‘Mystery’ Solved

” blue laser light from below passes through the layer of water as blue light, changes to a yellow /cream in the rapeseed oil and then to red in the olive oil where it stops completely (nothing reaches the baby oil top layer).”

Real scientists, approaching a new topic, take months to read up on what is already known. Sewage seems to have omitted this ‘due diligence’. If he had not, he would know that this fluorescence effect has been used to judge the quality of olive oil (Dupuy et alia, Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 2005 53 93618; Sayago et alia, European Food Research Technology, 2004, 218 4803). Pretty effects of shining lasers through everyday liquids were an entry in a recent international student-physics competition (Forro et alia, European Journal of Physics, 2014 35 064004). Strange to tell, the students did not claim to have discovered a new phenomenon and conclude that all of accepted physics is wrong. 


2 Responses to “‘Mystery’ Solved”

  1. Paul Dirac Says:

    Are several qualified scientists *really* discussing as ‘novel’ a phenomenon thoroughly documented in the literature? It’s almost as if they were utterly ignorant of the basic and well known fact that chlorophyll fluoresces…


    • crackpotwatch Says:

      This is actually quite a ‘step up’, given that one of them has tacitly accepted the claims that a) the Bessler Wheel produced energy from nowhere and b) that the Levitron toy really is an antigravity device!

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