Movimiento Perpetuo

“This is a message form (sic) Alex Hill in Mexico City that I am posting on blog to advise readers on how to get around the faulty router in Mexico City. There are always many visits from Mexico to www.aias.usand from essentially all the best Mexican Universities, Institutes and so on of relevance for almost twelve years, many from prod infinitum every day. So it works in other parts of Mexico. The Alex Hill free energy devices are already used by Fortune Fifty industry in Mexico. Presumably anyone could make an appointment to go to see them being used (,,,, ECE is the only unified field theory that gives a qualitative explanation for these devices as energy from spacetime – not from nothing (perpetuum mobile) but from spacetime. Total energy is always conserved and there is a transfer of energy from spacetime.”

We have asked a sizable cross-section, of those Fortune-50 companies which have branches in Mexico, how and where they are using these devices … adding a paragraph from Ron’s blog to prove that they have academic (haha) backing. For some reason, we could not get an answer from any of them; and certainly not an appointment. Our readers in Mexico are urged to check every working Coca Cola vending machine which they encounter … to see whether they are still plugged into the mains. If not, they should call the newspapers and break the astounding news (somewhat of a scandal) that a genuine perpetual-motion machine is serving them soft drinks rather than being presented to the Nobel Prize committee and bringing immortal fame to the country. That would be ‘one in the eye’ (oops, sorry Ron, sore point?) for Argentina and the late Huemul project.


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