Schoolboy Errors

“Using the Binet equation for a circle (r = alpha), it can be shown that in a circular orbit these are equal and opposite.”

It does not have to be ‘shown’: they are equal by definition. Centrifugal force is a fictitious quantity which observers in a rotating system invent so as to satisfy Newton’s third law. 

“As soon as he lets go of the hammer the centrifugal force throws it away in a radial direction. ”

Because centrifugal force is fictitious, it ceases to exist as soon as the centripetal force disappears. Because the centripetal force was the only thing stopping the hammer from following its straight (Newton’s first law) path, it will now follow that path. It will therefore move tangentially; not radially. There must be a retired physics schoolteacher in the area; go and ask him for some remedial  physics lessons in secret. Even your colleagues must be shuffling their feet: how can someone claim to have overthrown Einstein and yet not understand elementary physics? We were going to ask how you explain the apparently force-free Thomas-precessional motion of a gyroscope in a relativistic orbit … but that seems rather too much to hope for now. And you have still  not incorporated tidal effects. But we know why that is, don’t we? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, (please) say no more. Yep, last Monty Python next week. And note that it is ‘Monty’; you always spell it ‘Monte’. Is there something wrong with you?




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