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Blind To Irony?

July 31, 2014

“This repellent UKIP fringe nationalism has been evident to me for a long time. It is a passing madness, but can amplify itself and cause trouble. If allowed to do so totalitariansim is just around the corner, and baiting of minorities. I have long advocated a complete ban on monoglot immigration into Wales, compulsory education in Welsh for all, and the establishment of Welsh language areas. By monoglot I mean people who are able to speak only their own language without being obliged by law to display full personal competence in Welsh” Some people indeed find UKIP repellent because of its nationalism and its desire to restrict legal immigration into the UK. Can Ron not see the irony in the fact that, having pointed this out, he then immediately applies that same philosophy to Wales? And the parallel does not end there: Mr Farage (leader of UKIP) wants to keep foreigners out … unless it affects him. His wife is German. Ron has out-done him: his first wife was American and his second from Latvia. Both were imported into Wales. There is no sign that either of them bothered to learn Welsh; thus breaking Ron’s no-monoglot ruling. Ron should try to be a politician again; he is certainly two-faced enough.



July 31, 2014

“These attached files show essentially unanimous international confidence in ECE theory and a total rejection of those who tried to misrepresent it and censor it, people like ‘t Hooft, Rodrigues and Bruhn, and the farcical Lakhtakia, the so called Wikipedia “moderator”. There is nowhere for them to hide now. Essentially every dogmatic Wikipedia entry is now matched by an ECE entry representing true Baconian science as opposed to unscientific dogma. Congratulations and many thanks to all staff!”

And yet nobody mentions it, not even in the lunatic fringe. Papers about it are referenced almost entirely by Ron and AIAS  ‘staff’, plus a few critical papers and a scattering of isolated loonies. Why has Ron’s own ‘flagship’ journal folded if the theory is so successful? Why did his biographer have to write a favorable review of his own book?! Why are the other reviews all negative? Would not a revolutionary theory encourage its converts to comment favorably on its inventor’s life story? The plain truth is that this is just a nest of pathetic pseudoscientists, and its only novelty is that deluded persons, possessing more power than scientific knowledge, awarded Ron a Civil List pension. This act insulted the memory of great scientists such as Faraday and, if more people knew (or cared) about such things, it would make a laughing-stock of British science.      



July 30, 2014

“Many thanks to Sir Arthur Turner Thomas for a very interesting direct line history on Celtic Royal Genealogy.”

We thought that we had successfully weaned Ron off his belief that Turner-Thomas has a knighthood, or indeed holds any honours at all. He does not even enjoy any more  the dubious distinction of being the only known false claimant of a Victoria Cross,

Ron does himself no favours by associating himself with such a despicable person.


Dubious Diaries

July 29, 2014

” In the past four years the interest in the diary has almost tripled. It is a private diary like Kilvert’s diary of my ancestral village of Cleirwy or Clyro in Powys, just across the river from Hay on Wye. ”

One does not want to be too much like Kilvert.  A lot of his diary was destroyed by protective relatives, but some of the surviving bits are still highly suspicious,

23rd August 1871

I had not been long in the house when Hannah’s beautiful seven year old child Carrie gradually stole up to me and nestled close in my arms. Then she laid her warm temples and soft round cheek lovingly to mine and stole first one arm then the other round my neck. Her arms tightened round my neck and she pressed her face closer and closer to mine, kissing me again and again. Then came the old, old story, the sweet confession as old as human hearts, “I do love you so. Do you love me?” “Yes” said the child, lovingly clinging still closer with fresh caresses and endearments. “You little bundle” said her mother laughing and much amused. I wish I could take you with me. “You would soon grow tired of her” said her mother. “No”, said the child with the perfect trust and confidence of love, “he said he wouldn’t” An hour flew like a few seconds. I was in heaven. A lodger came in and sat down, but I was lost to everything but love and the embrace and the sweet kisses and caresses of the child. It seemed as if we could not part we loved each other so. At last it grew dusk and with one long loving clasp and kiss I reluctantly rose to go. It was hard to leave the child. When I went away she brought me the best flower she could find in the garden. I am exhausted with emotion.

A diary best kept private. Contemporaries noted that he was particularly diligent in some of his parochial duties, which included the corporal punishment of young girls.

The child was in bed upstairs. I sat down by the bed and took her little hot hand. She seemed very feverish but was quite sensible and appeared to be much softened and humbled. If so the severe chastisement she has undergone may have had a happy effect and have broken her self-will and cured her of her faults. Her parents very wisely have not spared her nor the rod.

Autres temps, autres moeurs, or age-old perversion? Trust the religious to ‘fill their boots’. A propos, his diary 13th July 1875:

One beautiful girl stood entirely naked on the sand, and there as  she half sat, half reclined sideways, leaning upon her elbow, with her knees bent and her legs and feet partly drawn back and up, she was a model for a sculptor, there was the supple slender waist, the gentle down and tender swell of the bosom and the budding breasts, the graceful rounding of the delicately beautiful limbs and above all the soft and exquisite curves of the rosy dimpled bottom and broad white thigh. Her dark hair fell in thick masses on her white shoulders as she threw her head back and looked out to sea. She seemed a Venus Anadyomene fresh risen from the waves.


More Two-Facedness

July 27, 2014

“Wind Street Swansea is a particular black spot, with regular and dangerous violence caused by alcohol, drugs and assorted vices such as legalized gambling. All this lot should be shut down.”

Everybody knows by now that Ron indulges in a great deal of Orwellian doublethink. He likes to claim, for instance, that he is an ’employee of the Queen’ and yet advocates complete separation of Wales from the UK and its nuclear defence by a foreign power. He wants a ban on non-Welsh and non Welsh-speakers moving into his village, and yet has himself  imported at least two of each. And now he is fulminating about gambling in Swansea. Have you conveniently forgotten Ron that one of your wife’s daughters once worked in a Swansea casino; not a stone’s throw from Wind street in fact.



July 24, 2014

” It is estimated that if all or nearly all of the initial endowment discussed yesterday is invested according to my precise instructions, the Trust Fund will reach about 1.3 thousand million U. S. dollars at the end of 125 years at 7% per annum, a proven and realistic growth rate.”

It is true that 7%pa growth over 125 years multiplies the capital by 4709.5. However, the inflation since 1890 has devalued money by a factor of 110; with most of that devaluation occurring  during the past 5 decades.  In fact, the inflation versus time graph suggests a loss in value of well over 200-fold during the next 125 years. So forget the billions.  We are surprised that your deluded economist did not point all of this out.

Fantasy World

July 23, 2014

“Thanks again, the vast impact of ECE has been made possible by international teamwork within AIAS and the rapid development of knowledge available for all in the past decade. What is needed now is complete recognition for this unprecedented achievement in the form of funding, prizes and jobs for ECE scientists across the world. Otherwise physics will continue to decline as a subject. There is de facto recognition of our new publication methods, otherwise people would not have continued to study it in droves for eleven years. The inherent injustice within the physics system must be righted, and open, fair and unbiased competition allowed for big prizes such as the Nobel Prize and Milner Prize.”

The first thing to do is to tell people about it; nobody refers to it right now, not even in the loony-controlled journals such as Progress in Physics. So re-write all of the papers in a proper scientific style and submit them to a bona fide scientific journal. They will be rejected of course; any junior sub-editor would be able to drive a coach and horses through the mass of errors. At that point, do not fall back on the old “they’re all agin me” excuse: take note instead of the objections and correct them. That is what real innovators do. They do not give up trying to convince others, hide away in a corner with similarly-minded friends, and invent imaginary supporters and online ‘conferences’. Acceptance by the scientific community will also be more likely if you stop threatening and defaming critics, stop mixing with crackpots like the antipodean private detective, stop citing old (Bessler) and new (Searl) perpetual-motion conmen and generally ‘tidy your act up’. Basically, stop being a pariah.

Take Care Ron

July 20, 2014

“Some people prefer gossip to admitting any kind of achievement in others, so desolate is their existence. These trolls have been found to be repellent, and lately a ruling was obtained from Alun Michael, Commissioner of Police for Wales, that they have committed serious criminal offences for which they could be prosecuted on the evidence at any time. We all know who they are by now, and there is nowhere for them to hide. What has all that got to do with Baconian science?”

It is all about Baconian science. His innovation was to propose actually testing theories by controlled experiment, rather than taking observations at face value and ‘explaining’ them, using some fatuous theory, without further ado. Another serious error which he advocated avoiding was  taking a positive experimental result to be proof of the correctness of a theory*. This latter idea is still taught in schools, even though it is a serious error in logic.  Every real scientist knows that it is easy to fit an apparently  convincing theory to any set of results. There is a well-known anecdote concerning a famous scientist who was shown some data by his assistant. The scientist immediately explained them in a brilliant manner. The assistant then pointed out that the genius was holding the chart the wrong way round. The famous scientist then explained the data again using an equally brilliant – but different – theory. Theory means nothing; it is new experimental data which allows one to choose between two competing theories that count.  Pointing out that Ron fails to act in a proper scientific manner, pointing out that he clearly does not understand elementary physics and generally questioning  his claimed success, is not ‘trolling’. It is free speech. Trying to suppress a person’s right to express their (physically unthreatening)  views, and accusing them untruthfully of criminal offences, are themselves criminal and civil offences.  Perhaps we should complain to Mr Michael about such blatant defamation of character. We wonder what various authorities would make of Ron’s support of a quack cancer ‘cure’ and his proposal that a notorious petty thief should be financed by the British government. Is that any way for an ’employee of the Queen’ to behave?

*We doubt that you actually read Bacon, and instead read Wiki articles about him (and everything else).  If you had read Bacon, you would know of  his analogy about the ‘thank you God’ letters posted in churches by ‘near-drowned’ sailors.  

At It Again

July 20, 2014

“Eq. (19) is the assumption used by Bohr in 1913 that the attractive Coulomb potential between the electron and proton of an H atom is equal to the centripetal acceleration. ”

No, no, no! Firstly, the potential is not a force; it gives rise to a force. Secondly, that force is not ‘equal to’ the centripetal force: it is the centripetal force!


July 20, 2014

“I would be most grateful if these could be put on the home page, because they are important for science history. These are the collected documents of 2004 – 2005 concerning my Civil List appointment. and a newspaper clipping of Friday April 15th 2005. The magnificent support letters from Alwyn van der Merwe, Gareth Evans, the late John B. Hart and Bo Lehnert resulted in my nomination. I was later advised by Dr. Reed of the Royal Society of Chemistry that the final nomination came from the Royal Society, or may be from both societies. The first letter is of 4th March 2004 from W. E. Chapman, Secretary of Appointments at 10 Downing Street to the President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, who had written initially to Gordon Brown, then Chancellor of the Exchequer later Prime Minister. The Chancellor forwarded the letter to 10 Downing Street. On 27th September 2004 Delroy Blake at 10 Downing Street made me aware of the nomination. Two magnificent letters of support from Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe then follow. Then an equally generous and effective letter from Dr. Gareth J. Evans, and then the late Prof. John B. Hart. There is also a letter from Alex Hill outlining the importance of ECE for new energy etc etc ad nauseam”

We are also very grateful for these. We look forward to the time when the supporters are feverishly back-peddling in embarrassment, just as ex-ministers such as Mrs Curry are currently doing over their having put ‘Dr’ S0-Vile in charge of an asylum.  What price his honours now?