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October 27, 2014

“I have been nominated for the Priestley Medal in previous years by Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe, and would like to request whether a nomination is automatically renewed every year or whether a new nomination is needed.”

Ron complains about decisions supposedly being made in ‘smoke-filled rooms’ but, in his trademark two-faced manner, is not averse to seeking help from fellow crackpots. This is how they advance: a process akin to lifting oneself by ones own bootstraps.



October 27, 2014

Daily Report Saturday 25/10/14

October 27, 2014

There were 1,547 hits from 432 distinct visits or reading sessions, main spiders from google, yandex and yahoo. UFT145 663, F3(Sp) 478, Auto1 372, Auto2 101, Book of Scientometrics 276, UFT88 75, Engineering Model 71, Englynion 75, Llais 52, CEFE 46, UFT273 45, Evans Equations 51, numerous (Spanish), Principles of ECE 11, Autosonnets 11. Swiss Federal Institute Lausanne UFT116; Denver University Autobiography Volume One; University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign general; Portland State University Oregon UFT166; University of California Santa Cruz general; Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for October 2014.”

We again note with surprise the numbers working on a Saturday. If only one knew their motives.

PS Good morning, Ron? This was posted at 7am GMT, and there was already one UK visitor. Who else would take an interest in our blog so early in the morning?


October 26, 2014

“I will prepare an updated list of achievements for nominators and supporters for prizes such as the Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize, Milner Award and Priestley Medal, Order of Merit, Companion of Honour, Liversidge Award and so on. I have been nominated for all of these in the past. This summary can be sent to Nobel Prize advisors in physics and chemistry, covering the totality of my work.”

Should Ron and his followers be short of a form-of-words for their nomination, they could do worse than modify this previous attempt:

Personally speaking, we think that Ron has a better chance of winning the Miss World title.


October 25, 2014

“Hundreds of thousands of honest professionals wish me to get a Nobel Prize (computer feedback)”

If only you could name even one. They instead click furtively, for who-knows what reason. Why not appeal directly to them on your blog and ask them to ‘come to the aid of the party’? Or are you afraid that there will be no response? 

“because the Prize is so famous, while the Civil List Pension is almost unknown. ”

It is well known among scientists; they recall that it was reserved (together with the occasional grace-and-favour home) for Britain’s greatest scientists. And then it was awarded to you; an aberration of the highest order. Perhaps the RSC was misled. How would chemists know that the ‘physicists’ who recommended you were all regarded as being more or less flaky by other physicists?

“Even O. M., C. H. and Congressional Medal of Honor are not all that well known compared with the Nobel Prize. The problem of smoke filled rooms is however very well known to the general public, but they cannot do anything about it, at least not yet. ”

And why should the general public have a say in the matter? 

“My Ph. D. supervisor Professor Mansel Davies was a chemistry Nobel Prize advisor and almost forty years ago he told me that the process is a “club like any other”. He immediately recognized B(3) as being worthy of a chemistry Nobel Prize back in 1992, so did Vigier, Kielich, Sternglass, van der Merwe, Lehnert, Hart and many others.”

Most of the above appear on lists of ‘dissident’ (aka crackpot) scientists.

“In contemporary times we know impact exactly and in great detail by computer feedback activity. The only thing that the club can do is to ignore impact and claim that it does not exist.”

A real scientist would know that it is the person making the outrageous claim who must provide supporting evidence. It is not the job of skeptics to waste time on ludicrous ideas. 

Pants on Fire … Again

October 25, 2014

Articles Studying Relation of Verbal Common Assault to Acute Uveitis

October 24, 2014

1) S. M. Maca et al., J. Ophthalmology, 97(3), 333 – 337 (2013) . Repeated verbal common assault leads to anxiety and a psychopathology that triggers acute anterior uveitis and recurrences.
2) Siamac et al., BINA, Spring 2006 vol 11(3), 313 – 317. Anxiety is effective in acute anterior uveitis and stress is a trigger factor for recurrence.”

Our regular readers will know that the relationship between Ron and Truth is somewhat of an ‘open marriage’; Truth does its thing, and Ron does his. The above is a case-in-point. The innocent reader might have formed the opinion that the comments following the above references were taken from the papers. Not so. There is no such remark in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.  Indeed, the overall thrust of the research is not to show that threats cause uveitis, but that those suffering from uveitis tend to feel themselves under attack and thus suffer from depression. Ron has somehow confused cause and effect. We suspect that he did not have access to the complete article, which is behind a pay-wall, and (innocently?) misinterpreted the abstract. A key paragraph in the paper states:

Acute anterior uveitis (AAU) is a painful and vision impairing eye disease that requires intensive treatment  and close patient follow-up. Currently, the mainstay treatment is a topical anti-inflammatory and cycloplegic therapy, extended by topical steroid injections or systemic medication if necessary. The deterioration of visual acuity, pain, frequent application
of eye drops and necessity of repeated visits to an ophthalmologist constitute a burden for the patient. In addition, patients are impaired in performing daily tasks, such as reading and driving, and face difficulties performing their jobs effectively.
Many patients cannot be on sick leave for several days, or cannot leave work easily for scheduled control visits. Often, patients report a total lack of understanding of their diagnosis. Socially, uveitis remains a ‘red eye’ disease, raising the suspicion of hypochondria, laziness or a lack of enthusiasm for work. In cases of repeated attacks, patients visiting our uveitis clinic have reported being under considerable strain at their work place, and have a fear of losing their jobs. The disease itself, the therapy and the interference with daily life cause distress. Distress is a term used by psychologists to describe negative forms of stress caused by wearing situations. By contrast with positive, pleasant forms of stress, so-called ‘eustress’, distress can induce depressive moods. In a previous study, we found a higher percentage of depression among 171 patients with a history of AAU. However, the majority of patients had inactive AAU. Only 13 suffered from an acute attack, exhibiting even higher depression scores. It was concluded that it is necessary to investigate the association of an active recurrence of AAU with depression and quality of life. Following these findings, the aim of the present study was to evaluate whether depressive feelings are frequent in active AAU and corroborate our hypothesis that there is a relevant impact on general health and the ability to perform daily life tasks. The results could provide further insight into the psychopathology of AAU.

In other words, those suffering from uveitis suffer stress; not the reverse (apart from the ‘autocatalytic’ aspect). As for the other paper, in the Iranian Journal of Ophthalmology (aka BINA), we wonder how Ron gleaned its detailed contents. Perhaps he can read Persian … or merely the ambiguous English-language abstract?  Ron really should not try to deceive his readers. It will come back to haunt him.   

More Progress!

October 22, 2014

Development of a Spacetime Energy Device based on ECE Theory

October 22, 2014

This looks like an excellent development and it would be optimal if a device could be simulated, built and demonstrated. This is one of the major aims of AIAS and its group of engineers. After about twelve years of development there is no longer any objection in principle to electric power from spacetime. I should think that there would be plenty of Fortune Fifty type demand for such a device as Alex Hill is finding with his devices. These devices prove ECE theory qualitatively beyond doubt and we should aim for quantitative agreement between theory and experiment as in any Baconian science. So we have quietly but steadily moved into a post Maxwell Heaviside era in electrical engineering”

We are always delighted to see these hilarious announcements; it makes our aim – of getting Ron removed from the list of civil-list scientists – so much more achievable. This is because laymen may well be fooled by his gongs and defective mathematics but everyone, perhaps even HM, knows that perpetual-motion is impossible (every mention of it in Hansard has always been sarcastic or pejorative).  Jason Owens, by the way, works here:

Owens is the Matt Lucas lookalike in the group photographs. Do not be deceived by the glossy website: it is rated some 5,000,000 places below and some 10,000,000 below ours. When the working (haha) device is built, it can be put straight on the shelf next to the Orbo and the MEG. 

Shifty Paradigm

October 21, 2014

“This is the memorable description of ECE theory by Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe of the University of Denver Colorado. ”

Van der Merwe was a closet loony-tune who was finally sacked by the publishers of Foundations of Physics Letters for allowing pseudoscientists like Ron and his friends to write about perpetual motion in its pages.  

“The Wikipedia site is the remnant of a censorius and philistine era. It was set up originally by a troll called Akhlesh Lakhtakia who is known to be an e mail abuser who knows nothing about ECE theory. After several formal complaints to his employers he was apparently subjected to a police harassment caution at Penn State University Park. He was sacked as a Wiki moderator “science guy”.

Lakhtakia has assured one of us that nobody at Penn mentioned the matter to him at all. After all, why would a university pay any attention to the ranting of a crazy person who is a hero only to the lunatic fringe?

“Another troll called Waldyr Rodrigues is associated with the site. He signed a troll petition which was removed from public view and he can be ignored as insignificant. His mathematics are meaningless abstractions. ”

We are not fond of Rodrigues ourselves because he ‘works’ for Steriwave and ‘Professor’ Fucilla. How can anyone with the least professional pride associate himself with an organisation that has been involved with ‘cars that run on water’, antigravity and the ‘boiler-room’ selling of worthless shares? The same goes for Dunning-Davies, former friend of Ron. Nevertheless, Rodrigues is the editor of a high-level mathematics journal while Ron is a mathematical nonentity.

“Bruhn was a well known troll and fraudster who disapperared (sic) in 2008.”

Bruhn said all that there was to be said about Ron years ago. His devastating shredding of Ron’s faulty mathematics is there for all to see, and will be on view for ever. 

“Finally ‘t Hooft has no technical ability in ECE theory. ”

No, and he does not need a hole-in-the-head either.

“They are the ones responsible for a systematic campaign of harassment. They have been rejected by professional opinion for almost a decade. This site has very little impact, I know that from feedback monitoring as usual. The small number of people who read it begin to study the ECE sites. I can also see that from feedback. I insisted that the wiki site on myself be removed because it was defamatory and grossly distorted my entire career. This again was due to trolling.”

It is called exercising freedom-of-speech, Ron. The few non-loonies who even know about you are to be congratulated for warning the lay population. As for ‘trolling’; who is the one who persistently accuses CERN, Hawking, etc., of receiving money under false pretences? That would be you.

“My true bio is in thirty one editions of Marquis Who’s Who.”

And so is the biography of the conman, John Searl. Removing the link to him from the site would go some way to rehabilitating your ‘reputation’. But you cannot remove it, now that we have suggested it.

“So this is not a scientific article for the obvious reason that it attacks Cartan geometry. ECE IS Cartan geometry with a few hypotheses to translate it into essentially the whole of the natural sciences.”

Unfortunately the hypotheses are wrong, and that makes ECE an insult to the memory of Cartan.

“By now this is very well known worldwide. There are levels of understanding of ECE as for any theory. Its leading scholars know it perfectly. Non specialists worldwide have a good grasp of it. I can see this from the in depth study of over three hundred ECE papers posted recently on this blog.”

So who are those leading scholars, Ron? Name them. Or will they all turn out to be AIAS Fellows? That does not count. Stick to being a hero to the lunatic fringe; they are your kind of people.

Ron a Success in the Lunatic Fringe

October 21, 2014

Scientists of course completely ignore Ron, no matter what he claims to the contrary. His recent interview on the Rancid program has, on the other hand, attracted some attention from the loony-tunes:;topicseen

By coincidence, this website belongs to a Peter A.Evans, who gives his address as The Alfriston Gallery, West Sussex.  

The Corruption Continues

October 21, 2014

“This book records a quarter million study visits over nearly twelve years from 2% of the vast total readership of ECE, from universities, institutes and similar. This is a rigorously objective proof of the impact of ECE theory. It is assumed that this 2% is the world’s intellectual elite, and in the other 98% there is an order of magnitude ten times more hidden visits from universities, institutes and similar.”

We already know, from previously published lists, that the vast majority of the hits are from porn sites, gambling sites and the websites of other crackpots. According to our ‘boss button’ theory, the hits from academic institutions are due to people hurriedly switching from porn sites, to a marginally less embarrassing site, when a supervisor appears. 

“It is just that I cannot identify individual addresses of staff and students using private computers. The same is true for the corporate sector. ”

More importantly, you also have no idea as to the motives of those who look. As they never refer to your work anywhere, never contact you directly and do not even review ECE-related books favorably, we cleave to our boss-button explanation. Kindly stop referring to your ‘success’ until you have some evidence for it. That is what a proper scientist would do … but you will not know that.   

“A Ph. D. topic could be devoted to analyzing the attached scientometrics, which are much more meaningful than citation indices for various reasons given many times on this blog.”

Rather than corrupt another young person, perhaps you could persuade Chabaud or Bannister to do that. 

Movimiento Perpetuo

October 21, 2014

“This is a message form (sic) Alex Hill in Mexico City that I am posting on blog to advise readers on how to get around the faulty router in Mexico City. There are always many visits from Mexico to www.aias.usand from essentially all the best Mexican Universities, Institutes and so on of relevance for almost twelve years, many from prod infinitum every day. So it works in other parts of Mexico. The Alex Hill free energy devices are already used by Fortune Fifty industry in Mexico. Presumably anyone could make an appointment to go to see them being used (,,,, ECE is the only unified field theory that gives a qualitative explanation for these devices as energy from spacetime – not from nothing (perpetuum mobile) but from spacetime. Total energy is always conserved and there is a transfer of energy from spacetime.”

We have asked a sizable cross-section, of those Fortune-50 companies which have branches in Mexico, how and where they are using these devices … adding a paragraph from Ron’s blog to prove that they have academic (haha) backing. For some reason, we could not get an answer from any of them; and certainly not an appointment. Our readers in Mexico are urged to check every working Coca Cola vending machine which they encounter … to see whether they are still plugged into the mains. If not, they should call the newspapers and break the astounding news (somewhat of a scandal) that a genuine perpetual-motion machine is serving them soft drinks rather than being presented to the Nobel Prize committee and bringing immortal fame to the country. That would be ‘one in the eye’ (oops, sorry Ron, sore point?) for Argentina and the late Huemul project.

Suspiciously Keen Readers

October 21, 2014

Daily Report Sunday 19/10/14

October 21, 2014

There were 2,136 hits from 446 distinct visits. German Aerospace Center general; California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Definitive Proof 1; Denver University Auto1; Stanford University UFT148, UFT214; Early Development Instrument University of California Los Angeles UFT80; Polish Academy of Sciences Krakow overview of ECE theory, Book of Scientometrics, Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for October 2014.”

Even after editing-out visits from countries where Sunday is perhaps not a day-of-rest, and those in very different time-zones, one wonders who on Earth (literally) goes into work on a Sunday just to read drivel. We suspect that they may have gone to work for some urgent purpose and wanted a laugh in order to relax afterwards. But given that nobody from such hives of technology ever refers to Ron publicly, ever writes privately to Ron (or us) about it or ever reviews (favorably) ECE-related books … we shall never know. One wonders what the detestable Kuhn would have made of such a silent revolution, such an understated paradigm-shift. 

Model Behaviour?

October 19, 2014

” Ellipsoidal, spherical, and elongated ellipsodial galaxies are known in nature. So orbits are in general three dimensional from the inverse square law of attraction between an orbiting mass m and a mass M situated at one focus of the beta ellipse as defined in equation (3). This is a major discovery and entirely original.”

Down the years, and especially in the pre-computer era, many schoolteacher-level demonstrations were developed for modeling orbits, such as a) a conical pendulum (representing the Earth) and a central concentric sphere representing the Sun, b) a flat surface with a drawn Sun and a magnet hidden below, ball-bearings thrown onto the surface could be made to behave roughly like the Earth, c) a conical rigid surface; again, balls launched tangentially behaved rather like planets. There was another sort of demonstration: one which was used to model the formation of the solar system or the shapes of galaxies. The simplest one was to put a glob of dense oil into a cylinder of salt-water. By adjusting the salt concentration, the (immiscible) oil could be made to float in the middle (i.e. neutral buoyancy). If the entire cylinder was then rotated, the oil would change shape and take up various forms that resembled lenticular and spiral-arm galaxies, etc. High rotation rates broke the globule into smaller pieces; resembling a solar system. Note carefully the fundamental difference between the 2 types of model: the first type treats the orbiting of individual objects. The other type treats the overall rotational behaviour of a huge mass of bodies (the atoms which make up the oil globule). Can you see now where Ron is going wrong with his theory? He is confusing orbital motion with rotational motion. Just look at his comical reasoning above: he is saying that the shape of a galaxy is governed by the ‘3D orbits’ of stars. Perhaps he should have a word with Penderghastly, one of the world’s greatest astronomers according to Ron. Surely Penderghastly knows that galaxies are essentially celestial rubbish bins which contain gas, debris, stars and entire solar systems. Their shapes are certainly not defined by the orbits of individual stars. It is also because of Ron’s confusion, of orbital motion with the rotation of the entire system, that he cannot properly model tidal effects.  

Necessary Altruism

October 19, 2014

“Many thanks, this is a very interesting article. AIAS is an example of true altruism, we do everything for the good of Baconian science and finding sources of new energy. This has all been all done voluntarily without pay since 1998. So the AIAS Fellows take a lot of historical credit.”

Aristotle’s concept of science was to believe every anecdote, gleaned from travelers, and immediately ‘explain’ the sometimes fantastic accounts using his fits-all hot-cold-moist-dry theory. That is what Ron does, in effect. Bacon established the concept of actually checking facts in order to avoid deception by others … but especially self-deception. Playing Devil’s Advocate against one’s own theory is central to Bacon’s philosophy, and any doctoral candidate who fails nowadays to do this in his thesis is sure to be asked to revise it. Note that Ron follows none of Bacon’s precepts: every defective idea that Ron dreams up goes straight into ‘print’. Everyone except Ron and his acolytes realizes that, so he has to give away ‘altruistically’ that which nobody would pay for anyway.  

Nobbled Prize

October 18, 2014

“There has been a lot of lobbying for one of these prizes for Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, O. M., K. B. E., F. R. S., who helped to organize the world wide web in 1989. At IBM Kingston New York in 1986 I worked with the IBM intra company net. Berners-Lee got a first class degree in physics from Oxford. I am not sure whether Berners-Lee was primarily an organizer or a code writer.”

Perhaps the Committee is waiting to see whether the Internet turns out to be a good thing or not: so far, it has been a decided boon to terrorists, scam-artists and pseudoscientists like Ron. The latter, in particular, has benefited enormously: if the Internet suddenly disappeared, so would all of his supposed success … which consists entirely of a tendentious interpretation of random hits on his website (variously elevated to the status of ‘readings’, ‘consultations’ or even ‘conferences’).

“There has also been a lot of lobbying for Hawking and Penrose, who have been overlooked many times for a Nobel Prize, in my opinion rightly so because their geometry is completely wrong and because their theories have been refuted experimentally many times.”

Although journalists, and non-physicists like Ron, like to refer to Hawking and Penrose as being physicists, they are in fact mathematicians. There is no Nobel prize for mathematics. As for Ron’s opinion of mathematics … we know what that is worth. 

“Their theories were rejected immediately by Hoyle and many others. ”

The same Hoyle who concocted false mathematical ‘proofs’ to disprove Darwinian evolution? The Hoyle who predicted ‘global freezing’? The Hoyle who, together with rabid creationists, claimed that Archeopteryx was a fake? The Hoyle who claimed that flu’ came from outer space (a medieval concept which he resurrected)? 

“The ECE theory is widely acknowledged now as the only one that has incorporates torsion in a meaningful way to give all the equations of physics, chemistry and engineering from the correct geometry in a generally covariant unified field theory, and a lot more. ECE has essentially refuted all the bad parts of the standard physics, so is not going to be popular in the smoke filled rooms. ”

True only in Ron’s fevered imagination.

“I was an athlete and never smoked or drank so I would say that ECE has won the 5,000 metres by a 100 metres. So they give the gold medal to the runner up in physics.”

And the physique has gone the same way as the physics. Downhill.

“This is why standard physics is getting to be unpopular. ”

That might be true, but only because the Internet has afforded hundreds of loony-tunes the opportunity to distort the public’s understanding of science in general.

“The twistor theory of Penrose has a vague kind of allusion to tetrads but that is all. The award of a Milner Prize to Hawking seems to have been made simply by a small group of rich pals in a smoked filled room. His theories are refuted completely by ECE.”

Lies, complete lies and nothing but lies.

Corrupter of Young Minds

October 17, 2014

Can nothing be done about Ron’s ruining of the careers of young people? First there was Bannister, a young economist who has now been brainwashed into thinking that perpetual-motion is a viable investment opportunity. That does not bode well but, of course, economists do not have a very good reputation anyway. There is not a huge difference between investing in crackpot inventions … and investing in the sub-prime mortgage business. Hmm, perhaps Bannister is on the right track after all. But, secondly, there is Monsieur Chabaud who has now given up his doctoral studies (albeit in electrical engineering) and is unemployed. Perhaps your French is not up to understanding the subtleties of that language, Ron. When Chabaud says that he is ‘professeur a domicile’, that does not mean that he is a ‘Professor’ (as you claim to be); it means that he does not have a proper job and is doing home-tutoring. Meanwhile, he is getting sucked into the perpetual-motion scam business. By the way, Ron, do you know what his last paid(?) job was? It was an internship at a company that makes domestic windmills. Remind us, are you not ever-so-slightly allergic to them?

Civil List Pension Awarded in Error

October 16, 2014

The 2014 Nobel Prize Awarded in Error

October 16, 2014

I am not surprised, the Nobel Prize has been devalued to nonsense. Can you reveal the source of this silly remark about not wanting to be seen in my company? I have met several past laureates, all reasonable and described partly in Autobiography Volume Two: J. H. van Vleck, Lars Onsager, Roald Hoffmann and Richard Ernst. Recently ‘t Hooft has made a lot of personal attacks as you know, but ECE has taken the high ground in physics without any doubt. I am very selective about my company.”

The accolade of a Civil List pension has been devalued to nonsense by awarding it to an out-and-out crackpot. Imagine what the list of civil-list scientists will look like in future (not in strict order): Herschel, Hamilton, Faraday, Heaviside, Ivory … Evans*. Crackpots always claim the moral high ground; like a cesspit on the very peak of a mountain. Gell-Mann famously said that he had, “seen further because he was surrounded by dwarfs” during his Nobel acceptance speech. One wonders what on Earth he would say about a loony like Ron … if he knew about him.  That also recalls the old German saying that, “when the Sun of culture is low, even dwarfs cast long shadows”. One suspects that all Nobel laureates would have the same opinion of Ron. How selective in his company-keeping is someone who mixes with the likes of Jackson and Kellum. One of them believes that Einstein was an anti-Tesla plot by ‘big oil’ who helped the Nazis to build flying-saucers, and the other thinks that the Levitron is an antigravity machine. Ron has endorsed all of these crazy ideas. What a jewel in the crown of British science! 

* Experimental error.

Woo-Hoo! (with the accent on Woo)

October 15, 2014

“Many thanks, this means a major breakthrough in new energy. The ECE theory has been applied to this problem in UFT226 ff., papers which immediately generated intense interest I would like to see a LENR power plant in every home as soon as possible.”

Amazing: a perpetual-motion website announces that one cold-fusion crackpot has changed his mind about the claims of another cold-fusion crackpot. Surely the odds on that can be easily calculated.  Do not forget that Ron also explained the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (which he now dismisses). Do not hold your breath in anticipation of free energy (unless you are a believer in such things; in which case, please hold your breath permanently). 

Stop-Press: et3m Progress!

October 15, 2014

Er, there has not been any. This notice appeared, on their website, when it began in 2008: 

Due to our limited present scale of manufacturing we are forced to temporarily restrict the availability of
our circuits to Mexico, although we are in the process of expanding shortly.

Exactly the same message still appears there today. This is very odd behavior given that, according to Ron, the company is receiving funding from Fortune-50 companies; a bounty which is not even acknowledged on the website. Are you lying to your vast (LOL) readership, Ron, or is Hill lying to you? 

Good Analogy

October 15, 2014

“This is the most important thing to me. Publication to me is exactly the same as producing a new painting or a new work of literature.”

We can agree with that: just look at the sort of rubbish that is entered for the Turner and Booker prizes!

Misfortune 50

October 14, 2014

“I produce Sections 1 and 2 of UFT papers and anyone can add material if and when interested, at any time they can, notably of course Dr. Horst Eckardt and Dr. Douglas Lindstrom, but also any other Fellow at any time if they wish. AIAS is voluntary and operates as a group of like minded, rational scientists. ”

No, it is a minute bunch of crackpots who shame the universities that gave them doctorates. It is no different to a bunch of drunken lost drivers who claim to know where they are going simply because they are carrying driving permits.

“Some bad parts of academia are run by slave drivers perennially chasing loot.”

Oh yes, ‘the loot’. Translation: a bona fide head-of-department begs for funding to pursue a socially beneficial research project. The money is then spent largely on equipment and materials, plus a grudging allowance for the sort of salary that many a skilled manual worker would find derisory. You know that, Ron. Is that why you are trying hard to get into confidence trickery? But see below.

Funding activity within AIAS has been very successful, Alex Hill is a Director of UPITEC and is well funded by Fortune Fifty companies, and we expect that the major breakthrough in LENR might result in more indirect funding for AIAS.”

What does a company that is ‘well-funded by Fortune-50 companies’ look like? Well, it is housed in a ‘laboratory’ like this:

My beautiful picture

has a website that has hardly changed in 6 years:*/

and has a website-ranking that is so low that it is not rated:

Gee, where is all of that funding going Ron? Fortune-50 companies have deep pockets. Does Hill have a deep back-pocket?

Clowns at Craig y Nos

October 10, 2014

Bad clowns:

Worse clowns:

Worst clowns:

How ironic that the compere suggested that Crothers should get a Victoria Cross. Perhaps he should ask Turner-Thomas about how to arrange that.

Soul Man

October 10, 2014

“Especial thanks to Michael Jackson for introducing me to Rense. I think that the broadcast goes out all over North and Mid America. Rense and I agreed that burning oil and nuclear energy are bad for the future of humankind.”

Yes, that is just what an already laughable pseudoscientist needs: an introduction to a rabid anti-semitic ufologist who consorts with neo-Nazis, holocaust-deniers and other scum. And Jackson is bad enough:

“No matter what the immediate results of this crop are, earth will eventually reap another harvest of completed souls. In regards to the outcome of this crop, the satanists, in charge of Earth, will never allow mankind to learn the nature of the soul. The satanists have known this secret for centuries, and that is their ONLY strength. The satanists destroy the pineal gland by adding fluoride, and mercury, to water and food, which makes direct soul experience difficult. The satanists do all they can to reduce health, longevity, intelligence, free will, contact with nature, and finding truth and meaning in life. ”

This drivel, and worse, is posted on How can Ron hope to be taken seriously … at any level?

Ron Goes Rancid

October 10, 2014

Listen to Ron stumbling through his lies here,

It is a pity that one cannot sub-title radio, because his lizard silurian accent makes it sound as if he is simultaneously downing soup. One also loses count of the number of umms in his account; it is lucky that he was not applying for a job. There were also quite a few of the “you knows” that always mark out a poor speaker. Quite embarrassing too was his bafflement over the term, scalar, as used by the lunatic fringe. Is he so unfamiliar with the work of his old friend, Bearden? We shall have to see that the Royal Society of Chemistry gets a copy of this sad performance by its protege.

Plain Rancid

October 10, 2014

Here are some details concerning Ron’s new friend:

It is difficult to decide which of his obsessions is the most disgusting. You British should be glad that you do not have the First Amendment.

Rancid Interview

October 10, 2014

“I was asked early on about critics of ECE theory, to which I replied that there have been no rational criticisms because it is based on geometry. Rense seemed satisfied with this reply. I mentioned that there are always irrational dogmatists, and he mentioned Luddites himself. This is a term I often use myself, people who destroyed the Arkwright spinning jennies. I was introduced as brilliant and controversial, but the adjective “controversial” was soon forgotten because the theory is based on the most rational of all subjects, geometry. To simplify things I mentioned the Pythagoras Theorem to which the general public can relate. Rense seemed happy with the interview and invited me back for more interviews. Especial thanks to Michael Jackson for introducing me to Rense. I think that the broadcast goes out all over North and Mid America. Rense and I agreed that burning oil and nuclear energy are bad for the future of humankind.”

And did you confirm Jackson’s claims that:

Einstein was put in place at the patent office, by Rockefeller oil interests, in order to counter the free energy (perpetual-motion) efforts of Tesla.

Cartan sent a letter to Einstein to correct his geometry; a letter which Einstein then forwarded to Germany; thus enabling the Nazis to build their antigravity machines.

Did you really endorse all that? Did you perhaps tell Jackson those ‘facts’ in the first place. If not, well, with staff like that you really do not need any enemies. On the other hand, Jackson not only believes in the soul but also thinks that ECE explains it. Tell us, is Jackson associated with an institute …  or an institution?

Un Point, C’Est Tout

October 8, 2014

“5) The ECE physics has developed a generally covariant theory of electrodynamics unified with gravitation. The general covariance of electrodynamics offers an explanation for the industrial spacetime devices of Alex Hill and company ( ,,, and of low energy nuclear reactors (LENR) as transfer of spacetime energy. The old physics has no explanation and irrationally discards the existence of these devices, even though they are used extensively in industry.”

There is no point in correcting all of the other lies: this one sinks the entire enterprise as there are no perpetual-motion machines to be explained. Ron will eventually admit defeat and declare that he was mistaken about them, just as he has before:

“I believe that Bearden was a gallant soldier and a fervent U.S. patriot, and helped
me in several ways, but unfortunately his motionless electromagnetic generator has not been
commercialized so I must assume that it has been found to be artifact. I can only apply ECE
theory to data free of artifact.” (Interview with Tim Ventura [American Antigravity{sic}], December 2005)

And this was after he, and many of the other AIAS clowns, had ‘shown’ theoretically why it did work. This must be why he is now desperately insisting (without any evidence)  that the crackpot devices have been ‘commercialized’. The downside of that strategy is that he is eventually going to look doubly stupid (invalid theory and non-existent devices). How dare he let down his employer, the Queen, so badly.

Rubber and Glue … Again

October 7, 2014

“Many thanks again, if the system were honest it would recognize impact and not be influenced by failed dogmatists whose theories have been refuted experimentally. Gareth is sincere and honest. In the end, history shows that sincerity and honesty make their mark, sometimes not in obvious ways, but they do make their mark.”

The system is honest. That is why you are not part of it.

It does recognize impact, including your zero impact.

It is not influenced by failed dogmatists like yourself, and all of the experimental evidence is against you.

Sewage may be sincere and honest, by his lights, but is also clearly deluded by everyone else’s.

Sincerity and honesty do make their mark, but you will not … at least, not in a good way.


October 7, 2014

Big Prizes and All That

October 7, 2014

I agree that Trevor and yourself deserve a Nobel Prize more than this. It is half a century old or more.

Re: Fwd: 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics

We can now change their blue LED light to red if that is of any interest? I suppose we all use LED lights now but, as you say, this is a strange award. They must be getting desperate to find something that is real and of use and not a fantasy.”

Nobel was a mere inventor; not a scientist. His original aim was to reward fellow inventors, and this is what has happened. The loony-tunes say that, about 100 years ago, the committee could not decide between Edison and Tesla … and so gave it to neither. Of course, neither of those conmen and idea-thieves was actually in the running and the prize was given to the inventor of the Aga stove (but for a signal buoy rather than the kitchen equipment). Rest assured, Ron, the committee will never be so desperate as to reward an unknown crackpot who does not understand basic physics (e.g. an inverse-cube law does not permit closed orbits; are you even sure what an orbit is?).


October 6, 2014

“These are some of the most important scientific achievements of ECE theory, in just over a decade.”

All that you have done is drag the once-respected honour of the Civil List Pension, as awarded to a scientist, through the dirt of pseudoscience. Particularly despicable are your items, 

3) Development of the ECE Engineering Model and applications in the urgent search for new sources of energy.
7) Development of spin connection resonance and theory for spacetime energy devices and low energy nuclear reactors.
8) Development of counter gravitational theory from geometry.
10) Commutator proof that the torsion and curvature are both non-zero in any type of geometry. Refutation of the Einsteinian general relativity in many ways. Unification of natural philosophy from the commutator and structure equations of geometry.
11) Correction of the second Bianchi identity with torsion.

The world can well do without yet another perpetual-motion, antigravity and ‘Einstein was wrong’  crackpot. And, merely funny, is your,

23) Development of advanced graphics.

Surely, that off-the-peg and free(!) computer-algebra package should take the credit.

“I would be glad to hear from the AIAS Fellows and others about what they think are important advances not mentioned above. In physics education the important advances made by AIAS and UPITEC in the past decade include developments of the open source and website method of education, development of advanced scientometrics, and taking science education directly to the professionals and scholars worldwide. ”

Education? That is a strange interpretation of ‘disinformation’.

“The result is that ECE has been read an estimated forty million times in essentially all the countries of the world. ECE has been read in all the best universities, institutes and similar worldwide.”

And yet nobody anywhere  reveals the slightest evidence of this claimed activity being a reality.

“Its history has been archived from the National Library of Wales at the British Library, and in the U. S. National Archives. ”

Meaningless: all sorts of rubbish are archived. It does not denote belief or respect.

“The B(3) theory and ECE have been nominated for a Nobel prize, Wolf Prize and Milner Award, Priestley medal and so forth.”

Fellow loony proposes; the shredder disposes. Again a meaningless accolade.

“It has been recognized with a Civil List Pension and award of armorial bearings, two high honours in Britain.”

Anybody enjoying a minimal social position can buy a coat of arms. As for the pension, that is a blunder that the RSC will eventually be shamed into rescinding. Even if HM cannot be persuaded to admit the mistake, the RSC can always formally dissociate itself, and apologize. Even if posterity finds the name of Evans in the list of recipients, we expect it to have a star next to it … and it will not be a good thing in that case.

“The detailed and accurate scientometrics amount to an unprecedented study and very large data bank that shows that ECE will be read for the foreseeable future as the avant garde physics of the early twenty first century.”

We claim that the scientometrics are entirely concocted, as they do not correspond to any other commonsense measures of success, such as the world ranking, or theoretical earning power, of the pertinent website. The latter is just another scam pseudoscience site among many others, and one of the least successful even among that shoddy company. 

It’s a Mystery, Mr E …

October 5, 2014

why none of your millions of fans and converts ever comment under these trails,

or the film itself,

These have everything – even Ron doing an impression of the ‘sun-baby’ from the Teletubbies (also noted for their poor English diction). There is Tugboat, amateur pub entertainer, doing his Fyfe Robertson imitation (gee, some of us are o  l  d), and all of the rest struggling to sound like experts. One can turn this film into an entertaining parlor game: see how many errors you can spot: we always lose count. Try dividing them into categories such as wrong spelling, wrong picture, wrong pronunciation  … and just plain wrong. The entire script sounds as if it were written by a lazy schoolteacher, cribbing from half-remembered TV documentaries and children’s encyclopedias. Not mentioned of course are the subsequent facts that:  Ron fell out with Fucilla and has accused the latter’s family of criminal activities, that he fell out with the TGA and their ‘fake gold medals’ (which he had himself helped to distribute at his favorite castle/hotel), and that Dunging-Davies ran off to join ‘Professor’ Fucilla’s Steriwave circus. 

Another fun game would be to make some enthusiastic comments under those poor forgotten videos. And come on also all you non-dogmatists, don’t just click anonymously on Ron’s website and blog, openly declare your wonder at his genius under the above locations! 

Footnote: more news of worthless people/accolades:

Sinister Theme

October 5, 2014

“This is a good description of ECE theory, variations on a theme – similar to the Goldberg variations of Bach or Diabelli variations of Beethoven. The theme is: T = D ^ q; R = D ^ omega; D ^ T = R ^ q. Then the variations produce the whole of the valid parts of physics, chemistry and engineering. One could restrict the theme to the two Maurer Cartan structure equations: T = D ^ q; R = D ^ omega, because the third equation, the Cartan identity, follows from these two. Furthermore one could restrict the theme just to one equation, the action of the commutator of covariant derivatives on any tensor in any dimension and any mathematical space.”

Please have an expert such as Professor Bruhn of Darmstadt check your calculations. Oh, sorry, he has already done that and found them wanting.  Of course one does not have to be a mathematician to appreciate that your calculations are rubbish: any intelligent layman will recognize that a theory which predicts perpetual motion and antigravity must be wrong.

“J. S. Bach produced well over a thousand works and Beethoven produced over a hundred. Both composers transformed music completely. I come from a musical family on both sides and we were the organists at the Elim Welsh Baptist chapel. Bach of course was the supreme master at playing the organ. If the Welsh Assembly really has Wales at heart it would not only protect but invigorate these elegant chapels instead of selling them for pieces of silver, and instead of destroying Wales with useless turbines. My cousin Roy Havard played the Bach Toccata and fugue in D minor on the organ of the Elim Baptist chapel,”

For the non-musical: the toccata and fugue in D minor is the music traditionally played by the Phantom of the Opera, and other evil masterminds or insane geniuses in their underground hide-outs/bunkers. You should make it your theme-song, Ron. Do you have a cellar … and room for an organ?

How Green is My Valley Boy

October 5, 2014

“Fully agreed with these comments by Dr. Gareth John Evans,”

When do pseudoscientists ever disagree with each other? They dare not look too closely at each others’ claims. That is why there are so many claimed perpetual-motion machines. Surely, just one working design would be enough. Real scientists are always disagreeing with each other over details. That is what keeps real science honest.  

“the obsolete physicists are irrelevant to life on earth and to culture.”

It is quite amusing, the manner that inhabitants of the lunatic fringe have of trying to seize the moral high ground. It reminds one of the empty rhetoric of sleazy politicians.

“GJE is a distinguished scientist in his own right, sometime University of Wales Fellow, Sloan Foundation Fellow and SERC Advanced Fellow, offered several lectureships and fellowships, with an excellent record in local government trying to protect the environment and heritage. “

Well clearly he is not a distinguished scientist. If he were, he would have not sold out and become a mere civil servant with a sinecure. Was it the better pay and generous pension that clinched it?

“He has brought up a Welsh speaking family and is a Trustee of the Newlands Family Trust set up to try to protect the language and culture in this village of Craig Cefn Parc against a tide of philistinism. ”

What, only Welsh-speaking? Still, it makes Wales and Patagonia ones oyster. But would not English, Spanish or Chinese be more useful? By the way, Ron, why are your ‘scientific papers’ frequently translated into Spanish, but not Welsh? Is that not, right there, an admission of defeat? We are sure that many people would prefer it if all of your output were entirely in Welsh. It could then do no damage to the scientific understanding of the general public.

“He is the only scientist who knows my work first hand over more than forty years of continuous publishing. “

As a dog knows the voice of its master, but not his defects as a human being.

“In fact ‘t Hooft knows nothing about me, and very little about my work. “

He knows all about you and your work. He calls you Mr E. “A sound being carried by the wind
Just loud enough to hear, it’s a mystery, it’s a Mr E”. Well, that’s culture for you: faintly amusing but ultimately repetitive and pointless (with apologies to Toyah).

“Culture and language is [sic] also disappearing, to be replaced by empty materialism, the archetypical [sic] concrete jungle. In this village sixty five years ago there was a very high level of culture, and a high level of fluency in Welsh and a close sense of friendly community. There was a very low crime level, essentially no crime at all. Now the language has almost disappeared, the famous culture of the chapels has almost disappeared, and there is a wilful disobedience of the law.”

The famous culture of the chapels? One of our number tells us that they were often referred to as ‘hell-fire and damnation tabernacles’ and that the resident god-botherer delighted in publicly shaming and castigating unmarried pregnant women; often leading to ostracism, banishment and/or suicide.  

“The village is saturated with unwanted housing and about ten times too many cars, often littered illegally all over the pavements. The sense of community has been almost destroyed, and there is an undercurrent of illegal hostility towards the Welsh language. “

It is our understanding that it is illegal to advertise a job (excepting an interpreter, Welsh-teacher, etc.) for which fluency in Welsh is a sine qua non. Welsh has its uses: it allows speakers to make fun of tourists right under their noses, and increases the profits of printers and sign-writers. That sometimes backfires: look what happened just a few miles from  Ron’s ‘institute’.

A few enlightened families and people fight back valiantly against a tide of overdevelopment. the older welsh speaking inhabitants are isolated by language loss and loath what is happening. The Assembly must introduce far more effective laws to prohibit the willful destruction of the Welsh language, and the willful destruction of wildlife. In the past few years it has done exactly the opposite, has flooded Wales with monoglot immigration and destroyed it with useless wind turbines that slaughter entire species of wildife. This slaughter is going on all the time on the once beautiful Mynydd Betws, the home country of the actress Sia^n Phillips. Betws comes from the Latin Beatus, so it is the Holy Mountain, desecrated into oblivion.”

But at least the benighted locals can benefit from all of that free food; i.e. all of those bird carcasses below the turbines. We have never seen any victims, so perhaps that is just another lie spread by the climate-change deniers. Another thing which we have never seen in the area is a mountain. The region around the ‘death-ray laboratory’ more closely resembles a plateau. Was there not a Hugh Grant movie about this dearth of mountains and how locals tried to build their own? Perhaps we were dreaming.

Scam-Site Summary

October 4, 2014

“There are about four hundred and twenty UFT papers now available, two hundred and seventy three in English and about one hundred and fifty in Spanish translation. essentially all are being studied in depth. ”

How do you know that they are studied? Where are they cited, or otherwise made use of? 

“There are also several monographs which make up the reference list of each UFT paper, a hundred essay broadcasts, and two volumes of autobiography. The second volume is also a review of all the papers from 1973 to 1986 of the early era. There is an in depth study of all these papers taking place continuously around the world. ”

Again, where is the proof?

“Acceptance of one of them is acceptance of all, because they are all variations on a theme of Cartan. ”

Stop blaming Cartan. It is your theme alone which is off-key.

“The study has taken place in essentially all the best universities, institutes and similar of the world and all the countries of the world.”

How exactly do you maintain the secrecy, and stop them from mentioning it?

“This is Alwyn van der Merwe’s “Post Einstein Paradigm Shift”

Oh, the guy who was sacked for accepting rubbish papers.

“or Victor Hugo’s “on ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees”. One cannot stop the march of ideas.”

Depends on the idea, and who is promoting it.

Scam ‘Science’ Sites

October 4, 2014

Scam Calls

October 3, 2014

Fully agreed with Doug, they should be made into Danish bacon.”

If there is anything worse than scam calls, it is scam internet sites. Of course, the latter do not call one up at inopportune times, but they do just sit there lurking; a trap for the unwary student looking for valid scientific information. Here are some of the worst ones:

Amuse yourself by spotting the many interconnections between them!

The Other Evans Writes …

October 4, 2014

“We have known for a long time that light was slowed down but could speed up instantly again on leaving transparent materials from refractive index experiments. This is a basic property of light that is not understood and yet we have gone on to develop all sorts of weird and wonderful things like Big Bang and black holes. The challenge to everyone involved in physics is to understand these basics first.”

Everybody involved in physics (apart perhaps from teachers, amateurs and inhabitants of the lunatic fringe) does understand the basics. The idea that a beam of light, passing through a transparent barrier, first slows down and then speeds up is a convenient fiction to give to the general public. But that just does not happen: it is not the same light! Light is absorbed and re-emitted by the atoms of the medium through which it passes; a process which understandably slows its progress. But the fresh light, emitted by the atoms at the exit surface, will obviously travel at the usual speed in vacuo. By the way, did you know that the ‘speed of light’ can be defined in some 8 different ways? Ah, if only you nutters were not so busy trying to ‘ teach grandmothers to suck eggs’, you might actually learn some real physics. 

Unwise Challenge

October 3, 2014

“I am prepared to give an interview to any internet talk show host who knows something about science. Michael Jackson’s talk has been a great success. If there is a troll who would like to take me on then let him stop hiding and committing common assault. Even better, please commit the common assault in public and get a caution. I would prefer to debate with someone who knows a little geometry. That rules out most of standard physics.”

Unfortunately  the only likely host would be of the ilk of Jeff Rancid; that is, a pseudoscience-befuddled conspiracy-theorist. Even ‘normal’ chat-show hosts invariably side with the crackpot, because the latter always offers ‘something-for-nothing’ (which is what the masses want) whereas the real scientist can offer only fact; and that just sounds like a boring school lesson, to the audience. A case in point: Ron’s friend Searl (petty criminal and investment-fraudster) appeared on Pebble Mill at One in about 1989 and was confronted with a Dr (now Professor) Donnelly, a noted skeptic and solid-state physicist. The host, Alan Titchmarsh (TV gardener and rotten novelist), clearly found Searl more ‘interesting’. However, the audience was polled on whether it believed Searl: essentially nobody did. Then, as is usual, the host sprang a trick on the skeptic by having a Devon Tassen call in live from the USA and offer a huge sum of money to Searl. The audience was again polled, and this time the majority believed Searl; this starkly demonstrated the value of a shill (no surprise there for conmen; money or ‘expert opinion’ from a loony academic always wins the day). The bias of the BBC staff was obvious: the presenter of the next item made an ad lib remark to the effect that “when [sic] Searl’s saucer flew, the skeptic should be made to eat it”. Needless to say, the money from Tassen never materialized. Searl could not even con any money out of his fellow directors; even though one of them once appeared  in the Sunday Times ‘Rich List’*.

So, to sum up,  it is very unwise for a real scientist (a ‘troll’ in Ron’s twisted world-view; hey, is that another effect of torsion?) to confront a crackpot in a media-controlled environment. On the other hand, it would be interesting to have such a debate before a more informed audience. Perhaps the physics department at some university (Bristol say, which has its own Ron fan-club, ‘CHESS’, might like to organize such a thing).  It would not be the first time that Bristol has held an evening talk on perpetual motion. Such talks are usually kept ‘light’, with not too many equations, so Ron could perhaps simply regale the audience with some of the anecdotes that Jackson used. The one about Einstein being planted in Bern as a shill for ‘big oil’ or about how he gave his friends the Nazis the secret of antigravity might play well. We would not foresee any verbal ‘common assault’ occurring.

*Now, there is something which should be investigated: how did a pension-fund manager become personally wealthy, and why was he a director of a company whose only interests were perpetual-motion and antigravity machines? No wonder we have financial crashes!

Congratulations to Michael Jackson????????????????????????

October 2, 2014

“Agreed with Dr. Douglas Lindstrom. Horst Eckardt and Doiglas Lindstrom have developed a lot of ECE theory independently and have a complete grasp of all the mathematics.

In a message dated 02/10/2014 13:02:26 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Kudos to Michael Jackson for the excellent job he did on the radio broadcast. I think this type of activity is great.

Did you clowns even listen to what that moron said? Either you did not listen, which makes you rather deceitful for praising something ‘sight unseen’, or you endorse the entire content. So, for those of our readers who have  not bothered to listen, here are a couple of the ‘facts’ that Ron and Lindy have tacitly supported:

1) Einstein was ‘put in place’ at the patent office, by the Rockefellers, in order to ‘counter’ Nikola Tesla.

2) Cartan sent Einstein a letter, which Einstein sent to Germany and this permitted them (presumably the Nazis) to build their antigravity devices.

Oh, come on, you ship of fools; some of you must still possess some shred of commonsense and decency clinging to you. Jump ship before it sinks under the rapidly increasing weight of pure twaddle. 

Cognitive Dissonance Chez Ron

October 2, 2014

Daily Report 1/10/14

October 2, 2014

On 30/9/14 there was a partial count of 402 hits from 124 distinct visits, and on 1/10/14 3,146 hits from 476 distinct visits in five hours of recording, 1.83 Gigabytes downloaded on 1st October due to three site downloads. Main spiders google, MSN. Auto1 10, Evans Equations 5, CEFE 5, Auto2 4, Book of Scientometrics 5, “LLais” 2, Auto Sonnets 1 in five hours of recording on 1st October 2014. Feedback dominated by Essays, all hundred essays heard, read or downloaded in five hours and almost all UFT papers downloaded. Texas A and M University UFT104; University of Poitiers general. Intense interest all sectors. Feedback file attached for five hours of October 1st 2014.”

Why does none of this correspond to the results of an independent report?

Try to update the data and see what happens.

And This is Good, Why?

October 2, 2014

Radio Interview on ECE Theory by Michael Jackson on the Jeff Rense Program

October 2, 2014

Background for Jeff Rense

I understand that I have been given permission by Jeff Rense and Michael Jackson to post this edited version of the radio interview on my blog and if asked I have agreed to an hour interview. Michael Jackson did well in presenting the ECE theory. ”

How on Earth can it help Ron’s ‘academic reputation’ to have him, or his loony acolyte (the one who thinks that ECE explains the human soul) interviewed by a rabid anti-semitic  ufologist and conspiracy theorist?  Well, any port in a storm. We want Ron to become as notorious and publicly despised as David Icke because there are science-writers queuing up to make fun (in passing) of Ron in their forthcoming books  and it will help sales if people have actually heard of him. Who knows, one day he might even become as famous a ‘scientist’ as ‘professor’ John Searl (who has granted many radio interviews). LOFAO.

Quality broadcasting indeed.


October 1, 2014

“I chose to disclose all the information about my Civil List Pension. The initial nominator was the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Royal Society also nominated as far as I know. The Prime Minister was Tony Blair. ”

Two points here: the RSC is capable of judging the worth only of chemists, and Blair is generally seen as being rather lax with regard to facts (starting a war on the basis of the notorious ‘dodgy dossier’ and ignoring the evidence of genocide stalking some of his African dictator friends). The Royal Society has assured one of us that it had nothing to do with this fiasco*.

“The international referees were all most distinguished and were Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe (United States), the late Professor John B. Hart (United States) and Prof. Bo Lehnert (Royal Swedish Academy). ”

Now, recalling that the RSC can judge only the worth of chemists, one can see how the trick was played here: Merwe, Hart and Lehnert are/were all crackpots. How do we know? They are/were all members of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (aka Crackpot Central’). So the gullible chemists of the RSC must have glanced at the superficial trappings of qualifications and academic posts possessed by the terrible trio and – not being able to see through their loony physics ideas and pseudoscientific activities – accepted their recommendations. That is how bootstrapping works in scientific research; one builds a self-consistent model using very scant data. It also recalls the methods used by sinister political parties; they elect each other into positions of increasing influence.

“There are only about fifty Pensioners, so the appointment is a high honour commensurate with Order of Merit or Companion of Honour. A Civil List Pension once granted is never decreased or taken away. ”

That is the problem. As with other high honours, the holder has an obligation not to besmirch the memory of previous holders by failing to live up to their standards.

“Mine has been increased twice. An O. M.or C. H. can be taken away for misconduct such as being sent to prison. No honour is ever taken away because someone does not like the recipient, or are obviously envious. ”

On the other hand, there has never before been a civil-list pensioner in science who does nothing but insult and belittle (without evidence) the works of other scientists, who refuses to listen to reason and who consorts only with other crackpots. There has certainly never been a civil-list pensioner who so ardently subscribes to the usual crackpot obsessions of energy-from-nowhere and UFO-style levitation. Perhaps this is the sort of misconduct that only a real scientist would recognise.  

“The award of arms is made by the College of Arms after a petition is considered. Anyone can petition for a coat of arms, but one must be a very distinguished person or one who has made substantial contributions to society. ”

That is not what it says on its website. At least 50% of us would satisfy the criteria … if we valued such aids to social-climbing. In fact, as with all such enterprises, collecting fees seems to be the main objective.

“I am a Member of the University of Wales holding a distinction higher than full professor – the Scientiae Doctor. It is very well known that the University of Wales system back in the seventies and eighties was corrupt.”

So corrupt that it gave you an undeserved award?

“My own AIAS is number one in the world in many ways. ”

Biggest joke?

* But it was entirely responsible for the other fiasco of awarding a Hauksbee Medal to the pseudoscientist, Penderghastly.