Blind To Irony?

“This repellent UKIP fringe nationalism has been evident to me for a long time. It is a passing madness, but can amplify itself and cause trouble. If allowed to do so totalitariansim is just around the corner, and baiting of minorities. I have long advocated a complete ban on monoglot immigration into Wales, compulsory education in Welsh for all, and the establishment of Welsh language areas. By monoglot I mean people who are able to speak only their own language without being obliged by law to display full personal competence in Welsh” Some people indeed find UKIP repellent because of its nationalism and its desire to restrict legal immigration into the UK. Can Ron not see the irony in the fact that, having pointed this out, he then immediately applies that same philosophy to Wales? And the parallel does not end there: Mr Farage (leader of UKIP) wants to keep foreigners out … unless it affects him. His wife is German. Ron has out-done him: his first wife was American and his second from Latvia. Both were imported into Wales. There is no sign that either of them bothered to learn Welsh; thus breaking Ron’s no-monoglot ruling. Ron should try to be a politician again; he is certainly two-faced enough.


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