Petty Jealousy

We all know that Ron has a ‘thing’ about CERN and the Higgs boson. Ron pretends that his dislike stems from the fact that they do not fit in with his crackpot theory. We suggest that there is a much more down-to-Earth motive: envy. While one Welshman (Ron) was being passed around like a hot potato, another Welshman was found to be so valuable that he was grabbed during a temporary assignment and forged a successful career.  How ironic it is that they both started out as chemists but, while one became a pretend physicist, the other became a real one working at the cutting edge of the field. What are we talking about? Read about the Evans that Ron could have been if he were not so obnoxious:

Note that Evans-the-Atom would nevertheless be as unknown as Ron if it were not for the tabloid scare-stories to the effect that the LHC was going to produce a mini black hole and destroy Earth. That idea of course came from a Ron-type ‘dissident’ (aka insane) ‘scientist’.




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