Missing in Action

Rossi compliments Gullström on his paper

November 11, 2014

By all means. I can try to hunt down an e mail address for Rossi himself. Others interested in LENR can bring his attention to UFT226 ff if he is not already aware of them, and they could also telephone Industrial Heat and Gulstrom.”

Well of course he does; how would dodgy operators like Rossi (over 50 appearances in court) manage without pseudoscientific support from the likes of Ron and Gullström? On the other hand, Rossi can be very ungrateful about this back-up, and Ron is not mentioned at all in Rossi’s grandly named Journal of Nuclear Physics. Rossi mentions prominently that this is a peer-reviewed journal; something that goes-without-saying for reputable journals. He also says that each paper is refereed by at least one ‘university professor’. We wonder how many of these professors are of the same quality as Professor George Kelly of the University of New Hampshire Physics Department,


who is an ‘adviser’ to the journal. He soldiers on in this role, even though he suffers from the handicaps of a) not having a physics degree and b) being dead for nearly 50 years.


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