Odd School Tie Network

“I have been nominated for the Priestley Medal in previous years by Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe, and would like to request whether a nomination is automatically renewed every year or whether a new nomination is needed.”

Ron complains about decisions supposedly being made in ‘smoke-filled rooms’ but, in his trademark two-faced manner, is not averse to seeking help from fellow crackpots. This is how they advance: a process akin to lifting oneself by ones own bootstraps.


2 Responses to “Odd School Tie Network”

  1. Vic Morrow Says:

    Now that LENR is accepted by the global investment community, there is little point in ad hom attacks on Rossi. He has accomplished his mission and brought LENR to the attention of commerce. Commerce is stronger than academia.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      One cannot break the laws of physics. One can however make money out of claiming to have broken physical laws. There are plenty of stupid and greedy people who want to invest in the intellectual equivalent of fool’s gold, and that is why conmen like Rossi persist with these scams. Read the book, Voodoo Physics, which describes how utility companies were conned out of millions of dollars by a pseudoscientist. They did not even try to get the money back: it was a pittance to them, but a fortune to the individual. Or read about the ‘avions renifleurs’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Oil_Sniffer_Hoax) where an oil company was conned and, instead of going after the crooks, tried to hush it up. So it does not matter how many investors believe in LENR. It does not exist until the physics community says that it exists. Please feel free to invest your life savings in LENR. In fact we encourage it. It is the only way of educating the terminally gullible. The law is stronger than commerce. Perhaps Rossi will end up in jail for good this time.

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