Vivat Ludwig Plutonium

UFT88 Read at the Free University of Brussels

November 9, 2014

UFT88 continues to be read at the best relevant universities without any objection. The Free University of Brussels was founded in 1831 when Belgium broke away from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.”

Nobody is fooled by these pathetic announcements. Citing the history and reputation of a university means nothing unless that university has given its official backing. It is otherwise meaningless. Will that individual mention Ron in a forthcoming paper? No. Will he send an e-mail to Ron? No. Will he read and favorably review Ron’s or Penderghastly’s biographies? No. Will he do anything which discloses his interest in, or opinion of the ‘paper’ which he has ‘consulted’? No. He may not object to Ron’s nonsense, but one cannot logically interpret silence as being acquiescence. In short, for all Ron knows, it could have been a visit from a Ludwig Plutonium clone.

It is interesting to note that someone at Dartmouth regularly looks at Ron’s garbage.

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