Nobbled Prize

“There has been a lot of lobbying for one of these prizes for Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, O. M., K. B. E., F. R. S., who helped to organize the world wide web in 1989. At IBM Kingston New York in 1986 I worked with the IBM intra company net. Berners-Lee got a first class degree in physics from Oxford. I am not sure whether Berners-Lee was primarily an organizer or a code writer.”

Perhaps the Committee is waiting to see whether the Internet turns out to be a good thing or not: so far, it has been a decided boon to terrorists, scam-artists and pseudoscientists like Ron. The latter, in particular, has benefited enormously: if the Internet suddenly disappeared, so would all of his supposed success … which consists entirely of a tendentious interpretation of random hits on his website (variously elevated to the status of ‘readings’, ‘consultations’ or even ‘conferences’).

“There has also been a lot of lobbying for Hawking and Penrose, who have been overlooked many times for a Nobel Prize, in my opinion rightly so because their geometry is completely wrong and because their theories have been refuted experimentally many times.”

Although journalists, and non-physicists like Ron, like to refer to Hawking and Penrose as being physicists, they are in fact mathematicians. There is no Nobel prize for mathematics. As for Ron’s opinion of mathematics … we know what that is worth. 

“Their theories were rejected immediately by Hoyle and many others. ”

The same Hoyle who concocted false mathematical ‘proofs’ to disprove Darwinian evolution? The Hoyle who predicted ‘global freezing’? The Hoyle who, together with rabid creationists, claimed that Archeopteryx was a fake? The Hoyle who claimed that flu’ came from outer space (a medieval concept which he resurrected)? 

“The ECE theory is widely acknowledged now as the only one that has incorporates torsion in a meaningful way to give all the equations of physics, chemistry and engineering from the correct geometry in a generally covariant unified field theory, and a lot more. ECE has essentially refuted all the bad parts of the standard physics, so is not going to be popular in the smoke filled rooms. ”

True only in Ron’s fevered imagination.

“I was an athlete and never smoked or drank so I would say that ECE has won the 5,000 metres by a 100 metres. So they give the gold medal to the runner up in physics.”

And the physique has gone the same way as the physics. Downhill.

“This is why standard physics is getting to be unpopular. ”

That might be true, but only because the Internet has afforded hundreds of loony-tunes the opportunity to distort the public’s understanding of science in general.

“The twistor theory of Penrose has a vague kind of allusion to tetrads but that is all. The award of a Milner Prize to Hawking seems to have been made simply by a small group of rich pals in a smoked filled room. His theories are refuted completely by ECE.”

Lies, complete lies and nothing but lies.

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