The Dialogue Continues

“Enough time has passed (eleven years) to show that these methods are being universally accepted. If ideas are good enough it does not matter where they are published. Most of the self proclaimed leading journals are deeply bogged down in dogma and censorship. They are effectively being ignored by the vast majority. ”

Name just one person (outside of your minute group of loonies) who is using or … ugh … teaching this nonsense. It is obvious that there are no followers and that nothing at all about the nonsense is being published by independent persons. It is indeed obvious that no reputable journal would publish it anyway. But what about the growing number (pace your own failed effort) of crackpot-friendly ‘journals’; why is nothing appearing even in them? It is your pseudoscientific tripe which is being ignored.  It is obviously very important to your self-worth to imagine that you are a great scientist … but you are not. 


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