Eminence Gray

“The combined readings of the three ECE sites http://www.aias.us , www.atomicprecision.comand www.upitec.org are estimated to be about forty million since the flagship site www.aias.us was started in 2002 by Bob Gray of Biophan Inc., Rochester, New York. ”

It of course goes without saying that Gray is a crackpot; everybody associated with Ron is a crackpot … it is almost becoming a definition. Here is Gray musing on Searl’s perpetual-motion machine.


Searl is no more a professor than Ron is. In fact he is a petty thief and investment fraudster . Gray has also patented his own ‘reactionless propulsion’ device (aka antigravity machine). His day-job is related to health research. Makes one feel safe, doesn’t it?


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