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November 27, 2014

“Therefore UFT88 by Horst Eckardt and myself has been accepted as a classic refutation of the Einstein field equation. It corrects the second Bianchi identity by using torsion. It has been greatly developed in UFT99 up to UFT255 and in the five definitive proofs. One of these was read at Oxford yesterday. So it is clear that the post Einstein Paradigm Shift of Alwyn van der Merwe has been accepted.”

So who exactly do we telephone in order to check this ludicrous assertion? Either provide specific names, or drop this grotesque fantasy of academic acceptance.


Fake Coinage

November 27, 2014

“I wouldn’t mind turning every reading of ECE theory into gold!

In a message dated 26/11/2014 18:15:00 GMT Standard Time,”

But it would be Fools’ Gold!

Yawn #2

November 26, 2014

“Many thanks for this note, Stepehen Crothers also sent me a description of Robitaille’s work some time ago. It has the same relevance as the conclusions of Gareth Evans and Trevor Morris, and as the Assis work cited UFT49, where it was shown that the big bang theory is not needed for red shifts.”

Do we really need to point out that Robitaille is a fruit-loop?

We certainly agree that his work has the same relevance as that of Evans and Morris. That is to say: zero.

On the Stability of Crackpot Groups

November 25, 2014

“I would like to make Jeff Rense aware of the proposal I made for a documentary film based on Auto One and Two and on Kerry Pendergast’s biography, with Robert Cheshire as Director or Producer or narrator. Do you think that this is a good route to go for getting in touch with the film industry in California and elsewhere in the States?”

We are always amazed at their stability, because it must be like being a member of an obscene political party such as the Nazis. A huge proportion of schoolteachers joined the Nazi party, even before the latter was in a position to force them to do so. Were they all in favour of the later actions of the party? How do individual members rationalize their implied complicity in the outrageous actions of the group? Skeptical groups tend to be unsuccessful because there is always internal dissent: each member spots the incorrect beliefs of every other member … and loudly points them out. Crackpot groups are much more stable: even if some members subscribe to clearly ludicrous beliefs, the others go along with them because they all feel themselves to be embattled by the forces of rationality. So they circle the wagons, rather than abandoning the weaklings.  What is the point of this preamble? Well, we feel sorry for Gareth ‘sewage’ Evans. He tries to play the ‘experimental scientist’ and yet he has to go along with the demented views of the Fuhrer; views which can only serve to undermine that posture. It is Rommel and Hitler all over again. Just look at Ron’s plot of today: to cozy-up to the antisemitic Jeff Rancid via Michael Jackson (who makes his more famous namesake look incredibly sane). Ron tacitly approved Jackson’s claims, which he made on the Rancid show, and that means that Sewage must also tacitly accept them. Do you remember what those claims were, Sewage? One was that the Rockefellers planted Einstein in the Swiss Patent Office in order to undermine Tesla’s perpetual-motion efforts. The other was that Cartan sent his mathematical ideas to Einstein, who then forwarded them to the Nazis; thus allowing them to build those, er, famous antigravity aircraft. So, barring claims from you to the contrary, we shall tell all-and-sundry that the Environmental Health Officer of Ceredigion County Council believes those claims about Einstein. We hear that small county councils are hotbeds of political intrigue and in-fighting. Do you really want to provide enemies with ammunition? Does your boss? 

Low-Energy Minds

November 23, 2014

New Survey Paper on LENR

November 23, 2014

Many thanks to Steve Bannister for this paper! I look forward to the first LENR devices for homes around the world.”

Steve ‘Sub-Prime’ Bannister is shaping up to be a fully-fledged loony-tune. Just imagine: as a teaching assistant he is ideally placed to corrupt young minds. Well the paper in question  was published in Infinite Energy magazine (perpetual-motion and anti-gravity its bread-and-butter), the go-to publishing solution for flaky academics who cannot get their pseudoscience into reputable journals. The author, Nagel, is not a physicist: he is a professor of materials scientist with a very scant publication-list: He would not get tenure, or any sort of professorship, according to your rules, Ron. There is other relevant ‘work’ for you to peruse in the same issue: a George Egely* recalls the patent by Godin and Roschin for a Searl-Effect generator. You must remember the convicted criminal and investment fraudster, Searl: there is a permanent link to one of his websites on and one of his former friends started the website.  What a small despicable world you all inhabit!

*Egely is best known as a ‘pusher’ of the ‘energy wheel’: an ‘ancient’ convection-driven device which is a stock-in-trade of perpetual-motion conmen and fake psychics (not that there are any real ones).

Rule-of-Thumb Reminder

November 23, 2014

“Many thanks again to Robert Cheshire! These are of highest professional quality as usual and wordperfect. Robert Cheshire has also written and broadcast two items, one on Nicola Tesla, and shows that all contemporary power and grid systems are due to Tesla.

It is indeed an invaluable guide, for the layman, to assume that anyone who praises Tesla is either not in possession of the true facts, or is a 24ct crackpot. He was rightfully forgotten for a generation, and his current undeserved fame is due entirely to a bunch of pseudoscientist electrical engineers who founded the Tesla Society, and to the ‘opinionated but ignorant’ inhabitants of the internet who swap Tesla ‘facts’ ad nauseam.* The most influential biographies of Tesla were written by journalists, ‘science-writers’ and graphologists … and one knows what trash to expect from them. But many low-level educationalists are seduced: at least one misguided teacher wants to put a bust of Tesla in every American school. Presumably that teacher wants the pupils to become liars, cheats and crackpots. That may help them to make money, but it will be dirty money. It is safe to assume that everything that you hear about Tesla is a lie: he did not ‘invent AC’ (the silliest lie), he was not the first to transfer energy by cable, he did not invent radio, he did not invent the rotary induction motor, he did not discover X-rays, he certainly did not develop ‘free energy’, antigravity or death-rays. He did prove that the Moon does not rotate … but only to his own satisfaction.

*If one wishes to Google Tesla-related information, one should also Google ‘Telsa’ and ‘Tessler’. Yep, Tesla-fans are that stupid!

Educationally Sub-Normal

November 23, 2014

Phase Shift of pi on Reflection

November 23, 2014

This is important and needs to be worked in to the theory so far. If the incoming phase is phi then the reflected phase under certain circumstances is phi + pi.”

How amazing! Well, if this rate of discovery is maintained it will soon occur to Ron that a thin layer (of say, lithium fluoride) deposited on the surface will cause interference and produce non-reflecting lenses. Now one just needs a catchy name for this process. How about ‘blooming’ (as in blooming moron)? Oh dear, Ron, this trick was patented generations ago and is already known as blooming. Google it Ron: improve your general knowledge. Is it not strange, folks, that such a ‘genius physicist’ does not know stuff from Physics 101? One wonders how he ever earned a doctorate, on topics related to optical phenomena, without ever picking up the basics. But of course it it obvious! He was a chemist; not a physicist. Chemists are almost as notorious as electrical engineers with regard to pseudoscience. Remember Crookes, Ron? He even came up with a paranormal explanation for the operation of his own radiometer! Physicists had to explain to him how it really works: and the wrong explanation still appears in school textbooks!

Film Fun

November 23, 2014

“Dear Colleagues,
Have you any interest in making a film out of my autobiography, volumes one and two, above my coat of arms on the home page of”

We strongly recommend, as producer/director, Llanelli-born actor, Keith Allen. He did an excellent job (Little Lady Fauntleroy, 2004) of accurately portraying the life of another Welsh celebrity, James Harries, the diminutive antiques-expert who once appeared – together with other prodigal geniuses – on Oprah, and later starred in Celebrity Big Brother.  As for Desert Island Discs, we imagine that Ron’s followers will express their views on this matter to the BBC. We hope that our followers will do the same. 

We Might Have Guessed …

November 18, 2014

“It is a pleasure to make the acquaintance of the Elforsk personnel, and I think that this skype conference could be an important advance, especially if UFT226 ff. could be developed with theories of the nuclear potential. Many thanks to Axel Westrenius for acting as intermediary.

Myron Evans

In a message dated 17/11/2014 18:26:53 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Dear Axel,

Thanks for your interest and proposal. I do have a Ph.D. but not in physics – mine is in electrical engineering (electrical power systems). Feel free to set up a conference but Elforsk will not take the lead on that one.

Best Regards,


We have found that electrical engineers are always in the forefront of physics-related pseudoscience. One thinks immediately of Eric Laithwaite, Harold Aspden, Harold Puthoff, Thomas Valone, etc., etc. It is probably not their fault. They use much of the same nomenclature as physicists, but are not taught all of the subtleties of physics.  For example, they are always baffled by the operation of the ‘one-piece’ homopolar generator/motor because it does not obey their simplistic flux-cutting or flux-linking rules. Among those baffled by it is, of course, Siemens Stain.

Day Late, Dollar Short

November 12, 2014

Effects in Chlorophyl

November 12, 2014

Agreed, there are implications for biology and genetics. I will write up UFT277 now and proceed to UFT278 on massive photon to massive photon Compton scattering, one possible explanation. There is very intense interest on the blog today, and there was also intense interest yesterday.”

We, and one of our fans, immediately pointed all of this out days ago. Never mind, it is nice to know that Ron is willing to learn from us. After all, he always used to refer to conical sections but, following our advice and correction, he now uses the proper term, conic sections.  Well done, Ron. B+

Imaginary Quantity

November 11, 2014

Pleased at the Impact of ECE

November 11, 2014

In answer to a question from GJE, I am indeed very pleased with the vast readership of ECE and the rest of the work of the AIAS and myself, and proud at the achievements of the AIAS and former research groups.”

We are also pleased with the ‘readership’ … which is essentially zero, as judged using all available sources of information. To claim success on the basis of ‘data’ which are not independently verifiable is the height of intellectual dishonesty.

Missing in Action

November 11, 2014

Rossi compliments Gullström on his paper

November 11, 2014

By all means. I can try to hunt down an e mail address for Rossi himself. Others interested in LENR can bring his attention to UFT226 ff if he is not already aware of them, and they could also telephone Industrial Heat and Gulstrom.”

Well of course he does; how would dodgy operators like Rossi (over 50 appearances in court) manage without pseudoscientific support from the likes of Ron and Gullström? On the other hand, Rossi can be very ungrateful about this back-up, and Ron is not mentioned at all in Rossi’s grandly named Journal of Nuclear Physics. Rossi mentions prominently that this is a peer-reviewed journal; something that goes-without-saying for reputable journals. He also says that each paper is refereed by at least one ‘university professor’. We wonder how many of these professors are of the same quality as Professor George Kelly of the University of New Hampshire Physics Department,

who is an ‘adviser’ to the journal. He soldiers on in this role, even though he suffers from the handicaps of a) not having a physics degree and b) being dead for nearly 50 years.

Obvious Suggestion

November 10, 2014

“Your own work here is of great significance if replicable, and I don’t see why not, because the experiments are simple with brilliant experimental results. Any laboratory would be better equipped than the house experiments done by Gareth here, and he could be invited to the States.”

Or … you could simply visit the nearest university and ask the experts there to explain to you what is going on. Afraid that they will all be ‘agin you because you are such free-thinkers? Just hide your identity. Even if you did give your name, nobody would know who you were.

Vivat Ludwig Plutonium

November 9, 2014

UFT88 Read at the Free University of Brussels

November 9, 2014

UFT88 continues to be read at the best relevant universities without any objection. The Free University of Brussels was founded in 1831 when Belgium broke away from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.”

Nobody is fooled by these pathetic announcements. Citing the history and reputation of a university means nothing unless that university has given its official backing. It is otherwise meaningless. Will that individual mention Ron in a forthcoming paper? No. Will he send an e-mail to Ron? No. Will he read and favorably review Ron’s or Penderghastly’s biographies? No. Will he do anything which discloses his interest in, or opinion of the ‘paper’ which he has ‘consulted’? No. He may not object to Ron’s nonsense, but one cannot logically interpret silence as being acquiescence. In short, for all Ron knows, it could have been a visit from a Ludwig Plutonium clone.

It is interesting to note that someone at Dartmouth regularly looks at Ron’s garbage.

‘Mystery’ Solved

November 7, 2014

” blue laser light from below passes through the layer of water as blue light, changes to a yellow /cream in the rapeseed oil and then to red in the olive oil where it stops completely (nothing reaches the baby oil top layer).”

Real scientists, approaching a new topic, take months to read up on what is already known. Sewage seems to have omitted this ‘due diligence’. If he had not, he would know that this fluorescence effect has been used to judge the quality of olive oil (Dupuy et alia, Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 2005 53 93618; Sayago et alia, European Food Research Technology, 2004, 218 4803). Pretty effects of shining lasers through everyday liquids were an entry in a recent international student-physics competition (Forro et alia, European Journal of Physics, 2014 35 064004). Strange to tell, the students did not claim to have discovered a new phenomenon and conclude that all of accepted physics is wrong. 

Conspicuous by Absence

November 7, 2014

Thanks again to GJE

November 7, 2014

Thanks again! I think it was H. G. Wells who asked the question of whether any artist would have painted anything without an art gallery in which work can be appreciated by those able to appreciate. H. G. Wells was a correspondent of the mutual Ph. D. advisor of GJE and myself, Mansel Davies.”

We are also delighted to see the fawning little missives from Evans-the-Sewage because, by their presence, they highlight the complete absence of any other direct feedback. Surely such a successful ‘theoretical physicist’ as Ron should receive hundreds of congratulatory e-mails from bona fide scientists world-wide. Surely such an arrogant, conceited, name-dropping and plaudit-seeking person as Ron would be unable to resist posting them on his blog. He instead has only his loony friends to console him. This really does confirm our theory that the internet ‘feedback’ is completely illusory and probably reflects merely the number of academics who surf porn sites using their work computers. 

PS The pretty, but unoriginal, optical ‘experiments’ by Sewage – and their praise by Ron – suggest that neither of them are familiar with optical phenomena. This rather casts doubts on their academic work; how can one work competently in the field of spectroscopy and not understand optics? Ron has already admitted as much.

PPS We keep a close eye on the time/date-stamps on Sewage’s communications. We would hate to think that someone paid from the public purse was pursuing crackpot activities during work-time.

PPPS Why the sobriquet, ‘Sewage’? Because the last non-loony scientific paper in which he is mentioned was, “Modelling faecal indicator concentrations in large rural catchments using land use and topographic data” by J.Crowther et alia. In the acknowledgements section, “Dr Gareth Evans (Ceredigion C.C. Environmental Health Department)” is thanked for his help.

More Honored in the Omission

November 1, 2014

“The CV should be updated to include Honorary Membership of the American Chemical Society (2014). I am deeply grateful for this honor.”

Is that a genuine honour this time? Or is it part of a membership-drive, as it was the last time?

Also, do not forget that other ‘great honour’