“These attached files show essentially unanimous international confidence in ECE theory and a total rejection of those who tried to misrepresent it and censor it, people like ‘t Hooft, Rodrigues and Bruhn, and the farcical Lakhtakia, the so called Wikipedia “moderator”. There is nowhere for them to hide now. Essentially every dogmatic Wikipedia entry is now matched by an ECE entry representing true Baconian science as opposed to unscientific dogma. Congratulations and many thanks to all staff!”

And yet nobody mentions it, not even in the lunatic fringe. Papers about it are referenced almost entirely by Ron and AIAS  ‘staff’, plus a few critical papers and a scattering of isolated loonies. Why has Ron’s own ‘flagship’ journal folded if the theory is so successful? Why did his biographer have to write a favorable review of his own book?! Why are the other reviews all negative? Would not a revolutionary theory encourage its converts to comment favorably on its inventor’s life story? The plain truth is that this is just a nest of pathetic pseudoscientists, and its only novelty is that deluded persons, possessing more power than scientific knowledge, awarded Ron a Civil List pension. This act insulted the memory of great scientists such as Faraday and, if more people knew (or cared) about such things, it would make a laughing-stock of British science.      



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