Fantasy World

“Thanks again, the vast impact of ECE has been made possible by international teamwork within AIAS and the rapid development of knowledge available for all in the past decade. What is needed now is complete recognition for this unprecedented achievement in the form of funding, prizes and jobs for ECE scientists across the world. Otherwise physics will continue to decline as a subject. There is de facto recognition of our new publication methods, otherwise people would not have continued to study it in droves for eleven years. The inherent injustice within the physics system must be righted, and open, fair and unbiased competition allowed for big prizes such as the Nobel Prize and Milner Prize.”

The first thing to do is to tell people about it; nobody refers to it right now, not even in the loony-controlled journals such as Progress in Physics. So re-write all of the papers in a proper scientific style and submit them to a bona fide scientific journal. They will be rejected of course; any junior sub-editor would be able to drive a coach and horses through the mass of errors. At that point, do not fall back on the old “they’re all agin me” excuse: take note instead of the objections and correct them. That is what real innovators do. They do not give up trying to convince others, hide away in a corner with similarly-minded friends, and invent imaginary supporters and online ‘conferences’. Acceptance by the scientific community will also be more likely if you stop threatening and defaming critics, stop mixing with crackpots like the antipodean private detective, stop citing old (Bessler) and new (Searl) perpetual-motion conmen and generally ‘tidy your act up’. Basically, stop being a pariah.


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