More Progress!

Development of a Spacetime Energy Device based on ECE Theory

October 22, 2014

This looks like an excellent development and it would be optimal if a device could be simulated, built and demonstrated. This is one of the major aims of AIAS and its group of engineers. After about twelve years of development there is no longer any objection in principle to electric power from spacetime. I should think that there would be plenty of Fortune Fifty type demand for such a device as Alex Hill is finding with his devices. These devices prove ECE theory qualitatively beyond doubt and we should aim for quantitative agreement between theory and experiment as in any Baconian science. So we have quietly but steadily moved into a post Maxwell Heaviside era in electrical engineering”

We are always delighted to see these hilarious announcements; it makes our aim – of getting Ron removed from the list of civil-list scientists – so much more achievable. This is because laymen may well be fooled by his gongs and defective mathematics but everyone, perhaps even HM, knows that perpetual-motion is impossible (every mention of it in Hansard has always been sarcastic or pejorative).  Jason Owens, by the way, works here:

Owens is the Matt Lucas lookalike in the group photographs. Do not be deceived by the glossy website: it is rated some 5,000,000 places below and some 10,000,000 below ours. When the working (haha) device is built, it can be put straight on the shelf next to the Orbo and the MEG. 


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