“These are some of the most important scientific achievements of ECE theory, in just over a decade.”

All that you have done is drag the once-respected honour of the Civil List Pension, as awarded to a scientist, through the dirt of pseudoscience. Particularly despicable are your items, 

3) Development of the ECE Engineering Model and applications in the urgent search for new sources of energy.
7) Development of spin connection resonance and theory for spacetime energy devices and low energy nuclear reactors.
8) Development of counter gravitational theory from geometry.
10) Commutator proof that the torsion and curvature are both non-zero in any type of geometry. Refutation of the Einsteinian general relativity in many ways. Unification of natural philosophy from the commutator and structure equations of geometry.
11) Correction of the second Bianchi identity with torsion.

The world can well do without yet another perpetual-motion, antigravity and ‘Einstein was wrong’  crackpot. And, merely funny, is your,

23) Development of advanced graphics.

Surely, that off-the-peg and free(!) computer-algebra package should take the credit.

“I would be glad to hear from the AIAS Fellows and others about what they think are important advances not mentioned above. In physics education the important advances made by AIAS and UPITEC in the past decade include developments of the open source and website method of education, development of advanced scientometrics, and taking science education directly to the professionals and scholars worldwide. ”

Education? That is a strange interpretation of ‘disinformation’.

“The result is that ECE has been read an estimated forty million times in essentially all the countries of the world. ECE has been read in all the best universities, institutes and similar worldwide.”

And yet nobody anywhere  reveals the slightest evidence of this claimed activity being a reality.

“Its history has been archived from the National Library of Wales at the British Library, and in the U. S. National Archives. ”

Meaningless: all sorts of rubbish are archived. It does not denote belief or respect.

“The B(3) theory and ECE have been nominated for a Nobel prize, Wolf Prize and Milner Award, Priestley medal and so forth.”

Fellow loony proposes; the shredder disposes. Again a meaningless accolade.

“It has been recognized with a Civil List Pension and award of armorial bearings, two high honours in Britain.”

Anybody enjoying a minimal social position can buy a coat of arms. As for the pension, that is a blunder that the RSC will eventually be shamed into rescinding. Even if HM cannot be persuaded to admit the mistake, the RSC can always formally dissociate itself, and apologize. Even if posterity finds the name of Evans in the list of recipients, we expect it to have a star next to it … and it will not be a good thing in that case.

“The detailed and accurate scientometrics amount to an unprecedented study and very large data bank that shows that ECE will be read for the foreseeable future as the avant garde physics of the early twenty first century.”

We claim that the scientometrics are entirely concocted, as they do not correspond to any other commonsense measures of success, such as the world ranking, or theoretical earning power, of the pertinent website. The latter is just another scam pseudoscience site among many others, and one of the least successful even among that shoddy company. 

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