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October 27, 2014

“I have been nominated for the Priestley Medal in previous years by Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe, and would like to request whether a nomination is automatically renewed every year or whether a new nomination is needed.”

Ron complains about decisions supposedly being made in ‘smoke-filled rooms’ but, in his trademark two-faced manner, is not averse to seeking help from fellow crackpots. This is how they advance: a process akin to lifting oneself by ones own bootstraps.



October 27, 2014

Daily Report Saturday 25/10/14

October 27, 2014

There were 1,547 hits from 432 distinct visits or reading sessions, main spiders from google, yandex and yahoo. UFT145 663, F3(Sp) 478, Auto1 372, Auto2 101, Book of Scientometrics 276, UFT88 75, Engineering Model 71, Englynion 75, Llais 52, CEFE 46, UFT273 45, Evans Equations 51, numerous (Spanish), Principles of ECE 11, Autosonnets 11. Swiss Federal Institute Lausanne UFT116; Denver University Autobiography Volume One; University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign general; Portland State University Oregon UFT166; University of California Santa Cruz general; Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for October 2014.”

We again note with surprise the numbers working on a Saturday. If only one knew their motives.

PS Good morning, Ron? This was posted at 7am GMT, and there was already one UK visitor. Who else would take an interest in our blog so early in the morning?


October 26, 2014

“I will prepare an updated list of achievements for nominators and supporters for prizes such as the Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize, Milner Award and Priestley Medal, Order of Merit, Companion of Honour, Liversidge Award and so on. I have been nominated for all of these in the past. This summary can be sent to Nobel Prize advisors in physics and chemistry, covering the totality of my work.”

Should Ron and his followers be short of a form-of-words for their nomination, they could do worse than modify this previous attempt:

Personally speaking, we think that Ron has a better chance of winning the Miss World title.


October 25, 2014

“Hundreds of thousands of honest professionals wish me to get a Nobel Prize (computer feedback)”

If only you could name even one. They instead click furtively, for who-knows what reason. Why not appeal directly to them on your blog and ask them to ‘come to the aid of the party’? Or are you afraid that there will be no response? 

“because the Prize is so famous, while the Civil List Pension is almost unknown. ”

It is well known among scientists; they recall that it was reserved (together with the occasional grace-and-favour home) for Britain’s greatest scientists. And then it was awarded to you; an aberration of the highest order. Perhaps the RSC was misled. How would chemists know that the ‘physicists’ who recommended you were all regarded as being more or less flaky by other physicists?

“Even O. M., C. H. and Congressional Medal of Honor are not all that well known compared with the Nobel Prize. The problem of smoke filled rooms is however very well known to the general public, but they cannot do anything about it, at least not yet. ”

And why should the general public have a say in the matter? 

“My Ph. D. supervisor Professor Mansel Davies was a chemistry Nobel Prize advisor and almost forty years ago he told me that the process is a “club like any other”. He immediately recognized B(3) as being worthy of a chemistry Nobel Prize back in 1992, so did Vigier, Kielich, Sternglass, van der Merwe, Lehnert, Hart and many others.”

Most of the above appear on lists of ‘dissident’ (aka crackpot) scientists.

“In contemporary times we know impact exactly and in great detail by computer feedback activity. The only thing that the club can do is to ignore impact and claim that it does not exist.”

A real scientist would know that it is the person making the outrageous claim who must provide supporting evidence. It is not the job of skeptics to waste time on ludicrous ideas. 

Pants on Fire … Again

October 25, 2014

Articles Studying Relation of Verbal Common Assault to Acute Uveitis

October 24, 2014

1) S. M. Maca et al., J. Ophthalmology, 97(3), 333 – 337 (2013) . Repeated verbal common assault leads to anxiety and a psychopathology that triggers acute anterior uveitis and recurrences.
2) Siamac et al., BINA, Spring 2006 vol 11(3), 313 – 317. Anxiety is effective in acute anterior uveitis and stress is a trigger factor for recurrence.”

Our regular readers will know that the relationship between Ron and Truth is somewhat of an ‘open marriage’; Truth does its thing, and Ron does his. The above is a case-in-point. The innocent reader might have formed the opinion that the comments following the above references were taken from the papers. Not so. There is no such remark in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.  Indeed, the overall thrust of the research is not to show that threats cause uveitis, but that those suffering from uveitis tend to feel themselves under attack and thus suffer from depression. Ron has somehow confused cause and effect. We suspect that he did not have access to the complete article, which is behind a pay-wall, and (innocently?) misinterpreted the abstract. A key paragraph in the paper states:

Acute anterior uveitis (AAU) is a painful and vision impairing eye disease that requires intensive treatment  and close patient follow-up. Currently, the mainstay treatment is a topical anti-inflammatory and cycloplegic therapy, extended by topical steroid injections or systemic medication if necessary. The deterioration of visual acuity, pain, frequent application
of eye drops and necessity of repeated visits to an ophthalmologist constitute a burden for the patient. In addition, patients are impaired in performing daily tasks, such as reading and driving, and face difficulties performing their jobs effectively.
Many patients cannot be on sick leave for several days, or cannot leave work easily for scheduled control visits. Often, patients report a total lack of understanding of their diagnosis. Socially, uveitis remains a ‘red eye’ disease, raising the suspicion of hypochondria, laziness or a lack of enthusiasm for work. In cases of repeated attacks, patients visiting our uveitis clinic have reported being under considerable strain at their work place, and have a fear of losing their jobs. The disease itself, the therapy and the interference with daily life cause distress. Distress is a term used by psychologists to describe negative forms of stress caused by wearing situations. By contrast with positive, pleasant forms of stress, so-called ‘eustress’, distress can induce depressive moods. In a previous study, we found a higher percentage of depression among 171 patients with a history of AAU. However, the majority of patients had inactive AAU. Only 13 suffered from an acute attack, exhibiting even higher depression scores. It was concluded that it is necessary to investigate the association of an active recurrence of AAU with depression and quality of life. Following these findings, the aim of the present study was to evaluate whether depressive feelings are frequent in active AAU and corroborate our hypothesis that there is a relevant impact on general health and the ability to perform daily life tasks. The results could provide further insight into the psychopathology of AAU.

In other words, those suffering from uveitis suffer stress; not the reverse (apart from the ‘autocatalytic’ aspect). As for the other paper, in the Iranian Journal of Ophthalmology (aka BINA), we wonder how Ron gleaned its detailed contents. Perhaps he can read Persian … or merely the ambiguous English-language abstract?  Ron really should not try to deceive his readers. It will come back to haunt him.   

More Progress!

October 22, 2014

Development of a Spacetime Energy Device based on ECE Theory

October 22, 2014

This looks like an excellent development and it would be optimal if a device could be simulated, built and demonstrated. This is one of the major aims of AIAS and its group of engineers. After about twelve years of development there is no longer any objection in principle to electric power from spacetime. I should think that there would be plenty of Fortune Fifty type demand for such a device as Alex Hill is finding with his devices. These devices prove ECE theory qualitatively beyond doubt and we should aim for quantitative agreement between theory and experiment as in any Baconian science. So we have quietly but steadily moved into a post Maxwell Heaviside era in electrical engineering”

We are always delighted to see these hilarious announcements; it makes our aim – of getting Ron removed from the list of civil-list scientists – so much more achievable. This is because laymen may well be fooled by his gongs and defective mathematics but everyone, perhaps even HM, knows that perpetual-motion is impossible (every mention of it in Hansard has always been sarcastic or pejorative).  Jason Owens, by the way, works here:

Owens is the Matt Lucas lookalike in the group photographs. Do not be deceived by the glossy website: it is rated some 5,000,000 places below and some 10,000,000 below ours. When the working (haha) device is built, it can be put straight on the shelf next to the Orbo and the MEG. 

Shifty Paradigm

October 21, 2014

“This is the memorable description of ECE theory by Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe of the University of Denver Colorado. ”

Van der Merwe was a closet loony-tune who was finally sacked by the publishers of Foundations of Physics Letters for allowing pseudoscientists like Ron and his friends to write about perpetual motion in its pages.  

“The Wikipedia site is the remnant of a censorius and philistine era. It was set up originally by a troll called Akhlesh Lakhtakia who is known to be an e mail abuser who knows nothing about ECE theory. After several formal complaints to his employers he was apparently subjected to a police harassment caution at Penn State University Park. He was sacked as a Wiki moderator “science guy”.

Lakhtakia has assured one of us that nobody at Penn mentioned the matter to him at all. After all, why would a university pay any attention to the ranting of a crazy person who is a hero only to the lunatic fringe?

“Another troll called Waldyr Rodrigues is associated with the site. He signed a troll petition which was removed from public view and he can be ignored as insignificant. His mathematics are meaningless abstractions. ”

We are not fond of Rodrigues ourselves because he ‘works’ for Steriwave and ‘Professor’ Fucilla. How can anyone with the least professional pride associate himself with an organisation that has been involved with ‘cars that run on water’, antigravity and the ‘boiler-room’ selling of worthless shares? The same goes for Dunning-Davies, former friend of Ron. Nevertheless, Rodrigues is the editor of a high-level mathematics journal while Ron is a mathematical nonentity.

“Bruhn was a well known troll and fraudster who disapperared (sic) in 2008.”

Bruhn said all that there was to be said about Ron years ago. His devastating shredding of Ron’s faulty mathematics is there for all to see, and will be on view for ever. 

“Finally ‘t Hooft has no technical ability in ECE theory. ”

No, and he does not need a hole-in-the-head either.

“They are the ones responsible for a systematic campaign of harassment. They have been rejected by professional opinion for almost a decade. This site has very little impact, I know that from feedback monitoring as usual. The small number of people who read it begin to study the ECE sites. I can also see that from feedback. I insisted that the wiki site on myself be removed because it was defamatory and grossly distorted my entire career. This again was due to trolling.”

It is called exercising freedom-of-speech, Ron. The few non-loonies who even know about you are to be congratulated for warning the lay population. As for ‘trolling’; who is the one who persistently accuses CERN, Hawking, etc., of receiving money under false pretences? That would be you.

“My true bio is in thirty one editions of Marquis Who’s Who.”

And so is the biography of the conman, John Searl. Removing the link to him from the site would go some way to rehabilitating your ‘reputation’. But you cannot remove it, now that we have suggested it.

“So this is not a scientific article for the obvious reason that it attacks Cartan geometry. ECE IS Cartan geometry with a few hypotheses to translate it into essentially the whole of the natural sciences.”

Unfortunately the hypotheses are wrong, and that makes ECE an insult to the memory of Cartan.

“By now this is very well known worldwide. There are levels of understanding of ECE as for any theory. Its leading scholars know it perfectly. Non specialists worldwide have a good grasp of it. I can see this from the in depth study of over three hundred ECE papers posted recently on this blog.”

So who are those leading scholars, Ron? Name them. Or will they all turn out to be AIAS Fellows? That does not count. Stick to being a hero to the lunatic fringe; they are your kind of people.

Ron a Success in the Lunatic Fringe

October 21, 2014

Scientists of course completely ignore Ron, no matter what he claims to the contrary. His recent interview on the Rancid program has, on the other hand, attracted some attention from the loony-tunes:;topicseen

By coincidence, this website belongs to a Peter A.Evans, who gives his address as The Alfriston Gallery, West Sussex.  

The Corruption Continues

October 21, 2014

“This book records a quarter million study visits over nearly twelve years from 2% of the vast total readership of ECE, from universities, institutes and similar. This is a rigorously objective proof of the impact of ECE theory. It is assumed that this 2% is the world’s intellectual elite, and in the other 98% there is an order of magnitude ten times more hidden visits from universities, institutes and similar.”

We already know, from previously published lists, that the vast majority of the hits are from porn sites, gambling sites and the websites of other crackpots. According to our ‘boss button’ theory, the hits from academic institutions are due to people hurriedly switching from porn sites, to a marginally less embarrassing site, when a supervisor appears. 

“It is just that I cannot identify individual addresses of staff and students using private computers. The same is true for the corporate sector. ”

More importantly, you also have no idea as to the motives of those who look. As they never refer to your work anywhere, never contact you directly and do not even review ECE-related books favorably, we cleave to our boss-button explanation. Kindly stop referring to your ‘success’ until you have some evidence for it. That is what a proper scientist would do … but you will not know that.   

“A Ph. D. topic could be devoted to analyzing the attached scientometrics, which are much more meaningful than citation indices for various reasons given many times on this blog.”

Rather than corrupt another young person, perhaps you could persuade Chabaud or Bannister to do that. 

Movimiento Perpetuo

October 21, 2014

“This is a message form (sic) Alex Hill in Mexico City that I am posting on blog to advise readers on how to get around the faulty router in Mexico City. There are always many visits from Mexico to www.aias.usand from essentially all the best Mexican Universities, Institutes and so on of relevance for almost twelve years, many from prod infinitum every day. So it works in other parts of Mexico. The Alex Hill free energy devices are already used by Fortune Fifty industry in Mexico. Presumably anyone could make an appointment to go to see them being used (,,,, ECE is the only unified field theory that gives a qualitative explanation for these devices as energy from spacetime – not from nothing (perpetuum mobile) but from spacetime. Total energy is always conserved and there is a transfer of energy from spacetime.”

We have asked a sizable cross-section, of those Fortune-50 companies which have branches in Mexico, how and where they are using these devices … adding a paragraph from Ron’s blog to prove that they have academic (haha) backing. For some reason, we could not get an answer from any of them; and certainly not an appointment. Our readers in Mexico are urged to check every working Coca Cola vending machine which they encounter … to see whether they are still plugged into the mains. If not, they should call the newspapers and break the astounding news (somewhat of a scandal) that a genuine perpetual-motion machine is serving them soft drinks rather than being presented to the Nobel Prize committee and bringing immortal fame to the country. That would be ‘one in the eye’ (oops, sorry Ron, sore point?) for Argentina and the late Huemul project.