Misfortune 50

“I produce Sections 1 and 2 of UFT papers and anyone can add material if and when interested, at any time they can, notably of course Dr. Horst Eckardt and Dr. Douglas Lindstrom, but also any other Fellow at any time if they wish. AIAS is voluntary and operates as a group of like minded, rational scientists. ”

No, it is a minute bunch of crackpots who shame the universities that gave them doctorates. It is no different to a bunch of drunken lost drivers who claim to know where they are going simply because they are carrying driving permits.

“Some bad parts of academia are run by slave drivers perennially chasing loot.”

Oh yes, ‘the loot’. Translation: a bona fide head-of-department begs for funding to pursue a socially beneficial research project. The money is then spent largely on equipment and materials, plus a grudging allowance for the sort of salary that many a skilled manual worker would find derisory. You know that, Ron. Is that why you are trying hard to get into confidence trickery? But see below.

Funding activity within AIAS has been very successful, Alex Hill is a Director of UPITEC and is well funded by Fortune Fifty companies, and we expect that the major breakthrough in LENR might result in more indirect funding for AIAS.”

What does a company that is ‘well-funded by Fortune-50 companies’ look like? Well, it is housed in a ‘laboratory’ like this:

My beautiful picture

has a website that has hardly changed in 6 years: 


and has a website-ranking that is so low that it is not rated:



Gee, where is all of that funding going Ron? Fortune-50 companies have deep pockets. Does Hill have a deep back-pocket?


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