Rancid Interview

“I was asked early on about critics of ECE theory, to which I replied that there have been no rational criticisms because it is based on geometry. Rense seemed satisfied with this reply. I mentioned that there are always irrational dogmatists, and he mentioned Luddites himself. This is a term I often use myself, people who destroyed the Arkwright spinning jennies. I was introduced as brilliant and controversial, but the adjective “controversial” was soon forgotten because the theory is based on the most rational of all subjects, geometry. To simplify things I mentioned the Pythagoras Theorem to which the general public can relate. Rense seemed happy with the interview and invited me back for more interviews. Especial thanks to Michael Jackson for introducing me to Rense. I think that the broadcast goes out all over North and Mid America. Rense and I agreed that burning oil and nuclear energy are bad for the future of humankind.”

And did you confirm Jackson’s claims that:

Einstein was put in place at the patent office, by Rockefeller oil interests, in order to counter the free energy (perpetual-motion) efforts of Tesla.

Cartan sent a letter to Einstein to correct his geometry; a letter which Einstein then forwarded to Germany; thus enabling the Nazis to build their antigravity machines.

Did you really endorse all that? Did you perhaps tell Jackson those ‘facts’ in the first place. If not, well, with staff like that you really do not need any enemies. On the other hand, Jackson not only believes in the soul but also thinks that ECE explains it. Tell us, is Jackson associated with an institute …  or an institution?


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