Totally Meaningless

Location of Book of Scientometrics on

July 1, 2014

Many thanks to Dave Burleigh, whose excellent feedback sites are the basis for this unique book. It has taken over ten years to compile, and shows about 2% of the vast readership of ECE theory. It is frequently posted on the blog. This 2% is very carefully selected by hand and consists of universities, institutes and similar. It shows exactly how a great paradigm shift occurs, in this case the post Einsteinian paradigm shift, or ECE theory, now very well known throughout the world.”

There is no vast readership: independent website-monitoring services show that traffic to and Ron’s blog is much lower than is claimed. It is also unknown why there is any traffic at all; the motives of those who look at the sites are equally unknown. If there were a vast readership, there would be other signs, such as incessant e-mails praising Ron or asking for further details/advice. There might also be comments made to our blog, defending Ron. There would presumably also be lots of favorable reviews of  the Ron and Penderghastly books on Amazon. Instead, one finds that Penderghastly is the only one writing positive reviews, and making ineffectual criticisms of negative reviews. Above all, nobody quotes Ron’s work in their own papers. The scientometrics are therefore entirely bogus, and an embarrassment to all concerned.   



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