The Corruption Continues

“This book records a quarter million study visits over nearly twelve years from 2% of the vast total readership of ECE, from universities, institutes and similar. This is a rigorously objective proof of the impact of ECE theory. It is assumed that this 2% is the world’s intellectual elite, and in the other 98% there is an order of magnitude ten times more hidden visits from universities, institutes and similar.”

We already know, from previously published lists, that the vast majority of the hits are from porn sites, gambling sites and the websites of other crackpots. According to our ‘boss button’ theory, the hits from academic institutions are due to people hurriedly switching from porn sites, to a marginally less embarrassing site, when a supervisor appears. 

“It is just that I cannot identify individual addresses of staff and students using private computers. The same is true for the corporate sector. ”

More importantly, you also have no idea as to the motives of those who look. As they never refer to your work anywhere, never contact you directly and do not even review ECE-related books favorably, we cleave to our boss-button explanation. Kindly stop referring to your ‘success’ until you have some evidence for it. That is what a proper scientist would do … but you will not know that.   

“A Ph. D. topic could be devoted to analyzing the attached scientometrics, which are much more meaningful than citation indices for various reasons given many times on this blog.”

Rather than corrupt another young person, perhaps you could persuade Chabaud or Bannister to do that. 

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