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Too Modest

August 30, 2014

Achievements Section of “Marquis Who’s Who”

August 28, 2014

This is a new section which records the main achievements of a biography. The following are what I consider in retrospect to be my main achievements.”

We have noticed a large discrepancy between these achievements, the CV posted on and the CV provided by the Telesio-Galilei Academy:

The discrepancy consists of these honours:

IBA Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.
 IBC Outstanding People of the Twentieth Century, 2001.
 ABI Five Hundred Leaders of Significance, 2000.
 IBC The First Five Hundred at the New Millennium 2000.
 IBC Outstanding Scientists of the Twentieth Century, (first division).
 IBA and IBC dictionary of International Biography.
 ABI Key Award.
 IBC Millennium Time Capsule Commission.
 IBC Outstanding Intellectuals of the Twentieth Century.
 ABI Deputy Director.
 ABI Universal Award of Accomplishment.
 ABI 2000 Millennium Gold Medal.
 IBC Deputy Director General.
 IBC Advisory Council.
 IBA International Board of Governors.
 ABI International Cultural Diploma.
 ABC International Man of the Year 2000 / 2001.
 IBC Twentieth Century Award.
 ABI Golden Record award.
 IBA International Order of Merit.
 IBA Advisor to the Director General.
 ABI One Thousand Leaders of Influence.
 IBA Outstanding Scholars of the Twentieth Century.
 ABI Order of International Ambassadors.
 ABI Outstanding People, Intellectuals and Scholars of the Twentieth Century.
 ABI Presidential Seal of Honour.
 ABI Man of the year 2000.
 ABI Leading Intellectuals of the World.
 ABI Commemorative Medal of Honor.
 IBC Order of International Fellowship.
 IBC 500 Founders of the Twentieth Century.
 IBC Who’s Who.
 IBC Outstanding Intellectuals of the Twentieth Century.
 IBC International Personality of the Year.
 South Asia Distinguished and Admirable Achievers.
 ABI Order of American Excellence.
 ABI Platinum Record.
 ABI International Directory of Distinguished Leadership.
 ABI Universal Award of Accomplishment.
 IBA International Scientist of the Year.
 IBA International Personality of the Year.
 ABI Gold Record.

Could it be because the IBC, ABI, etc. are all notorious vanity-publishing scams? So why does he still mention his Marquis entries? Marquis is just as worthless as the others, but cheats libraries rather than individuals.



And …?

August 29, 2014

UFT88 was read yesterday at Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia which was established in 1958 by an Act of the State Parliament of Victoria. It is a large university and houses the Australian Synchrotron facility among many other departments. “

Anybody can see what you did there; you implied, by mentioning those details, that the ‘reading’ was some sort of corporate decision. In fact, you do not know who clicked: it could have been a clumsy janitor, an IT guy making a routine test or someone quickly switching from a porn site (our favourite, and backed up by your own data on referring sites).  Even if someone clicked deliberately, you cannot know what they thought. By the way, why do you not permit comments on your blog? If you have so many ardent followers, what do you have to fear? 

“UFT88 immediately refutes the old general relativity as is well known internationally. It should be thoroughly studied in conjunction with UFT99, the five definitive proofs, UFT255 and “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”, UFT264 and “Definitive Refutations of the Einsteinian General Relativity” among several other books and papers. I am gravely concerned as a leading British and American scientist about the way in which the old regime covers up well known refutations.”

You are not a leading scientist anywhere: you are a notorious pseudoscientist. What sort of scientist churns out nonsense, ignores refutations and generally refuses to interact with the bona fide scientific milieu, 

“This is why I advocate that their funding be reduced drastically and redistributed where it is very urgently needed, notably research into energy from spacetime and LENR, and new energy research in general.”

Mentioning perpetual-motion completely and immediately damns you in the eyes of scientists. That is why you are surrounded by crackpots: a stalwart of the German lunatic fringe, someone who thinks that ECE explains the human soul, someone who thinks that perpetual-motion is economically viable and someone who thinks that the Levitron toy is an anti-gravity machine. Oh, have you forgotten the company that you set up with Kellum and Fucilla to develop an anti-gravity machine? Should we post a copy of the contract to remind you?

“I am also gravely concerned about personal attacks on leading scientists and advocate tough new laws to police the internet. I think that these attacks may amount to a security threat.”

We are also concerned about that. We suggest that they should start with Crothers. 

Apology for Recent Posts

August 27, 2014

We must apologize for the fact that our recent posts have been somewhat repetitive. On the other hand, that is the fault of Ron and his crackpot friends. We could spend time (as we have done in the past) on tearing his dodgy mathematics apart, but non-mathematicians would not understand the disproofs and mathematicians do not need to be shown the obvious. The one thing that all can (or should) understand is that perpetual motion and ‘Buck Rogers’ levitation are impossible and that Ron is making British science a laughing-stock. There are plenty of other British nutters making the same sort of pseudoscientific claims of course but they have not been mistakenly awarded the same accolade as Faraday. So we shall continue to hound Ron in our effort to  embarrass HM government and various royal societies into removing that accolade. Never been done before? There has never been a case this extreme before. Have no fear, this story will eventually interest the tabloids, and Ron will then become a greater pariah and public shame than Turner-Thomas. 

Yet Another Pathetic Fallacy

August 27, 2014

” All UFT papers in English and Spanish are in Google Scholar, equivalent to journal publication.”

Rubbish: Google Scholar is the ‘Marquis’ of information retrieval and makes no attempt to filter out pseudoscience. Why else would it reference the ‘works’ of ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden and ‘Professor’ John Searl? You must remember Bearden: former member of AIAS, patentee of the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (a perpetual-motion device), the guy whom you smuggled into once-reputable scientific journals by abusing your position as editor. Still cannot recall? Oh yes, you and sewage-Evans and many other AIAs  members published a paper explaining why it works (but of course it doesn’t … because it is a perpetual-motion machine!). How about Searl? An inveterate liar and investment-fraudster who has been conning people for over 60 years using his never-seen levitating perpetual-motion machine. Still cannot remember him? Here is an aide-memoire (click the 5th link):

Check out Searl’s list of ‘recommended websites”; it includes That alone pretty much damns you all as a gang of loony sputniks.

NB For the attention of US Homeland Security. If you should pass this way, take note that the above Mr Searl has made lengthy visits to the USA in the past few years. Mr Searl is a convicted felon (sabotage of electricity supplies). The fact that he was admitted means either a) that he lied on his visa application form or b) your procedures need tightening up.


Another Pathetic Fallacy

August 26, 2014

“Marquis now has a new online method of updating biographies, including an achievements section. I am not allowed to mention Prize nominations, which include many nominations for the Nobel Prize, Milner Prize and Wolf Prize, Priestley Medal and so forth.”

That is because you either a) have no proof of any such nominations or b) the nominations were made by nonentities or other crackpots, Even Marquis has some standards.

“About seventeen of the AIAS Fellows have entries in Marquis, the world’s leading reference vehicle and many congratulations to them! I think that this is my thirtieth Marquis entry.”

Why do you always fail to mention all of the other loonies who are in Marquis? There is your old friend and former AIAS fellow, Bearden, for instance. Not to mention the perpetual-motion/antigravity investment conman, John Searl. You must remember him; there is a link to one of his sites on He returns the ‘compliment’. Searl told Marquis that he had been awarded a BA degree at the age of 14, and the editors believed him! We bet that, if you added a Nobel prize to your CV, they would not even check. Be more daring, like your friend Turner-Thomas: give yourself a knighthood and, being ‘American’, a Congressional Medal of Honour. By the way, do you remember when you claimed that you had been invited to become a member of the American Chemical Society? It transpired that it was part of a campaign: nominators could get a free blanket if the nominee joined (i.e. paid fees). You made it sound as if you had received some sort of special honour.   

Given Away Like Hot Cakes

August 25, 2014

“The copyright holder CISP has given permission to publish this book by Kerry Pendergast open source. “

Translation: Riecansky is glad to be rid of that white elephant, just as he was glad to be rid of the journal.

“I do not want to go ahead without Kerry’s agreement, so do I have his agreement to publish? “

Of course you do; Penderghastly is your creature.

“My autobiography is read an estimated five or six thousand times a year in up to one hundred and seventy one countries because we at AIAS have found a powerful new method of publishing which out powers all but the biggest book sellers of relevance.”

Yes, just like that other ‘best-seller’, the Gideon bible! Free will always beat any price. On the other hand there is the truism, “what doesn’t cost anything, isn’t worth anything”; as Amazon will find to its cost.

“If Alex Hill wishes to arrange for the Autobiography to be translated into Spanish it will certainly get a huge readership. “

Does this mean that Penderghastly will have to write the glowing review of his book in Spanish?

“Kerry’s book is an excellent book from the point of view of a scientific biographer. “

One reviewer has already pointed out that it is repetitive.

“My autobiography is written from the point of view of a reformer.”

Another reviewer has pointed out that it is written from the point of view of a crackpot and bitter academic failure.

“I also give my permission for the Autobiography to be translated into other languages, first and foremost the Welsh language.”

You are giving your permission? Surely that is in the gift of Penderghastly. Oops, forgot: he is your creature.

“I will see if the Welsh Books Council will help with this. “

Yeah right. Don’t hold your breath. On second thoughts, do hold your breath.

“Tony Hibbert’s book on Adelina Patti open source”.

A more logical choice would be a book on the opera singer, Ganna Walska, as she is more closely connected to you. She was once married to Harry Grindell-Matthews, the previous notorious crackpot to die in Craigcefnparc.




August 25, 2014

Since yesterday, the ranking of by has worsened; going from position 11,267,760 to position 16,898,999 (high is bad), and do not get enough traffic to be ranked at all and our ranking has improved slightly from 7,667,742 to 7,662,261. And Ron still has the cheek to report his imaginary scientometrics! We are waiting for him to mention Turner-Thomas again; will he dare to?

What Price Ron’s Scientometrics?

August 24, 2014

Among the websites,, and, any guesses as to which one has the highest ranking according to Well we do of course: is currently at position 11,267,760 (er, high is bad; is in 10th place), does not get enough traffic to be ranked at all and our ranking is 7,667,742. To be fair, has more sites ‘linking-in’ than we do. On the other hand, we would not want that traffic as most of the sites seem to be devoted to perpetual motion and the conman, Tesla. So where does this leave Ron’s claim to celebrity and success for himself and ECE? Pretty much nowhere. We do wish that he would stop playing-out his post-breakdown occupational therapy in public.


August 23, 2014

Non-mathematicians, such as Ron, might like to know that the above symbol signifies the empty set. The empty set might now well be re-defined as that which contains the success of ECE.

“The ECE theory and the work of AIAS have evolved into a new system of physics and the old system completely rejected”

Better known as the ‘shouting down a well’ system, combined with ignoring the echoes that one does not like.

“So there has been a quiet but major revolution in ideas – Alwyn van der Merwe’s post Einstein paradigm shift.”

Not ‘quiet’; non-existent. Merwe got sacked for running a crackpot-friendly journal, just as El-Naschie did.

“The old system has behaved in such a way as to hang on to power, and this is as unscientific as is possible to be. “

Not ‘hanging onto power’: keeping out the enemies of science who inhabit the lunatic fringe.

“I have been monitoring some claims of the old system, notably the wikipedia article, and there has been no interest in it for about six years. The very few referrals I see result in the reader studying ECE theory.”

What a weak ‘straw-man’ argument that is; nobody but an idiot would think that Wikipedia was an arbiter of scientific knowledge.”

“For about six years now there has been no attempt to criticise ECE theory, because Cartan geometry cannot be refuted. “

All of the mistakes were pointed out years ago, and real scientists immediately lost interest. As for the rest, ‘there are none so deaf as those who will not listen’. There is nothing wrong with Cartan geometry; the fault is in those who misuse it.

“The fact that the old system’s referees tried to block genuine science of the highest quality means that they have badly damaged science itself.”

This has been the excuse of crackpots for many generations. In the past, they would simply go away and eventually die. It is unfortunate that the internet and desk-top publishing now permits them to spew their nonsense to all and sundry. They now found their own journals (some more successfully than others) and set up imaginary ‘institutes’ in their own sitting-rooms. Given that large fractions of society are anti-science to begin with, this lunatic ‘cottage industry’ has been a disaster for rational scientific education. 

“So in a historic perspective the post Einstein paradigm shift is a major paradigm shift which caused shock waves of the new but which is now accepted completely. A typical paradigm shift.”

How pathetic that forlorn belief is. Kuhn, by the way, was an idiot who picked out items to support his own prejudices. Only those who get their scientific knowledge from newspapers believe in scientific revolutions.

“If one tried to submit a paper on ECE to the old school they would still reject it, but that censorship has become irrelevant. “

Well, Duh! That would not be censorship, that would be astute editorial gate-keeping. The best is the enemy of the good … and crushes the misbegotten.

“The old system has made itself irrelevant. One can stop armies but not the march of ideas (Victor Hugo).”

The old system is more relevant than ever. Some ideas are worth stopping: Communism, National Socialism, Lysenkoism, Scientology, etc. Hugo was also not very bright; did he not realize that ‘ideas’ (especially the worst ones) have a habit of acquiring their own armies?

“It is now time to consolidate and write textbooks. Two of these are currently in preparation. Over and over again we at AIAS have detected a fundamental lack of scholarship and ability in the old system. So we do not subject ourselves to refereeing by an unscholarly system.”

Of course you don’t. You know that the tripe would not survive any sort of rational examination.

“We let the colleagues decide for themselves. The result has been tens of millions of readings of ECE in up to one hundred and seventy one countries. This is known to great accuracy by careful monitoring of feedback over more than a decade. “

All completely meaningless, because the reasons for the visits are unknown. You are pathetically proud of every direct e-mail that you receive, but there should be thousands of them. A biography of the ‘Einstein’ of ECE should attract dozens of plaudits. In fact, the independent reviewers are scathing, and the only positive review is by the author himself. That fact alone signals that the whole thing is not kosher and is perpetrated by liars and fantasists. 

“The Book of Scientometrics is now well known and archived in the British Library in London from the National Library of Wales. “

Are you not aware that they trawl for, and archive, all sorts of rubbish? Take a close look at some of the other archived sites, and all pride and self-respect will evaporate. The same goes for your fellows in Marquis Who’s Who.

“This amount of interest is difficult to imagine for heavy theoretical physics, but it exists and is a great motivator of course. Congratulations once more to all the AIAS Fellows.”

There is no palpable interest.

“They work voluntarily and part time for the sake of science and not power.”

Ho Ho, as if anybody would pay them to be scientists. In fact, we are continually amazed that some of them hang onto the jobs which they do have. 

“They should really be full professors with tenure, and given the chance to apply for funding. “

Hey, you should start your own university. Oh no. You tried that of course, and got shot down. Clowns really should stick to circuses. 

“The old system locks up all the money, which is why it tries to propagate obsolete dogma. Nothing could possibly be further removed from natural philosophy.”

Kindly stop trolling respectable enterprises. There should be a law against people like you! 

Do as I Say, Not as I Do!

August 12, 2014

” I don’t think that things can be left to a Government which is busily importing monoglots into Welsh speaking areas”

Can things be left to an ‘armiger’ who has imported as many as 4 monoglots into one small village?