“Hundreds of thousands of honest professionals wish me to get a Nobel Prize (computer feedback)”

If only you could name even one. They instead click furtively, for who-knows what reason. Why not appeal directly to them on your blog and ask them to ‘come to the aid of the party’? Or are you afraid that there will be no response? 

“because the Prize is so famous, while the Civil List Pension is almost unknown. ”

It is well known among scientists; they recall that it was reserved (together with the occasional grace-and-favour home) for Britain’s greatest scientists. And then it was awarded to you; an aberration of the highest order. Perhaps the RSC was misled. How would chemists know that the ‘physicists’ who recommended you were all regarded as being more or less flaky by other physicists?

“Even O. M., C. H. and Congressional Medal of Honor are not all that well known compared with the Nobel Prize. The problem of smoke filled rooms is however very well known to the general public, but they cannot do anything about it, at least not yet. ”

And why should the general public have a say in the matter? 

“My Ph. D. supervisor Professor Mansel Davies was a chemistry Nobel Prize advisor and almost forty years ago he told me that the process is a “club like any other”. He immediately recognized B(3) as being worthy of a chemistry Nobel Prize back in 1992, so did Vigier, Kielich, Sternglass, van der Merwe, Lehnert, Hart and many others.”

Most of the above appear on lists of ‘dissident’ (aka crackpot) scientists.

“In contemporary times we know impact exactly and in great detail by computer feedback activity. The only thing that the club can do is to ignore impact and claim that it does not exist.”

A real scientist would know that it is the person making the outrageous claim who must provide supporting evidence. It is not the job of skeptics to waste time on ludicrous ideas. 


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