Necessary Altruism

“Many thanks, this is a very interesting article. AIAS is an example of true altruism, we do everything for the good of Baconian science and finding sources of new energy. This has all been all done voluntarily without pay since 1998. So the AIAS Fellows take a lot of historical credit.”

Aristotle’s concept of science was to believe every anecdote, gleaned from travelers, and immediately ‘explain’ the sometimes fantastic accounts using his fits-all hot-cold-moist-dry theory. That is what Ron does, in effect. Bacon established the concept of actually checking facts in order to avoid deception by others … but especially self-deception. Playing Devil’s Advocate against one’s own theory is central to Bacon’s philosophy, and any doctoral candidate who fails nowadays to do this in his thesis is sure to be asked to revise it. Note that Ron follows none of Bacon’s precepts: every defective idea that Ron dreams up goes straight into ‘print’. Everyone except Ron and his acolytes realizes that, so he has to give away ‘altruistically’ that which nobody would pay for anyway.  


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