged private detective decides to try to fulfill the requirements of a physics PhD? Finding that he cannot understand the subtleties of General Relativity, he decides (just like Ron) that it is all wrong. How to explain the fact  that nobody sane sees it that way? Simple: it must all be a huge conspiracy to keep physicists in their high-salary posts. Perhaps Ron has not noticed that physicists are, in fact, poorly paid in comparison with less qualified persons in other fields (law, banking, etc.). We think that the University has been ridiculously tolerant. Just look at how long this fiasco has been going on:

The mythomane also claims to be a body-builder,

Given that the adjectives which spring most readily to mind when contemplating him include ‘sickly’ and ‘diminutive’ , we wonder whose body he built.




Last Nail in the Coffin

June 26, 2014

“To University of New South Wales,

The grave miscarriage of justice in the case of Stephen Crothers is well known internationally, it would not surprise me if Stephen Crothers were awarded an honorary degree. He is a highly respected AIAS Fellow and a leading thinker in avant garde physics. He is well known throughout the world as an able scholar of the utmost integrity, a man with the courage of his convictions. His treatment by the University of New South Wales is disgraceful, one of the worst miscarriages of justice in the history of physics, and that is saying something.”

It is rather touching that Ron should think that his intervention is a good thing, but just imagine how it will look to the university if it bothers to try to find out who he is. It will be found that he has been unemployed for years, churns out incorrect mathematics with the barely concealed aim of supporting perpetual-motion and antigravity inventors (not to mention criminal backing of quack cancer-cures) and lies endlessly about the level of academic interest in his work. The only miscarriage of justice here is the award, of a Civil List pension to a crackpot, over the heads of more worthy candidates.  


June 21, 2014

“Such effort never stops of course, and I enjoy the work tremendously. ”

The beneficial value of occupational therapy is well-known; it gives a sense of pride and social worth to the halt and lame of society. It is particularly good for the depressed unemployed.

“It is work in the sense of art, creative work. ”

It reminds us of the work of Jackson Pollock. The only difference is that, in the case of AIAS, one wonders which end of the brush (or paint can) is associated with the biggest drips.

“In previous UFT papers the x theory was inferred, but x was not known exactly. Now it is known exactly.”

We seem to recall that x-theory was instigated by a letter from a schoolboy. How come that it is not named after him? Have you ever tried to contact Master Herbert, Ron?  And if not, why not?

“I have no idea why Marion and Thornton got the result they claim, I just leave it at that. ”

Perhaps chemists should not delve into physics textbooks if they lack the  noûs.

“The dogmatists have made a pig’s breakfast out of science and there is no purpose in talking to a brick wall or a block head or a hateful troll.”

You are lucky to have such fiendishly clever critics; nobody else cares.

“The work of AIAS is directed at open minded intellectuals around the world.”

It is of interest only to other crackpots, as proved by the fact that nearly 100% of the references to it (see Google Scholar) are made by a lone nutter calling himself “MW Evans” or, occasionally, “HMC List”.